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  1. koopa3144

    *Insert clever title here* (Gardevoir vs Tohru) (7-1-0) (Grace)

    So I wanted to make a Gardevoir match and was gonna use Tsunade instead of Tohru but I decided against it. Fight takes place in Coliseum Gardevoir is being used. Gardevoir is holding Gardevoirite and has a trainer with a Key Stone. The starting distance is 10m Speed is equalized SBA for...
  2. koopa3144

    Ralts and Riolu line profile revision/canon separation + Groudon's inside story (Staff input needed!!!)

    Ralts line Profile revision New Profile Old Profile Riolu line Profile revision New Profile Old Profile Groudon Profile revision New Profile Old Profile So I revised the Ralts and Riolu line profiles. they should be in accordance with our current Pokemon canon standards only having content...
  3. SatellaTheWoE

    Mega Gardevoir vs The Sword Saint

    Reinhard Van Astrea vs Mega Gardevoir SBA Speed Equalized
  4. koopa3144

    Wii Fit Trainer vs Gardevoir

    fight takes place in Wii fit studio Wii Fit Trainer has Spirits speed is equalized SBA distance Wii Fit Trainer:0 Gardevoir:0 Incon: 0
  5. Expectro2000xxx

    Helena vs Gardevoir

    Mega Gardevoir, 100 Meters apart, speed equal, in a pokemon stadium. In case that you think it's a stomp recommend others servants and pokemons to use instead. Helena: 0 vs Ash and Gardevoir: 0
  6. Waka1979

    Xatu vs Gardevoir (Complete)

    This was done a few years ago but never finished. Mega gardevoir is restricted and fight takes place inna standard pokemon league arena Xatu: 2 (@Garchomp777 , @Lou_change ) Gardevoir: 3 (@Gilad_Hyperstar , @FinePoint , @Soupywolf5 ) Inconclusive: 7 (@King_Clab , @ElixirBlue ...
  7. The_real_cal_howard

    Dragon Waifu vs Fairy Waifu

    Stella Vermillio vs Gardevoir Dragon Spirit vs Mega Evolved
  8. The_real_cal_howard

    Hatterene vs Gardevoir

    Because this match was going to come anyway. Levelup only. Hatterene Gardevoir
  9. Kriskirby

    Psychic/Fairy Pokewaifu war

    7-A That's it. Gardevoir: 2 (Mickey1940, HenryWong122) Hatterene: Incon:
  10. Half_Shiny

    So Pokken (4-A upgrade)

    Well I believe I have a feat that shows gardevoir to be high 4-A https://youtu.be/TLFjkGGc-zU Other Burst Attacks were considered to be canon. Before the revision, Shadow Mewtwo's scaling was based on his burst attack. I get Pokemon moves in the past have shown to not mean scalings. With the...
  11. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Redo: Sigurd vs Gardevoir

    The original thread before the revision Alright! Since Fate verse already back to even stronger than before to tier 7 let's do this rematch!! Best Physic Pokemon and best Pokemon waifu) against the true helder of Siegfried name (and one of newbie husbando), who would win!!? The conditions...
  12. SuperKamiNappa

    Gardevoir vs. Scarlet Witch

    Gardevoir Scarlet Witch High 7-A versions Speed Equalized
  13. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Pokemon General Discussion Thread Gen III: Oh No They Become So Hot Now!!!

    IYKWIM GYAHAHAHAHA#Slapped Yeah the new thread is here boi and girl!!! The Pokemon General Discussion Gen III!!! Here in this thread we can discuss anything related to Pokemon franchise like general, game, anime, lore, meme, and WAIFU project. Here the ongoing project we have are: 1. Cleaning...
  14. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Gardevoir vs Sailor Mercury

    Tfw the two of Gard match still not end yet and you instead make another one, and Gard spam still goes on KEK#Slapped Well, let's do a Sailor Moon matches who not named Usagi, Rei, or Makoto this time!! But with some of flavour, they gonna have prep time!! And also aside this one there is Ami...
  15. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Gardevoir vs Kirishima

