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the infinity gauntlet

  1. I'm_Blue_daba_dee_daba_die

    Minor MCU Revisions

    Some simple revisions for MCU characters The Power Stone's profile is badly outdated, so here is my Power Stone rework to update the page The Eye of Agamotto's profile needs Precognition (Doctor Strange used the stone to view all the possible outcomes between the Avengers and Thanos, the...
  2. Maverick_Zero_X

    Mario vs Goku (ft. new powers)

    Mario (Has absorbed all Chaos Energy in existence) vs Goku (With the Infinity Gauntlet) Both have no prior knowledge or experience of their new abilities
  3. Why isn't infinity gauntlet High 1-B?

    It can put an end to the all reality.

    Infinity gauntlet durability

    Can someone explain me why the durabilty of the infinity gauntlet is on island level ? The current justification is that the Uru Metal is stronger than Vibranium and that captain america tanked a few hits with his shield before it broked. How is Vibranium on Island level respectively Thanos AP...
  5. Coolboy6

    Time to celebrate the Archie sonic upgrade by putting him against thanos with infinity gauntlet (GRACE)

    Both low 1-C, super sonic used Op yellow sonic: Buff purple guy: 8 Sus incon: 1
  6. Coolboy6

    Time to celebrate the Archie sonic upgrade by putting him against thanos with infinity gauntlet (closed because stomp)

    Check this one out instead
  7. Coolboy6

    Ultra sonic with infinity gauntlet

    How powerful would ultra sonic be with the infinity gauntlet? He’d probably be more OP
  8. Ican'tthinkof1goodname

    What If You Had The Infinity Gauntlet?

    What would you do with it? Who would you kill/badly damage? Where would you go with it?
  9. Gilad_Hyperstar

    Thanos Range Problem

    In short, the ranges listed for Thanos are really outdated considering the revisions he went through. Here's the example: Tier: 4-B | 2-A | Likely Low 1-C, possibly Higher | Low 1-A | Likely 1-A Range: Standard melee range normally. Tens of meters to interplanetary with certain weapons and...
  10. JoshSSJGod

    Let's have some fun with this.

    Throughout the wiki there are three main characters who have consistently won matches time and time again due to their Precognition. Those characters are... Shulk: Has won so many matches during his low 2-C days that the term "Precog/Purge GG" was born just because of his combination of his...
  11. Elizio33

    God Emperor Doom vs Thanos

    Thanos has the Infinity Gauntlet No prep time. Bloodlusted. Who win? God Emperor Doo: Thanos:
  12. Imaginary_Axis

    Doctor Manhattan VS Infinity gauntlet

    No limits, purely bloodlust (Equalized at 1-C)
  13. Oliver_de_jesus

    thanos precog TLT?

    Well I'm fed up, many people use it as an argument to say that I precog to a type 5 acausality, but is this consistent? And the IG is not supposed to vary in power depending on the carrier? because we use it to say that thanos has the same level of control as Adam or otherwise
  14. UglyKittyCat238

    What's the AP for this hulk feat?

    What's the AP of hulk throwing the soul stone to the core of a planet?
  15. LordWhis

    High 1-B Upgrade for Infinity Gauntlet

    Thanos created an energy wave that was felt by the Beyonders in the beyond realm. Furthermore, Adam Warlock with an incomplete IG was close enough to LT in power for a fight between them to not be a stomp-...
  16. Elizio33

    Eternity Revision

    Hello everyone, for a while, most of the people believed Eternity to be completely inferior to the Infinity Gauntlet but the true is both are or almost equal in all ways... Lets start! The Living Tribunal itself declare that Eternity is equal to the Infinity Gems in all ways. Adam Warlock...
  17. NostalgiaTrip

    IG Thanos - High Multiversal

    I just find it hard to believe that Thanos with the IG is capable of sealing multiversal beings... mostly because the IG only works in its own universe. Anyone wanna help me with this?
  18. Not_Icarus

    Thanos Range

    Shouldn't the Infinity Gauntlet's range still be Universal+ and the Heart of the Universe being left at Unknown?
  19. Not_Icarus

    Quick Thanos Addition

    Shouldn't the gauntlet have existence erasure since the gauntlet's reality warping can likely grant him this power?
  20. Elizio33

    Regarding God Doom against IG Black Panther

    Should we consider God Emperor Doom being matched by Black Panther with the Infinity Gauntlet as a good feat instead of an outlier? The power of the Infinity Gauntlet varies on the will/imagination of the users. For those who said "Its an outlier since they killed the Living Tribunal who is...
  21. The_2nd_Existential_Seed

    Marvel CRT: 2-A Cosmic Cube & Tier 1 Realities

    Introductio Hello everyone. This is the continuation of this thread . 2-A was accepted among-st the majority... And we can continue to perhaps come to an agreement on the Cosmic Cubes scaling to 2-A and reach an agreement. I'm also here to prove that realities in Marvel can be conceived as...
  22. Zhaxean

