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madara uchiha

  1. JJSliderman

    Madara seeks vengeance on the aliens: Madara Uchiha vs Dark Samus

    Echoes Dark Samus pre-endgame Vs Juubi Jinchuuriki Dual Rinnegan+Rinne Sharingan Madara (the 5-B one) Speed Equalized, battle takes place where the Fourth Shinobi War was held. Ninja Hax God: Alien Hax Goddess: (Winter, XSOULOFCINDERX, BrackishBrineBroth, DaReaperMan) Spider-Man (incon):
  2. KingogKings777

    Naruto Jins and Soul Manip

    Short and lackluster with no effort The following characters shouldn't have Soul Manipulation as an ability seeing as they do not fit our definition of it. They do however fit the definition of NPI which they already have. The reason they have it in the first place is based off of the...
  3. Mamaroza

    Uchiha Madara Vs Meliodas

    3 eye Madara Meliodas Speed unequalized Uchiha Madara Meliodas Madara:6 (Mamaroza,Deceived3596,Stryker861,One-Mastor,Shadyboi0,Godernet Meliodas:4 (MeliodasDeUzyy,Speedster352,Makai641001,Pekiodas
  4. Mamaroza

    Causality Manipulation Izanagi

    I know this is more of a subjective reality achievement. But the wiki page says cause and effect can turn in its favour. "The user can direct any cause to any effect, reverse the cause/effect relationship to undo anything, or even completely separate them, making it impossible for a particular...
  5. MinatoSparkle

    50% Kurama ain't that guy (Naruto Top Tiers response)

    This is a response to the recent thread about Naruto Top Tiers, so reading the scaling there before this would probably be a good idea. I'll be talking about why 50% Kurama shouldn't scale to MKCM2 Naruto based on feats, statements, and scaling. There's really no basis for MKCM2 Naruto's power...
  6. UchihaSlayer96

    Super Flying Ninja Broken Beer Bottle Neck and Eggplant Shanking no Jutsu of the Thunder God's Spiraling Sphere level 4 x3 Grade 4 (Naruto Top Tiers)

    Yo everyone! I hope ya'll are doing great. This may very well be my fastest thread turnover, EVER. There's a reason for this, though. Firstly, this is the much awaited Top Tiers revision. As many of you may know, it really does not involve that many characters, only 11 to be exact. This had the...
  7. UchihaSlayer96

    This number 9 large will rickroll any filthy, simping Uchiha in sight, Harambe will revive and take his rightful place above these inferior creatures

    This one's for you @Deceived Hey everyone! This is the much awaited sequel to this thread. Our main objective here is to establish scaling chains based on what was accepted in the last thread, and finally apply the actual changes to the profiles based on the values accepted here. However...
  8. kaydee

    A small Naruto revision

    Good day everyone. This is a minor profile revision, so I'm kinda hoping it goes through Agree- @Stryker861, @PrinceofPein, @Giannysmag (for Naruto), @Testarossa002, @LordGriffin1000 Disagree- Neutral-[/SPOILER][/spoiler]
  9. UchihaSlayer96

    Ya'll have no choice but to accept this revision as my welcome back (also late birthday!) present ;)

    Hello everyone! Long time no see. As many of you know, I've been gone for a hot minute. In my absence, it seems that a lot of changes were made to the verse. Obviously the verse has every right to move on in my absence, I don't have ownership over it or anything, and if anything, it makes me...
  10. LordGriffin1000

    Madara Uchiha vs Vlad Plasmius (0 - 7 - 0) (Concluded)

    Because I'm tiered of using Danny... Match Rules Both in Character Speed is Equalized Edo Tenshi Madara Season 3/High 6-C Vlad Location: Final Valley Standard Battle Assumptions (For everything else) Madara Uchiha: Vlad Plasmius: 7 (BreezeHM, LordGriffin1000, BrackishBrineBroth, Undylan...
  11. SlendVeny

