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one punch man (verse)

  1. Ikelaggan

    Monsters awakened

    Speed equalized Distance is 6 meters Akron: Awakened Garou:
  2. Second22

    Cid Kagenou Vs Atomic Samurai

    Rule All Peak Speed ≠ Cid Kagenou >> 0.077 c Atomic Samurai > 0.08 c SBA In character Both High7-A Note: I know that Cid's profile hasn't been updated and corrected in many aspects, so I will only count the current status of the page. Consider this as a Vs before he updates and corrects his...
  3. That_moron

    Garou vs Raiden

    Yes this. Garou is in his 6-A key, and Raiden is in his last key. Speed is equal. Garou: Raiden: Incon:
  4. Quangotjokes

    Clash of martial artists

    Battle takes place in the hyperbolic time chamber. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Hinata_Hy%C5%ABga?so=search Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Garou?so=search Hinata(Peak): Garou(Monster/Pre Cosmic): Speed equal
  5. DemonicDude

    Tier High 6-A The Battle of the Beast Tournament (2023): Tatsumaki vs Yami Ichika

    The Black Crescent vs Terrible Tornado SEMI FINAL -2 Yami heads into the Semi Final as the sole Black Clover character left in the tourney against the undefeated Tatsumaki ! The finale spot is on the line folks Arnoldstone vs Noneless21 Rules: All mentioned in the official Tournament thread...
  6. ShionAH

    2 haxless AP characters fight!

    Saitama (One Punch Man) vs Asura (Asuras Wrath) Asura is High 6-A Saitama is High 6-A Speed needs to equalized I believe if its not needed act like its not equalized Saitama: Asura: Inconclusive:
  7. Second22

    Saitama Law Manipulation

    Translate: "The video was interesting! Thank you for your introduction! I was able to reconfirm that Saitama-sensei is a person who deviated from the physical laws of this universe as a result of muscle training w" He should get Limited Law Manipulation from this context.
  8. CurrySenpai

    Lego Man vs. Bald Man (Blox Fruits vs. One Punch Man)

    First Blox Fruits match! I'm gonna make them fight Saitama because that's cool and why not. Battle Rules: Third Sea Quake Fruit vs. Post Training They Start 5 Meters away from each other Speed Equalized Other SBA
  9. Recon1511

    Megamind plays Welcome to the Jungle while fighting a small child (Megamind vs Child Emperor) (0-0-0)

    One is a hero the other is a villain, both are 8-B and Extraordinary Geniuses it doesn't get more thematically appropiate than that! Megamind VS Child Emperor The battle takes place in a deserted New York city Both have 1 week of prep time and prior knowledge about each other...
  10. DemonicDude

    Tier High 6-A The Battle of the Beast Tournament (2023): Monster King Orochi vs Monkey D Luffy

    Monster King vs The Captain of Straw Hat Pirates QUARTER FINAL -1 After crushing the Megatron in the Round 1 The king of monsters enters into the Quarter Finals of the tournament facing the Straw Hat in his new and improved form, Can the Monster King get 2 in 2 wins in a row or perhaps his...
  11. MARVEL_Future_Fight_Gamer

    The Avatar of God fights the Ghost of Sparta (GAROU VS KRATOS)

    GAROU vs KRATOS 4-A versions are used (Parallel Timeline Awakened Garou and Demigod Kratos). Kratos' 2-C AP equipment is restricted Speed is equalised Garou: 0 Kratos: 34 (@Diamentus, @Robo, @Planck69, @GilverTheProtoAngelo, @Emirp sumitpo, @chosen, @Popted2, @Maverick_Zero_X, @Franako...
  12. DemonicDude

    Tier High 6-A The Battle of the Beast Tournament (2023): Steven Universe vs Tatsumaki (One Punch Man) (MATCH COMPLETED)

    Crystal Gems vs Tornado of Terror Enters the gem hero Steven Universe as he faces the sassy lost child, Can the power of friendship overcome a terrible tornado ? Are we looking for the first upset of the tournament or much like always someone is getting crushed, Guess we'll have to find out ...
  13. Recon1511

