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suiryu (one punch man)

  1. TheRustyOne

    Rappa (MHA) vs Suiryu (OPM)

    MHA vs OPM again, though fitting for two fighters who found fighting in tournaments boring for being too strong. This is Shie Hassaikai Arc Rappa. Suiryu's Stats: 65.12 Kilotons of TNT and Mach 12.19 Rappa's Stats: 140.74 Kilotons of TNT and Mach 25.76 attack speed with Strongarm. Mach 16.34...
  2. AnAverageUsername

    Mash Burnedead and the Void Fist Practitioner [Mash vs Suiryu]

    Same set up as the Super-Fight tournament in OPM, just imagine Mash replacing Saitama in the finals RULES Speed is equalized Mash is 7-C [31 Kilotons] Mash can't adjust his power to be above Suiryu nor can he take them off for UPM Suiryu scales to [65.12 Kilotons] Fight takes place on the...
  3. CiscoTheSoto

    Suiryu Starts his Hero Career Early

    Suiryu vs Deep Sea King Battle location: City J Both in-character Speed is not equalized Dry Deep Sea King is used. Suiryu: 3 (@Recon1511, @MARVEL_Future_Fight_Gamer, @Kachon123) Deep Sea King: 1 (@ZillertheBucko) Inconclusive: 1 (@Ciruno_Fortes_(COB))
  4. Marvel_Champion_07

    Suiryu flirts with Faora while she tries to kill him (7-0-0)

    SUIRYU vs FAORA-UL Speed is equalised Starting distance of 5 meters Suiryu: 7 (@MARVEL_Future_Fight_Gamer, @Recon1511, @Artorimachi_Meteoraft, @Mariogoods, @Cimafranca133, @MaidRips, @BEASTHEART880) Faora-Ul: 0 Inconclusive:
  5. Marvel_Champion_07

    Bakuzan Speed

    Bakuzan's Speed wasn't updated. He shouldn't scale to Bug God anymore since speed scaling via Disaster level isn't accepted anymore He should probably scale to Suiryu, who is Hypersonic. Though what the justification would look like, I'm not sure
  6. Pepsiman25th

    Battle for world's top fighter!

    Battle for the best fighter the world has ever seen.... in the left corner, the world's strongest creature Yujiro! In the right corner is the returning champion for year in a row, Suiryu! The speed for both is equal. Suiryu scales higher in AP but yujiro has better skill. Suiryu has 3 days of...
  7. Recon1511

    Choze and Suiryu AP Upgrades

    So this calc got recently accepted which makes Suiryu cloud dispersing feat 65.12 kilotons (7-C+) Choze scales from it too and it's quite the upgrade. So, can we update their profiles?
  8. Peppersalt43

    A martial artist fights a meme

    Suiryu : 0 Fukua : 7 Incon : 0 Low 7-C versions used Speed equalized Fight takes place in The Colosseum, 10 meters apart I just want a Skullgirls match and Low 7-C is driving me insane
  9. CiscoTheSoto

    Suiryu Upgrade?

    Technically, this would apply to both Suiryu and Bakuzan. Currently, Suiryu is listed as Small Town Level due to his cloud dispersion feat, while Bakuzan is listed as Small City Level on the merits of being a Dragon-level threat. However, Suiryu was able to withstand a BRUTAL beatdown from...
  10. SemiRaedi

    Suiryu possible ability additions

    Just some ability additions I think Suiryu could have after re-reading the super fight arc. Firstly, Suiryu's Void Shaking Tiger Fist should have Statistics Amplification a "higher with" rating because Lin Lin who is a professional martial artists explains that everytime Suiryu steps inwards...
  11. Qawsedf234

    OPM Dragon level threats downgrade

    Due to a recent calc group thread about KE granted from parting clouds a lot of the higher scaling will need to be downgraded. New Suiryu result (Low 7-B) New Goketsu result (7-B) New Emperor Nova result (High 7-A+) As such the following downgrades will need to happen All 7-Bs nerfed to...
  12. Bob8999

    ryu vs suiryu

    victor of the first street fighter tournament, Ryu https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ryu_(Street_Fighter) vs the five time champion of the super fight tournament, Suiryu https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Suiryu_(One_Punch_Man) who would win in a one on one fight to incap? (speed equalized...
  13. Bob8999

    momon vs suiryu

    the dark hero momon https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ainz_Ooal_Gown#Dark%20Hero%20Momo vs the void fist user suiryu https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Suiryu_(One_Punch_Man) suiryu appears in the middlle of the Sorcerous Kingdom and after a bit of confusion he becomes an adventurer and...
  14. Uchuma

