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no game no life

  1. Satanichia_Chlammy_Mafahl

    No Game No Life small revision

    Ex-Machina should have Infinite speed. Okay, I reckon this should be einfach, so: While Artosh is capable of altering logic, law, and events in every second, whereas the invaders (Ex-Machinas) are able to devise countermeasures and perform abstract and illogical calculations at a speed of...
  2. Robo432343

    what do you guys think of 1-B no game no life

    i was looking at profiles for Suniaster and it says this Possesses the highest affinity to magic in existence, granting its user the title of "The One True God" and making them indescribably superior to any other being on Disboard, including the Old Deus, when Holou, the weakest of them, is...
  3. Lynieryz

    [No Game No Life] Jibril's hax

    And taking advantage of the fact that it is something self-evident, Jibril should have: Time Travel, Summoning (Through Space-Time shift, Jibril can summon a version of herself from the past) Time Stop (Through Space-Time shift, Jibril can stop time) Resistance to Power Nullification (Ja La...
  4. EnderLord8

    Gajou & Golden of U vs Divine Comedy & Madness of Waning Moon (Fusion Tournament)

    Gajou [Parallel Timeline Garou / Shinjuku Showdown Satoru Gojo] and Golden of U [Giorno (Giorno himself comes with Gold Experience Requiem) / Tooru (Tooru himself comes with WOU and Endless Calamity] (C Team) vs Divine Comedy [Jibril / Uriel] and Madness of the waning moon - [Spinel / Maka] (D...
  5. EnderLord8

    Divine Comedy & Madness of the Waning Moon vs Vermadon, Son of The Legendary Spinjitzu Master Sparda & Pixel of Doom (Fusion Tournament)

    Divine Comedy [Jibril / Uriel] and Madness of the waning moon - [Spinel / Maka, Grigori Arc to Dark Side of the Moon Arc] vs Vermadon, Son of The Legendary Spinjitzu Master Sparda [Vergil full equipament / Oni Garmadon, the last key] and Pixel of DOOM [Doomslayer, Eternal / Pixel Man, Online...
  6. Satanichia_Chlammy_Mafahl


    Hello, at this moment, I'm about to make minor changes to the characters in the verse. So, without further ado. Artosh Information Manipulation (Type 2; Increased the information of existence himself, as if things that don't exist are coming to be) Immeasurable attack speed (His attack...
  7. Valeska24

    Tet (NGNL) Acausality addition

    Time and even metaphysical causes and effects are said to be meaningless for the user of star grail So Tet should get Acausality type 4.
  8. DontTalkDT

    Creepy Crawler vs Delicate Genius

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the ultimate showdown of wits and brawn! Tonight, we have a battle like no other, as two opponents from vastly different worlds step into the ring for an epic clash! In the blue corner, hailing from the realm of intellect and cunning, a prodigy in gaming and...
  9. DontTalkDT

    A little girl plays with a doll

    Shiro vs the Wiggly Doll 10-C versions of both SBA otherwise Who takes this? Shiro: 1 Doll: 5 Incon: 0 Tournament Hub
  10. Satanichia_Chlammy_Mafahl

    NGNL: Intelligence Upgrade

    Greetings. What i'm to do today is propose an upgrade to the Intelligence section for the characters in No Game No Life. Specifically, I believe that the Ex-Machinas in this series should having Supergenius intelligence. In the No Game No Life series, the Ex-Machinas are transcendental...
  11. Satanichia_Chlammy_Mafahl

    Small Tet addition

    Based on the description provided, it appears that the "Star Grail" is a powerful device that grants its user absolute control over the forces in the universe, including the ability to create, destroy, and manipulate time and causality. So, this description seems to be an ability description for...
  12. Old Deus = 1-B

    In no game no life it is stated that Holou, an Old deus is a being that is beyond the 11th dimension Volume 9 prologue
  13. Phoenks

    Light Yagami & L VS Shiro & Sora (0-2-0)

