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one punch man (verse)

  1. Setsuna_tenma

    Cultivator fights Cosmic Monster

    Yang vs Garou 4A versions SBA
  2. Marvel_Champion_07

    Carol Danvers fights the hero for fun (Captain Marvel vs Saitama) [1-8-0]

    CAPTAIN MARVEL vs SAITAMA 3-C Post-Balding Saitama and Modern Captain Marvel used Speed is equalised Starting Distance: 30 meters Saitama: 8 (Phoenks, JustANormalLemon, Tural2004, C2_of_Omegon, Quibster, Epicheev, Excel616, EnderLord8) Captain Marvel: 1 (Suigetsuhyugs) Inconclusive: 0
  3. Pepsiman25th

    Battle of the Fists, Man vs Man. (Saitama vs Saxton Hale)

    A battle of Man vs Man. An aspiring hero and the Australian mad man. Saitama vs Saxton Hale. Battle will take place in City Z and Saitama will have 1 day worth of prep. Speed is equal between the both of them. Saxton is at his peak. (9-A) During-Training Saitama will be used. (9-B+) Both...
  4. Recon1511

    Sassy Lost Child vs Denominator of the Universe (Tatsumaki vs Boros) (0-0-0)

    I was feeling silly, goofy and a bit mischievious... And well, it won't hurt to determine at last wheter this matchup is a stomp or not Tatsumaki VS Lord Boros Boros starts on his released key Speed is equalized Battle takes place in the ruins of City A Coomandar: Ziller: Iaian one...
  5. CiscoTheSoto

    Saitama vs Garou: Rematch

    Saitama vs Garou Battle location: Io Both in-character and Saitama is NOT bloodlusted like in his original fight. Parallel Timeline Awakened Garou and Post-Balding Saitama are used. Garou has all the prior knowledge of Saitama's power from their previous fight while Saitama knows nothing about...
  6. Marvel_Champion_07

    A gorilla fights off a parasite (Armored Gorilla vs Parasite)

    ARMORED GORILLA vs PARASITE Speed is equalised Starting Distance: 20 meters Armored Gorilla: 0 Parasite: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  7. Marvel_Champion_07

    [One-Punch Man] Homeless Emperor

    Homeless Emperor's physical AP should be Human level since he calls himself an average person without his light powers. And as an average adult, he should be more durable than an average 12-year-old, so he should have Wall level durability
  8. Marvel_Champion_07

    The Conqueror of Time vs The Incarnation of Our Father Earth

    KANG THE CONQUEROR vs SAGE CENTIPEDE Kang's 5-B to 2-A technology is restricted 6-A Sage Centipede is used Speed is equalised Fight takes place in the ruins of Z-City Starting Distance: 40 meters Kang the Conqueror: 0 Sage Centipede: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  9. Marvel_Champion_07

    [One-Punch Man] 7-C Genos

    Currently, for Genos' House of Evolution to Alien Conquerors Arc key, he only scales to Deep Sea King with Arms Mode, which shouldn't be the case as he harmed and fought Deep Sea King mainly with kicks (Chapter 26 - Glimmer of Hope) Arms Mode also doesn't amp his durability. As the profile...
  10. AbaddonTheDisappointment

    Garou vs The Deceiver (Battle for 7th Strongest Non-Smurf High 4-C)

    Garou: Mephet'ran the Deceiver: Both High 4-C and the Deceiver is in his first key. Speed Equalized
  11. Recon1511

    One Punch Man: Tatsumaki Profile Revamp

    Because I am insane and have too much free time I'm revamping all the S Class Heroes profiles on the wiki as a lot of them are old and doody crapola. So let's begin with Tatsumaki's profile she is after all one of the most powerful and recognizable faces of the verse Here is her profile as it...
  12. Saitama vs Itachi

    This is totally a serious matchup Edo Tensei Itachi vs Parallel Timeline Saitama Starting distance is 20 meters and speed is equalized Battle takes place on the moon because why not Who wins? Saitama One Shots: Sauce's brother Genjutsu gg's: Suddenly Xeno Goku shows up and nukes both of them:
  13. Recon1511

    A proper rematch: Flashy Flash vs Platinum Sperm (8-0-0) (GRACE)

    So, why not? Flashy Flash resurfaces to see everyone defeated and Platinum Sperm about to challenge King! But this time he has Instakill... VS...
  14. Recon1511

    One Punch Man: Melzargard Profile Revamp

    Yeah, another one. Melz profile is kinda shit so here is the revamped version: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:Recon1511/sandbox#Melzargard The changes: First of all, his name is Melzargard not "Melzalgald" His current keys are wrong as well as it doesn't acknowledge his "Separate"...
  15. Recon1511

