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his dark materials

  1. Dinamic8000

    Polar Bears Multi-Verses Revision

    I was just browsing through the wiki and noticed that some profiles from multiples verses need some edits since they are linked to the Polar Bear profile, which was downgraded from pure 9-B to 9-C, 9-B through kinetic energy I will keep it simple and direct White Bear The profile is pretty...
  2. Flashlight237

    The Authority vs The Doise (Just for Fun)

    This is not an official matchup. I just wanted to clown around. So uhh... Who would win? The Authority or The Doise? By the way, this is 10-C Authority vs this exact version of The Doise (since the game actually counts that as a boss battle): Weakest VBW Character Ever: 1 Easiest Boss Ever: 0...
  3. Flashlight237

    Sunflower (Plants vs Zombies) vs The Authority

    Okay, so... These guys are basically tied for the weakest characters in all the wiki bar any lower-dimensional characters. They're both stone-walled in a way. Sunflower is straight up Building-level+ while the Authority is contained within a crystal that needed a weapon capable of tearing into...
  4. KingKenjo

    God Attempts to Defeat Racism (Grace)

    Because this is really funny, let's do this. The Authority vs Hody Jones 10-C keys, Speed equal, battle takes place inside a Burger King in Nebraska. Can racism truly be abolished? Or will God's attempts fail? A Decrepit Old God: 0 A Shriveled Up Drug Abusing Fish: 0 They Both Get a Heart...
  5. Mariogoods

    Lord Asriel VS Asriel Dreemurr (Undertale)

    Rule: 1. Lord Asriel is allowed to Intercision/Preparation (7-C possibly far higher) while Asriel is in his The Angel key (Low 2-C). 2. Speed is equalized. 3. SBA Vote: Lord Asriel: 0 Asriel Dreemurr: 0 Inconclusive: 0 Note: Lord Asriel has universe feat in his profile.
  6. Blackcurrant91

    His Dark Materials CRT

    His Dark Materials is Tier 0 as Will is able to reach our world with the Subtle Knife...kidding. now that I have your attention, I am revising this verse and it's terrible profiles. Only controversial thing is probably 2-A rating for DNA Bomb (which I am not 100% sure of myself)...
  7. DaReaperMan

    Grandpa fights God! Grandpa Sawyer vs The Authority

    this shall be interesting... Grandpa does not have his hammer, cause he'll horribly murder God if he did, you know cause its 9-C. Grandpa is in his first key. The Authority is in his second key Speed isnt equal. Battle takes place in Dr. Fetus's Throne Room with no wind. and yes, Dr. Fetus...
  8. RinneItachi

    The Authority Vs. Yogsothoth

    Tier 10-C Authority Vs. Tier 0 Yog-Sothoth https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Authority https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Yog-Sothoth_(Cthulhu_Mythos)#True%20Form Speed unequalized, fight takes place on a deserted, lifeless planet off in deep space, and massive winds reaching into MFTL+...
  9. Joaco0902

    Forky fights a god

    Yep. This is a thing. Trash. Just trash. Literally God. Both 10-C. Both bloodlusted. Speed is NOT equalized Fight is in a room without wind. Here we go. ForkBoi: 1 (Mickey1940) Jesus but old: 6 (Frieza force soldier 100, CrackerVolley, XSOULOFCINDERX, Udlmaster, ElixirBlue, DarkGrath)...
  10. Flashlight237

    Three-Toed Sloth vs The Authority

    So yeah, this had to be made. I was informed by Frieza force soldier 100 that a Sloth vs Authority match wouldn't be a stomp in the sloth's favor, so.... Yeah. Let's see how this plays out. The only conditions for this are this is the sloth vs 10-C Authority and the fight takes place inside...
  11. Flashlight237

    Hopefully This Isn't A Stomp (Authority vs Ichigo Kurosaki)

    Okay, so 10-C Authority is overutilized, so I just figured why not give 7-A Authority a chance? Unfortunately the best character I can think of to pit against him is Ichigo Kurasaki (Palutena was 6-C, so there was no way that would've worked out. That and Giegue was Low 7-B apparently.). That...
  12. Blackcurrant91

    A 12 year old boy fights a funny priest.

