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fullmetal alchemist

  1. Peppersalt43

    You've come to kill the clown? NO! CLOWN KILLS YOU!

    Well after all the Fullmetal Alchemist threads, it was bound to happen. It was honestly between him or Alex Louis Armstrong due to both being mostly melee fighters and I just thought Scar would fit better on account of his haxes. Scar vs Tricky the Clown Speed is equalized Regular Tricky used...
  2. Peppersalt43

    No Riza, that's the wrong Barry!

    Riza Hawkeye : 0 Barry Berkman : 7 Incon : 0 Speed equalized Fight takes place in Central City, 20 meters apart with no line of sight Barry has been winning a ton of fights against just regular gun guys, let's him deal with anime stuff for once
  3. Peppersalt43

    Be Proud of Your Purity (Pride vs Purity)

    Pride : 0 Purity : 0 Incon : 0 Speed equalized Fight takes place in Central City, 30 meters apart

    Edward Elric (Manga/Brotherhood) vs Edward Elric (2003 Anime) [0-0-0]

    Fight takes place in a lifeless version of New York, speed is equalized and both start at 8-C. Manga : Anime : Incon :
  5. Peppersalt43

    Trapped in a suit and running out of time (Positron vs Alphonse Elric)

    Walking Nuke : 7 Animated Armor : 0 Incon : 0 Everything above 8-C is restricted Speed equalized Starting distance is 10 meters Alphonse has prior knowledge Was looking for more City of Heroes MUs due to @DaReaperMan's request. Stumbled upon Positron and his backstory reminded of something...
  6. Peppersalt43

    The Immortal Wanderer with Unfinished Business (Van Hohenheim vs Frieren)

    Frieren : 0 Hohenheim : 7 Incon : 0 Frieren's Hypersonic+ is restricted (It's in "possibly", that is allowed, right?) Starting distance is 100 meters Base Frieren used So I learned that G1 Blog is planning on making Frieren vs Hohenheim and looking through their profiles here, I thought it'd...
  7. LordGinSama

    Crimson explosions: Kimblee vs Reze

    Kimblee has access to a Philosophers Stone and Reze can transform. Winner via death or general incap and speed is equalized. Both start at 4KM away. Kimblee:0 Reze:0 Incon:0
  8. Peppersalt43

    Just Ashes (Aki Hayakawa vs Roy Mustang)

    Aki : 0 Roy : 7 Incon : 0 Starting distance is 15 meters Roy has prior knowledge Aki has Optional Equipment Human Aki used After some discussion in the Thematic but Stomp thread, I've gained the resolve to make this. It's a cool MU honestly
  9. NatzuX

    Mother of Spirit Battle (1)

    Mio Takamiya vs Truth Speed Equalized Mio: Truth: Inconclusive:
  10. ExSENNA

    Levi Ackerman vs King Bradley REMATCH (0-0-0)

    I think this fight could get a rematch. Back then Levi was physically 8-C and thus had the luxury to tank attacks from Bradley while also being able to oneshot with 8-B blades. I was able to downgrade him to 9-A some months ago and thus now this would be more interesting with both being able to...
  11. Bruhtelho

    Alphonse Elric VS Papyrus: Kindness shall Prevail

    Both at 8-C, Alphonse isn't allowed a Philosopher's Stone Fight takes place at the end of Snowdin Fight ends in K.O or Incap Speed is equalized Both start 10 meters from each other "So please don't say that you're going to give up.": "JUST DO WHAT I, WOULD DO... BELIEVE IN YOU!!!":0...
  12. RanaProGamer

    Elric Brothers vs Spidey Brothers

    Time for a tag team match between bros. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. Optional Equipment restricted and no Phisopher's Stone. Edward and Alphonse vs Black Suit Spidey and Iron Spidey Who wins and why?
  13. cloudyagami

    Maruo Kaido(Ayashimon) vs Gluttony(FMAB)

    Location: Tokyo, Japan public park Gluttony is currently on the loose and hungry(as usual) and has been eating people in the Urara Family's territory, causing the businesses to lose revenue. His rage is starting to build because he can't fulfill his hunger. Urara tasks Maruo with destroying...
  14. First_Witch

    Urban Warfare in the City of Eternal Nights Round 9 (King Bradley vs Dust)

    "Seven days have passed since a mysterious group of 16 individuals entered the forsaken Metropolis of decadence. The quiet night of the Church streets is where our fateful encounter happens. A clash of Capos and Peacekeepers is upon us. Soon, Death will occur upon these streets."
  15. First_Witch

