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Toriel and Asgore vs Gardevoir and Gallade


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VS Battles
A battle of...dang. I can't say lovers because Gardevoir and Gallade aren't canonically a thing, and Toriel and Asgore are separated. A team battle with opposite genders of monsters with the same species. 7-C for the psychics, and Speed equalized. Female Gardevoir (for theme's sake). Which partnership will win?

I still refuse to acknowledge the existence of male Gardevoir lol. It's just wrong.
As for the battle, I think that the G couple takes this because Gardevoir keeps putting them to sleep while Gallade reduce them to swiss cheese
I don't see whats wrong about the existence of Male Gardevoir. The thing that's always bothered me is that Gallade is male only.

Anyway, team Galldevoir has a far larger variety of abilities, such as the aformentioned Sleep Inducement. The only thing team Asriel can do that puts them for a loop is the fact they can harm souls and that they use danmaku, but both green guys have access to Teleport, and they can buff themselves with moves like Swords Dance and Calm Mind, which would allow them to overpower them and, in the case of Gardevoir, tank their fire attacks better.
The issue isn't that its a "male only" Pokemon - I like all of the pokemon you've listed there (though I didn't know the hitmons were male only). The issue is that Gardevoir isn't female only, and so it makes no sense that Gallade is male only. If they made Gardevoir female only and just made Kirlia evolve into Gallade if its male or Gardevoir if its female, I'd be more fine with it, though again I don't see the problem with a male Gardevoir.

Also, outside the hitmons, who again I didn't know where male only, Tauros has a female counterpart in Miltank, Latios has a female counterpart in Latias, and Nidoking has a female counterpart in Nidoqueen.
I mean, neither is Glailie, but Froslass exists. And the Burmy line has a totally different evolution line. And don't get me started on Vespiquen...
I think when I said it "bothered" me, that was poor wording. I really like Gallade, and I like Froslass too. I just find the whole gender specific pokemon trend weird. (Except for Vespiquen, since queen bees are bigger than other bees in their hive I'm pretty sure. Don't know whats up with Burmy though, what the heck is it even supposed to even be?)

Sorry for derailing the thread with the gender of certain pokemon of all things, btw.
This thread can't even be added. It's almost as much a fun and games match as it is a versus thread. I don't mind derailing.