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johnny test

  1. RandomGuy2345

    Johnny Test CRT (We're So Back)

    The whips are back y'all! Over the past week or so, I've been cooking some shit up while rewatching the show for the gazillionth time (Johnny Test is my comfort show and I can never get bored watching it). I'mma be honest too when I say that seeing Totally Spies, another one of my comfort...
  2. RandomGuy2345

    Naruto Uzumaki (Part II: Pre-War Arc) vs Johnny Test

    Me bored. Naruto Uzumaki vs Johnny Test Both will be 7-A, so Naruto starts out in his Kyūbi Influence transformation (if that's allowed), and Johnny will be in his Johnny X key. Naruto's Four-Tailed Kyūbi Cloak will be restricted, and Johnny will have none of his equipment. Speed will be...
  3. RandomGuy2345

    Johnny Test vs BoBoiBoy

    Thought this'd be pretty fun. Johnny Test vs BoBoiBoy 7-A keys will be used (Johnny X vs Original Series BoBoiBoy) None of Johnny's equipment will be used. Speed will be equalized. Fight takes place at Rintis Island. 50-meter starting distance. Trash Theme Song: Peak Theme Song...
  4. RandomGuy2345

    Johnny Test vs Yuji Itadori

    A little bored. So I'll just do this for fun. Johnny Test vs Yuji Itadori. 8-A keys will be used (Base Johnny vs Post-Shibuya Incident Arc). Speed will be equalized. All of Johnny's equipment will be restricted. 5-meter starting distance. Fight takes place at the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse...
  5. RandomGuy2345

    Johnny Test vs Yang Xiao Long

    Why not? Johnny Test (Johnny Test) vs Yang Xiao Long (RWBY) Gonna do something a little different here. There will be two rounds here: Johnny vs Yang in their High 8-C keys (Base Johnny vs Beacon Yang). Johnny vs Yang in their 7-C keys (Base Johnny vs Post-Haven Yang). Speed will be...
  6. RandomGuy2345

    Johnny Test vs K.O.

    Thought this would be pretty fun. Johnny Test vs K.O. 7-C keys will be used here. Johnny will receive the following equipment: Mind Controlling Collars and Belts Electro Chromatic Blanket Laser Guns Shrink Ray Turbo Time Rewinder Mega Action Game Controller K.O. will receive all of his...
  7. RandomGuy2345

    Johnny Test vs Highschool DxD (Battle for 9th strongest 7-A non-smurf)

    So there are 3 Highschool DxD characters who are placed 9th for strongest non-smurf 7-A, those 3 being Issei, Rias, and Vali. So I thought why not have a little fun and throw my boy Johnny at them to test (no pun intended) the waters a bit? Just a quick note that this will not, and I will...
  8. RandomGuy2345

    Johnny Test vs Soshiro Hoshina

    Another JT match while I wait for the dreaded WWE CRT to finish. Johnny Test (Johnny Test) vs Soshiro Hoshina (Kaiju No. 8) 7-A keys will be used here (Johnny X vs 92% Hoshina) All equipment for Johnny will be restricted (unless he needs them, in which he will have at least some of them)...
  9. RandomGuy2345

    Johnny Test vs Akame (cause me bored)

    The WWE purge CRT is taking its sweet ass time to conclude, so I feel like going back to my old roots by making a random JT match. I thought this one would be pretty cool to do ig, mainly because these two are named after the show they're in. Johnny Test (Johnny Test) vs Akame (Akame Ga KIll!)...
  10. GoCommitDi

    Johnny Test vs Gumball Watterson

    Two of these selfish troublemakers who go on adventures across town with their adopted best friend hail from the 2010s era of Cartoon Network, with one being infamous and the other being highly praised. But which one shall prevail in a fight? Both are 8-A Speed is = Both have all of their...
  11. Gaara vs Johnny Test

    Johnny X vs Sasuke Retrieval Arc Gaara Both 7-A Johnny doesn't have any of Susan and Mary's inventions Starting distance is 20 meters Battle takes place in the Forest of Death Who wins? Gaara: Johnny:
  12. Rikimarox2

    Yoon-seok VS Johnny Test (Battle for 7th strongest High 8-C non-smurf)

    The previous vsthread died, so might as well make a new one. Both are High 8-C. Speed is equalized. Johnny is 2.1 Tons. Yoon-seok is a bit above 10 tons. Johnny is Class 5-10. Yoon-seok is Class K. Choi Yoon-seok: 0 Johnny Test: 0 Incon:
  13. RandomGuy2345

    Johnny Test High 8-C Upgrades

    Been a little while since a Johnny Test CRT has been made. The amount of CRTs I pumped out during December and January is insane. But don't worry y'all. This time, there won't be a massive CRT of me gooning. This'll be a CRT based on upgrading the verse's 9-A keys to High 8-C...
  14. DaReaperMan