    Alright, let's do this then!! Another Pokemons vs Alien Ships again but this time the PFQ will take the lead. The other Kongou-Class Battleships against the best Fairy Pokemon around, who would win!!? -Base Gardevoir and Ship Vessel Kirishima are used -Speed are equalized -Both in character...
  16. Drite77

    Pokemon Furry Queen tries her luck against Precog Bird

    Since Xatu have won against Alakazam, let's see how PFQ deals with him Base Gardevoir with no mega allowed, of course, and Xatu is gonna be used Speed Unequalized Battle takes place in Saffron City SBA for the rest FIGHT! Xatu : 3 (CalebTB12, GyroNutz, LephyrTheRevanchist ) Gardevoir...
  17. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Gardevoir vs Sigurd

    Well, i just realize i didn't make Servants matches recently, and due of the revision being delayed for forever unknown time, let's make a matches with my boi Siggy against the best pokemon all of time who beloved by all community (at this point i exeggerating XD), Gardevoir. But if Gard stomp...
  18. Kisaragi_Megumi

    This can be good or bad: Gardevoir vs Wilhelm Ehrenburg

    >Me checking the pokemon section >See Rusalka vs Gengar >Yo what? >I have idea now!! >Almost 3 weeks, still not made it Basically this planned match in nutshell, but finally here we are!!! Since Cal hooked to Dies Irae now, let's celebrate it from us, with Cal bae against Warren bae...
  19. The_real_cal_howard

    Gardevoir vs Jiraiya

    Because I felt like making a Gardevoir match. Speed's equalized, Gardevoir's Mega Evolved, Jiraiya's in Sage Mode.
  20. Enryu_The_Red_Tower

    I do not have any ideas for VS thread names anymore...

    Mega Gardevoir vs August (Dark Form) Speed Equalized SBA Ars-Magia is restricted Type-Psychic: 3 (The real cal howard, Veloxt1r0kore, GyroNutz) Type-Dark: 4 ? (DemonGodMitchAubi, AnonymousBlank ?, Jimboydejuan12, KaiserReinhardt) Type-Normal:
  21. PaChi2

    Wally's nightmare: Gardevoir vs Gallade

    Gardevoir and Gallade No mega evolutions. Both are in their 5th generation form (this is especifically to avoid the fairy type that would give gardevoir an unfair advantage). SBA Thoughts? Battle theme
  22. The_real_cal_howard

    Gardevoir vs Tatsumaki

    Since this is fair again, guess I should do it. Speed equal. Gardevoir; Tornado of Terror
  23. The_real_cal_howard

    Brandish vs Gardevoir

    Green haired women with magic powers. Speed's equal. Fight!
  24. The_real_cal_howard

    Issei vs Gardevoir

    Balance Breaker Issei and base Gardevoir (Gardevoir can Mega Evolve). Issei Hyoudou. Gardevoir. Issei sees a pretty girl and things ensue. Speed equalized. ¡The oppai dragon king arrives! Tfw specifying Gardevoir's gender would actually matter in this fight
  25. The_real_cal_howard

    Renamon vs Gardevoir

    Two 'mons who have wayyyyy too much...imagery on the internet. Speed is equalized EoS Renamon and Base Gardevoir aaaaall lies Equal gender ratio
  26. AquaWaifu

    Young Goku vs Mega Gardevoir

    Mega Gardevoir. Son Goku - 0 ( ) VS Mega Gardevoir - 0 ( ) Inconclusive - 0 ( ) BATTLE CONDITIONS/RULES: Goku is 23rd Budokai Goku Gardevoir is Mega Form, obvs. Speed is equalized. No knowledge or preptime. Both are in-character. Battle takes place on Kami's Lookout, with a starting...
  27. AquaWaifu

    TWO PSYCHICS CLASH! Tatsumaki vs Gardevoir!

    It must be my birthday! My two favorite psychics are FINALLY in the same tier. Tatsumaki - 0 ( ) VS Gardevoir - 0 ( ) Inconclusive - 0 ( ) BATTLE CONDITIONS/RULES: Tatsumaki is called in to take down a new monster that seemingly popped into existence and is causing havoc throughout...
  28. AquaWaifu

    BATTLE IN THE FAMILY LINE! Gardevoir VS Gallade!

