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  1. koopa3144

    Lighting rat and evolution fox profile revision (Pichu and Eevee profile revision)

    So I was gonna also include Mew and Mewtwo but I know that a CRT with them is gonna take a while to conclude so I'm gonna make a separate one for them later but for now here's Eevee's and Pichu's profile revisions. Pichu Old Profile New Profile Eevee Old profile New profile That's all I...
  2. Starter_Pack

    An Electrifying Battle Of Man And Mouse (Enel vs. Pikachu)

    Within the vast expanse of Viridian Forest, a bolt of lightning struck within the heart of the forest, knocking over many trees and injuring many Pokémon that had been existing peacefully in the woods. Stepping over the bodies of these creatures, a man smiled and thrust his golden staff into the...
  3. K4yshey1

    400 years old sorcerer vs Electric Rat (NEED VOTES)

    I was trying to find any Electric-type Pokemon to fight Hajime and noticed their AP diff isn't so big. I'm new here, so idk if it's a stomp, but let's gooooo Who would win? 400 years old Sorcerer, Hajime Kashimo Pikachu :3 -Speed equalized -Both start at 10 meters -SBA otherwise -Should it...
  4. That_moron2

    The Raikage Throws Down With A Rat

    Pikachu: vs 3rd Raikage: First key Pikachu is used. Raikage is alive. Speed equal.
  5. Maximation

    Ash Ketchum & Pikachu (Pokémon) VS Max Taylor & Chomp (Dinosaur King) [0-0-0]

    Ash Ketchum and his pocket monster Pikachu VS Max Taylor and his triceratops dino Chomp! A Pokémon VS Dinosaur King battle! I've been wondering for at most 8 years (since 2015) on who would win this matchup between protagonists of two shows that were a part of my childhood. So, as a new member...
  6. Knifeman29

    The King Of Wakanda VS A Little Yellow Electro Mouse (0-0-0)

    Black Panther VS Pichu Both are 8-C Speed is equal Fight takes place in a Forest Standard Equipment Fight Song: Wakandan King: Electro Mouse: Tie:
  7. Flashlight237

    Stitch vs Pikachu

    Well shit! I can actually pit Stitch against Pikachu! What can I say? Both the Lilo and Stitch series and Pokemon revolves around capturing and befriending hundreds of different types of creatures. Ash's Pikachu was listed as 6-C twice somewhere, but I don't know where the eff they got that from...
  8. DemonicDude

    ⚡ Electric vs Electric ⚡ | Pokemon vs Ben 10 | Pikachu vs Shock Rock

    VS Match Rules: Both are High 6-A Speed will be equalized Both have their their optional equipment No Prep Time or Information of each other Both start 35 meters away from each other Location: Battles take place at Musutafu, Japan (My Hero Academia City) (Image) VS Result...
  9. Arceus0x

    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet discussion but better [Spoilers ahead]

    -No arguing beyond 3 replies That is the one rule you need to uphold. Try to have fun
  10. Arceus0x

    Pokemon Scarlet & Violet General Discussion Thread [CLOSED]

    This is a thread to discuss anything related to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Praise LECHONK!
  11. speedster352

    I Choose You- Pokemon Discussion Thread 2

    This thread is for anything pokemon related.
  12. Arceus0x

    Pokemon 8-A tournament; Quarterfinals: round 1: Swablu vs. Pikachu

    Quarterfinals Round 1 Pikachu vs. Swablu! Who will win? Egg or Rat? Find out now! Speed is equalized! Swablu: Pikachu: 2
  13. Arceus0x

    Pokemon 8-A tournament; round 8: Pikachu vs. Murkrow

    Round 8 Pikachu vs Murkrow! Speed is equalized! Fight! Pikachu: 7 Murkrow:
  14. Arceus0x

    Pokemon Cleanup CRT + Ash upgrade + team rocket trio upgrade

    So im gonna be real with you, the current pokemon pages suck in many ways. Greninja, as an example, has keys for all evolutions and ash greninja...problem is he only has tier 7-A and high 7-A...there goes my vs thread i planned. Overall i need your help. I need y'all to bring up many other...
  15. Arceus0x

    Pokemon Cleanup CRT thread

    So im gonna be real with you, the current pokemon pages suck in many ways. Greninja, as an example, has keys for all evolutions and ash greninja...problem is he only has tier 7-A and high 7-A...there goes my vs thread i planned. Overall i need your help. I need y'all to bring up many other...
  16. Nicetoderp

    Kamen Rider Vulcan VS Pikachu

    -Both are in their 8-A key. -Attacks/Item that would put Pikachu above 8-A is prohibited. -Speed is equalized. -Otherwise SBA Wolf (Gorilla): Mouse: Vulcan scales massively above 445 tons.
  17. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    8-A Tournament Round 1, Match 1 (Pikachu VS Blade Wolf)

    Let the tournament begin! Both are 8-A (Pikachu's key is used here) Both have prior knowledge of each other Speed is equalized Pikachu (Pokémon): Blade Wolf (Metal Gear): Inconclusive:
  18. Sonicflare9

    Luck Voltia vs Pikachu

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Pikachu#Pichu https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Luck_Voltia 8-A versions speed equalized whooooooooooooooooooooooooo would win
  19. Coolboy6

    Sonic vs pikachu (added)

    Both 8-A, speed equalized, pikachu does not have z moves Blue hedgehog: 7 Yellow rat: 1
  20. Somelatinguy

    Pikachu is still a certain tier

    Since I can talk about Pokémon again and finally learned the forum move has been done, I’m responding to an objection to my position on a certain thread. That thread was closed because “Another one bites the dust” without my position having been actually debunked and while I was writing a reply...
  21. Somelatinguy

    Mario, Link, and the others are a certain tier, too.

