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calc stacking

  1. Arc7Kuroi

    One Piece Thunder Bagua Calc Stacking

    Calc This calc calculates Kaido's speed using a timeframe of 1 m / speed of light in m/s. Calc Stacking From my understanding, taking a stated speed from a separate scene than the feat in question, and using that to calculate a time frame to use that in a separate feat is calc stacking. As such...
  2. Agnaa

    Are Stated Speeds/Timeframes For Characters Calc Stacking?

    I hold that they are. Despite the Calc Stacking page not explicitly saying anything on this, it does say some things which I think imply it: I think the concern of characters and attacks varying in speed, and thus not using speeds from other instances, still applies to these. Here it says that...
  3. DMUA

    Common Calc Concern: Evading the punches of other characters

    I've started to see this in extreme commonality, and the more I see it the more sure we should (near) entirely ban the practice The concept is simple enough: In Manga, Manhwa and sometimes Anime, you'll have a character see an attack coming at them from an extreme proximity, before they seem to...
  4. Mad_Dog_of_Fujiwara

    What's the Highest Reaction Speed I can Use Before it's Calc Stacking?

    Doing a calc involving the reaction time of characters who are infinite speed, and while using that would obviously be disallowed, how high should I go? Peak human reactions, subsonic reactions, or higher? What's the reasonable limit?
  5. SlendVeny

    Question about calc stacks.

    If X dodges Y at a speed that, through calculation, would need to be 4x the speed of Y's attack, and this isn't contradicted over the course of the series, could we scale X to a value of 4x Y in terms of overall speed? I understand that this would lead to a flood in the CRT section, and be a...
  6. Arceus0x

    Goofy ahh calculations

    Post goofy ahh calculations. Ones that are very very wrong, dumb, goofy. You can use other sites, you can find calcs on this site or you can make one yourself. Rules? No "This guy is called big so i'll use 10k km and his weight, eyeing it, would be 1000 trillion tons so we multiply those two...
  7. SunDaGamer

    Would this be considered calc stacking?

    In a video game there are a class of enemies that can spawn with pillars as weapons, I calculated them to weigh 5552 kg and they scale to the main characters because they can clash with them and overpower them in a struggle. Lifting the pillars is a Class 10 LS feat but would it be calc stacking...
  8. DontTalkDT

    Minor Revision: Adding an example to the calc stacking page

    Our calc stacking page technically lacks an example of perhaps the most basic case of calc stacking, so I would suggest adding this: It's pretty similar to the 2nd example listed, but such direct comparisons are more common.
  9. Why no Calc stacking?

    Basically the question above and why is Calc stacking accepted for certain verses i.e like bleach but not for others? I usually see this mainly for AP based stories so i am confused.
  10. Agnaa

    Mash Calculation Stacking

    I just came across this calc which uses the same timeframe as this calc which, to me, seems like blatant Calc Stacking. Here's the justification given for the timeframe: This is taking a stated speed from a completely different scene, then scaling it to another character, then scaling it to...
  11. King

    A small problem regarding calc stacking

    So like, there is literally nothing regarding Attack potency on the wiki page and has been causing a few problems I believe. I had made this calc a little while ago and it seems to be a case of calc stacking. (This is not a rant). The reasoning on the calc stacking page goes as follows: "The...
  12. Agnaa

    Calc Stacking Downwards

    Is it considered calc-stacking to use values from another calc when the end-result is lower? This removes the issue of characters' stats getting extended higher into infinity. And in most cases, the alternative that is used is just saying they're "roughly comparable" and giving them the same...
  13. XitSign

    Multipliers and Fusions Applied to Accepted Calcs

    Hello. A concern was raised on This Crt and I wanted to adress it with Calc Group members. TLDR: - A reliable character claims that the verse's fusion mechanic creates a new character "greater than the sum of its parts", thus 'at least' the value of all members of the fusion combined. So a...
  14. Agnaa

    Calc Stacking Issue

    I think the last example listed on the Calc Stacking page should be replaced or removed. It currently reads: This is not calc stacking, this is just a violation of our standards for Kinetic Energy Feats. The character punched and had a fist weighing about 0.5kg in the same scene. Other feats...
  15. ProfessorKukui4Life

    Calc Stacking Issue Related To Speed (Redone)

    I said I would be remaking this thread, and I am. You can look at the previous thread for context. And because of the lack of staff present in the previous one, I'd like this to be done again, with more staff preferably this time. Okay. So, to summarize my entire proposal here from before...
  16. ProfessorKukui4Life

    Calc Stacking Issue (Regarding Speed)

    Might be not be the best time to make this, but I've noticed a particular problem with calc stacking when it comes to speed that I wanted to make a larger discussion about. I've spoken to some others here about this as well, one being a calc-group member themselves, to get input before making...
  17. Da_Lunge_Fish

    Calc Stacking question.

