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noel vermillion

  1. MrHazama

    BlazBlue General Discussion

    The Wheel of Fate is turning. . . Rebel 1, ACTION!
  2. Rose_of_Ragnarok

    Noel Vermillion vs. Wally West

    Both at Low 1-C, speed equalized Central Fiction Noel vs. Base Wally Who will win? 0 0
  3. Lapsad

    Noel vs yakagi

    Noel (high-7C) vs Yakagi (7-C) Speed equalized
  4. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Noel Vermillion vs D (Blazblue vs Vampire Hunter D)

    They both have insane haxes and resistances and they both are low 1-C in attack power. Noel: 1 D: Incon: 2 Rules Both Low 1-C (make them both the strongest) speed equalized No knowledge of each other. in-character for both battle takes place at an Anime Convention (because why the...
  5. StrymULTRA

    Fight for 5th 8-C

    HA DIO vs Bouichirou Yamato vs Noel Vermillion vs D Strongest 8-C keys for all Speed =
  6. Theglassman12

    Blazblue CRT

    Low 1-C Alright so I’ll get the big one out of the way, after looking through some of the god tier feats, they should be just flat out Low 1-C instead of 2-A, likely Low 1-C. Reason being is that the Boundary not only holds those infinite realities that exists in the BB verse, but also...
  7. Theglassman12

    Blazblue CRT #43

    So yeah here's the CRT. So long story short, Noel's cooking is stated to be able to transcend dimensions from the people who made the series itself. And it's been shown that Hazama and Mai can withstand her death dinner easily, and everyone can fight them. So everyone should be 1-A back in...
  8. JoshSSJGod

    Noel tries to beat your Favourite Characters but with a twist!

    Noel against every one of your favourite characters but Noel nor her opponents are not actually fighting. Objective for Noel's opponents: Chosen Characters must eat Noel's Death Dinner without fainting, collapsing, dying, etc. Rules: 1. Only Characters who can actually eat may be chosen, if...
  9. ShivaShakti

    Battle for the 5th strongest 8-C: D vs Noel

    D vs Noel, both in their 8-C keys. Speed is equalized. D: Noel: Inconclusive:
  10. Theglassman12

    Hopefully the last BB CRT in a while

    Yes you read the title, at least for my end I'll be done with the BB CRTs and Shiro can take over in terms of what's left. Anyways without further adeu, let's get this out of the way. PFDs in general: Immunity to Soul Manipulation: This is due to the fact that when they were born they were...
  11. Overlord775

    Artificial Waifu vs Atheist

    Both 8-C and Speed Equalized Noel Vermillio: 0 Nanashi: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  12. ShiroyashaGinSan

    For 4th Strongest 8-C: Noel Vermillion vs Dr. Gii

    Noel Vermillio vs Dr. Gii Remix Heart Noel and Gii at his strongest SBA and Speed Equalized Who wins and why?
  13. Zeus298

    Homura Akemi vs Noel vermilion

    Homura 2-A Speed equalized
  14. ShiroyashaGinSan

    Another Obligatory Blazblue Upgrade

    Remix Heart/Calamity Trigger Upgrade Here Albar shaking the entirety of Torifune and said to be able to destroy it. Torifune is giant ass mountain that pierces through several cloud layers. This is likely 7-A feat. Though I think we should include low-end because there's also the time he said...
  15. ZephyrosOmega

    I can only see this going well.

    Noel Vermillion VS. Altair. Altair's in her low 7-C key while Noel is in her low 7-B key. Will change if necessary. Speed is Equalized. Noel: Altair: Inconclusive:
  16. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Noel vermillion vs Galactus

    Vs. •Both 2-A (life bringer and central fiction) •Both have no knowledge or prep •Fight to death •Both are allowed to use all their abilities •Galactus is allowed to have the ultimate nullified. Fight! Will Noel defeat galactus or will galactus crush her like a big.
  17. Zeldasmash

    What Tier 2's can the BlazBlue cast take on and not stomp?

    So we've noticed that BlazBlue can stomp some 2-A's (Terumi stomped Bill Cipher and Amaterasu is currently stomping Archie Sonic) and any Low 2-C will probably get stomped hard (Bam barely got accepted as a win for Terumi despite it being apparently being close to a stomp in his [Terumi] favor)...
  18. Theglassman12

    Conceptual hax in Blazblue

    Ok, so I'm moving the concept hax discussion over here as it would likely derail the other CRT, and as well as the nature of said hax being rather touchy to say the least. But anyways, with that out of the way, here's basically what we found. So in these scans, Trinity Glassfille, one of the...
  19. Theglassman12

    MASSIVE Blazblue revisions

    This has been a long time coming. Been spending the past couple months to go through the entire series to get any scans that I could get my hands on regarding the characters. But thankfully, the revisions are FINALLY underway and we can finally get this party started. Now before I begin this...
  20. ShiroyashaGinSan

    Noel Vermillion vs Kazumi Subaru

    Noel Vermillio vs Kazumi Subaru Both at their strongest SBA Speed Equalized Don't worry about Low 2-C Hax, it's mostly OOC.
  21. ShiroyashaGinSan

    BlazBlue Ability and Low 2-C Revision

    Ability Additio Naoto: Resurrection, Type 7 and 4 Immortality - During Bloodedge Experience, Naoto instantly resurrected from being killed by Valkynheyn twice. His own life numbers are already dropped to zero. Six Heroes, Ragna, Jin, Noel, Hazama, Naoto, Rachel: Resistance to Poison - Here...
  22. Kisaragi_Megumi

    The Eversor Assassinorum must assassinate.....the Murakumo Unit?