    One Punch Man: More Profile Changes

    You know the drill Suiryu: Any particular reason we don't scale (not even as a "possibly") Suiryu to Bakuzan? He did break his toe and Genos regarded him as strong Intelligence: Above Average (Highly knowledgeable in martial arts and combat. Quickly figured out that he had to destroy Choze's...
  14. Recon1511

    Devil Long Hair (One Punch Man) vs Tanjiro Kamado (Kimetsu No Yaiba) (0-0-0)

    Tanjiro finds himself in a hairy situation Devil Long Hair VS Tanjiro Kamado Speed is equalized Tanjiro Post Sun Breathing Mastery key will be used Starting distance: 10 meters Battle takes place in the Monster Association Base Devil Long Hair: Tanjiro: Inconclusive:
  15. Recon1511

    Phoenix Man (One Punch Man) vs Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia) (1-7-1) (GRACE)

    Phoenix Man squares off against another underage hero Phoenix Man: VS Izuku Midoriya: Phoenix Man and Final Act Deku's Low 7-B keys will be used Speed is equalized Starting Distance: 10 meters Battle takes place in Tokyo Phoenix Man: @Kachon123 Deku: @Kingofwolves999 @SuperStar...
  16. Unknownnah

    Genos vs Metal Gear RAY

    MGR RAY vs BoS Genos Speed Equal Battle takes place in Vladivostok SBA otherwise Genos: RAY: Incon:
  17. Recon1511

    One Punch Man: Ability Additions and other stuff

    Some minor stuff that I think should be added to some profiles Spring Moustache: A more detailed description for his "Expert Swordsman" "Expert Swordsman (Is one of the top disciples of Nichirin, a member of the Council of Swordmasters)" And his Rapier should have Elasticity "The Rapier has...
  18. god's intel stat

    Thought I'd need to make an update to OPM god intel stats. To provide clarity. Him being a cosmic entity, it would be logical that his mind far exceeds that of an extraordinary genius. But I don't want jump the gun and mark him as 'omniscient ' since there was no mention or inference of that...
  19. Ego

    Mewtwo Vs Garou ( Pokémon Vs One punch man)

    Rules: Shadow Mewtwo is used Cosmic Garou is used Both 4-A keys Speed is equal Mewtwo: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Mewtwo Garou: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Garou
  20. OriginFox

    Saitama Vs Sun Wukong

    Saitama VS Sun -4A for both -Equal speed -SBA
  21. RandomGuy2345

    Yun-Seong (Soul Calibur) vs Lord Boros (One Punch Man)

    Well, here's my first Yun-Seong matchup. Hopefully this will gain some traction since this is a One Punch Man match, and you already know how those mfs get. Yun-Seong vs Lord Boros. High 6-A Boros will be used, and he will be in his Released key. Yun-Seong will have all of his weapons (I will...
  22. Recon1511

    Spring Moustache vs Puss in Boots (One Punch Man vs Shrek)

    Both characters use rapiers to fight so I thought this could be a fun match Speed is equalized Spring Moustache is on his second key Puss's AP is 0.83 Tons of TNT (8-C) Spring Moustache AP upscales from 0.01389 Tons of TNT (9-A) and 1.49 Megatons (Low 7-B) with Tomboy Starting distance: 10...
  23. JustANormalPerson01

    Fixing Tatsumaki Powers and Abilities

    Additions Enhanced Senses: Heard the conversation of heroes at this distance (Manga Chapter 141: A Rejuvenated Offence). Saw King from the top of Monster Association "pillar" (Manga Chapter 133: Glorious Being) Extrasensory Perception: Pinpointed the location of heroes' communicators (Manga...
  24. Quantu

    Lord Boros vs Monster King Orochi

    A worthy opponent to stimulate the lust for supremacy. I'll try and limit the rules so it plays out similar to how it would in verse. Orochi at his peak Boros starts Released, but can go Meteoric Burst Speed is unequalized Boros: 8 (@Kachon123, @MARVEL_Future_Fight_Gamer, @ZillertheBucko...
  25. Eseseso

