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  1. Confluctor

    Moving as fast/faster than an omnipresent person.

    What tier would someone get when they move as fast/faster than an omnipresent person? Here is an example/feat in question: Heroes Reborn #3 Blur basically races Eternity. (It's not for a profile or anything, but I just wanna know how fast this could be)
  2. Rabbit2002

    Question about Low-1A/1As's Marvel

    Not sure what this means But the current wiki hierarchy only uses higher dimensions when they represent uncountable infinite higher lower dimension or higher layers where the lower dimensions/layers are nothing more than fictional. This is not even related or implied in any way So I wonder why...
  3. Q vs Eternity

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Q_(Interface_Series) VS https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Eternity -both are in their Low 1-C keys.
  4. Sir_sun_man

    the seventh cosmos is 1-A

    ok so this has been bugging me for quite some time now we have upgraded eternity to 1-A some time ago due to this here page from the challanger story https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/vsbattles/images/2/20/Grandmastergg3.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20200122021631&format=original "to the far shore...
  5. Ned_the_outer_god

    On some old threads I heard that the Marvel 2-As are Infinite^infinite into 2-A

    Is this true?
  6. Magolor98

    why the marquis of death is only 1-c

    the chaos king is consider low 1-A being the exact opposite of eternity who is 1-A at maximum, and the marquis of death manipulated eternity one time fighting his past self, so why he is only 1-C, it should not be 1-A?
  7. Tiger123Dragon

    Eternity Should Be 1-A in Seventh Cosmos

    https://imgur.com/6LuDDke https://m.imgur.com/a/aPbSRvB https://www.depthinsights.com/blog/an-archetypal-perspective-on-clinical-practice-a-summary-of-an-introductory-teleseminar-lecture-by-jungian-analyst-michael-conforti/ Dreamtime'─▒n kalbi 1-A olmal─▒d─▒r. Ve sonsuzluk kalbi tūm...
  8. Supreme_of_Universe

    Marvel Cosmology Revision

    There are some questions of Marvel cosmology tier, so I offer to look at some interesting statements The Seventh Cosmos The Marvel Multiverse has bee shown to contain infinite Higher-Dimensions many times The Seventh Cosmos exist in place that transcends all levels of reality . As we can...
  9. LordWhis

    1A Black Winter, Thor and Galactus

    The Black Winter has the power to destroy the entire multiverse which should be a 1A feat. It also previously killed the Low 1A 6th Cosmos. Current Thor and Galactus are able to fight it therefore they should be 1A too.
  10. Kodai_no_Kami

    Sacred Ancestor (Vampire hunter D) vs Eternity (Marvel comics)

    Dracula vs Adam Quadmo Speed equalized Both bloodlusted Ancestor has the Akashic record, Universal Eternity is used Dracula: Adam:
  11. DanielIH15

    Eternity Seventh Cosmos 1-A upgrade

    The Far Shore was part of Eternity, even during its last iteration. See how the Challenger says he was exiled to the Far Shore until everything died, which implies that he was exiled there while the Seventh Cosmos existed and only could return to exist after the desctruction of said iteration of...
  12. Malomtek

    Above All Others is clean 1-A now, not just "likely"

    Eternity is 1-A now. Above All Others is the creator of Eternity, and transcends Eternity as a concept. Above All Others is now 1-A. This is fact. Given how the Living Tribunal is depicted in Thanos: The Infinity Ending as superior to Eternity, he might be 1-A too.
  13. Elizio33

    Eternity vs Perpetua

    Both 1-A Who win?
  14. Alonik

    Upgrade Yggdrasil/RKT/TWSAIS

    Hello Everyone, the purpose of this thread will be to bring a great revision to Yggdrasil, Rune King Thor and Those who sit above in shadows, and the creation of some profiles. First, i want to give a summary of things you won't find in this topic; In this topic will not be covered; Marvel...
  15. Elizio33

    Possible 1-A Eternity

    According to Al Ewing, the Far Shore is part of Eternity, the eighth iteration of Eternity for being more precise. For those who don't know what the Far Shore is, it is the fartest point of life and death and it is outside time, space ans beyond that, there's only the mystery also called beyond...
  16. Lapsad

    King anumaril vs Eternity

    Who would win ? Win by death or incap (otherwise SBA)
  17. Ultima_Reality

    Possible Upgrade for the Universal Abstracts (Marvel Comics)

    So, to give background context as to how the feat happened, we need to look at Doctor Strange Vol. 2, which came out in 1974, or most specifically it's 4th issue. After being trapped in the Dimension of Unreality by the Silver Dagger and meeting several parallel versions of characters from the...
  18. Elizio33

