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amon (starcraft)

  1. Not_Icarus

    StarCraft Major Revision Thread Attempt 2

    Ok that last one just died off since not many people were debating anymore and conflicting opinions never reaching a consensus so let's try again and hopefully get at least some sort of result. Since the powers and abilities section is at least mostly done right now for everything I could gather...
  2. Not_Icarus

    StarCraft Major Revisions and Fixes (CRT)

    As the title above says, this thread aims to fix some things about Amon and potentially other pages too. Technology Manipulation for psi lightning and psi storm users - Completely disabled the prison cell's electronics that they were in Resistance to Corruption (Both types), Possession, and...
  3. Stefano4444

    Amon (StarCraft) vs Archimonde (Warcraft)

    High 6-A and Speed Equalized. No Void Shards. Archimonde: 0 () Amo: 0 () Inconclusive: 0 ()
  4. VAVADevil32

    The Serpent vs the Dark One

    "You people misunderstand me. You call me 'Satan' and 'devil,' but... do you know my crime? I loved God too much. And for that, he betrayed me—punished me. Just as he's punished you. After all, how could God stand idly by while that man broke into your home and butchered your family in their...
  5. Udlmaster

    Amon v Mummy

    Amon (Starcraft) V Mummy Speed Equal Low 5-B Used SBA Mummy: Amon: Inconclusive:
  6. Not_Icarus

    Amon VS Luke Skywalker

    Well the fight with Sidious ending up being a stomp for Amon, wonder how different it'll be for Luke. Both at 4-B and speed equalized if too stompy. Luke Skywalker: Amon:
  7. Not_Icarus

    Amon VS Darth Sidious

    Time to see who has the better M.I.N.D.H.A.X. Both at 4-B and speed equalized if it's too stompy. - Amo - Darth Sidious
  8. Huesito88

    Amon vs Karthus

    Second thread for Karthus, hopefully it's fair Both High 6-A Speed is equalized Amon: Karthus:
  9. ZephyrosOmega

    The strongest High 6-A VS. the guy who resists mindhax

    Amon VS. Kratos. this should be fun, and by that i mean it should be shut down for whatever reason in one post because of some minutia i missed. Speed is Equalized, power of hope kratos. Kratos: Amon: 4
  10. Setsuna_tenma

    You guys asked for it

    Satanal vs Amon High 6A versions Speed equalized Satanel Amo
  11. Setsuna_tenma

    An alien fights a dream god for the strongest High 6A

    Now that this guy has been upgraded lets have these guys fight for the strongest high 6a Amo vs Nakiri Speed equalized High 6A key
  12. ShrekAlmighty

    Amon (Starcraft) vs Gilgamesh (Fate)

    Amon Low 5-B vs Gilgamesh 5-A Speed Equalized Otherwise SBA Amo - 1 (Homu) Gilgamesh - 0
  13. Mand21

    How far goes Death Hax? The ultimate verification.

    Standard Battle Assumptions, except Amon (StarCraft) is always within range of Darth Nihilus's death hax. Amon has three keys (High 6-A | At least High 5-A, likely 4-B | 3-A), so there will be seven battles in total: Round 1: Amon with weakest key, speed equalized. Round 2: Amon's True Form at...
  14. Jinsye

    Amon vs. Darkseid

    So.... Amon's never gonna get a concluded match is he? Let's put him against someone who killed another mindhaxxer shall we? EDIT: This has been done before, but it was like, a year ago so ok. 4-B versions used Speed Equalized since Darkseid is way faster iirc who wins? Amon (StarCraft): 0...
  15. Jinsye

    Amon vs. Golden King

    So, Golden King doesn't have resistance to mindhax. Let's go. Ultharathotep vs. High 5-A True Form Amon Speed Equalized. Who wins? Amon (StarCraft): 0 Golden King: 4
  16. Bluetrekking

    Revan vs Amon

    Has this been done before? Speed Equalized Both High 6-A Reva: Amon (StarCraft): 1
  17. The_Wright_Way

    P.O.W.E.R.N.U.L.L. vs. M.I.N.D.H.A.X.

