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erza scarlet

  1. Arkenis

    Erza vs Mereoleona

    Erza vs Mereoleona In X791 (Key of the Starry Sky Arc) Elf Reincarnation Arc Location - Clover Kingdom Equal Speed
  2. Spectra_Schiffer

    Erza versus Noelle

    Erza Scarlet VS Noelle Silva --------------------------------------- • Battlefield: Tenrou Island • Standart Battle Assumptions • X792 | Spirit Dive • Both are High 6-A forms • Both are equal Speed --------------------------------------- Titania: Noelle: Incon:
  3. Robo432343

    Erza Conceptual Manipulation (Fairy Tail)

    bro i didn't copy paste this from the g1 blog At one point in 100 Year Quest, Wendy bestowed Erza with something called a concept enchantment, in which she applied the “concept” of an energy called Spiria to her, allowing Erza to cut through and destroy life forms created through spiritual...
  4. TheForgottenKing

    Minor addition to the infinity clock+Erza scarlet

    Holy manipulation The individual clock pieces can’t be touched by evil people Morality manipulation Real nightmare can control individual personal values and release the evil within ones heart And of course both Erza and Makarov should gain resistance to morality manipulation via holy hammer...
  5. Saqphire

    [Fairy Tail] Minor (maybe) Erza, Lucy and Gray CRT

    Sorta simple. Gray, and those who scale to him, should scale to Natsu in their respective arcs. Erza, and those who scale to her, should scale above Natsu in their respective arcs. Why? WOG statements from 2022 (aka after 100 YQ was released). Video link for accessibility. Gray video link...
  6. Zeinx1

    Ikaruga (Fairy Tail) Hax additions and Adding fire resistance to Erza

    First of all, greetings. Here this character says that he cuts his enemy's clothes or flesh without cutting his nerves, which paralyzes his opponent and makes him unable to move: Paralysis Inducement 6.09-621 In addition, it can resist wind manipulation ''9:33-9:58'' Erza can resist fire...
  7. Twisted_Little_Raven

    Fairy Tail Minerva and Signario Sisters 5-A

    Signario Sisters are 5-A This is due to many things. New enemies they are indeed, but it has actual backing. The argument starts here, implying females from the top alchemist guild either rival Misaki or are superior. More proof, is God Serena. A character known for his arrogance, admits he's...
  8. The_Pink_God

    Tinkaton vs Erza

    Speed equal 10 meters X784 Erza and tinkaton will be used 6-C weapons and powers are restricted https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Erza_Scarlet_(X784_to_X792) Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Tinkaton
  9. Excellence616

    Natsu Vs Erza Scarlet

    Erza Scarlet: 0 Natsu Dragneel: 8 (@Zackra1799, @Excel616, @God900, @DemonGodMitchAubin, @Eseseso, @jojo123, @Da3ggman, @Artorimachi_Meteoraft ) Inconclusive:
  10. JediMindTrickz

    Erza Scarlet vs Roronoa Zoro (Post Timeskip)

    Yes, I'm aware that Death Battle has already done this but it seems to me that they severely lowballed Erza. This match is closer than they would have you believe. Erza Scarlet: vs Roronoa Zoro: 10 meters apart Bloodlusted Zoro will start with Armament Haki, Erza will be in her "X792" state
  11. Eseseso

    Erza vs Suzaku Rematch

    After Dogramug dies and Fairy Tail makes a truce with Diabolos (so around the time of the most recent chapter), Erza challenges Suzaku to a friendly rematch (since their first fight was over pretty quickly, not to mention Erza at the time had been exhausted due to fighting Yoko). Location...
  12. Zackra1799

    Fairy Tail Dragon Cry ability additions

    Rewatched the movie recently and saw some abilities that were missed Animus Aura and limited Telekinesis: his Presence alone was capable of nearly crushing Zash Caine after he had become angry with him Natsu another Justification for Natsu's Social influencing: Natsu's presence alone was...
  13. Eseseso

    Minor X784 Jellal revision

    This is something I brought up a while back when Mitch made that massive scaling change crt and I still stand by it. So Jellal is currently scaled at 5.2 megatons for giving Natsu his fire, which in turn made Natsu go Dragon Force, which is triple his normal power. However, when Jellal gave...
  14. Eseseso

    BIG X784 revision proposal (basically me trying to redo some crappy earlier CRT's)