    Light Yagami & L Lawliet (Death Note) VS Shiro & Sora (No Game No Life) I wish this could've been something other than a fight, because that'd probably be a very cool discussion, but I can't think of anything right now so yeah this is just a fight. Still, should be interesting. Light and L...
  14. Satanichia_Chlammy_Mafahl

    Minor Tet Addition

    Greater Law Manipulation to Tet So we know that Tet has Law Manipulation because he created the law known as the Ten Covenants, the law that governs everything in his world, Disboard. Which applies to all beings in Ixseeds, even applied to the abstract entities (Old Deus) who are the concepts...
  15. Satanichia_Chlammy_Mafahl

    NGNL upgrades

    Looking at the stats that just 'Unknown' seem not good, will be better if upscaling it from Jibril. So their first keys should be chnaged to this; At least High 6-A, likely Far Higher
  16. Kenei911

    Jibril vs Azril/Azriel both NGNL

    Jibril vs Azril/Azriel both NGNL full power, starting distance 1km, win by incapacitation, bloodlusted, location - disboard during great war
  17. Satanichia_Chlammy_Mafahl

    Minor additions to Jibril and Artosh

    Jibril Age Manipulation (She can become a child, can also turn Izuna into an adult) Blessed and Resistances to Fire and Heat Manipulation (She was blessed by Artosh, so she was not affected by Enderpokryphen). Artosh Physics Manipulation (His existence can violated all laws of...
  18. Satanichia_Chlammy_Mafahl

    Azril (No Game No Life) profile creation

    This is the first Flugel that created by Artosh, all of her abilities are scaled from Jibril. So her profile creation should be possible.
  19. Satanichia_Chlammy_Mafahl

    Schwi (No Game No Life) Profile Creation

    Schwi Already made Schwi sandbox, so page creation should be possible: Her AP need to be calculated: Schwi can imperfectly replicate Dragonia's Far Cry which only managed to output 43,7% of its true power that could alter the form of planet. (Dragonia (4th rank of Ixceeds) should be superior...
  20. Satanichia_Chlammy_Mafahl

    No Game No Life Discussion Thread

    Discuss anything related to No Game No Life.
  21. Satanichia_Chlammy_Mafahl

    No game no life minor additions

    Artosh • Immortality Type 9: Same as Holou, Ex-Machina only destroys Artosh which is physically existed, his true essence is in a higher dimension. • Vibration Manipulation: Can cause earthquakes just by existing. Jibril • Resistances to Space-time Manipulation and Causality Manipulation...
  22. Satanichia_Chlammy_Mafahl

    Tet rework

    Tet profile look like kinda weird it should be revised. Since, when Tet was still an Old Deus he didn't have any feats because he is the weakest Old Deus, when he manifest his body at that moment he bacame One True God, so the Old Deus key should be removed. Any feats like the one in Attack...
  23. Satanichia_Chlammy_Mafahl

    NGNL minor additions

    Artosh Fire and Heat Manipulation (The heat from his spear can burn time itself) Acausality Negation (Type 3) (Can kill a Dragonia , that exists in multiple planes of time) Resistance to Sealing (As an Old Deus, Artosh should be capable of easily break out of pocket space) Tet Resistance to...
  24. DontTalkDT

    Materialization Shiritori (No Game No Life)

    As someone that only watched the anime I have wondered this for a while: How does Materialization Shiritori work? Is it a virtual reality or something? The reality-warping effects used in that game appear to be far above Jibril's usual power, after all.
  25. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    I'm making more sayori threads because Why the heck not? (Sayori vs Sora (No Game No life))

    Sora Sayori Rules: Both 10-B Speed equalized Bloodlusted Sayori (in-character Sora aka he's on his own here and he's not bloodlusted or anything) Sora does not have any equipment (it says he is an expert marksman but i'm making sure he doesn't have any equipment here) no knowledge of...
  26. Peppersalt43

    Battle of the crippled geniuses (Harold Finch vs Shiro)