    Pucci finds out about a 12 year old boy and a Cat that he needs for his plans to access Heaven. SBA but Will is bloodlusted because he doesn't like to fight otherwise. I doubt anyone will care about this but anyway. Boy and Cat: 0 Priest and Disc: 0 ThunderMcquizzle: 0 Boy with Cat...
  13. Flashlight237

    Slime Bunny vs The Authority

    Well now, here we go again. Here, we have a slime bunny against probably the weakest character to even try attacking anyone: the Authority. Let's make things a bit more interesting through this... 1. The Authority is out of his crystal prison. 2. The Slime Bunny starts off actually touching...
  14. Flashlight237

    Most Overdone Useless Character vs Most Useless Character

    I dunno, it had to be done. I mean, come on. I couldn't resist, okay?! One guy lost to the weakest character on the wiki (This a-hole) due to having to kill himself while the other is straight-useless. Anyhow, to make things fairer (not that it'd matter anyway), let's say... The Authority knows...
  15. Starter_Pack

    Ice Bear vs. Iorek Byrnison (Battle of the Warrior Polar Bears) (Voting Completed)

    Deep in the island of Svalbard, Ice Bear looked up and down from his map, silently pressing onward through the tundra without realizing that he wasn't anywhere close to his destination. Suddenly, Ice Bear noticed that a figure had been following him, and took up a defensive position as another...
  16. Frieza_force_soldier_100

    A decrepit old angel versus a bee

    The Authority is in his crystal prison suffering when a bloodlusted BumbleBee gets into it and decides to kill him. The old angel can only attack by trying to crush the pest with his hands. Win via death or outliving.
  17. The_King_of_Prudence

    The Authority versus Kanna Kamui

    Both 7-A, speed equalised. The Authority: Kanna Kamui: Inconclusive:
  18. Psychomaster35

    Far from your prime.

    Tagoma the Frog takes on a weakened version of The Authority. 10-C versions used. Speed Equal. Both are bloodlusted. Who wins? Tagoma:2 (The God of Procrastination, Warren Valion) Authority: Nobody:
  19. Jinsye

    The Authority vs. Bill Cipher

    At this point Speed is equal, 2-A vs. 10-C Bill Cipher: 0 The Authority: 0
  20. The_King_of_Prudence

    Cure Dream verses the authority

    Both at their peak, speed equalised. Cure Dream: The Authority: Inconclusive:
  21. GyroNutz

    Giygas vs The Authority

    >Have an interesting and powerful character with a detailed profile and versatility >Everyone uses his fodder form instead So since Giygas beat Ogon a bit too easily, I decided to throw him at a tougher opponent. This is 7-A Giygas, otherwise known as Giegue, of course. Speed's equalised Who...
  22. The_Smashor

    The Authority vs God (OPM) A battle of 7-A gods.

    I've never really seen a battle using The Authority in his prime. Speed equalized. The Authority is in his prime. "God" has two weeks of prep time. The Authority: "God": Inconclusive:
  23. Starter_Pack

    White Bear vs. Iorek Byrnison (Battle of the Polar Bears) (Voting Completed)

    Unfortunately, I am not gonna flower this up like I normally do. As soon as I had spotted the brand new profile for the White Bear, I knew exactly who to match against him. So, which of these polar warriors is the strongest? Today, we find out! In the blue corner, we have the White Bear from...
  24. JustSomeWeirdo

    The Authority vs Pokey Minch

    The Authority vs Pokey Minch Crystal Prison Authority vs Absolutely Safe Capsule Pokey Both are bloodlusted
  25. Jinsye

    Terrarian vs. Metatron (His Dark Materials)