    Post Elder Centipede Genos Durability and base AP upgrade

    This is my first OPM CRT, let's see how it goes. Post Elder Centipede Genos's durability is currently Small City level, even though in his previous key it was High 7-A+ for tanking his own Jet Drive Arrow's impact. Since there is no reason for Genos to be just as durable, if not more durable...
  26. Recon1511

    One Punch Man: Several profile changes CRT

    A lot of things I want to change so let's get to it. Saitama: Saitama should have Astral Projection as he somehow manifested in Phoenix Man's "spiritual place" without actually moving in the real world. This feat is still a mystery in regards as to what exactly Saitama did but I think it should...
  27. ZillertheBucko

    New Year, new metal knight

    1. Nuclear Bombs I'd like to start with saying that metal knight should be capable of creating nuclear bombs. This technology is not foreign to the one punch man universe, as seen in garou's nuclear fission attacks. Additionally, metal knight himself seems to know how nuclear bombs work, and...
  28. Quantu

    Godspeed vs Garou

    The world is a cruel and unforgiving place. Societal systems are fragile and weak, forcing these two to take matters into their own hands. SBA Speed Equalized Godspeed is at 4-B Garou starts at High 4-C Godspeed: Garou:
  29. ReusedOil

    One Punch Man; Saitama's Reality Warping Capability

    Basically recontextualizing the NPI feat wherein saitama moved the portals, using the POV of one who literally has the universe as a wiki. Through his eyes we see that saitama warps reality. first, lets understand what garou should be capable of. As established with this panel right here...
  30. Recon1511

    Atomic Samurai vs Golden Sperm (7-0-0) (GRACE)

    So, lets settle this debate once and for all. Who would win? Atomic Samurai with the Sun Blade or Golden Sperm? Speed is NOT equalized Starting distance: 15 meters Battle takes place in the Z-City ruins Atomic Samurai: @Kachon123 @MARVEL_Future_Fight_Gamer @Mariogoods @Cimafranca133...
  31. Rockymountainjammer

    Gouketsu (OPM) vs Kong (MonsterVerse) (7-1-0) (Concluded)

    Was looking for High 6-C Opponents for Gouketsu, and I thought this might be a good match. Let's hope it is. Please let me know if anything about it needs to be changed. Gouketsu is High 6-C+, Kong is High 6-C (Gouketsu - 866 Gigatons, Kong - 526 Gigatons, ~1.64x AP difference in Gouketsu's...
  32. Recon1511

    Minor Iaian CRT

    Just a small correction, instead of upscaling from Snek and possibly Stinger he should just upscale from Lighting Genji on his first key. That's all.
  33. Spinoirr

    Hulk vs Garou (Rage vs Adaption)

    Speed is equal Savage Hulk is being used Fight takes place in the wall Hulk is 3-C and Garou is 4-A Hulk: Garou: Icon:
  34. Kin201

    Possible change for Psykos/Tatsumaki's lifting strength

    Psykorochi's lifting strength is Class Z with Telekinesis currently, and Tatsumaki scales to this due to having superior TK, and haired Saitama scales to Tatsumaki. However, Psykos TK shouldn't scale to this level of lifting strength, as you can see that she slices and lifts this much landmass...
  35. Recon1511

    Captain Mizuki (One Punch Man) vs Austin Theory (WWE) (5-0-9)

    Okay, lets see how this one goes. Captain Mizuki VS Austin Theory Mizuki upscales from 4.23 MJ, Austin scales to 2.84 MJ Speed is equalized SBA Battle takes place in a WWE ring Captain Mizuki: @Jinsye @Baken384 @Tllmbrg @LIFE_OF_KING @Unknownnah Theory: Incon: @RandomGuy2345 @azontr...
  36. Recon1511

    One Punch Man: Captain Mizuki LS upgrade

    This is just a minor upgrade to her LS, it shouldn't take long KLOL made an already accepted calc that upgrades her LS to Class 5 Her new justification would be "Class 5 (Lifted a large concrete pillar. Lifted a gigantic monster up and swung it several meters across hard enough to knock over 7...
  37. Recon1511

    OPM Speed Revisions and other stuff:

    First of all I want to thank Kachon for taking his time to make these calcs for me, he is very kind. The problem with the current Supersonic+ scaling: So, for those that don't know, basically every featless hero (mostly B and A Class) scale to this calc of In-Training Saitama speed. But, there...
  38. Spinoirr

    Broly vs Garou

    Speed is equal and Both are at their best with the fight taking place on earth in the opm universe Broly: Garou:
  39. Recon1511

    What LS value is this?