    So, one character is supersonic+, and another character blitzes him, and his speed is multiplied thanks to it. Is this calc stacking?
  18. Agnaa

    Multipliers For Destroying Many Things

    Do we give multipliers for destroying many things? If a character takes out hundreds of ships, kills dozens of characters, etc. with one attack, would their AP be those entities' durability multiplied by the number of them killed?
  19. DontTalkDT

    Possible Calc Stacking revision

    This comes form this thread, but I thought I would make a thread here to have a more official debate about the proposal. To explain what this is about: There are a few feats we accept, despite the fact one could think by the calc stacking page that we don't. The good example for this would be...
  20. The_Smashor

    Calc Stacking Question

    Would it be considered Calc Stacking to use a character's calculated speed for an AP feat? For example... A massive character can tag a Reletivistic character (Via Calculation) with their punches. Which of these senarios would be allowed? 1. The KE of the fist can be calculated with the speed...
  21. Rocker1189

    Calc stacking with calculated distances

    Apparently this:https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Jvando/Tengai_Shinsei_Earthquake_AP Is calc stacking. I would like an explanation please and keep in mind that stuff like OP and Fairy tail also use measured distances to calc feats. Oh forgot Bleach here.
  22. Jasonsith

    Question re calc stacking and power scaling

    I have been visiting the pages of powerscaling and calc stacking and some examples really disturbed me especially when visiting other fictional verses. Examples of calc stacking that cannot be applied Character A moved so fast that character B couldn't react to him. So character A needs to...
  23. Firephoenixearl

    Calc Stacking problems

    So apparently there is something with our applications of calc stacking in that: "It is not applicable under any circumstance" Even if it is perfectly reasonable, it's still not applicable. And where this mostly shows flaws is in the fact that we even consider cases where there is only 1...
  24. LordGriffin1000

    This is calc stacking right?.

    I'm sure this is Calc Stacking but I just wanted to know for sure. Danny Phantom is 8-A and his Ghostly Wail is Low 6-B because it can harm the likes of Dan Phantom who is superior to Vortex who is Low 6-B. Would using the gap of Danny and his Ghostly Wail to see how strong Dan's Ghostly Wail...
  25. It's a Calc Stacking?

    Summary: the Characters (A) make a linear beam to destroy his opponent (B) The beam destroy the opponent (the beam was supposed to) and travel 10 Kilometers in 1 second after some talk, we discover that B avoided the beam when the beam was in a distance of 1 meters of him and B his now at 10...
  26. Matthew_Schroeder

    What Is Calc Stacking

    Hello everyone. Recent discussions within the wiki regarding Bleach have led to a wider debate about Calc Stacking as a whole, what exactly it is, and how we can better define it. And it was decided that it would be best to give the subject its own thread rather than derail the old one further...
  27. RKGenki

    Standard calc for Surface Wiping (Calc group discussion)

    Right now, the calc for Boros' CSRC is used as the standard for surface wiping feats from statements. Recently, another calc for the same kind feat was made during revisions for Bayonetta, giving different results. Now it needs to be discussed which one is best/most correct to use for standard...
  28. DarkDragonMedeus

    Few Additions to the Calc Stacking Page

    In my opinion, I think it is relatively important for members to understand what Calc Stacking is. The page's generally description is fine where it is, but I think the examples lack variety. All three of them appear to be speed related; I personally think it's very important to include some...
  29. DodoNova2

    Speed of Sound is Calc Stacking?

    If for example if I use the speed of sound to find the timeframe (because the verse is well above this speed) is it a calc stacking? Example: T = 0.8m (Distance) / 360 (SoS)

    Another inFAMOUS 1 Upgrade

    So this one is a bit of stretch, but whatever. So in the inFAMOUS comic book, which tells of the events that happened in between the ending of the first game and the beginning of the second game, Cole fights a monster named David Warner. David Warner is a security guard who once worked for the...

    Question about Calc Stacking

    So this is a question that recently popped into my head. Say that X character performs a feat that is calculated to be 10 megatons. However, it is later revealed that X character was only using 10% of their full strength. Would we be able use the calculated AP value to find their AP at 100% of...
  32. BarryAllen2.0

    Calc-Stacking Page

    Why do we have a Not legit Calc-Stacking section on the calc stacking page if the poeple who decide if upgrades can be applied completely ignore it? Yes, this is fueled by people completely ignoring it in my recent calc for naruto, but I've noticed it's happening more and more to many other...
  33. Iamunanimousinthat

    In-Canon power boosts and Calc Stacking

    Is it considered Calc stacking to multiply a cacl value for a characters strength and speed with an in canon strength boost? For example, if a character is calced to be able to punch at 10x faster than the speed of light and has an attack potency of 100 teratons, and that same character is...
  34. MostPowerfull

    Calc Stacking

    Let me see if I get it right ... Let's say a character A was calculated to have Mach 50 in a scene. In another scene, he attempted to attack character B, who deviated a few yards from him, when character A was inches from his face. If I scale character A as having Mach 50, will I be using Calc...
  35. Verivici

    Calc stacking

    From what I understand, it isn't calc stacking to aquire KE from an actual speed feat/something shown directly in comparsion to it. Thing is, though; Doesn't this essentially cause the inflated stats anyway? I mean, literally every MHS+ or higher character could be buffed to insane degrees, for...
  36. LordKill90908

    Calc stacking and Undertale downgrade

    Now, the following calculation is for the KE of Papyrus' Absolutely Normal Attack. [[1]] The reasoning for this calc is that Papyrus is stronger than Napstablock who has a relativistic feat. While it is seemingly sound that Papyrus scales to Napsta's relativistic feat, the calc itself is not...