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1A Black Winter, Thor and Galactus

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The Black Winter has the power to destroy the entire multiverse which should be a 1A feat. It also previously killed the Low 1A 6th Cosmos.

Current Thor and Galactus are able to fight it therefore they should be 1A too.
Outlier. Do you know outliers exist, Whis? Someone isn't just 1-A because they defeated a 1-A once.
Unfortunately it isn't. Knowing you well, Whis, I'll close this and you'll come on my wall with some bizarre headcanon that only accounts for your view while ignoring literally everything like how Galactus had been defeated by 70 things prior, and yes Modern Galactus too, and this'll give folks like Dormammu and Squirrel Girl 1-A hax and Victorious 1-A cosmic energy, same with Thor who basically gives most 4-Bs 1-A tiers, like the Hulk, Juggernaut etc., etc.

Can you like, stop making these level of Marvel threads altogether? I'm getting sick of your poorly proposed and frankly, thoughtless CRTs, like the only effort you put is pick up a comic with ridiculous feats, flip through, and call it a day. I'm serious, stop making these types CRTs altogether or I'll have to take action against you in RVR.
Not open for further replies.