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ok k.o.! let's be heroes

  1. Lloydblitzed

    Kai (Ninjago) vs President of The Universe (OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes) [7-0-0] (GRACE ENDED)

    The Rizz God vs The President of The Universe Rules: Pilots-Season 16 Base Kai key is used The President cannot use his Reality Warping and is limited to 4-C attacks Speed is equalized Fight takes place in a random abandonned ruined city Starting distance: 20 m SBA for the rest President: Kai...
  2. koopa3144

    K.O. fights a different Sonic (K.O vs Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic Boom)) (6-0-0)

    The fight takes place inside Lakewood Plaza Turbo The starting distance is 5 meters Speed is equalized Season 1 K.O is being used Sonic has Power Glyph's Both are in character. K.O.: 6 Sonic: 0 Sans (Incon): 0
  3. DimeUhDozen

    Enid Mettle vs Mai Shiranui

    Enid: Mai: Incon: Speed Equalized S2 Enid is Used
  4. DimeUhDozen

    Catgirl Vs (Secretly) Bunnygirl (Felicia vs Enid) (0-0-0)

    Speed Equalized Enid is in her Season 2 Key No Optional Equipment AP and Dura Felicia scales to 1.67 Megatons Enid scales to 1.18 Megatons 1.4x advantage in Felicia's favor Lifting Strength Felicia scales to 29,685,765,549,918.857202 kg. Enid scales to 1,011,623,255,647,925 kg. 34x advantage...
  5. DimeUhDozen

    Enid Vs Raven (OK K.O. Vs. Teen Titans)

    Speed Equalized Raven is in White Raven key Enid is in Season 3 Key Witch-Ninja: Witch-Demon: Incon:
  6. RandomGuy2345

    Johnny Test vs K.O.

    Thought this would be pretty fun. Johnny Test vs K.O. 7-C keys will be used here. Johnny will receive the following equipment: Mind Controlling Collars and Belts Electro Chromatic Blanket Laser Guns Shrink Ray Turbo Time Rewinder Mega Action Game Controller K.O. will receive all of his...
  7. DimeUhDozen

    Hell Hath No Fury Like An Evil Daughter (Azula vs Shannon)

    Speed Equalized Both are 7-C. Azula is in her highest key. Battle takes place in Lakewood Plaza Turbo NO! You miscalculated! You should have feared me MORE!: You are NOTHING! I am EVERYTHING! I am... THE BEST! Do you have ANY idea what listening to you is like!? (Incon):
  8. DimeUhDozen

    LS Upgrade - OK K.O.

    This calc was accepted, upgrading OK K.O.'s base LS strength from Class 5 to Class K. Yeah, that's pretty much it.
  9. DimeUhDozen

    OK K.O.! Let's Be My Hero Academia...?

    THE HEROES OF THE FUTURE ! Speed Equalized Endeavor Agency Arc 20% Deku and Season 2 K.O will be used. Stage is a PlayStation AllStars-inspired morphing stage comprising of the Sports Festival Arena and Lakewood Plaza Turbo. Perfect K.O. is restricted. Battle Music. The One Who Goes Plus...
  10. DimeUhDozen

    Usagi Fights A Robot of the Week

    Shannon is in her Season 2 Key. Usagi is in her Post-Awakening Key. Speed Equalized. In The Name Of The Moon, I'll Punish You!: WHEEEN YOU'RE CLIMBIN' UP A LADDER AND YA FEEL A LITTLE SPLATTER, DIA- Incon:
  11. DimeUhDozen

    Velvet Scarlatina Vs Dendy

    b Battle of the Data Copycats Both are 7-C. Speed Equalized. Both have an hour of prep time. Stats: Velvet: AP and Dura: (29.12 Kilotons of TNT) LS: (517544231.24 kg) Dendy: AP and Dura: AP and Dura (21.436 Kilotons of TNT) LS: (4836kg) I May Fall: (Yaaaaaaayyyyy): Incon:
  12. DimeUhDozen

    Blake Belladonna Vs Enid Mettle (Redux) (0-4-0)

    So these two girls had a fight way back when but that was before both got massive revisions. Let's see how they stack up against each other now. Both are Low 7-B. Stats: Enid AP and Dura: (1.1 Megatons) Speed: (1.83c) with higher reaction speed LS: (1011623255647925kg) Blake AP and Dura: (1...
  13. DimeUhDozen

    OK K.O.! Let's Revive Heroes!