    Title, Captain Mizuki Class 1 LS doesn't really have a source and I think this is her best LS feat in the manga so I wonder, what LS value would this feat yield?
  40. Recon1511

    A and B Class Heroes AP downgrade, Rhino Wrestler Speed downgrade (One Punch Man)

    A and B Class Heroes AP downgrade: This Jet Drive Straight calc which a lot of A and B Class Heroes currently scale to was remade and got a lower result, so their AP should be downgraded Affected profiles: Needle Star Captain Mizuki Narcisstoic Shadow Ring One Shotter Rhino Wrestler speed: I...
  41. Unknownnah

    Black Sperm vs Raiden (MGR)

    Rematch lol 7-B MGR Raiden used Black Sperm cannot merge into Golden or Platinum Sperm Speed Equalized Battle takes place in the destroyed area of the Monster Association 20 meter starting distance Cum Monster: Cyber Ninja: Ends the same as last time:
  42. Recon1511

    Personification of a Light Pull Cord vs Austin Theory One Punch Man vs WWE (0-0-0)

    Randomguy wanted Austin to face a 9-B character from OPM, so here it is, the monster obsessed with boxing that made Saitama lose a tooth versus Austin Theory! Personification of a Light Pull Cord VS Austin Theory Austin's AP is 2.84 MJ, PLPC's AP is 6.18 MJ Speed is equalized Battle...
  43. Spinoirr

    Garou fights a number

    Speed is equal and both are 4-A Fight takes place in the Null Void Garou: Four: Icon:
  44. ZillertheBucko

    Threat level scaling removal

    Using threat levels to scale for AP is completely unviable, as I will now explain here we can see that threat levels are determined by the following Destructive power, aggression, difficulty to exterminate, and more In other words, the threat levels given by the hero association can change based...
  45. Recon1511

    One Punch Man: Cosmic Garou's Radiation Values

    About time we put to an end the debates about his passive radiation with some concrete numbers, kind of. I made a blog about it using an explanation Qawsedf234 made in a previous CRT, here it is: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Recon1511/Garou%27s_Radiation_Values These values...
  46. SlendVeny

    Dying Warriors Tournament R3 match 2: To Stand or to fly?

    All stats equalized, Meteoric Burst Boros and Geryuganshoop vs Giorno Giovanna(Gold Experience) and Bruno Bucciarati. If Giorno dies, so does Bruno. SSJ3 and Scary rock man: Italian and A second, more powerful Italian:
  47. Recon1511

    One Punch Man: Three Crows AP Upgrade, Lightning Genji profile addition.

    The Three Crows AP Upgrade: So when I was looking for scans to fix the scaling for The Three Crows profile I noticed that the crows were in fact damaging a weakened Suiryu to the point he thought he was gonna die. These crows would then go on to be defeated by Lightning Max and Snek. My...
  48. Recon1511

    One Punch Man: King CRT

    King: For such a major supporting character, his profile is just awful and outdated citing things that happened in the webcomic but not the manga continuity: Powers and Abilities: Passive Social Influencing (Maintains his image as an S Class Hero even though he is just a normal human. King's...
  49. Recon1511

    One Punch Man: Baquma CRT.

