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Yoon-seok VS Johnny Test (Battle for 7th strongest High 8-C non-smurf)


The previous vsthread died, so might as well make a new one.

Both are High 8-C.

Speed is equalized.

Johnny is 2.1 Tons.

Yoon-seok is a bit above 10 tons.

Johnny is Class 5-10.

Yoon-seok is Class K.

Choi Yoon-seok: 0

Johnny Test: 0

Alrighty, since Johnny's luck isn't as amazing as I thought, Yoon-seok can simply make him fall to his knees the moment Yoon-seok unleashes his aura (Since it can make dudes stronger than his 9-B self, which is Class K, fall to their knees).

From there, he can just yeet him.
Hey, he's a twink, is short, has no beard, and was described as turbo young.

Okay this turned weird. Let's stop before a knocking comes to our doors.
Hey hey, don't encourage him to gaslight me.

It does work, though.
Anyway actually focusing on the match and who wins:

Yoon-Seok slaps in everything including skill, versatility, hax, and just flexes his huge **** aura at Johnny and permanently pins Johnny to the floor helplessly.

Voting Yoon stomps.
Nah you just stalling that humongus schlongus L youre gulping in a minute. Go debate or sum shit
I've actually been fairly busy IRL, but okay.

Tbh, I don't see how Johnny wins here.

Getting tired of JT matchups as of late because he's always getting pit against OP characters. Using the Johnny X key is so much more fun.