    So...this will be looking at some things I proposed from other X784 CRT's of mine, but with the "dots" of scaling between them connected, along with a bit more clean support along with a clearer proposition and a MUCH better understanding of the concept of "backscaling", which will be especially...
  15. TheForgottenKing

    Erza scarlet additions

    Expert markswoman •she beat Eclipse Sagittarius(a genius archery) in a match of archery •she also was able to hit the Phoenix in the head from a distance and Makarov stated Erza was the only one capable of doing so despite Gray (who is an expert marksman) being present Limited Power mimicry...
  16. KeigoTakami89

    Lucy Heartfilia Upgrade

    Summary Lucy Heartfilia is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, wherein she is a member of Team Natsu. She is the daughter of Layla and Jude Heartfilia, who were members of the guild, "Love and Lucky" until Layla became pregnant and they decided to become independent. Her name comes from when her...
  17. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Fairy Tail: Slight Speed Downgrade

    As with every revision, there comes consequences We finally are allowed to have a larger planet for Fairy Tail, however the result has downgraded some speed. With the large planet for Fairy Tail, Erza's speed in reaction to Deus Sema becomes Relativistic (31% SoL), however with this comes...
  18. Eseseso

    X784 Strongest Armor/CHC Erza discussion

    I apologize, but this has been bothering me for a while. So Base Erza in X784 is >= Base Natsu, I fully agree with that, but her Strongest Armors are a different story. First off, her Black Wing Armor (while weakened) did manage to hold its own for a while against Jose Porla, whom even...
  19. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Fairy Tail: Chapter 105 Revisions

    Ok, another chapter, some more revisions Chapter can be read here for scans Ok, so first things first, Erza's gonna get a new key for her Post-Elentear self, which means in total she'll have 6 keys, and at this point, I think it'd be best to split her profile between a 100 Years Quest one and...
  20. Eseseso

    Some X791 7-B scaling upgrades

    In the wake of a successful CRT of mine on scaling via one-shotting, I decided to take a look at X791 instances of one-shotting and comparing those who one-shot 7-B's to the 7-B+ people, and from what I've gathered it seems that people who one-shot 7-B's in X791 should be put on the same level...
  21. Lugh_Tuathe_Dé

    Mori Dan vs Erza Scarlet

    Both are 5-B Pre-Training Mori and X793 Strongest Armors Erza is Used Monkey King: Titania: Inconclusive:
  22. Beast_Zero_Gudako

    Erza Scarlet vs Elsie Crimson

    I can't believe it someone hasn't done this before. Erza Scarlet vs Elsie Crimson Limit Break Erza is used and Speed Equalized. Scarlet: Crimson: Inconclusive:
  23. Spinoirr

    Supergirl vs Erza

    Supergirl vs Erza Scarlet Speed is equal Erza starts at 5-B+ (but can use her 5-A stuff) and supergirl is 5-A Fight takes place on Planet Cereal Supergirl is bloodlusted (because she is under mind control by a villain) Erza Scarlet: 7 Supergirl: icon:
  24. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Fairy Tail: Jupiter and CSK Small Revision

    I'm doing this solely to flex on Essesso Ok, so Jupiter in X784 should be fully 7-B for damaging Makarov and therefore Erza's X784 Adamantine Armor should be 7-B in Durability As well, the Celestial Spirit King's plutogrim cut has been upgraded to to 7-A+, so yeah, the 7-A's just get a small...
  25. M_Animefan

    Retsu Unohana Versus Erza Scarlet

    Soul Crush is Restricted! Bloodlusted. Speed is equalized Retsu Unohana https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Retsu_Unohana?so=search Versus Erza Scarlet https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Erza_Scarlet?so=search
  26. Nicetoderp

    Face of the company (and guild) with too many forms. Kamen Rider Zero-One (Beginning of Series) VS Erza Scarlet

    Both are the face of their respective company and guild with many, many forms to suit the situation that they are in. Which side will triumph, the spectacular Requip Magic or the legacy of a man dreaming of peace between human and A.I.; Hiden Zero-One Driver. -This is X791 Erza and Workplace...
  27. The_Impress

    S-Ranked Swordspeople (Erza Scarlet vs. Flashy Flash; 8-0-0)

    Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail) vs. Flashy Flash (One-Punch Man) X791 Erza and 7-B Flash with Instakill used. Speed equalized, in-character, and start 20 meters away. Battle takes place inside Buckingham Palace because yes.
  28. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Erza Scarlet vs Kamen Rider Agito