    Menma Uzumaki vs Madara Uchiha

    Speed is equalized. Alive Madara without Kurama vs Menma. Madara: Menma: Gaara onetaps both:
  12. Godernet

    Madara and the guys play laser tag(yes it's another Naruto speed CRT)

    As you can see this is more Nard speed stuff but this one is hopefully less contentious. I noticed one Rinnegan Six Path Madara doesn't have his Light Fang listed under the speed section of his profile. He just has: At least Relativistic (Managed to somewhat keep up with 8th Gate Guy, who was...
  13. KingTempest

    Naruto Shmega Wood Forest Downgrade

    Don't blame me for this shit, @Arc7Kuroi is the one who let me know. I don't wanna hear "Tempest downgraded Naruto again ahhhh" like always This shit right here, https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Arc7Kuroi/Shin:_Jukai_Koutan These wooden sticks thrusting throughout the planet with Low...
  14. Thanos (MCU) vs Madara 10 tails

    Infinite Tsukuyomi Restricted Dual Rinnegan + Rinne-Sharingan Both Bloodlusted 10 meters Apart Thanos has All Stones except for mind and soul stone
  15. Axl233

    Kenshiro vs Madara and Obito

    i'm cannot think of any other fair matchup between Ken and othe naturo characters. -Battle Takes place at the valley of the end -seals lifted ken with Tenryū Kokyū -Both Jubi Madara and Obito -And speed is equalized Ken: Madara and Obito : Incon:

    Madara Uchiha vs Darth Vader (Soul Calibur)

    This is Rinne-Sharingan Madara vs 5-B Darth Vader with Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, Speed is Equalized, the fight takes place in the battlefield of the 4th Great Ninja War and both sides have Prior Knowledge of each other. The Third Sage of Six Paths : The Dark Lord of the Sith : Incon:
  17. YoutubeForKing

    Can the knight stop the infinite tsukuyomi? Arthur vs Madara

    Arthur Boyle vs One Rinnegan Madara Uchiha. Speed is = 10 meters apart Bloodlusted. Battle takes place on Soul Eaters moon Arhur has knowledge on Limbo and how dangerous TSO is. Bringer of World Peace - 2 (@YoutubeForKing, @Pain_to12) Dragon slaying Knight - 0 Incon - 0
  18. RanaProGamer

    Madara Fights The Strongest Mutant

    David transports himself to the Naruto world by accident and sees Madara become the Juubi Jinchuuriki, seeing him as a threat, he fights him, can he win? Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. Both are Low 5-B. One Rinnegan Juubidara vs Legion (FX) Who wins and why?
  19. RanaProGamer

    Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Profiles ARE DONE (kind of)

    Part 3 of this: https://vsbattles.com/threads/databooks-naruto-ultimate-ninja-storm-profiles-crt-2-5.138372/ This took way longer than I expected, but considering work, university and moving around, and the fact that I had to go through all 5 games including side missions, around 10 hours per...
  20. Arcker123

    Yhwach Vs Madara, But It's Special (And Hopefully, Non Toxic)

    The Sealed Quincy King Vs The Ghost Of The Uchiha I like both + They're conceptually similar (Character Wise) so eh, let's try it Base Yhwach (He doesn't get enough love) Vs Jūbi Jinchūriki Madara (Final Key) Stats Equal Bloodlusted No RC or Almighty and Madara can see and harm Yhwach, No IT...
  21. TauanVictor

    (GRACE) Garou VS Madara

    "Cosmic" Awakened Garou VS "Head of the Uchiha Clan" Madara Uchiha Starting Distance: 10m Both in-character Equalized speed Awakened Garou | Edo Tensei Madara LOCATION: Hero Hunter: 7 (@Qawsedf234, @Tural2004, @Bernkastelll, @Megaraptor149, @StekFence, @Chariot190, @TauanVictor) Uchiha...
  22. Maitreya