    So this fellow has a really bad profile, let's change that: First of all, his name is Baquma not Vacuuma, so that needs to be changed. I think a new key would prove useful for his profile, like this: Base I Powers Absorbed Base profile photo Base: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Power...
  50. hockame

    0-0-0 Kusuo Saiki VS Mosquito Girl

    I felt that Kusuo deserved more matches, so I did this Mosquito Girl: Kusuo Saiki: Incon: Kusuo is in his Damaged Limiter key Mosquito girl is in her After Sucking Blood key Fight takes place in the Saiki household Win via incap or death Fighters start 10 feet away from each other Both have...
  51. DemonicDude

    Tier 5-C The Destroyer of the Moon Tournament: Garou (OPM) vs Piccolo (Dragon Ball) (SEMI-FINAL 1)

    SEMI FINAL1: Rules: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. Speed Equalized Distance: Fighting distance for every matchup will be 30 meters. Location: Land of Skyrim Aachintya31 vs Phoenks Time to find out who punches their ticket into the finale of the tournament. Results: Piccolo (Saiyans...
  52. Null

    Additional abilities for OPM verse Characters

    On this occasion, I will add some abilities that seems must be possessed by some characters in OPM verse. Straight to the point : • Immortality Type 7 For Zombie Man. - Justification : In the data book itself, it has been clarified by the narrator. In fact, this Zombie Man is a "Basically He...
  53. SuperKamiNappa

    Natsu vs Lord Boros

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Natsu_Dragneel_(X792) vs. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Lord_Boros High 6-A versions only Speed equalized
  54. Recon1511

    Pri-Pri Prisoner vs G4 (One Punch Man) (0-0-0)

    Both are High 7-C and able to one shot Deep Sea King so let's see if the weakest S class hero can defeat one of The Organization's machine gods. Pri-Pri Prisoner VS G4 Speed is equalized Pri-Pri Prisoner is on his Monster Association Arc Key Battle takes place in Z City G4 has access to...
  55. Recon1511

    Nyan (One Punch Man) vs Senator Armstrong (MGR) (0-8-0)

    Ziller didn't want to make this matchup but I do, so here we go. Nyan VS Senator Armstrong Location: This small European town Both are 7-B, Armstrong upscales from 23 megatons, Nyan upscales from 13 megatons. Speed is equalized Starting distance: 30 meters Nyan: Armstrong (8)...
  56. Recon1511

    Speed-o'-Sound Sonic vs Hellfire Flame (7-0-1)

    Well, Sonic was recently upgraded to 7-B so let's see how he would have fared in a 1v1 against one of the Ninja Bros in their human form. And yeah, Sonic actually has a chance here considering that the fight against the Ninja Bros in chapter 78 was redrawn and Sonic actually manages to fight...
  57. Quantu

    Cosmic Fear Garou vs Gojo

    28 year old Gojo. Parallel Timeline Garou at 4-A. Speed Equalized. Fight takes place on Earth. Garou: Gojo:
  58. Recon1511

    Black Sperm (One Punch Man) vs Raiden (Metal Gear) (0-1-11)

    So I thought this match would be funny Black Sperm: VS Raiden: Raiden is on his High 7-C MGRR Custom Cyborg Body key Speed is NOT equalized Black Sperm cannot merge into Golden or Platinum Sperm So, does Raiden become Black Sperm's new sandbag or can he defeat the cum monster? Black...
  59. Recon1511

    Hellfire Flame, Gale Wind and Sonic ability additions

    This is pretty straightforward, all of them should have Martial Arts or Expert Hand-to-Hand combatants considering they come from The Village and are highly trained ninjas specialized in ninjutsu, hell all of them show a similar technique the "Wind Blade Kick" except Gale uses a "Tempest Blade...
  60. SuperStar

    Kirby Vs. Garou

    Very ironic that I complained about Garou match spam and here we are Pre-Star Allies Kirby will be used Parallel Timeline Awakened Garou will be used SBA Speed Equalized AP for both Kirby: 1.688e63 Garou: 1.1178994e+65 vs Kirby: Garou: Goku Solos Obviously:
  61. Recon1511

    Big AP Upgrade for Stinger (OPM)

    So I was re-reading OPM and I noticed that in the volume 8 bonus chapter "Lost Cat" Stinger manages to rip off the paw of the Demon Level monster Grizzly Nyah and is even confident he can finish it off on his next attack. These monsters were giving some trouble to Genos after the DSK arc (The...
  62. Recon1511

    How could this be calculated? (One Punch Man)