    Eternity Revision

    Hello everyone, for a while, most of the people believed Eternity to be completely inferior to the Infinity Gauntlet but the true is both are or almost equal in all ways... Lets start! The Living Tribunal itself declare that Eternity is equal to the Infinity Gems in all ways. Adam Warlock...
  19. EnnardTrap1987

    Crimson King VS Eternity

    Eternity enters the Court of the Crimson KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAHAAAAA- oh excuse me. Both are High 1-B and speed is equalised (Base Crimson King is being used) Crimson King: 0 Eternity: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  20. Mercury_$erpent

    Living Tribunal and all others...

    Introductio This revision wiil prove Living Tribunal's 1-A tier, and all of characters which sciles from him. Arguments and facts Lets start sciling with Eternity. Eternity perecive reality in transfinite levels, also Eternity has an infinite-dimensional structures inside . Also Eternity...
  21. Elizio33

    The embodiment of a universe fight a universe destroyer

    Eternity: Anti-Monitor: Both are 2-A Speed equalized Who win?
  22. LordTracer

    The Cosmic Rematch (ADDED)

    Their fight in Strange Tales #146 had Dormammu in his weakest incarnation, so let's see how it goes with both at their peaks. Conditions - Both 2-A - Speed equalized - Victory via K.O. or death Who wins? Eternity: Dormammu: Inconclusive: 8 (Oliver de Jesus, Devils May Die, Ionliosite...
  23. EnnardTrap1987

    Eternity fights a hellspawn

    Eternity vs Spawn. Both are 2-A and speed is equalised. Eternity: 0 Spawn: 0 Tie: 0
  24. MrKerf

    Galactus vs. Eternity

    Two "brothers" are fighting. What could possibly go wrong? Multi-Eternity and Galactus as Lifebringer. Speed is equalized. Galactus : Eternity : Inconclusive: 7 (Sir sun ma, EnnardTrap1987, Ionliosite, Zark2099, JooCipher, LordTracer, Chronoaiswaifu) On our level, combat is a metaphor. A...
  25. Not_Icarus

    Quick Infinity Gauntlet Ability Addition

    Shouldn't the Infinity Gauntlet have Conceptual Manipulation for overpowering multiple M-Bodies of the Marvel Abstracts?
  26. Celestial_Pegasus

    Type 1 Abstract Existence For Marvel Abstracts

    So I have no knowledge of Marvel, however i have seen scans which prove the abstracts are type 1 abstracts, Eternity currently is listed as type 2 which seems wrong, when his Regenerationn isn't even clarified, and a lot of the marvel abstract pages don't even have abstract existence for some...
  27. EnnardTrap1987

    Unkillable Lizard vs Humanoid Universe

    SCP-682 vs Eternity. Both speed are equalised and both are 1-B SCP-682: 0 Eternity: 0 Tie: 0
  28. Celestial_Pegasus

    Marvel Abstracts

    What type of abstract existence do they qualify for? It's not specified in pages such as Eternity, Death (Marvel Comics), Infinity (Marvel Comics) etc, what type they are. Also what type of concept manipulation they have isn't listed either, same with their Regenerationn.
  29. The_Tetromino_King

    Multi Eternity Upgrade.

    A CR for having ME at atleast high 1-B Multi Eternity Contains realms such as the Neutral Zone and SuperFlow. SuperFlow: Is the realm of abstract, metaphors and between universes. the Superflow contains the information and concept of everything that exist in the multiverse. And was also stated...
  30. TrueBK98

    Eternity Upgrade

    Eternity's son was unaffected by the destruction of the Creation. Eternity's "blood" exists in a place beyond all time and space, all levels of reality and dream. Eternity calls TLV a peer. The last one probably just PIS.
  31. Soratoum

    Abraxas upgrade?

    On this scan, you can see that Roma, Franklin and Valeria are discussing Abraxas and Eternity. They said that Eternity made sure that there is Galactus in every reality, and on this scan, you can see that the same Eternity is helpless against Abraxas and his power. Should Abraxas be upgraded...
  32. Shivansh_Garg

    Marvel cosmic entities revision

    Okay I will make it short Ivory Kings >They transcend the very label of being and doing things in chronological order >Aren't limited by space, energy or anything within reaso >All of reality is their imaginatio >The bomb Doom created to destroy them was even better tha (2nd and 3rd scans)...
  33. Kerwin0831

    About the Overspace

    I'm asking this to the Marvel experts. Is the Overspace, Eternity's own realm? Because I have someone that claiming it is because Eternity was the only one that appeared on it. However, I disagree because Eternity didn't claim it is his own realm.
  34. Unoriginal_Memes

    Question About Marvel Upgrade

    I know some Marvel beings, such as Galactus and abstract entities, are going to be upgraded. My question is when will these upgrades happen?
  35. Bluetrekking

    Eternity (Marvel) vs Chaos (Sailor Moon)

    Speed Unequalized 2-C versions Eternity: Chaos (Sailor Moon): 1
  36. Embodiment_Of_Lies

    Eternity upgrade?