    Madara Uchiha VS Monkey D. Luffy

    JUUBIDARA VS GEAR 5 LUFFY 1 eyed Juubidara (pre shinju tree) Gear 5 Luffy Speed unequal 🗿 Fight takes place in the war arc battlefield. Juubidara: Luffy:
  23. Arc7Kuroi

    Awarding Boruto Many Success Achievements Via Shippuden Achievements Of Success

    Shippuden The Last Boruto Bonus Round Updated proposals: https://vsbattles.com/threads/awarding-boruto-many-success-achievements-via-shippuden-achievements-of-success.140047/post-4969740 Agree: Shadow, Slayer, Tracer (new proposals), LordGriffon (new proposals)...
  24. ScarletMoon1111

    Madara fights a Tekken assassin instead of Hashirama

    In-Character Location: Konoha EMS Final Valley Madara is used (Alongside Kurama) Madara: 1 (Arkenis) Anna: 1 (ScarletMoon1111) Incon: 0
  25. YoutubeForKing

    Madara vs Garou

    Madara Vs Garou. BLOODLUSTED 😈 Inf tsukuyomi is restricted. Both 5-C SBA otherwise Garou is at his peak (Final/Third Post Sage-Centipede Form) Madara is at his Peak (Dual Rinnegan plus sharingan). They start 10 meters apart. Madara downscales from 201 Exatons. Notable Wincons - Existence...
  26. CiscoTheSoto

    Monkey D. Luffy vs Madara Uchiha

    Monkey D. Luffy vs Madara Uchiha Battle location: Valley of the End Both in-character Speed is not equalized Alive Madara with Kurama and Post-Katakuri Fight Luffy are used. Madara starts with Armored Susanoo and Luffy starts in Gear 4. Kurama's Fully Charged Biju Bomb is restricted. King of...
  27. RanaProGamer

    Databooks (Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Profiles CRT: 2.5)

    https://vsbattles.com/threads/im-back-naruto-ultimate-ninja-storm-profiles-crt-part-2.130688/ a sub discussion of Part 2. I will go ahead and say that the profiles for Storm Series Naruto and Mecha Naruto are pretty much ready. However, I am faced with a small issue, namely the Jutsus and...
  28. Halkum145

    Uchiha Madara Black Hole

    Hello, I hope you are having a nice day. I have a calculation for Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. can you please rate it? https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Halkum145/Madara_Black_hole
  29. Arc7Kuroi

    Divine Deep Forest Emergence and Variable-Mass System KE

    Hello, I recently re-read through Naruto… So, I figured I’d make a Calc Group Discussion thread for this calc rather than pursue the chaos of trying to entertain discourse in a blog. My calc is predicated on finding the kinetic energy of a system with an increasing mass. I went about...
  30. Arc7Kuroi

    Correcting Year+ Long Unit Error

    Introduction So, a while ago when M3X used the power of wank to call in DT and nuke the frost country distance and when the old crater depth formula got replaced, I redid a lot of the later Shippuden calcs. That was nearly a year ago, I happen to be rereading Naruto, and as such going back...
  31. UchihaSlayer96

    Sippin' That Bijūice A lil Extra rn

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I woke up today and chose violence. It's about time we finally had this conversation already. Hello everyone! I hope you're having a good day, 'cause it's about to get a whole lot better or worse if you're lame 👀 All jokes aside, this is a topic that I've been...
  32. Bernkastelll

    Madara Limbo CRT

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Madara_Uchiha#Revived Resistance to Extrasensory Perception (Limbo clones are completely invisible and cannot be sensed) I mean, it's not that it cannot be sensed, they cannot be sensed in the conventinal sense because they are in another dimension, so, it's...
  33. Madara Uchiha vs Aura Michibane

    SBA Madara Uchiha - Jūbi Jinchūriki (One Rinnegan): 6-B, At least Relativistic Aura Michibane: High 6-A, Sub-Relativistic Speed is NOT Equalized Vs The Virgin Mother: Reio35, AnonymousBlank, speedster352, Lynieryz Genjutsu: XXKINGXX69, Kidkinsey, Incon:
  34. UchihaSlayer96