    Crippled Man : 0 Crippled Child : 0 Incon : 0 Everything above 10-C is restricted Starting distance is 10 meters
  27. Satanichia_Chlammy_Mafahl

    Holou profile creation

    I've already making blog for Holou profile, so Holou profile creation should be possible.
  28. Peppersalt43

    Battle of the Genius Children (Bonesaw vs Shiro and Sora)

    Medical Genius : 0 Analytical Geniuses : 0 Incon : 0 Bonesaw's Spiders are restricted Both characters have prior knowledge of each other Fight takes place in Willamete Mall, 100 meters apart with no LoS Yay, another Parahumans match... I wonder how long I'll end up bumping this. Also I'm...
  29. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Lelouch vi britannia vs shiro Chess Match

    After i saw this match in the threads i decided to make my own version of a non death battle match Okay so Shiro is well known for her mastery of chess and hears of the great lelouch and decides to challenge him to a chess duel. (i think this is allowed because both shirou and lelouch are very...
  30. Satanichia_Chlammy_Mafahl

    Minor addition to Tet

    Tet Additional Abilities: Time Stop & Light Manipulation: When he got Suniaster, the first thing he did was stop everything including time and then recreate the world. Sound Manipulation: His voice reached all things in the creation above and below the heavens. Resistance to BFR: It is...
  31. Delta333

    No game no life stuff (part 1)

    Needless to say this verse is hella outdated here, this thread will not cover A L O T of things (and some would be wrong cus I don't have time to revise) but I still want to quickly make it to nuke acausal type 5 as soon as possible (thanks to ppl who keep reviving this match) Sora and Shiro...
  32. TauanVictor

    Hades (Saint Seiya) VS Tet (No Game No Life) (0-0-2)

    Hades (Saint Seiya) VS Tet (No Game No Life) Fight Location: Open field Starting Distance: 10m Both in-character Equalized speed Possessing Shun / Alone Hades | Old Deus Tet Hades: Tet: Inconclusive: 3 (@TheUnshakableOne, @StekFence, @Peppersalt43)
  33. Expectro2000xxx

    God of the new world VS 『  』 (Light Yagami vs Sora)

    『  』 heard about Kira and wanted to play a game with him, so a challenge was send. Battle happen in Japan, no previous knowledge aside that the other side exist and want to defeat the other, both in character and win via whatever. Sora is the representative of 『  』 Sora: 1 vs Light Yagami: 0...
  34. Star_King_Demon_Lord

    Tet (No Game No Life) Upgrade?

    My first CRT I was wondering if it's possible to give Tet his tiers back again... Galaxy level AP Scan: Universe level AP Scan: Hyperverse level AP Scans: Precognition? Sandbox link here
  35. W.D. Gaster Vs Tet (No Game No Life)

    Speed is equalized SBA W.D. Gaster: Tet: Inconclusive:
  36. Alsotime

    Aniz Ooal Gown vs Jibril

    Speed equalized Jibril: Ainz:3 Inconclusive: 1
  37. Phoenks

    Saitama vs Jibril (1-1-0)

    This has been done before I believe. I wonder if this is fair? Jibril has no restrictions. Both are in character (Saitama won't start with High 6-A bangers) Speed is equalized. Saitama: Jibril:
  38. Strawboi

    Battle of the Chess gods Sora vs Meruem

    Sora vs Meruem They play a game of chess who wins? Meruem: Sora: Inconclusive:
  39. Threemagi

    Jibril vs Mythra / Hikari

    Jibril (All Keys usable) versus Pyra (Xenoblade) (Mythra key) SBA. Speed equal if one blitzed the other.
  40. Moritzva

    Akagi vs Sora - DUEL!

    Just days ago, a young gambler had been called into a world of games. And you know what this young man realized? He could literally gamble his way into control of the entire world. "I challenge you... for the entirety of Humanity!" "Imanity." "Right." ——— Would of used Shiro but this seems...