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  1. LuffyRuffy46307

    Small addition to Grand Priest and angels

    The energy of destruction was permeating everywhere in the arena, it turned everything purple and Daishinkan was in the middle and remaining unaffected by the energy of destruction. It is also shown that Vados and Whis can also resist without leaving the place, so they must also receive...
  2. LuffyRuffy46307

    Manga Angels

    I noticed that there is still no profile for the angels' manga, even though they have shown some differences, like type 5 immortality and some things in the manga and such So I decided to open this crt so we can have authorization to create a profile for them or we can simply create a key to...
  3. LuffyRuffy46307

    Small addition to DBS angels

    It's just a small addition to the angel profiles Manipulation sense Agree: @DarkDragonMedeus, @Boyinluv2002 ,@Lightning_XXI, Neutral: @Nullflowerblush Disagree:
  4. Quantu

    Dragon Ball Super: Vados + Angels Small Addition

    - Retrocognition should be added. Context is DBS Episode 28; Beerus gives Champa some Ramen, Champa loves it and Beerus tells him its from Earth. So Champa gets Vados to look for Earth in Universe 6. After noticing it seems to be desolate, Whis suggests she looks back in time to see what...
  5. Gilad_Hyperstar

    Dragon Ball Super Minor Class Y LS Revision for the Angels

    Basically, this CRT is just to give a quantifyable value to the feat that the Angels scale to, which is Vados carrying the Super Dragon Balls The feat is calculated here: This of course only scales to their lifting strength via TK
  6. Zenkaibattery1

    Intelligence for the angels

    Shouldn't the Angels have gifted intelligence at the very least? I mean it is pretty self-explanatory. They know pretty much everything about their universe, are the greatest martial artists in Dragon Ball, knowing basically all forms of martial arts, etc. As I said, should be self-explanatory...
  7. Hahayomamagay

    Green Lantern vs Whis and Vados

    Both 2-C Speed equalized
  8. Zenkaibattery1

    Whis abilities

    In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, it was revealed that the dimension inside Whis' staff was created by Whis himself, and that he infused the dimension with divine ki. So that the only way to move in there is to have God-ki and master it. I know that it's from a game, but it's still the exact same...
  9. Jirl9090

    Alien x vs whis and vados

    Anything goes
  10. Niarobi_(Formerly_Hadou)

    Jiren Reactive Eevolutionn

    Okay, Episode 111 lasted a single minute. So, in less than a minute, Jiren went from being affected by time manipulation to having a resistance to it, Vados even going as far as to say Jiren "transcends time". Uhm, Hit also said that Jiren adapted to his Timeskip, so does this mean that Jiren...
  11. MeleeniumRXJ

    Vados vs Towa (3-A)

    Angel vs Demon Fight takes place on the Nameless Planet Who wins and why?
  12. Skytheblue

    Zeno Speed Downgrade

    In DBS ep 104, both Zeno's state that the fight between Hit and Dypso was too fast for them to see, so the Grand Priest had to install some app in the Godpad for them to properly see the fight. Meanwhile, Vados stated that she could see the fight just fine. So Zeno is slower than Vados...
  13. Gargoyle_1

    Lucia (DMC) vs Vados (DBS)

    Two stupidly underrated characters from both series. Speed is equalized, demon form Lucia. No BFR
  14. AnimeFanboy2916

    DB's Top Tiers

    How come Zamasu is Low 2-C and other to tiers aren't? Shouldn't the top tiers be stronger than Merged Zamasu?
  15. Cater546WAT

    Fusion Zamasu vs Whis, Vados and Daishinkan

    Fusion Potara vs 3 angels Who would win?
  16. Gokuiscool144

    Small Whis and Vados change

    Can someone adjust Whis' and Vados' classification to "Angel" and add a weakness "If the god of destruction of the universe is dead, the Angel will be inactive" (They cannot do anything until there is a god of destruction for that universe)
  17. Cropfist

    Vados vs Queen Metalia

    Now that those Dragon Ball fans are gone, it seems safe to try this again. Use Metalia's high end and speed is equalized.
  18. AllFiction


    Someone can calculate the speed of reaction of Champa and Vados?. they reacted to a Super dragon ball that crossed "one universe" in seconds apparently.
  19. Cropfist

    Vados vs Flonne (speed is equalized)

    Battle of the universal ladies.
  20. SuperKamiNappa

    Vados vs. Queen Metalia

    Location: Planet Namek No BFR Who wins and why?
  21. TakatoBlue

    DBS God Tiers possible upgrade

    If Goku with 10x Kaioken (Only power level increased) got resistance to time stop hax, so, by powerscaling, we could assume that the God Tiers (Whis, Vados, Beerus and Champa) can also do this ... right?
  22. Sirius_The_EM_Troll

    About Vados

    Her stats should be lowered to "On par with Whis" The reasoning is 1) Whis is likely stronger than he was 1,000 years ago, given that he's been training (He even says as much) 2) Whis trained a more powerful character than Vados did (Beerus > Champa) 3) Neither say that the other is more...
  23. FanofRPGs

    Vados vs Sailor Moon

    Who wins? In the name of the moon, I will punish you
  24. TakatoBlue

    About Whis and Vados

    Some skills missing in their profiles. Heal skill, Create portals and trap people in dimensions, beyond universal level view field, anti-time travel hax field (?). Portal creation Whis heal Goku Whis heal Vegeta Goku and Vegeta after Whis healing skill Champa and Vados ultimate...
  25. Benbenben101010

    Andromeda Shun Vs Vados

    The great, cool, badass and Sexy andromeda saint with his god clothe vs the master of the god of destruction of the universe 6 The two in full power from the start Death Battle Bloodbust Who would win?
  26. FanofRPGs

    Dragon Ball Super Discussion thread 4 (or 5?)

    Since the last 3 (or 4?) were very crowded
  27. SuperKamiNappa

    Complete Arceus vs. Dragon Ball Gods

    Bloodlusted. Who wins?
  28. AnimeFanboy2916

    What power do you think Whis is using?

    In the episode preview, Whis is using some sort of power, I personally think it's reality warping, but it could be other things like dimension distortion. What do you guys think?
  29. The_real_cal_howard

    Whis and Vados vs Palkia

    The strongest of Dragon Ball vs the weakest of the Creation Trio. Who wins?
  30. AnimeFanboy2916

    What if Whis and Vados performed potara fusion?

    How powerful would this character be?