    Feat: I want to know if G5 (the robot) attack speed could be calculated using these scans and if so how? Atomic Samurai has a canon height of 177cm so I guess that could be used to pixel scale the distance G5 covers while performing the slashes.
  63. Recon1511

    Pre Training Saitama/In Training Saitama AD CRT

    Currently his Accelerated Development in his Pre/During Training key is worded as: "Accelerated Development (Training; Physical Stats. He became ridiculously more powerful during his 3 years of training. Genos theorized that even Saitama himself cannot explain the secret to his power)" This...
  64. RandomGuy2345

    Austin Theory vs Saitama

    Trust me, I can do these Austin Theory matches All Day! Tbh, I'm just trying to see how this match goes. Austin Theory vs Saitama Saitama's 9-B key will be used here. Speed is equalized. Saitama: 3 (Phoenks, Recon, Galvino) Austin Theory: Inconclusive: 1 (RandomGuy)
  65. Pepsiman25th

    Incarnation of Father Earth vs Magma Element Embodiment

    This seems fair (I hope) so here it is. The father of our glorious earth fights the strongest offensive logia! Sage Centipede vs Sakazuki Speed is equal and battle takes place on a place where no water exists. Sage is bloodlusted Who wins? Our Father: Some Magma Man: Incon:
  66. SuperKamiNappa

    Garou vs Seven Three

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Seven-Three vs. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Garou Seven Three has copied Piccolo and Gohan Speed Equalized
  67. Recon1511

    G5 (One Punch Man) vs Ozpin (RWBY) (0-0-0)

    G5 VS Ozpin Both are 7-B. G5's AP is 13.82 Megatons, Ozpin's AP is 16.43 Megatons Ozpin Pre-Maidens Key is used Both have no knowledge about each other Speed is equalized Starting distance: 30 meters It's not mentioned on G5's profile but once his body is destroyed his more durable...
  68. Egarroyo0330

    Your Favorite Verse Using One Punch Man's Ranking System and Disaster Level

    This is sort of a repost since I'm dumb and put it in the wrong thread, but basically how does your favorite verse rank in the One Punch Man world. For example my favorite verse is God of War, so Kratos would be S Class and Disaster Level God, as well as the other Gods being Disaster Level God...
  69. Tural2004

    "God" (OPM) - Some minor ability additions

    Note: Nearly every single link I included disappeared since they were from Cubari(Several hours got wasted. I hope this gets fixed). I don't want to reinclude them one by one. If you have doubts about my statements then please ask for the source. Note 2: Kachon added them. Dimensional Travel...
  70. Recon1511

    Evil Natural Water CRT (OPM)

    Some changes to its profile, removed the part in the summary about it surviving a serious punch from Saitama as it is unknown if it will still be alive in the manga continuity. Added "higher via absorption" as Iaian said it's water jets were getting stronger and theorized it absorbed...
  71. King of the Beasts vs Monster King | Grace

    Kaidou vs Orochi The fight takes place in Wano. Both are at their peak and the speed is the same. Kaidou: @TheMonkeMan @SnookB @Nierre @CiscoTheSoto @Dragonite007 @DBZMLP12345 @Kachon123 Orochi: @Entity Incon:
  72. Recon1511

    Nyan and Gearsper CRT

    So this should quick to apply, it's just a few changes to both of their profiles. Nyan, added Limited Durability Negation to his abilities and expanded on the description of his Body control and Elasticity, added another example of his intelligence. Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical...
  73. Recon1511

    Nyan (One Punch Man) vs Asta (Pre-Timeskip) (8-8-0)

    So I thought this match could be interesting to discuss about Nyan VS Asta (Pre-Timeskip) Both are 7-B, Asta's AP is 8.83 megatons Nyan AP is 13.8 megatons. Asta 7-B Eye of the Midnight Sun Arc key is used. Both have no knowledge about each other. Starting distance: 15 meters Speed is...
  74. Tural2004

    Metal Knight vs Humanity

    Humanity gets 10 years of preparation time and all world leaders are notified that someone who endangers the entire world will attack after that duration (assume that they take it seriously). Bofoi has his entire arsenal. He gets a month of preparation time at the end of 10 years and he is free...
  75. Arcker123

    Since I'm Lazy...