    It's time to freshen up these profiles. There are too many missing P&As to list but they're all listed in these completed blogs I've made of all of them. This is what they will look like with all additions put in place: In addition to this, we need to update the tiering significantly...
  14. Finn vs Enid

    Two Swords - Elementals Arc Finn vs Turbo Enid Starting distance is 40 meters and speed is equalized Finn has access to the mechanical arm and small sword Both are 5-A Who wins? Finn: Enid: Inconclusive:
  15. koopa3144

    Espio the Chameleon (Game) vs Enid (OK K.O.) (4-0-0)

    fight takes place in a forest Adventure Era Espio and Turbo Enid are being used Speed is equalized SBA for anything else Enid: 0 >91.6 Yottatons Espio: 4 >810 Yottatons Incon: 0
  16. King_Clab

    Female Lizard vs Iceberg

    Regice- 72 Petatons Cosma (Base) 11 Petatons SPEED EQUALIZED Both Start 5 Meters from each other Fight Location: New York City BOTH BLOODLUSTED Regice AP and DURA are 6x greater than Cosma DEBATE!
  17. Cloud4840

    Finn vs K.O

    Finn and K.O challenge each other to a duel -Location: Lakewood Plaza Turbo -Range: 2.5 meters -Speed is equalized -win via K.O/Incap Keys: Season 10 Finn, Late series K.O Both are in character Votes: K.O: Finn: incon: (please let me know if this is a stomp or not)
  18. IxaSaga2

    Record of Superheroes Round 12 - Deku vs K.O.

    Record of Superheroes - Tournament Hub Round 12 Deku vs K.O. 45% Deku and Early Series K.O. with Size Enhancing Candy is used. Speed equalized. Range between them is 15m. Victory via SBA.
  19. Nullflowerblush

    No, no, no, let's not be heroes anymore

    Introduction The OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes verse has been trapped in a state of absolute-*******-lunacy. But, the time for a verse-wide revision is not upon us. However, we do have time to weed out the Large Planet level scaling ;3 No more High 5-A! Why? Find out! Currently, Season 3 K.O. is...
  20. The_Impress

    Max Effort 4-C Brackets Round 1: T.K.O. vs. Cure Miracle(1-0-0)

    Glorb-Infused T.K.O. (O.K. K.O.! Let's Be Heroes) vs. Cure Miracle (Pretty Cure) Speed equalized, in-character, rest SBA. Bracket Hub
  21. Vizer04

    Paragus vs Silver Spark (0-0-0)

    Both at 5-A and Speed Equalized. Broly's dad: K.O's mom: Inconclusive:
  22. LaserPrecision

    OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes Revisions

    This shouldn't be too loaded, but it definitely won't be short. Formatting: I'll start with simple stuff like structural suggestions for the verse page and whatnot. There should definitely be a list of calculations on the verse page so people can easily access every calc as you can on most...
  23. Maverick_Zero_X

    Timmy Turner vs Enid (8-B tourney)

    Goddamn randomly shuffled MUs Enid vs Timmy Turner (Base) Speed equalized; SBA
  24. RandomGuy2345

    8-B Tournament Round 2, Match 1: Enid Mettle vs Optimus Prime (2007 DS Game)

    The first matchup of the 2nd round of the 8-B tournament! Enid Mettle (LaserPrecision) vs Optimus Prime (2007 DS Game) (Shadyboi0) Speed will be equalized. Enid will have all of her optional equipment. Fight takes place in P.O.I.N.T. Prep. Enid: Optimus: 5 (Sero, Chaos Jester25...
  25. RandomGuy2345

    8-B Tournament Round 1, Match 1: Enid Mettle vs Steve (Minecraft)

    The very first matchup of the 8-B tournament! Enid Mettle vs Steve (Minecraft) Both are 8-B. Speed is equalized. Steve will have his potions, but not his enchantments. Enid will have all of her optional equipment. ColonelSlyBanjo will be using Steve, and LaserPrecision will be using Enid...
  26. LaserPrecision

    Does size correlate to Attack Potency?