    Crocodile also tries to skewer another main character(Johnny Test vs Crocodile)

    I am making a terrible mistake... Both 7-C Speed Equal Start 10 meters away Crocodile: 0 Johnny Test: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  15. Da3ggman

    Removal of Johnny Test's Supernatural Luck

    Johnny Test should not have Supernatural Luck We have agreed that Limited Supernatural Luck is better than removing it entirely In almost every example given on his page for Supernatural Luck, the clip features Dark Vegan. Due to his consistent showings coincidently aligning with Johnny's...
  16. Da3ggman

    Gumball vs Johnny Test

    Title says it all Speed is equalized Both are Bloodlusted Johnny X is restricted Gumball has all Optional Equipment excluding The Console, The Notebook, and The Remote Johnny has access to all optional equipment except the Portable Black Hole, Bionic Arm, and any device that allows for time...
  17. Deceived3596

    Roronoa Zoro Vs Johnny Test

    I wasn't lying 🗿 SBA Speed Equalized Thriller Bark Arc Key for Zoro and Johnny X Key for Test. Vs "There is someone I must meet again. And until that day... not even Death himself can take my life away!" - "Whoa, didn't see that coming..." - "I will take on the position of the third!! I...
  18. RandomGuy2345

    Retrocognition and Accelerated Development for a verse I'm sure you're tired of seeing (take a guess)

    Let's not waste any time and get straight into this. For Retrocognition, the characters have shown to see each other's flashbacks multiple times. This is a fairly common trope in cartoons, where the characters are able to see each other's flashbacks despite not actually demonstrating how they...
  19. RandomGuy2345

    GoondomGuy2345 Gawks The Johnny Test Verse...Again (Tier 6 Johnny Test)

    I'm once again trying to get this verse to Tier 6, and this time, I have more evidence. To elaborate... Johnny's Bionic Arm Y'all remember the Bionic Arm, and how it increases Johnny's power and reaction speed by 3000%? We can actually apply this to Johnny's 7-A key (200 Megatons) to...
  20. RandomGuy2345

    Hero Killer vs Whip Crack Killer

    🦍 Ihwa (Hero Killer) vs Johnny Test (Johnny Test) 9-A Keys will be used here (Base Johnny vs Post 17th District Assault Ihwa). Johnny will have none of his equipment, though he will get some if needed. Speed is equalized. Fight takes place in the Sports Festival Stadium. Both fighters...
  21. TheGuy

    Johnny Test vs Eddy

    Since Johnny is 9-A, Why not Both are 9-A Speed is equalized Battle takes place in the Cul-De-Sac Johnny does not get equipment Whipcrack: I scam children for pennies: Inconclusive: 4
  22. SuperStar

    Tomura Shigiraki Vs. Johnny Test

    Both at 7-A, All For One Shigiraki and Johnny X are used Johnny has access to the following equipment: Laser Guns, mind controlling collars and belts, bubble love gum, and the Replenish Ray. Speed is equalized Fight takes place in Jaku City, Japan Both start 100 Meters apart from each other...
  23. RandomGuy2345

    *Whip Crack* (Pretty Big Johnny Test CRT)

    Before I even start, I want to give a huge, and I mean HUGE shout out to the following people who helped make this CRT a thing: @KobsterHope07 @Dalesean027 @Kachon123 @Propellus @Just_a_Random_Butler @Bruhtelho @CuteAnimeNekoGirl99 @ElajRuengies @Dragonite007 @Shadyboi0 Some of you definitely...
  24. Adem_Warlock69

    Battle for 4th Strongest Non-Smurf 8-A (Johnny vs Flowey) (Grace)

    Both are 8-A Speed will be equalized Battle takes place in New Home Johnny has all of his equipment Both start 30 meters away from each other VS "Prank calling is the best thing ever. Lets do it!": 8 (RandomGuy2345, azontr, Epiccheev, Bruhtelho, Adem_Warlock69, DarlingAurora, Arnoldstone18...
  25. RandomGuy2345

    Johnny Test vs Junko Enoshima (Part 2)

    Still a little salty about what happened last time, so I'm making this. Oh and, Johnny got some new stuff that will help him here. 7-C Johnny and High 7-C Junko will be used here (Base Johnny vs Junko as Monokuma). Johnny will have all of his equipment except for his Bionic Arm and Black Hole...
  26. RandomGuy2345

    Johnny Test vs Shinji Ikari (Johnny Test vs Neon Genesis Evangelion)

    Both are 7-A, so why not? Johnny Test vs Shinji Ikari. 7-A keys will be used (Johnny X vs Evangelion Unit-01 Shinji). Equipment for Johnny will be restricted (though he will get some if he needs it). Speed will be equalized (obviously). Fight takes place in Tokyo-3. Depression: 2...
  27. RandomGuy2345