    Askin Nakk Le Vaar Vs Garou Eh Kachon's Idea Both 6-A 5-C Garou restricted (Can change for fairness) Vollstandig restricted Speed = SBA Otherwise Takes Place in SS (Garou can see) Quincy: Monster: Incon:
  76. Recon1511

    Rhino Wrestler CRT

    So after upgrading Iaian I said I would make a separate CRT for this guy since his direct scaling from Iaian is rather problematic as he would become one of the strongest Demon level monsters on the series (7-B MHS+) just by giving trouble to him despite being Tiger level 1 day or even just...
  77. TauanVictor

    Minor Awakened Garou Addition

    Garou demonstrated the ability to seal off opponents in another dimension using the portals. He copied this ability from Blast. With the copy of the Blast portals, Garou should also be able to trap his opponents, as he tried to do against Saitama. Note: I am a complete layman on CRTs, so...
  78. Quantu

    Fist of God vs He Who Would Swallow God (Garou vs Father)

    One Punch Man vs Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Cosmic Garou vs Father (God absorbed) • Garou starts at 5-A, and Father is at 4-C. • No prep time, speed is equalized • Who wins? Garou: 1 (Dienomite22) Father: 2 (Arcker123, LordGinSama) Fission vs Fusion heh
  79. TauanVictor

    Obito VS Blast

    "Shinobi" Uchiha Obito VS "S Class Hero" Blast Starting Distance: 10m Both in-character Equalized speed Fourth Shinobi World War Obito LOCATION: Obito: 2 (@CiscoTheSoto, @Nierre) Blast: 1 (@Kachon123) Inconclusive:
  80. ThatDarnFish

    BLAST may get SCHOOLED

    That's right. Blast vs The Magic School Bus. 4-C School Bus vs High 4-C Blast 4-A Spacial Hax restricted. Speed =ized. The Magic School Bus : Number 1 S-Ranked Hero: 5
  81. Vithal

    Half-Monster Garou vs Seven Gates Might Guy

    Garou vs Might guy Lore: Garou challenges Might guy to a duel to steal his taijutsu. Location: Valley of the end Rules: They start 20m apart Half-Monster Garou and Seven Gates Guy is used Might Guy can't use the eight gate Speed is equalized Might Guy: Garou:
  82. Tural2004

    Great Sage Equaling Heaven vs The Abominable Fist That Turned Against "God"

    Great Sage Equaling Heaven and Post-Training (Parallel timeline) keys are used. Both are bloodlusted. Speed is equalized. Sun Wukong: Saitama: Inconclusive:
  83. Spinoirr

    Most Broken Dragon Ball Character vs Cosmic Garou

    Future Warrior (Xenoverse 2) vs Cosmic Garou speed is equal Garou starts out at High 4-C and Future Warrior is 4-A Future Warrior is a Saiyan if i need to, i shall make the Future Warrior Bloodlusted or give them their Optional Equipment Future Warrior: Garou: Icon:
  84. Kamekaizen

    Cosmic Fear Garou's Power Mimicry

    What does Cosmic Fear Garou's 4-A with Power Mimicry mean? Does that mean that, for the purposes of VS battles, the strongest he can copy is 4-A and from there he can only get stronger with Reactive Evolution? Add: If it is agreed that Cosmic Fear Garou doesn't have a limiter, he shouldn't be...
  85. Second22

    Remove Tatsumaki Chi/Aura Manipulation

    Since Tatsumaki's Chi/Aura Manipulation appears only in webcomics chapter 102, this Techniques in manga does not appear. I think it should be removed. Notable Attacks/Techniques: Chi/Aura Manipulation: Using her physic powers, Tornado can manipulate the inner energy of a person and force it...
  86. Acacia vs Saitama

    The One Punch Man Vs. The Gourmet God Both are in their strongest keys and the speed is equal. Saitama doesn't know Acacia. Saitama: Acacia: Incon:
  87. Spinoirr

    Garou vs Superman

    Garou vs Superman speed is equal Garou is 5-A and superman is 4-B fight takes place on some uninhabited alien world with no life (with a yellow sun) Superman is bloodlusted truth justice and the american way: absolute evil: 7 icon:
  88. RinneItachi