    Gajeel VS Suiryu

    Gajeel : 9 Suiryu :___ Speed Equalized. Base Tartaros Arc Gajeel is used. Location is an endless forest with starting distance at 10m. Gajeel scales to above 4.3Mt, but well below 25.8Mt. Suiryu has his own feat of 9.4Mt.
  15. SSBXeno573

    Suiryu vs Son Goku

    Speed =ized 7-B versions Son Goku (Dragon Ball): 1 Suiryu (One Punch Man): Incon;
  16. SpookyShadow

    Garou vs Suiryu

    Suiryu always wanted to fight Garou but unfortunately it never happened. So let's see who will win, at least here: Garou before Watchdog Man fight and 7-B Suiryu Speed is equalized (even though they have the same speed, I want to make sure) Both are fighting in Martial Arts arena No holding...
  17. Therefir

    One-Punch Man Upgrades

    Accordin do this calc, Suiryu has a Class M feat, so I want to know who scale from this.
  18. OmniTops

    Master Roshi vs Suiryu

    Characters version: Both 7-B Master Roshi MAX Power Form (Dragon Ball) Suiryu Victory Conditions: The participant who fall outside of the ring, is knocked out and does not stand up until commentator counts to 10, or gives up, automatically loses. Use Weapons or kill the opponent it implies...
  19. TheDoom01

    Suiryu Limited Levitation

    Can someone send me the scan that suiryu do this?
  20. Ryop

    Why Suiryu is mountain level?

    I really dont understand why he did in order to justify such tier,he should be city level
  21. The_real_cal_howard

    Suiryu vs Tyranitar

    Saitama in the past (jk) takes on a Dragon Class Monster. Which wins? Speed equal.
  22. Szutjo

    Suiryu vs Sweet Mask

    Their arrogance attracted my interest for this fight.
  23. Ryop

    Suiryu's Lifting Strength

    In his profile he is class 100 but i saw there is this calc that put him M class,this calc is wrong or someone just forget to upgrade his Lifting Strength?
  24. Quangotjokes

    Suiryu potential upgrade, and other characters upgrades.

    I'd have to see if i can find it, but maybe somewhere here has it, but apparently Murata said that Suiryu = Garou. That would give Gouketsu an upgrade, and maybe others as well.
  25. Amlad22

    Suiryu vs Ichigo (H2)

    Suiryu takes on the original Choze in a fight to the death! Can Suiryu get the win or will he fall victim to the bloodthirsty hollow? -Speed is equalized -Suiryu is serious from the start -Fight takes place on top of Los Noches Who wins?
  26. suiryu upgrade

    we can see here that suiryu is still conscious after a beating from gouketsu. will this be enough to upgrade suiryu to city level? http://readms.net/r/onepunch_man/073/4158/1
  27. Muuuuh

    Suiryu Upgrade:

    the new chapter give us some new Suiryu's feats, like we can se here: http://cdn-img.viewer.tonarinoyj.jp/public/pageimages/1609047349018637303-1105237d0556 http://cdn-img.viewer.tonarinoyj.jp/public/pageimages/1609047349018637304-99231aea5335...
  28. Qawsedf234

    Suiryu/Void Fist feat

    So I was reading another version of Update 109/Chapter 71 when I noticed something. So here's the *********** version and the alternate version made by Ultimate King. There's a notable character statment difference in the bottom left panel. So to see which one was right I got the raw page and...
  29. Amlad22

    One Punch Man Suiryu Uprade

    Suiryu is currently rated at Building level+, which is insane when looking at some of his feats. I propose that he should be upgraded to at least city level+, likely higher. Here are my reasons -He one shotted Lightning Max who took multiple hits from Sea King before getting taken down. Plus...
  30. -BANLK-

    (One punch man) Suiryu upgrade.

    Latest chapter Calcs needed. 1) He sliced the stadium in half. 2) His leg strength.... 3) He is staying midair from the momentum of his own punches. 4) Shattered the stadium to pieces with his leg strength. 5) He tanks a butt slap from Saitama. without a scratch.