    Urban Warfare in the City of Eternal Nights Round 7 (King Bradley vs Pluto)

    "Seven days have passed since a mysterious group of 16 individuals entered the forsaken Metropolis of decadence. The quiet night of the Office streets is where our fateful encounter happens. A clash of Executives and Peacekeepers is upon us. Soon, Death will occur upon these streets."
  16. LordGinSama

    Fullmetal Alchemist - God Father CRT

    Only making this because some peeps need to have information directly spoon feed and to fix up Father's, well uh ass excuse of a profile. Anyway this should be a very simple and straightforward CRT. Father absorbed this fellow into his being and should have all of his powers, abilities and...
  17. Quantu

    Fist of God vs He Who Would Swallow God (Garou vs Father)

    One Punch Man vs Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Cosmic Garou vs Father (God absorbed) • Garou starts at 5-A, and Father is at 4-C. • No prep time, speed is equalized • Who wins? Garou: 1 (Dienomite22) Father: 2 (Arcker123, LordGinSama) Fission vs Fusion heh
  18. The_Impress

    Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots: Orphan-Maker vs. Alphonse Elric

    Battle of the kids in ginormous armors but not really Orphan-Maker (Marvel Comics) vs. Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) 2nd key Orphan Maker used, Philosopher Stone restricted, speed equalised, starting distance 50 meters and in-character.
  19. ChocoladeKnetter

    Edward Elric VS Jetstream Sam

    speed equalised both fight in character wining conditions: kill or inmobilise the other for 15 minutes https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Edward_Elric_(2003_Anime) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Jetstream_Sam
  20. CiscoTheSoto

    King Bradley vs Tai Lung

    King Bradley vs Tai Lung Battle location: Valley of Peace Both in-character Speed is equalized King Bradley: 7 (@Bruhtelho, @Armorchompy, @Popted2, @TheRustyOne, @TauanVictor, @CiscoTheSoto, @Unknownnah) Tai Lung: Inconclusive:
  21. GoCommitDi

    Edward Elric vs Gumball Watterson

    Edward and Alphonse passed by Elmore during one of their journeys to find a way to restore their bodies, and Gumball, who was walking down the sidewalk with Darwin, scoffed at Edward's height. "Can you believe how short that guy is?" he whispered to Darwin. "He's so short that when it rains...
  22. Arcker123

    Eren Yeager Vs Edward Elric (Attack On Titan Vs Fullmetal Alchemist)

    The Devil Of Paradis Vs The Fullmetal Alchemist Just now noticed how similar these two characters are. Two hot headed young soldiers with big dreams. They both have fathers that they are on bad terms with, ETC. This is a really thematic match. They both have their differences of course, and...
  23. Arcker123

    Goemon Ishikawa Vs King Bradley (Lupin The Third Vs Fullmetal Alchemist)

    The Swordsman Vs The Führer Two Precog Wielding Swordsmen, Seems Thematic. Speed Equal Both 8-C Goemon Scales To 0.749 Tons Of TNT King Bradley Scales To 0.490 Tons of TNT Takes Place In The Bradley Estate Both In Character Bradley Has Standard Equipment And Optional Equipment Goemon Has His...
  24. CiscoTheSoto

    Spider-Man (Marvel Cinematic Universe) vs King Bradley

    King Bradley vs Spider-Man (Marvel Cinematic Universe) Battle Location: New York City Starting Distance: 20 meters Both in-character Speed equalized Bradley has access to optional equipment and Peter only has regular final suit in No Way Home King Bradley: 4 (@Armorchompy, @Nierre...
  25. CiscoTheSoto

    King Bradley vs Levi Ackerman

    King Bradley vs Levi Ackerman Battle Location: Trost District Starting Distance: 20 meters Both in-character Speed equalized Both have prior knowledge of each other and their equipment. Levi does not have access to Thunder Spears. Bradley has access to optional equipment. King Bradley: Levi...
  26. CiscoTheSoto

    King Bradley vs Izuku Midoriya

    King Bradley vs Izuku Midoriya Battle Location: U.A. High Starting Distance: 20 meters Both in-character Speed equalized Final Act 8-C Base Deku is used. Bradley has access to optional equipment. King Bradley: Izuku Midoriya: 2 (@Kingofwolves999, @speedster352) Inconclusive:
  27. CiscoTheSoto