    One Punch Man: Disciples Profiles Revamp

    As the title says this is just a revamp of the profiles of Iaian, Okamaitachi and Bushidrill as they are pretty lackluster... I added references, updated the scans and put some images on their galleries alongside explaining their abilities a bit more. Here is how they would look now...
  16. Spinoirr

    Weiss vs Garou (Two white haired teens fight one another)

    Speed is equal Both are town level Hero Hunter Garou is being used both have prior knowledge Weiss: 3 Garou: 11 They both somehow find a way to lose: 5
  17. Froggytron

    [R4MX] FC/OC Low 7-B Tournament: GGesom vs Abliter

    Tournament Hub2 Congratulations to the 2 strong participants, which will now face each other for the 3rd place! A powerful user of the elements, defeating opponents with wind currents, GGesom, and menacing robot with drones, winning with a large arsenal of futuristic weapons, Abliter! Rules...
  18. An S Class Hero fights another Alien (Metal Bat vs Goop)

    Starting distance is 100 meters Classic Goop vs Metal Bat Win conditions are death, incapacitation or BFR Speed is equalized and High 6-A Metal Bat is being used being used Battle takes place in an empty city Who wins? Metal Bat: Spilxson2, DemonicDude, NoisePitta Goop: Inconclusive
  19. Coolboy6

    Lord Boros vs Steven Universe

    Steven is in his pink state and Boros starts off in his power released state and could go up to meteoric burst whenever he feels it is necessary, speed is equalized Can make a change: Has one eye:
  20. Recon1511

    Speed O' Sound Sonic vs Garou (3-0-0)

    So what if Sonic remained on the same room as Garou during his introduction? VS Hero Hunter Garou and Post-Training Sonic will be used Speed is equalized Garou and Sonic will be serious from the start They start 10 meters apart from each other Since they are...
  21. Recon1511

    One Punch Man: Correction to the 7-B+/7-A and High 7-C scaling

    This isn't really a CRT, the scaling chains have already been accepted I just want to correct a few mistakes that I made while applying the changes: Psykojet should be High 7-C instead of 7-A...
  22. Froggytron

    [R2M4] FC/OC Low 7-B Tournament: Laser Frog vs Abliter

    Tournament Hub2 Two fighters stand on opposite sides of the open field, one of the FU supervisors, masterminds behind all FU‘s machinery, Laser Frog, and the menacing robot spy from the future generations of One Punch Man trilogy, Abliter. Rules are stated in the tournament hub, so check...
  23. Ikelaggan

    Baldman and a hobo fighting in the Florida dimension

    Matt: Saitama: Speed equalized EBF4 Matt vs Post training current Saitama Battlefield: somewhere in Ohio
  24. Brogeefrong

    Wario fights the Dominator of the Universe

    This begins as Boros lands on Earth Boros sees a fat yellow man "Who is this ****** who stands against the leader of the dark matter thieves" "IMA WARIO, IMA GONA WIN" Wario is in his 7C key (18.437 Kilotons of TNT) Boros starts in his Power Sealed Key Aleast 7C (Up scales from baseline heavily)...
  25. Froggytron

    [R1M8] FC/OC Low 7-B Tournament: MissingNO. Vs Abliter

    Tournament Hub Two fighters stand on opposite sides of the open field, one of the 39 dangerous Pokemon glitches, MissingNO., and the menacing robot spy from the future generations of One Punch Man trilogy, Abliter. Rules are stated in the tournament hub, so check those. MissingNO.: (1.45...
  26. Null

    Genos OPM

    Feats & Ability addition for genos : Light manipulation : Via lighting core and also these Shockwave/Air Manipulation : Scans 1 Scans 2
  27. ShionAH

    Saitama Instictive Action/Reaction

    Very simple. Saitama stops a punch without looking
  28. That_moron2

    One Punch Man S-ClassDragon Level Downgrades

    Currently S-Class/Dragon Level are rated at mountain level, the justification(to my knowledge) stemming from Carnage Kabuto is this: The problem being that Vaccine Man is only City level+. Upscaling a whole tier is completely baseless without solid multipliers. So likely far higher seems more safe.
  29. Marvel_Champion_07

    Hero Hunter hunts down the Man of Steel (Garou vs Superman) [8-0-0]