    Well yeah, leme jumping into the Assassinorum spam here. This time, the Eversor must assassinate.......the Murakumo unit? Would he success? -Low 5-B Eversor Assassin and Low 5-B Mu-12 are used -Speed equalized -Both in character -Place: Space Colony -Range is 10 meters -Win via anything...
  23. Monarch_Laciel

    Noel Vermillion vs Ggio Vega

    Because I clicked random page a few times and this is the first compatible match I found. Ggio Vega vs Noel Vermillio Both 7-C Speed equalized
  24. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Noel Vermillion vs Neferpitou

    Get bored,so i made this,alright enough saying,let's go!!! -Pre-chrono phantasma Noel is used -Both in character -Speed equalized -Range is 1 km -Place located in Greenland -Win via death!! VS Noel Vermillio: 5 (King,Ega,Gar,Apies,Junky) Neferpitou: 2 (Lance,Rein)
  25. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Noel Vermillion vs Tamamo no Mae

    Alright i will do it,as one of my BB spam match,this might be good,also give Tamamo love too......Lets go!!! -Mu-12 Noel and mythological mystic code Tamamo is used -Speed equalized -Both in character -Place located in the Moon Cell -Range is 50 meter -Win via death!!! VS Tamamo : 0...
  26. Scarletmoon56

    Noel Vermillion vs Lucas (Mother 3)

    Is this an acceptable match? Two blonde folk that don't get enough attention on this site. Though, I know close to nothing on the girl but she has a great character design imo. Noel Vermillio: 7 (Eganergo, Gargoyle, Sparda,Veloxt, TISSG7Redgrave, Skalt, glassman12) vs Lucas: 1 (Neolancer)...
  27. Scarletmoon56

    Sanae Kochiya vs Noel Vermillion

    Sanae Kochiya: 5 (Jiangshi. Andykhang, Saikou, Fllflourine, COB) vs Noel Vermillion: 8 (ALRF, TISSG7Redgrave, RebubleUselet, ZERO7772, Dat Dot, Elione-Arisu, Gargoyle One, Theglassman12) I haven't seen any Touhou matchups in awhile and thought I should give Sanae (best 2hou girl) some...
  28. ChiakiKakumei

    Altair (Re:Creators) vs Noel Vermillion

    Both Low 2-C No Altair Demonbane Meme Speed Equalized Victory via death, incapacitation or KO Altair: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Altair_(Re%3ACreators) Noel: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Noel_Vermillio
  29. The_real_cal_howard

    Noel Vermillion vs Marle Guardia

    Blonde relativistic Multi Planet busters decide to duke it out. Marle Noel Vermillio
  30. Fused_Zamasu_with_BAD_TIME

    Noel Vermillion (Low 2-C) vs. Giygas (True Form)

  31. HimikoWerckmeister

    Reiji vs Noel [Both Low 2-C: Read full OP]

    Reiji sees Noel as a threat to the entire Fortverse and decides to decimate her. Can he do it? Rules: Speed equalized, so Reiji has the same speed as Noel. There are two rounds: Round 1 takes place in Fortissimoverse, Reiji has access to all of the Fortverse cast's abilities including the...
  32. Zeldasmash

    Heaven Ascension DIO (Low 2-C) vs Eye of the Azure Noel (Low 2-C)

    Two characters who are Low 2-C due to reality warping hax. Who wins?
  33. Noel Vermillion Changes?

    So I discussed with Bowser in regarding to Noel, and he said this. Powers and Abilities for Noel would include: Spatial Manipulation, Soul Manipulation (Bolverk damages the soul, and fires concentrated blasts of Seithr, which not only drains the soul of the victim, but can also pierce...
  34. Yoshirocks92

    Noel Vermillion's power as of Central Fiction

    So here is the long story of it since I'm a BlazBlue fan and I've been following Noel's story for 5 years and I though this might be useful since it's canon now and it's what I know before the Console release of Central Fiction gets released. Noel has been revealed to be the Master Unit herself...
  35. The_real_cal_howard

    Noel Vermillion versus Erza Scarlet.

    These two 7-B girls have weapons rotating around tbem. Who wins? R1--Unequalized R2--Equalized
  36. Noel Vermillion vs Elphelt Valentine

    To K.O., Death or Yuri Route (Shotgun Wedding.) Round 1.- Speed Equalized (Noel can use ALL of her forms) Round 2..-Normal speeds.(Noel ALL forms.) "Congratulations, Son-kun!" Elphelt and Noel Vermillio from the BlazBlue series are both gunslingers who share a dislike of bugs and...