    King Bradley vs Jean Pierre Polnareff

    King Bradley vs Jean Pierre Polnareff Battle Location: Cairo Starting Distance: 10 meters Both in-character Speed equalized Bradley has access to optional equipment King Bradley: Jean Pierre Polnareff: 7 (@speedster352, @DemonicDude, @ZillertheBucko, @Soma_King, @XSOULOFCINDERX, @Shey...
  28. Maverick_Zero_X

    Alex vs Edward Elric

    Edward Elric vs Alex (8-C key) Location: Spirit Stream Arena
  29. ErenYeagerrr6969

    The Fullmetal Alchemist vs The Child of Brightness

    Edward Elric 8-C vs Tanjiro Kamado 8-C with Demon Mark, who would win?
  30. Armorchompy

    Fullmetal Alchemist Revision - Part 3, Scaling Second Half (High Tiers and Others)

    Here we are folks, my final FMA CRT. Well, until I watch the movie, which considering its reputation is gonna be basically never. Or if I ever revise 2003, which is unlikely to happen anytime soon unless others offer their help. Or I try adding stuff from the (canon) videogames, and if I do just...
  31. Armorchompy

    Fullmetal Alchemist Revision - Part 2, Scaling First Half (8-C Characters Physical Stats Revision)

    Alright, as promised, here is the second Fullmetal Alchemist revision thread. It will tackle the actual statistics of the characters. First off, let's talk about the bulk of the characters, the ones that are currently 8-C, Edward, Alphonse, Scar, and just about everyone else that scales to that...
  32. Armorchompy

    Fullmetal Alchemist Revision - Part 1, Abilities

    As one of the most universally-recognized and beloved manga/anime out there, the state of Fullmetal Alchemist on this wiki is a little lacking. I mean no insult to the people who worked on the verse, but there's some lackluster and dated parts in the profiles, so I'd like to give my shot at...
  33. RandomGuy2345

    7-C+ Tournament Round 1, Match 8: Pride vs Frightningale

    The very last matchup.of the surprisingly quick 1st round of the 7-C+ tournament. Pride (@Imaginym) vs Frightningale (@Gilad_Hyperstar) Speed will be equalized. Fight takes place in the Sports Festival Stadium. Pride: 3 (Imaginym, Coolboy6, Psychomaster35) Frightningale: Inconclusive: 1...
  34. MadaraZKX

    Lust's Attack Potency

    Can someone say in which chapter of the manga Wrath said that Lust's Ultimate Spear is capable of piercing Greed's armor? In the profile there is the statement, but there is nothing linking to the source. If this is indeed true, her attack potency should be upgraded to "At least Town level", as...
  35. JediMindTrickz

    Edward Elric vs... Edward Elric?? (2003 vs FMAB)

    2003 Edward actually ends up in FMAB's universe instead and fights the FMAB Edward for the philosopher stone to save his brother or something idfk it's been awhile okay? VS (Can you guess which one is which character? Also gifs >>>>>> images) Battle Rules: Both opponents start 50 meters away...
  36. EinelRendezvous

    Update on The Truth's abillities.

    Let's get to the point, I have suggestion for some of an abilities that The Truth deserves to have on it's profile: • Non Existence Physiology type 1 (The Truth present as a superior "metaphysical" existence in The Gate of The Truth where he creates it and the conventional existence doesn't...
  37. CyborgSakumo

    Yakuza Arc Shigaraki vs FMA Scar

    Two destroyers have at thee. Yakuza arc(no giant decay wave) vs EOS Scar(Reconstruction is allowed) Shigaraki is faster(shigaraki upscales this feet in combat speed https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Therefir/My_Hero_Academia:_Ultimate_Speed) and more durable scaling to Bakugou's...
  38. Lollipop_The_King

    Major Armstrong Fights The Fullmetal Alchemist (Not Really)

    Alex heard an Alchemist that fights with metal was causing trouble and goes to investigate, discovering Wolfram. Battle takes place in a giant metal arena Speed Equalized Alex Louis Armstrong: VS Wolfram (My Hero Academia):
  39. fiera_Gamer

    Arceus (pokemon) vs the truth (fullmetal alchemist brotherhood)

    arceus (the god pokemon) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Arceus vs the truth (FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Truth speed equalized
  40. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    an angel vs an alchemist

    Kanade Tachibana (Angel Beats) vs Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemist) Kanade's Profile: 7 votes Edward's Profile: votes Edward is allowed to use alchemy and his lighter automail. This is the manga/brotherhood version not the anime version. Also both sides are bloodlusted and the battle takes...