    Infinity Gauntlet

    Since the Gauntles has power only in the universe it was createad, shouldn't Thanos fall in the Low 2-C tier instead of full 2-C?
  23. Not_Icarus

    Quick Infinity Gauntlet Ability Addition

    Shouldn't the Infinity Gauntlet have Conceptual Manipulation for overpowering multiple M-Bodies of the Marvel Abstracts?
  24. Stalker_Maggot


    Shouldn't the Cosmic Cube be 2-A? The IG is 2-A on this wiki, and the Comsic Cubes were stated to rival the IG
  25. Not_Icarus

    Infinity Gauntlet Question

    Why is it no longer At Least 2-A? I thought it was going to have a future Varies from 2-A to High 1-B in the future.
  26. Imaginym

    A character gets a complete Infinity Gauntlet! What do they do?

    However, there are some rules: 1. This version of The Infinity Gauntlet already has all 6 Infinity Stones, & they work in this character's own, original universe(s). However, they don't work in any other universe(s). 2. They cannot time travel, nor go backwards in time. 3. For any major...
  27. Abscoolguy

    Adam warlock 2-A form

    Shouldn't adam have his 2-A form with the IG? This image can be used. i think it should be added and he should scale to the IG in its own profile
  28. ABoogieYesSir

    The Infinity Gauntlet Speed Upgrade

    It's speed should be Omnipresent because Thanos stated that, while using it, he could be anywhere, everywhere and nowhere
  29. KingEzran


    TheArsenal1212 is equipped with the Complete Infinity Gauntlet and he is up against James Bond. The only win condition is via death. Can the Arsenal bring himself to kill Bond or will Bond show no mercy to his biggest fan/father?
  30. Elizio33

    What happened with the Infinity Gauntlet upgrade?

    We had a good discussion here and many others threads about this upgrade so, what happened with the upgrade? The Infinity Gauntlet will still be upgraded to Varie from 2-A to High 1-B?
  31. KaijuKing4344

    Someone needs to change the weakness for The Infinity Gauntlet...

    Since it was used consistently outside the 616 universe multiple times... -Magus used it in his dimension which is many universes away -Black Panther used it while fighting with Doom across many different fabrics of space and time -Thanos used it in Mephisto's realm etc. Not to mention...
  32. MYHERO


    So is he gonna get upgraded to high 1-B with the infinity gauntlet?
  33. Elizio33

    Nemesis key

    We should create an extra key for Nenesis in The Infinity Gauntlet profile. Nemesis was all that was. Nemesis controls all that is. Nemesis is older than the eighth iteration of reality. Resurrected, the power of Nemesis was diminued but it was still strong enough to: Destroyed two...
  34. Elizio33

    Infinity Gauntlet

    I think the Infinity Gauntlet should be higher than 2-A for some reasons. The actuality ripple caused by Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet reached the realm of the Beyonders. (In this time, the Beyonders came from the Negative Zone) The Living Tribunal stated that if he would have fought...
  35. Eficiente

    Major Marvel Revisions

    Part 1/2 This isn't finished yet, but I wanted to upload it anyway. IG Precog (Ô£ô)Time is a repeating loop for the IG users here (Ô£ô)Mistakes seem to be done when they don't care about it here (Ô£ô)IG Thanos senses that a confrontation (against several Immeasurables) is about to...
  36. The_Tetromino_King

    So apperantly the world of reality stone is a multiverse

    and views the universes as fictio
  37. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Does there need to be a time gem?

    Why I ask this is because the reality gem is possibly the better deal due to how Reality Warping grants very OP abilities including time manipulation which in theory would make it superior to the time gem. I know that it is necessary for the gauntlet to have all six gems but the time gem seems...
  38. ByAsura

    Infinity Gauntlet Ultimate Nullifier Feat

    Didn't he actually get the full set of stones to do the feat? Here he even states that it would have killed him at the time he didn't have the complete gauntlet. According to Thanos he gets more adept at wielding it though, and the Nullifier feat was just after he got it.
  39. Ninjaboy14

    Any user (with the Infinity Gauntlet) vs Spectre

    The Spectre is tasked by the Presence to enter into the Marvel 616 Universe to retrieve the Infinity Gauntlet so no universal may start up again since Thanos wield the IG in Infinity War. Both at 2-A Infinity Gauntlet Any user (mostly): Thanos Adam Warlock Reed Richards Black...
  40. Read_this_post

    Saitama gets an even shinier glove

    Saitama gets his hands on the infinity gauntlet and decides to solo dragon ball. To stop him from destroying the verse we need to get someone even more in love with dragon ball to increase gokus stats ONE SNAAAAP! Bae! Both are 2-A Speed is equalised Winner by death or some random wanked...
  41. Graf_Thorsdottir