    I ask this because I've seen stats given simply by a given size. An example being Super Shenron who's AP is Multi-Galaxy level through sheer size alone: If AP can be granted through size, how big of a size difference does one require to obtain a certain degree/level of AP. This piques my...
  27. King_Clab

    K.O. Vs Steven Universe

    Both High 6-A Speed Unequalized Fight's in Open Feild Starts 20 Meter's away from each other K.O can Go into other Form's (Such as T.K.O, P.KO) Who Wins and WHY? K.O: 0 (11 Petaton's, Higher in Other Forms) Steven: 1 (Ap and Sheilds Dura is 2 Exatons)
  28. Chaos Jester25

    OK K.O Let's Be Heroes Power And Ability Revisions

    Last time I made a thread like this I added some stuff to K.O's page as well as upgraded the entire verse. Here I am going to try to add some missing abilities for the heroes Enid The missing abilities on Enid's profile are: Non-Physical Interaction :Enid grabbed and held K.O's soul in her hand...
  29. T.K.O vs Doomsday

    T.K.O vs. Doomsday (Post-Crisis). Which one of these dark-sides is going to be the ultimate champion? Can T.K.O proved that he could even surpass the superior of Superman? Or Doomsday will prove that he is the true Level -100 supervillain. After O.K K.O Let's be Heroes comes to the epilogue...
  30. Chaos Jester25

    OK K.O. Let's Fight Sonic

    Early series K.O vs base SatAM Sonic Speed is equal. K.O.: Sonic:1(Oleggator)
  31. Chaos Jester25

    Ok KO Lets Be Heroes Revisions

    Today I am going to try to revise the Powers and Abilities of K.O. and T.K.O. and upgrade the cast of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes There is a lot to do here so I will revise the powers and abilities of other characters in a different thread. K.O. Before I list the power and abilities, I feel...
  32. Chaos Jester25

    Enid vs Tokoyami

    Both are 8-C and Speed is equal Fumikage Tokoyami :2 (Aywhale,CinnabarManX421) Enid:
  33. Nullflowerblush

    Is there energy involved in shrinking something?

    As in, could I calculate Attack Potency based on shrinking something down? I'm really only asking this because one of the Weaponized Orbs in OK K.O. as stated by Doctor Greyman, shrinks its targets down to subatomic levels, which we then see happening. Is there any way to calculate this?
  34. Nullflowerblush

    Functioning without a soul?

    At 1:00, K.O. has his soul consumed by Enid. After that, at 1:21, K.O. follows Enid and requested his soul back, meaning he was able to survive and function without his soul. What exactly would this constitute as, in terms of ability, of course? It's not Resistance to Soul Manipulation, as he...
  35. Nullflowerblush

    OK K.O. Let's Revise the Heroes

    Regarding Canonicity Ian Jones-Quartey, the creator of the series, confirmed that the video games are "semi-canon" in a tweet. The games he's referring to are left ambiguous, however, in an earlier tweet, he specifically stated that the Lakewood Plaza Turbo game was "semi-canon". But, it's safe...
  36. Nullflowerblush

    The density of blobs?

    Image here. For context, the blobs I'm referencing are the Gloops from OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, which are translucent, slime-like creatures. I'm attempting to perform a calculation surrounding them, but it requires me to know its mass, which requires its density... which I don't have...
  37. Dusty_Raider

    Mr. Gar vs Great Girros

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Great_Girros?mobile-app=false https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Mr._Gar Both are High 8-C, Speed is equalized, Mr. Gar has prior knowledge but no prep. GG: MG: IC:
  38. KingEzran

    Tenya Iida vs Enid (OK K.O.)

    Rise of Villains Iida is used. Let's get into the details of this versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 5.5 meters -Win via K.O. (See what I did there?) Votes: Tenya: 0 Enid: 0
  39. GoCommitDi

    Mario vs Mr Gar

    Probably the fairest match for this version of Mario I could think of now that he got upgraded Both 8-B, speed is =, fight is in SEGA's headquarters (I know there are no images unlike my other fights but it was impossible for me to find pics of them that looked decent together)
  40. Nullflowerblush

    OK K.O.! Discussing the Heroes (Thread)

    The thread to talk about OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes. Also, a place to discuss feats and other revisions to the pages, but mostly to discuss the show.