    Johnny Test: Lifting Strength and Range Upgrade

    Pretty simple. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Kachon123/Johnny_Test:_Johnny_X_and_Super_Dukey_Stop_Trains_Redux Thanks to this recalc (and @Kachon123's efforts), Johnny X and Super Dukey, along with people comparable, will now have Class K LS. Should be pretty simple. And now for...
  28. RandomGuy2345

    Johnny Test Enhanced Senses CRT

    Hear me out... In the following clip, Johnny is able to climb up these ladders and kick down barrels while completely blind. And while you can argue that Dukey was guiding him, the stuff he was saying was extremely vague, and there was really no way of telling the placing of the barrels and...
  29. RandomGuy2345

    Johnny Test Heat/Electricity Manipulation Resistance CRT

    This one should be relatively simple. Based off of this thread, both Johnny and Dukey should have a resistance to Heat and Electricity Manipulation via surviving a lightning strike. You should read the thread I linked before immediately voting agree, disagree, etc. And yeah. That's pretty...
  30. RandomGuy2345

    Black Rock Shooter vs Whip Crack Shooter

    Heh. Stella (Black★Rock Shooter) vs Johnny Test 7-C keys will be used here. Johnny will have none of his equipment (though he will get some if needed). Speed will be equalized. Fight takes place at Honnōji Academy. Black Rock Shooter: Whip Crack Shooter: Inconclusive:
  31. Peppersalt43

    Hey, can I copy your test?

    Whip Noises : 0 AMOGUS : 0 Incon : 0 Greater Doppelganger and Base Johnny used Everything above 8-A is restricted Speed equalized Johnny has the Clone Hopper and Super Smarty Pants
  32. RandomGuy2345

    Another Johnny Test Revision (Remade)

    So while the previous Johnny Test revision thread was going on, I actually found some more stuff from the verse that will result in some AP upgrades for their 8-B keys, as well as some new abilities. I'll just copy and paste the stuff I had in the original thread, make some tweaks to it, while...
  33. RandomGuy2345

    Another Johnny Test Revision

    Yes. I'm doing this again. So basically, I found some abilities that could potentially added to both Johnny and Dukey's profiles. I also might, and I repeat, might have found some feats that would make the JT verse reach Tier 6. Sound Manipulation for Dukey - Dukey has shown to do voice...
  34. DemonicDude

    Master of all four elements vs Master of Craziness | Johnny Test vs Korra (Legend of Korra)

    Base 8-B versions Johnny has a selection of equipments Speed is equalized. Fight takes place in the middle of Republic City Johnny Wrestling: Korra: Inconclusive: Vs
  35. Peppersalt43

    Test your luck (Johnny Test vs Clover)

    Whipcrack Noises : 0 Too Lucky : 0 Incon : 7 Anything above 8-B is restricted Johnny only has the Good Luck Charm Speed equalized Starting distance is 20 meters
  36. RandomGuy2345

    Johnny Test vs Monkey D. Luffy: The Trilogy

    Yes. We're doing this again. This is officially the THIRD Johnny X vs Luffy match, completing the trilogy. A rivalry that will go down in the vsbw history books as one of the greatest. Will this be the one to end it all? Let's find out! Johnny X and Enies Lobby Luffy will be used here...
  37. RandomGuy2345

    Johnny Test Matchup Thread (Remade)

    I told you I was back on my Johnny Test grind! This thread had to be remade, as the last one I made a while back is extremely outdated, and continuing off of that after the recent upgrades will just clog everything up in that thread. After the recent revision, as well as the banger of a match...
  38. Bruhtelho

    Izuku Midoriya (Final Act) VS Johnny Test (Grace finished)

    A fight made since Random really likes it. Both at 7-A, 45% Deku and Johnny X are used Johnny has access to the following equipment: Laser Guns, Saturday Repeater Machine, mind controlling collars and belts, static animator, bubble love gum, Replenish Ray, and the Electro Chromatic Blanket...
  39. RandomGuy2345

    Johnny Test Potential 7-A Upgrade

    Y'all happy it wasn't a WWE/Austin Theory CRT this time? This is my first Johnny Test CRT in months, so admittedly I'm a little rusty, but I'm back on this verse, and I'm back on some goon shit, because I'm proposing that this verse should be upgraded to 7-A for the following reasons: In the...
  40. Dragonite007

    Johnny Test vs a Cookie???

    SBA Johnny Test: GingerBrave: Johnny Test is 8-B+ Speed Equal Johnny Test is 59.428 tons GingerBrave is stronger than 103.2 tons GingerBrave is 1,7365x stronger