    White Face vs. Amon. Both at 3-A. Speed Equalized. What are you? vs.
  18. Assaltwaffle

    Amon Slight Hax Upgrade: Xel'naga Time Paradox Immunity

    In StarCraft, the Xel'naga are byproducts of the previous round of the Infinite Cycle. A new round of the cycle begins with each new universe. Since the Xel'naga are still around despite the previous universe that they were spawned from being gone, they should be immune to time paradoxes.
  19. Schnee_One

    Amon vs Akron Powernull vs Mind Hax 2.0

    Ah another decent rhyme in the title, ah show satisfying. Speed is Equalized. Amo: Akro: Inconclusive: 2
  20. Assaltwaffle

    StarCraft: Civilization Pages and Small Amon Abilities Addition

    Well, now that we have some new and improved Civilization stats, it is time to give The Zerg and The Protoss another look (and the Terrans too, even though they don't have a page because they're the worst race and you can't argue otherwise). So, we need to figure out what the three races are in...
  21. Assaltwaffle

    Not a Word: Darth Nihilus vs Amon

    So a couple of Super powerful Mind hax users. Ought to be fun. Rules: Speed Equalized (FTL vs Superhuman) Hybrid Form Amon Standard Battle Assumptions Who wins and why? Can Nihilus talk out the dark god? Or will Amon bring the Sith Lord under his thrall? Darth Nihilus: 0 Amon: 0...
  22. PaChi2

    Kratos vs Amon

    high 6-a Speed equal. Sba. Who wins?
  23. Assaltwaffle

    4-B Battle Royale!

    Looks like we got another one! This time we're in 4-B. Here is the recruitment thread. Characters like Darth Sidious are banned; 2-C was bad enough with everyone getting insta-erased and we don't want that with mind hax boi. Superma OUT (Dead by Supernova) Silver Surfer OUT (Dead by...
  24. Assaltwaffle

    Digital Angel vs Squid God: Lucemon vs Amon

    Lucemo takes on Amo! The haxxed 4-Bs with "mon" in their names go at it. Rules: Lucemon is at base and Amon is 4-B in physical form. Both in character. Battle Occurs on Earth. Who wins and why? Amon: 0 Lucemon: 1
  25. Assaltwaffle

    Amon Downgrade (StarCraft)

    Amo. One of my OG profiles. Oh well, I can't be bias here; let's get to the downgrade. Thanks to Not Jim Sterling for bringing this up. I believe at some point in time the description for being Galaxy level was just to "destroy every star in the galaxy." Whether or not this was true at one...
  26. Assaltwaffle

    War of the Dark Lords: Darth Vader vs Amon

    The war between Dark God of the Xel'naga, Amo, and the Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader, begins! After realizing how similar these two are, I decided to make the VS match for them. Hopefully this is a good one! Rules! Speed Equalized Amon is a Hybrid and has his Void Shards Darth Vader is EU...
  27. Assaltwaffle

    War of the Space Tyrants - Frieza vs Amon

    At the risk of making this a stomp in either's favor, here we go. Frieza takes on Amo. The alien with the ego of a god vs the alien who is a god. Rules: DBZ Final Form Frieza Physical Form Amon Speed Equalized Amon's Regen is restricted Both in character So is this still a stomp? Can...
  28. Assaltwaffle

    Battle of the Dark Gods! Darkseid vs Amon

    A battle between two dark, godlike beings bent on universal conquest. Before they can take control, however, one needs to put the other in their place! Darkseid and Amo can't have the other in their world, so a duel to the death is the only option. Rules: Amon is in the Void Darkseid is in his...
  29. Assaltwaffle

    Starcraft: Amon Upgrades

    In StarCraft 2: LotV, Amon's host body is destroyed. However, the way it is destroyed begs the question of how powerful Amon's Host truly was. Amon is killed by, notably, at least 20 Capital Ships, Cybros, and the Spear of Adu. Why is this impressive, you may ask? Well... A single carrier (a...
  30. Assaltwaffle

    Lord Tirek vs Amon

    The Demon Centaur from My Little Pony challenges The Dark Xel'Naga for control over the Void! The two High 7-A monsters duke it out in a battle for the ages. Rules: No BFR; Speed Equalized; Amon is in his Hybrid Host Body; Lord Tirek has absorbed power from Discord, but not the Alicorns; the...
  31. Assaltwaffle

    Low 2-C Upgrade for StarCraft's Amon and Sarah Kerrigan (Xel'Naga form)

    During a cinematic cutscene of StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void, Ouros, an ancient Xel'Naga, informs the protagonists that he is against Amon. He also states that Amon is one with the Void (which is an entirely separate universe, completely disconnected from the standard material universe) and...