    Saitama Runs the Dragon Ball Gauntlet

    As the title says, Saitama runs a full gauntlet of Dragon Ball. Saitama is bloodlusted in all rounds and at his peak power. Dragon Ball characters are all in-character. Round 1: OG Dragon Ball. Round 2: Dragon Ball Z (Manga version). Round 3: Dragon Ball Z (Toei Version). Round 4: Dragon...
  89. Spinoirr

    A Knight faces a teen with the power of god! (Cosmic Garou vs Meta Knight)

    Cosmic Garou vs Meta Knight Speed is equal Both are 4-A The fight takes place on Mikd'lty Meta Knight: Garou: Icon:
  90. Sparkive

    Steven Universe VS Genos

    Steven Universe vs Genos (Demon Cyborg) Starting Distance: 15m Both in-character Equalized speed Pink Status and Ten Second mode Allowed Genos has prior knowledge of Steven Steven Universe: Genos: Inconclusive:
  91. LordGinSama

    Garou faces real evil

    It's finally here 👀 Base Knives's is being used 5-A Cosmic Fear Garou is being used. Speed is equalized and winner via death of the opponent. Garou: 0 Knives Millions : 0 Icon: 0
  92. TauanVictor

    (GRACE) Garou VS Madara

    "Cosmic" Awakened Garou VS "Head of the Uchiha Clan" Madara Uchiha Starting Distance: 10m Both in-character Equalized speed Awakened Garou | Edo Tensei Madara LOCATION: Hero Hunter: 7 (@Qawsedf234, @Tural2004, @Bernkastelll, @Megaraptor149, @StekFence, @Chariot190, @TauanVictor) Uchiha...
  93. Recon1511

    Iaian CRT and changes to those who scale to him

    I don't know why wasn't this applied already, it was supposedly approved in a previous CRT but whatever. Current Iaian key speed should be at most Massively Hypersonic+ for being able to keep up with Black Sperm along Atomic Samurai, being able to react and deflect ENW water jets and Homeless...
  94. Recon1511

    Choze abilities CRT

    Just a few abilities that should be added to Monster Choze key: Bodily weaponry: His shoulders and forearms have large spikes and most notably the horns on his head which he has used to stab his enemies. Energy Projection (he can create and throw energy balls), Heat Manipulation, Fire...
  95. NoctisLucisCaelumCXIV

    Soldier Boy (The Boys) VS. Saitama (One Punch Man)

    During Training Saitama (9-A) Speed is equalized. Both are in character. Saitama and Soldier Boy start at 6 feet apart. Soldier Boy: Saitama: Inconclusive:
  96. Recon1511

    Choze and Suiryu AP Upgrades

    So this calc got recently accepted which makes Suiryu cloud dispersing feat 65.12 kilotons (7-C+) Choze scales from it too and it's quite the upgrade. So, can we update their profiles?
  97. About Saitama And Garou

    Will they get immeasurable speed? Or is it a time travel thing only
  98. Recon1511

    Bug God vs Luffy (Pre-Timeskip)

    Bug God vs Luffy (Pre-Timeskip) So let's see who wins this one, the strongest Demon level monster in OPM or a pirate with a straw hat? Both are low 7-B. Luffy Skypieia arc and Bug God base form keys are used. Bug God AP scales from 1.28 Megatons Luffy AP scales from at least 1.9 Megatons. Bug...
  99. Kamekaizen

    Two Keys for Cosmic Fear Garou

    Is it possible for Cosmic Fear Garou to have two keys: one before his fight with Blast and one after? I think he should have a base key in this form where he is still fresh from copying any moves (well, except for Saitama's). If there is already a discussion for the latest chapter where I...
  100. AzuRizzz


    Today, we discuss the Latest Chapter of OPM as the translations are finally out • Saitama seemingly breaking even further through his limits overpowering Cosmic Fear Garou effortlessly • Saitama blowing Jupiter up with a sneeze. • Cosmic Fear Garou giving god's power and his martial arts to...