    This isn't the Kirby thread I previously announced, but this has to be said prior to that. Donkey Kong punching a country-sized moon into a tower? High-end outlier. "He defeats Fredrik, who uses the horn he froze Donkey Kong Island with in the battle, and the walrus not using the horn's full...
  22. The_real_cal_howard

    Many characters upgrade

    Aight so normally I thought that your powers scale with your tier but apparently that's not the case as shown with Persona, so every character should have their powers be at their peak no matter what point in the story it is, as it's the same power throughout. Here's a few of the many changes I...
  23. ShockingPsychic

    Gigantamax Pikachu Vs. Smoky Quartz

    Both High 7-A. Due to unknown circumstances, Smoky fell into a Raid Den and encountered a Gigatamax Pikachu. Speed is equalized, unless Smoky's timeslow negates this(?) Starting distance is 20 ft. Both are in-character.
  24. ElixirBlue

    School Class project vs a Mouse

    Mikoto Misaka vs (Game) Pikachu Level 6 Shift Transformations vs Gigantamax Pikachu. Both are High 7-A Speed Equalized Fight takes places in Academy City. It was a peaceful day. The sun was shining. The sky was blue. Pikachu nap under a tree with its trainer (Insert name). After freshly...
  25. Robot972

    Downgrading Gigantamax Pokemon

    Originally, it was decided to scale Gigantamax Pokémon (through Corviknight's strongest hurricanes statement) to Lugia for now until further feats are provided. Obviously, this is very iffy scaling. However, it would make more sense to make all Gigantamax Pokémon (with exception for Melmetal...
  26. LordWhis

    [SPOILER] Pokémon SW/SH Thread 3: Ruby and Sapphire... oh wait! [SPOILER]

    The old thread is almost at 500 replies.
  27. Pitachu

    Pikachu flight (and water manip)

    Why doesn't pikachu have flight and water manipulation in its power and abilities Not just floaty and splishy splash from Pokemon let's go but even in Pokemon red, you can get a pikachu that knows fly and even on that know surf
  28. Rodri_"Dante"

    Low 7-C Pikachu?

    Shouldn't Pikachu with a Light Ball be low 7-C for the same reason Cubone with a Thick Club is?
  29. fandom_7494pinguisback20

    Tiering with dynamax/gigantamax

    So now that Sword and Shield are out, what tier should Pikachu should be put in when using dynamax/gigantamax? I'm probably thinking either tiers 6 or 5 judging from his sheer size and power. Should he be tectonic/planetary, or no change in tiers at all?
  30. Zeifyl

    [SPOILER] Pokémon SW/SH thread 2 [SPOILER]

    The last thread is very close to the post limit. So time to discuss Sw/Sh stuff here, instead.
  31. Pitachu

    Pokemon game mechanics

    Just a quick question Does speed in Pokemon count as game mechanics. For example, quick attack is faster than light screen (which seems to be a light based attack. Would that mean Pokemon like pikachu would be faster than light or would that just count as game mechanics
  32. CrimsonStarFallen

    MHX Alter vs Raichu

    Weird match idea. Last key Raichu. They start at 30 meters away from each other. Speed equal. Fight happens inside the Death Star. Otherwise, SBA. Genderbend Darth Vader: Big Freaking Rat: The Death Star Blows Up Agai:
  33. Pitachu


    I recently check the z-moves and realised something The move Castropika is a 210 power z-move Firstly, WOW Secondly, that's the highest power z-move (along with pulverising pancake) Thirdly, Mews Genesis supernova is 185 power So is pikachus z-move more powerful than a Supernova Since this...
  34. The_Wright_Way

    I likely start a flood of inFAMOUS vs Pokemon matches

    Cole is a highly versatile 7-A/High 7-A with an insane winstreak. I'm honestly surprised this hasn't happened yet. BOG inFAMOUS 1 Cole vs Alolan Raichu Speed Equalized. vs.
  35. Psychomaster35

    Regarding Pokemon Ranges

    Where did the ranges for the Pokemon come from? It pretty much states that Babies have extended range, First and Second forms have Hundreds of meters range, Final forms have tens of kilometers range. But where did this all come from? Are there specific moves or feats that made it their range per...
  36. ShockingPsychic

    Partner Eevee and Partner Pikachu?

    Let's Go introduced Partner Eevee and Partner Pikachu, much stronger forms of Pikachu and Eevee. They have new moves and much higher stats. Should they be a higher tier than normal Pikachu and Eevee?
  37. Theformofacast

    The original Pokémon's mascot comes to claim its place

    A time ago I did Pikachu vs Eevee. So, why not? Clefairy vs Pikachu Z-Moves are restricted. Clefairy: Pikachu:
  38. Eficiente

    Issues with species' profiles

    If one or some members of a species gets a higher tier than what the regular ones have, sometimes the profile for the species themselves doesn't make mension of this at all. Some profiles do make mension of this extraordinary individuals, the problem is in those who don't. Just to give an...
  39. Arceus0x


    Anti spoiler barrier...
  40. Bobsican

    Gunvolt Vs. Pikachu

    As GV won the Pichu match mainly because Pichu was simply more stupid and lacked skill with his powers, I think this match can be done considering the powers of both characters are also notably different enought for this to deserve its own thread. Both at 8-A, speed equalized, Pikachu has...