    Could we get Multi Eternity at Atleast high 1-B? Eternity heart was stated to be theeternal nothigness that predates form . and eternity also got a realm that is beyond dimensions. It was stated that within the worlds there are wave functio while it's possible that the superflow exist on a...
  37. LuckyCharmingStar

    Possibly upgrade for eternity?

    it is possible eternity could get atleast high 1-B or possible 1-A ratings It was stated that within the worlds there are wave functio while it's possible that the superflow exist on a higher level a conceptual space whereideas takes form. (and even a realm that is between dualities ) And...
  38. Elizio33

    Eternity vs The First Firmament

    Both at full power. Who win?
  39. Stefano4444

    Fight of the embodiments of time.

    Universal Eternity (Marvel Comics) vs Sealed Dialga (Pokemon) Who win?
  40. LuckyCharmingStar

    The Outside

    What is the outside? The outside is an absolute void Beyond space,time,life,death,imaginable,dualities Outside of all old and new creations etc. The Absolute Void.
  41. Dreaming_Serpent

    These Are The Ultimate Ultimates?

    Opinions on these Multiple iterations of Eternity? So how do you think these guys compare to the rest of the Marvel Cosmic Pantheon? Are they all supposedly above The Living Tribunal being how it's implied that Eternity/Infinity births/is the lynchpin behind all the other Cosmic Entities? Or...
  42. OneAboveAll42

    Time Trapper vs Eternity(Marvel)

    Universal Eternity vs The Time Trapper
  43. The_Wright_Way

    Bill Cipher vs Eternity

    Both at Low 2-c. Speed equalized. vs.
  44. ZeedMillenniummon89

    Eternity (Multi-Eternity) vs The Thought Robot

    Highest allowed tier in a Marvel vs DC match. Speed equalized. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Eternity https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Thought_Robot So who wins?
  45. EgyptianGodRaw

    Dream of Endless ( Morpheus ) vs Multi Eternity

    both are high 1B forms both characters are at their highest peak levels .
  46. Antvasima

    Marvel Comics: Infinite Dimensions, Oblivion & The Living Tribunal

    We have been discussing the tiers of Oblivion and the Living Tribunal in the following blog post: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Matthew_Schroeder/Marvel_Cosmic_Analysis:_Oblivion_%26_Chaos_King However, it is very hard to keep track of when new replies are made, so we decided to...
  47. FateAlbane

    Eternity vs Dialga

    Time to kill some time. Because why not? This is Universal Eternity vs Sealed Dialga . Speed equalized just in case. Victory by any means.
  48. EgyptianGodRaw

    Eternity ( Marvel ) vs Oblivion ( Marvel )

    Who wins the fight ? Both are their highest peak of their power
  49. Antvasima

    Scaling Dormammu?

    We have a bit of a problem with Marvel's ridiculous levels of inconsistency again. Within the 2005 Defenders series by J.M. DeMatteis and Keith Giffen, there is a scene in which Dormammu and Umar defeat what appears to be Multi-Eternity (although it was never explicitly called this name), and...
  50. Libesca

    Eternity Above Universe?

    Eternity is only a part of a single universe, precisely the time. To say that it is superior to a single universe is an ontological error. on comicvine they joke about this.
  51. Elizio33

    Dialga vs 616 Eternity

    Both represent time in the universe who win?
  52. Kevyn_S._de_Andrade

    Eternity VS Giygas

    Only the M-Body.
  53. Hop_Hoppington-Hoppenhiemer

    Eternity (Marvel) Downgrade?

    Wait a second, hold up. So I was looking through profiles and I noticed this guy was Tier 1-B. Now as we all know, aren't higher dimensional being given their tier based on how many dimensnions they are physically? Instead of, you know, just existing in higher dimensional space? The page's...
  54. LTB2000

    Multi Eternity vs Cosmic Armor Superman

    Takes place in the phantom zone, who wins and why. The strongest Superman EVER!!!!!!!!!