    Penance Stare vs Karmic Blast

    I'm not to big of a Ghost Rider/ Infinity Watch reader, so I have a question for those that are: Which one is the more dangerous between GR's Penance Stare and AW's Karmic Blast?
  42. Elizio33

    Galactus vs Thanos

    Galactus the Lifebringner fights Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet the fight takes place on the dimension of manifestations who win?
  43. Pygmy_Hippo_2

    A Purple Guy Gets A Shiny Gauntlet

    Bow down to your new ruler. At Thanos' pawn shop, William Afton has traded his left arm for the Infinity Gauntlet. Determined to prove that FNAF isn't a weak verse, he proceeds to kick every other horror verse's "Screech!" How many can he destroy before he gets taken down? Are Slenderman...
  44. Elizio33

    A quick Infinity Gauntlet revision

    I found this https://www.google.ca/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/respectthreads/comments/6yfmlr/respect_infinity_gauntlet_marvel_comics/ I think the Infinity Gauntlet should be higher than just 2-A for some reasons. The power of the gauntlet can indeed affect the realm of the Beyonders. If Adam...
  45. LordWhis

    The Power Gem- does it really do what is says on the box ?

    The Power Gem allegedly contains all the power that ever has existed or will exist in the marvel universe, does this mean that it contains the power of every single character that has ever visited the marvel universe and the power of every single character in it ? So, are the beyonders and...
  46. LordWhis

    Infinity Gauntlet revisions-

    The infinity Gauntlet should be revised and split into multiple keys. Incomplete: High 1-B (Could give the Living Tribunal some trouble, should be superior to the likes of the phoenix force and low level abstracts, Multi-eternity and multi-infinity had to merge to defeat it) Complete: At least...
  47. Princeharris1993

    Marvel Retcon of the Infinity Stones

    Marvel recently retcon'd the Infinity Stones and the Reality Stone now allows one to access the other realities such as the Multiverse. This might come as news to some but I do remember a comic panel of 3 Reed Richard's from the Counsel of Reeds holding three active Infinite Gauntlet's. I can...
  48. Landon_Avery

    How powerful would the Infinity Stones be individually?

    I know that even an incomplete Infinity Gauntlet is superior to Ultimate Nullifier but but how powerful would a single Infinity Stone be?
  49. ThavinKiri2410

    Range of Infinity Gauntlet (Classic)

    " Events that have drawn together the most powerful abstracts and physicals include confronting the Beyonder when the entity threatened to eliminate the concept of death in the event that came to be known as the Secret Wars II; acting against Thanos' possession of the Infinity Gauntlet, and to...
  50. LuckyCharmingStar

    Cosmic cube Upgrade

    Thanos stated that The cosmic cube is the only object that can challenge his Infinity gaunlet and The real cosmic cube could kill the inbetweener.
  51. Alonis3612

    Why the IG is not higher than 2-A?

    1) When Adam Warlock was about to fight with LT, the latter clearly didn't want to fight and was trying to talk him out. He also said that if he was going to fight AW, the entire Dimension of Manifestations would have been destroyed, which is 16-D. LT was able to shut down the IG later only by...
  52. OneAboveAll42

    Thanos with The Infinity Gauntlet vs Mad Jim Jaspers vs Molecule Man(post retcon)

    All at full power
  53. OneAboveAll42

    Ranking the Infinity gems in terms of individual power from strongest to weakest

    assuming their at full power without power gem
  54. OneAboveAll42

    Post Retcon Molecule Man vs. Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet

    R1: MM vs. Thanos only 5 gems no reality gem R2: MM vs. Thanos with Power and Reality gems R3: Full power MM vs Infinity Gauntlet Thanos all Gems Bonus Round: [Eternity(Universal version) + Infinity(Universal version) + Loser] vs Winner
  55. OneAboveAll42

    Time Gem vs The Time Trapper

    Time Gem (full power) vs Time Trapper Which has better time manipulation capabilities?
  56. Gargoyle_1

    Thanos's speed

    The infinity gauntlet is stated as immeasurable on it's page, but Thanos with the IG is listed as omnipresent, which one is it?
  57. Elizio33

    Infinity gauntlet upgrade?

    In secret wars 9, Black panther in possession of the infinity gauntlet was able to give a hard time to god doom who is ranked 2A if I'm not mistaken. So is it reasonable to rank the infinity gauntlet to a similar level? Maybe a bit lower?
  58. Battlemania

    Doctor Doom Dual Infinite Gauntlet Feat

    Quick Question on Doctor Doom. http://comicvine.gamespot.com/doctor-doom/4005-1468/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctor_Doom These show that at one point Doom not only had an Infinity Gauntlet at one point, but two. I know that the infinity guantlet is a low-2C while beyonders are possibly...