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Grandpa fights God! Grandpa Sawyer vs The Authority


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this shall be interesting...

Grandpa does not have his hammer, cause he'll horribly murder God if he did, you know cause its 9-C.

Grandpa is in his first key.

The Authority is in his second key

Speed isnt equal.

Battle takes place in Dr. Fetus's Throne Room with no wind. and yes, Dr. Fetus will watch the fight, confused, and wondering how two ridiculously old guys just got teleported into his throne room.

start 3 meters from eachother.

SBA otherwise

Grandpa Sawyer: 1

God: 0

Dr. Fetus gets bored and shoots them both: 0
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Grandpa. He can at least move on his own (albeit with great difficulty) and can somewhat support his weight. He can slowly make his way over and smother the Authority with his hands. The Authority would probably welcome the sweet embrace of death at this point due to how much he has suffered. Sorry it took months for your first vote.
I’d give it to sawyer too I questioned how he’d even reach him but if I remember correctly he should be able to use the wheel chair he’s bound to as it wouldn’t take much effort due to the short distance and how he can still move a decent bit being able to do that small dance he did once he got a small taste of blood so yeah mainly for that being able to well move like better also most likely has better durability I’ve hear the authorities best durability feat is being carried by people and not dying which we’ve seen grandpa sawyer being carried from room to room by his family in the moves being perfectly fine so he definitely takes that too

I’ve always loved these comically weak debates it’s more who is slightly stronger which is just funny to me