    Very, Very Minor Rinnegan Addition

    Yeah, my dumbass completely forgot that the Rinnegan can see chakra. So the description should be changed to this: That's literally all. Thanks for tuning in!
  35. UchihaSlayer96

    Genjutsu Stuff

    Hello everyone! I'm gonna be taking a minor detour from fixing the profiles to do something relatively important for the verse, when it comes to VS threads. So genjutsu potency in Naruto is a topic that frequently comes up in VS threads involving the verse. It's no secret that genjutsu users...
  36. UchihaSlayer96

    The Sharingan has so much BS so the Uchiha clan can cheat on exams

    Heyo everyone! It's me again! I told ya'll there was more to come, and I meant it. So, uhhh, this is basically the next installment in my profile improvement project, and it revolves around the Sharingan's P&As, Resistances, and weaknesses. Technically, most of these abilities and resistances...
  37. GoldExPoints

    I shouldn't have done this (Obito vs. Madara)

    All stats equalized Two Rinnegan + Rinne-Sharingan Madara and Controlled Jubi Obito are used Obito has Kamui Battle takes place where Naruto and Sasuke fought Jubi Madara Starting Range is 100 meters Obito: Madara: Sasuke (incon):
  38. UchihaSlayer96

    Sauce's Teleportation Jutsu is just a glorified Substitution LMAO

    Hey everyone! It's been a while since my last Nardo thread, but don't worry, this will be the first in a long line of CRTs coming very soon. This new series of threads won't be statistics related (though that stuff will come, too), but will aim to improve the profiles' quality in general. We...
  39. Arc7Kuroi

    Madara’s Rel Calc

    Introduction The purpose of this thread is to bring about discussion regarding what I believe to be questionable assumptions with Madara’s rel calc. My Perceived Issues So, the calc operates under the assumption that when Madara reacted to Tsunade, she was moving at light speed because the...
  40. M_Animefan

    Madara Uchiha (Naruto) VS Edward Newgate (One Piece)

    Speed is equalized: Prime Edward Newgate: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Edward_Newgate_(Whitebeard)?so=search VS Madara Uchiha with Kyubi: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Madara_Uchiha?so=search
  41. YoutubeForKing

    Madara Uchiha VS Ji Ning

    Madara Uchiha Ji Ning Speed is =, Ji Ning is in his first key and Madara is Revived Ghost of the Uchiha - 0 Chinaman - 0 Incon - 0
  42. Noneless21

    Ghost of Uchiha VS Southcloud the First(lol) (1 - 2 - 2)

    Alrite ladies and gentlemen, this is probably going to bite me back so hard all I can do is just laugh but I'm bored so I say **** it and proceed this vs match Madara Uchiha VS Nagumo Hajime Battle take place in some weird giant colosseum Speed equalize distance between one another is 100...
  43. Ratherlarge

    6 paths Madara CRT

    Shouldn't 6 paths Madara have a 5-C, likely higher, higher, far higher key? Both Naruto and Sasuke have them despite being weaker than Madara, so shouldn't Madara get a similar treatment? Limbo clones are stated to be equal to the original Madara and he can use up to 4 of them. Logically this...
  44. KingTempest

    Rinnegan Black Receiver Addition

    Me: I'm not touching this verse again Also me: Upgrades the verse Hey everybody, KT here. I'm here to add some stuff to a few profiles. Black Receivers First thing is all Rinnegan users. I say all Rinnegan users because the Fourth Databook says that the rods are a trademark of the Rinnegan (pg...
  45. MinatoSparkle

    Ohnoki durability upgrade

    Ohnoki survived being right in the middle of the Tengai Shinsei when it hit the ground, the same attack that disintegrated Edo Madara. This is despite Madara having the Humanoid Susanoo active (it's a bit hard to see in the last page, but a bit of the dark blue of the Susanoo is visible in the...
  46. Shadowbokunohero

    Naruto's Genjutsu Equalized Electric Boogaloo thread

    let's hope things can go smoothly As of recently, there has been a lot of contention in regards to Genjutsu in naruto and how it's Applicable to verse equalization, the lack of a consensus means that we have gotten dozens of threads asking the same question without a clear answer. It's for this...