    Speed Equalized Terrarian has his Shadow Armor level gear (Low 7-B) Who wins? Terraria: 0 Metatron (His Dark Materials): 0
  26. SamuraiSp00py

    Lancer Vs The Authority

    Lancer (Fate/Zero) Vs. The Authority (His Dark Materials) Speed Equalized. Range 10m. Lancer: 0 The Authority: 0 Inconclusive: 2 (Thatoneguy78, lapitus The Impaler)
  27. Kiryu2012

    False God vs Demon of Empire City: The Authority vs Evil Cole

    The Authority vs Evil Cole Rules: Speed equalized Both at 7-A Otherwise SBA Kessler thought he was preparing me to face some "Beast". That I'd be using my powers for the greater good. What an idiot. These powers are only good for one thing. Letting me take what I want, when I want. In a...
  28. Kiryu2012

    Finally a Proper Fight for The Authority: The Authority vs Balrog (LOTR)

    The Authority vs Balrog Battle takes place on a burning wasteland Rules: 7-A Authority vs At least 7-B Balrog Speed equalized Otherwise SBA
  29. Matthew_Schroeder

    The Authority Respect Thread.

    Lol, The Authority is the weakest character in fiction, he died to the wind. ~ Everyone who never read His Dark Materials Shut up and buckle up, I am about to show you how you're wrong. No, but seriously, that is an extreme misconception. The Authority which is super old...
  30. Kiryu2012

    Battle of the Gods: The Authority vs A Mosquito

    The Authority https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Authority vs A Mosquito https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Mosquito_(Real_World) Rules: Both are bloodlusted af Speed equalized For the sake of this fight, there's no wind to kill the Authority Otherwise SBA
  31. Arrogant_Schmuck

    A god fights a little girl

    The Authority vs Kagura's Child Form from the Burst timeline Win via KO, incapacitation, or death. SPEED EQUALIZED
  32. Jinsye

    The Authority vs. Wyldstyle

    10-C keys for both. Battle takes place inside a room with no weather. Who wins? A god or a lego woman? Lego Woma: 7? (Yobo, js, Paulo, DMUA, Assalt, Negativity, DMB) God: 0
  33. DarkDragonMedeus

    Winged Pikmin Vs The Authority

    Speed is equalized, Standard Battle Assumptions, who wins and why? Under 1 inch tall flying plant - 8 A god - 0
  34. CrackerVolley

    Mr. Burns vs The Authority

    I just saw the profile. Gotta do this quick b4 someone else gets it. Speed Equal No outside factors what so ever.
  35. Kiryu2012

    Was The Authority actually killed by wind?

    So, The Authority's bio states that he died from mere wind. However, out of curiosity, I had decided to look up The Authority elsewhere, and according to the Dark Materials wiki he actually died after being harassed by cliff-ghasts. I also noticed that The Authority's profile doesn't list any...
  36. Kiryu2012

    The Authority vs Domestic Cat

    The Authority vs Domestic Cat Rules: Speed Equalized Both are bloodlusted Otherwise SBA Not the WIND, pls not wind !!!!
  37. Dat_Dot

    Challenger of God

    The Authority vs A cat Speed equalized if necessary Hax is restricted
  38. Rakanadyo

    The Authority vs. Pickle Rick

    Because why not? 10-C Pickle Rick Uh, speed equalized? I don't know how that works with immobility. So much action. No Wind Pls: 0 Forced Meme: 0
  39. JustSomeWeirdo

    Battle of Gods - The Authority vs The Monarch

    The Authority vs Monarch of Pointland Both are bloodlusted, Both are at full power, fight takes place in an indestructible room so they don't escape and destroy the Omniverse ovo Standard Battle Assumptions It must be done Winner is the absolute strongest character in this wiki ovo
  40. Overlord775

    the Authority vs A Miracle Build

    as ve all know, the authority is weak, pathetic and is only a shade of it's former self, so why not put it against something that has the same exact characteristics ? "Thou shall not deal damage" -Miyazaki Not the WIND, pls not wind !!!!