    GAROU vs SUPERMAN (DCEU) 7-C Half Monster Garou and Superman are used Garou has prior knowledge on Superman Fight takes place in S-City Starting Distance: 10 meters Garou: 8 (@Phoenks, @Marvel_Champion_07, @XSOULOFCINDERX, @Epiccheev, @SeijiSetto, @Tatsumi504, @One-Mastor, @KingNanaya)...
  30. VeneficaAuthor

    Evolved FU Soldier vs the King of Bees (Grace)

    In the heat of battle, FU android undergoes an evolution, and Swarm transforms into his Bee King Plating mode, with each fighter accessing their full powers. RULES: Speed Equalized Takes place in Y-City Starting distance 30 meters Droid has access to Low 7-B attacks SBA for anything else Bee...
  31. Vithal

    White Pirate fights a White Alien

    Lord Boros vs Luffy Location: Tokyo Rules: Speed is equalized They start 20m away They start in high 6-A Tier
  32. Froggytron

    FU soldier unit clashes with a monster bee king [Grace]

    Short story: FU android takes on the mission of cleaning part of Y-City from „building destroying bees“ for a reward. He manages to defeat 2x bee brutes with his 8-A lightsaber. Then someone comes to stop him... Rules: Everything up to High 7-C is allowed Speed is equalized The fight takes...
  33. Recon1511

    One Punch Man: Absolute Evil vs The Dominator of the Universe (Garou vs Boros) (7-0-0) (GRACE)

    This match was long overdue and they finally have comparable keys. Let's settle this now decade long debate of who would win this fight here and now! Absolute Evil: VS Dominator of the Universe: Garou will start on his High 6-A Post-Sage Centipede key Boros will start on his High 6-A...
  34. AnAverageUsername

    S-Class Punk vs S-Class Esper

    I wanna say this was going to be inevitable, but I have a sensation that this'll be a bad Idea RULES Speed is equalized Starting distance is about 10 meters apart Metal Bat is in his Fightning Spirit at "At Least High 6-A" idk I thought this was a PNG: 0 And I thought this was transparent: 0
  35. Marvel_Champion_07

    Super Skilled Anime Character vs Super Skilled AniMY Character (Flashy Flash vs Captain Kaizo) [2-4-0]

    FLASHY FLASH vs CAPTAIN KAIZO Galaxy Captain Kaizo is used. Amber Mask is used Speed is equalised Fight takes place in the Ghost Town of Z-City Starting Distance: 10 meters Flashy Flash: 2 (@Recon1511, @Doggo) Captain Kaizo: 4 (@1st_Virtue_of_Pure_Void, @Greatsage13th, @DigDig09...
  36. Recon1511

    One Punch Man: Sage Centipede and Evil Ocean Water High 6-A Upgrade

    So it's finally here, no idea why this wasn't done sooner but whatever This thread is a rehash of this thread: https://vsbattles.com/threads/one-punch-man-evil-ocean-water-sage-centipede-upgrade.138057/ To quote Kachon so I don't have to type: Aside from this, both of them should scale above...
  37. SpiteBattles

    Zoro fights Arlong, but technically not. (7-0-0) (Grace)

    Also known as Zoro (Pre-timeskip) fights Deep Sea King. -Both are 7-C (Alabasta Saga Zoro and Hydrated Deep Sea King is used.) -Both are in-character, but want to win. -Speed is equal. -The battle takes place in an unknown city, both are 25 meters apart. Zoro the Pirate Hunter: 6 ( @noninho ...
  38. Recon1511

    Lord Boros (One Punch Man) vs Sanji (One Piece) (0-7-0) GRACE

    Kachon's protege squares off against the Dominator of the Universe Lord Boros VS Sanji Boros is on his Released Key Sanji is on his Post Vinsmoke Awakening Key Starting distance: 15 meters Speed is equalized Boros Meteoric Burst is NOT restricted (Might change this if necessary) Boris...
  39. Marvel_Champion_07

    Dominator of the Universe fights diamond boi (Lord Boros vs Diamondhead)

    LORD BOROS vs DIAMONDHEAD Released Boros and Diamondhead are used Speed is equalised Fight takes place in the Boros' spaceship Starting Distance: 10 meters Lord Boros: 2 (@ZillertheBucko, @EnderLord8) Diamondhead: 3 (@DemonicDude, @SlendVeny, @Oliver_de_jesus) Inconclusive: 0
  40. Shmeatywerbenmanjenson

    Boros FTL Upgrade (Not Clickbait)

    Before anyone says anything I got permission from Kachon123 to do this All credit goes to him A new calc puts Saitama blitzing Boros at 6.2 C Boros in his released state should scale due to him being surprised Saitama was able to keep up with him This would make Boros in his Released Form...