    Gardevoir - 0 ( ) VS Gallade - 0 ( ) Inconclusive - 0 ( ) BATTLE CONDITIONS: Fight takes place in a grassy clearing in a forest. Fight begins 10 meters apart. Both are bloodlusted and start in base but can go into their Mega Forms. Both are given 7 days of prep and both have extensive...
  29. Paladinporter

    Ichigo Kurosaki vs Gardevoir

    Both 7-A forms (Fullbringer Bankai vs Base Gardevoir) Speed Equalized Who wins and why?
  30. AquaWaifu

    Rematch! Ryuko vs Gardevoir!

    Since the original match-up was made obsolete since Gardevoir was 7-C at the time and now it is 7-A... Ryuko Matoi VS Gardevoir BATTLE CONDITIONS: Ryuko has been given info from Satsuki and Inumuta on all the abilities, techniques, etc about Gardevoir. (I don't give the same to Gardevoir...
  31. ScarletFirefly

    Aizen VS Gardevoir (Remastered)

    Since the last one got out of hands before I could edit my mistakes, I'm remaking the thread. -> Versions used: Mega Gardevoir (At least High 7-A) and Trancendent Aizen (At least 7-A, likely higher) -> Battle Location: Open grass plain -> Battle Conditions: Speed Equalized Random encounter...
  32. ScarletFirefly

    Aizen VS Gardevoir [CLOSED]

    -> Versions used: Mega Gardevoir (7-A) and Chrysalis Aizen (7-A) -> Battle Location: Open grass plain -> Battle Conditions: Random encounter, no knowledge, no preparation time Gardevoir: 3 Votes (ProfessorKukui4Life, WilliamShadow, The real cal howard) Aize: 0 Votes
  33. Udlmaster

    Gardevoir upgrade

    If Gardevoir can create Black Holes doesn't that put them far above mountain level at the lowest, as in a Black Hole the size of 10^-24 has enough explosive energy to be 3x more explosive than the atomic bombs dropped on both Hiroshima and Nagasaki, if it's the size of a coin then it has the...
  34. QuasiYuri

    Gardevoir possibly Upgrade (Pokken Tournament version)

    Gardevoir is classed at least 7-A But in Pokken Tournament, Gardevoir created the black hole mentionned in the Pokedex And after doing it, this happens: [1] Would this be a possibly Univers+ feat (although this would be incoherent with the rest of "basic" Pokemon) Or a kind of teleportation...
  35. The_real_cal_howard

    Ranamon vs Gardevoir

    Digi squid waifu vs Poke magic waifu. Don't kill me; just a joke. Speed equalized. High end for base Gardevoir. Who wins?
  36. Paladinporter

    Ragna the Bloodedge vs Gardevoir

    Both 7-C forms (Base Gardevoir vs Weakened Ragna) Speed Equalized Who wins and why?
  37. Paladinporter

    Byakuya Kuchiki vs Gardevoir

    Both 7-C forms (Normal Gardevoir vs Soul Society Arc Byakuya) Speed Equalized Who wins and why?
  38. The_real_cal_howard

    Toriel and Asgore vs Gardevoir and Gallade

    A battle of...dang. I can't say lovers because Gardevoir and Gallade aren't canonically a thing, and Toriel and Asgore are separated. A team battle with opposite genders of monsters with the same species. 7-C for the psychics, and Speed equalized. Female Gardevoir (for theme's sake). Which...
  39. AquaWaifu

    Ryüko Matoi vs Gardevoir

    Ryüko vs Gardevoir BATTLE CONDITIONS: Ryuko is Life FIber Synchronize tier Gardevoir cannot go Mega Form. Ryuko has a pokedex given to her by Satsuki that has Gardevoir's info on it (A combination of every pokedex throughout all the games that has had gardevoir data in it.) Gardevoir used...
  40. The_real_cal_howard

    Mirajane Strauss vs Gardevoir

    Battle of the fairy waifus. ovo. Since the revision went through kinda, I edited Gardevoir's page. Gardevoir's owner is a member of Oracion Seis and Mira is after them. Speed is equalized. Who wins? 7-C, if it wasn't clear. Gardevoir can somehow mega evolve.