    An sudden idea if you ask me, and considering on how large the 6-C FT chars is, maybe its good a try to use the Riders against them, but for now i'll use Erza instead Wanted fo use Kuuga first but after some of analysis i'll prolly save him against a more powerful FT chars like Gray or Gajeel...
  29. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Fairy Tail: Chapter 96 to Chapter 99 Revisions

    Ok, so with the latest chapters, we have new feats to scale the characters to First things first, Base Laxus takes a bunch of attacks from Kirin and can even hurt Kirin himself, but he is still notably weaker, with his Red Lightning Dragon Mode being the true thing to damage Kirin As well, we...
  30. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Minamoto no Raikou vs Erza Scarlet

    I'm not so sorry for making this, but i can't hold myself as this match-up are too interesting to be scrapped, yes i know that Erza lost to multiple servants already (while the other two like her vs Emiya and Nero Bride got removed because the version that used against them was upgraded), but...
  31. Rabbit2002

    King (Nanatsu no Taizai) vs Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

    King (Nanatsu no Taizai) (Speedter352, BlackeJan, Ah_Gou, LordEscarno, Theendzero13) vs Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail) (Sonicflare9, Nierre, God900, AnonymousBlank, Pain_to12, Eseseso, Zackra1799, Velox1r0kore, AnosVoldigoad314, Smashtwig, JED) Both at 6C and Erza does not use Enchantments Speed...
  32. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Fairy Tail: Erza's Durability and Acnologia's Resistance

    So I was browsing Erza's Page recently and really came to notice something, her "Higher with Strongest Armors" section for her Durability doesn't really need to exist. Erza is constantly shown to have Durability that is around the same level no matter if she's wearing or not wearing Armor...
  33. Lugh_Tuathe_Dé

    Shin Wolford vs Erza Scarlet

    Both are 7-B X791 Erza is used Speed is Equalized The Ultimate Magician: The Ultimate Knight Inconclusive:
  34. Lugh_Tuathe_Dé

    The Salamander vs The Monster

    Both are Low 7-B Human Garou is used and Year X784 Natsu is used is used Speed is Equalized The Monster: The Dragon: Inconclusive:
  35. Naito-desu

    High 6-C Fantasy Tournament Round 4: Kamen Rider Fourze vs Erza Scarlet

    Both are High 6-C Erza's Limit Break Key is used, Kamen Rider Fourze is in his Cosmic States Key Speeds are equalized, SBA otherwise Battle takes place in this arena Erza: Kamen Rider Fourze:
  36. Dust_Collector

    Link vs Erza

    Well since Zelda characters have been demoted from being universe busters and are now island level scrubs I thought may as well make good use of their new tiers. Using OOT Link for now, might change if it's too one sided or something. Adult Link and 100 Years Quest Erza are being used, and...
  37. Eseseso

    Island+ Level RLDM Laxus and Enchanted Erza

    So X793 Base Laxus is 42.4 gigatons vs scaling to FDKM Natsu, and RLDM X793 Laxus is "far stronger" than his base, and thus far above 42.4 gigatons. Now, the requirement for Island+ IIRC is 52.15 gigatons ((4.3+100)/2), which is only 1.23x above base Laxus, so it makes sense for RLDM Laxus to...
  38. Zackra1799

    Minor Natsu and Erza Ability Additions

    Just some minor ability addition for Natsu and Erza Natsu: Acrobatics (Natsu has shown to be a very athletic and acrobatic fighter over the course of the series and qualifies for all 4 types, such as being able to throw well placed punches and high speed movement with a broken arm and pierce...
  39. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Erza Scarlet vs Saber (Fate/Stay Night) (Fairy Tail vs Nasuverse)

    Last battle Slappy vs Spongebob was a stomp. so i hope this one isn't I was inspired by this and glad it wasn't a fight to the death despite the name death battle edit: i've decided to make a similar one as well So Artoria and Erza decide to have a sparring contest to see who is better, They...
  40. Eseseso

    2 minor buffs, both related to FT: Dragon Cry

    1. First off, I think Erza's Celestial Armor should be added to her strongest armors, since it managed to one-shot Swan, who had just previously matched Base Erza with no effort and kind of stomped Heaven's Wheel Erza, making Swan >= Base Erza. One-shotting a person on par with Base Erza (who is...