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Saitama vs Jibril (1-1-0)


FC/OC VS Battles
This has been done before I believe. I wonder if this is fair?

Jibril has no restrictions.

Both are in character (Saitama won't start with High 6-A bangers)

Speed is equalized.


this one might be hard to say. imo they can both tank eachothers' biggest attacks at least a good few times, but Jibril stands far more to lose from her big attacks and we've never really seen Saitama get tired in a fight, so for that reason I think Saitama will outlast Jibril in a fight and thus win
I will count that as a vote for Saitama.

Also, it seems Jibril's strongest attack, which can only be used once, won't be enough to take Saitama down.

However, she has other abilities, such as [Shift], which will definitely be able to get Saitama.
I don't recall what [Shift] is, but if its not super hax-y and is less powerful than [Airstrike] then I still give it to Saitama
Shift allows her to manipulate space-time. So it will ignore durability completely. Not sure if it is used much in character, ill have to wait for others.
hmm. no reason why that wouldn't work if she would use it. So then I suppose it just comes down to whether or not she would use it. It's also worth mentioning that if Jibril ever takes a direct hit from Saitama, she's done for
So, what's stopping her Flugel instincts from showing her being a pile of meat after Saitama punches her? She sees this and uses spatial-hax to blitz Saitama. Not to mention how her barriers should be able to withstand Saitama's punches (at least barely).

Personally, I see her using Spatial Travel and Shift before Saitama kills her with sheer power.

Voting for Jibril.
that's true, she does have precog. The question then is of whether she'd act on it or continue to underestimate the puny human
FRIMI said:
that's true, she does have precog. The question then is of whether she'd act on it or continue to underestimate the puny Human
I don't think she'd underestimate Saitama enough that she wouldn't act on a vision of her being reduced to gore with a punch. Not as though she's on a tight time-frame, considering how Saitama also starts out holding back.
Her infinite speed is reliant on her reaction speed which is equalized.

Her instincts im pretty sure act like a beetles in which she can sense danger/see small future events, kind of like Carnage Kabuto.

Im unsure if this is passive etiher.