    Madara Uchiha vs Jeanne Alter (Avenger).

    Madara is pleasantly surprised by this chance encounter. He didn't think anyone could stack up to him or Hashirama in Strength but this woman is clearly superior to them on their own without the use of any Jutsu. "This was fun while it lasted but this dance is about to come to a close" Madara...
  48. XXKINGXX69

    Naruto : Ōnoki and TSO upgrade

    First of all, how the hell does he not have deconstruction? It basically reduces you down on a fundamental level. He should get that Databooks state it reduces things to its atomic shape and Japanese scan says the same, so the matter manipulation for him and TSO users can be upgraded. Its also...
  49. RanaProGamer

    I'M BACK (Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Profiles CRT: Part 2)

    Long story short, had issues with my laptop which is why I wasn't active in a while, 2 weeks actually. But now all is set and done, so I can finally come to this. Part 1: https://vsbattles.com/threads/ok-lets-talk-naruto-ultimate-ninja-storm-profiles.127795/ Based on the first thread, many...
  50. Saintdhqhdy

    Madara vs naruto and sasuke but way more fun

    3 eye so6ps Madara Vs Current boruto era Naruto and Sasuke (no kurama or rinnegan) Madara: Naruto and sasuke:
  51. TauanVictor

    REMATCH: Madara Uchiha VS Satoru Gojo

    Just curiosity. Want to see how this goes. Madara Uchiha VS Satoru Gojo Fight Location: Shibuya (Japan) Starting Distance: 10m Both in-character Equalized speed Jūbi Jinchūriki (Dual Rinnegan+Rinne Sharingan) Madara | 28 years old Gojo Madara: 1 (@M3X) Gojo: Inconclusive:
  52. MinatoSparkle

    Edo Tobirama vs Edo Madara

    I know this sounds like a stomp, but before you say "Perfect Susanoo gg" or "Madara FRA," listen to the restriction. Madara is not allowed to use any version of the Susanoo beyond the Humanoid version, and he can't use Tengai Shinsei or his 6-C/High 6-C Wood Release. Yes this is allowed because...
  53. MinatoSparkle

    How unlikely do you think it is for any sort of revision related to Tier 6 Naruto to go through at the moment?

    What the OP says. Cause I was thinking of making something for Late/Post-Juubito fight EMS Sasuke, EMS Madara, Blind SM Madara, and SM Hashirama all being 6-C, but if it's gonna flop like all my other revisions in this versewide CRT time, might as well wait.
  54. Dust_Collector

    Ganondorf vs Madara

    I don't know anything about Naruto but I saw Madara was Island level+ and had some nice hax and resistances and has methods of dealing with Ganons regen. I'm not sure how often Madara uses his abilities or how good they are exactly so forgive me if this ends up not being a good fight (Was gonna...
  55. TauanVictor

    Madara Uchiha VS One Piece verse

    Madara Uchiha VS One Piece verse Fight Location: A very big island Starting Distance: 500m Both in-character Equalized speed One Piece verse has prior knowledge of TSBs and Limbo, Madara has prior knowledge of Devil Fruit and Haki Jūbi Jinchūriki (One Rinnegan) Madara | Prime characters in One...
  56. KingKenjo

    Kabuto, his Reanimations and Vs Threads

    So, could you add a Vs Thread where Kabuto and one of his Reanimations are teamed up? They are technically summons of his, and he can control most of them. So in theory pairing 2 of them together shouldn't be against the Vs Thread Rules, right?
  57. TauanVictor

    Madara Uchiha VS Dante Zogratis

    Madara Uchiha VS Dante Zogratis Fight Location: Place Starting Distance: 25m Both in-character Equalized speed Jūbi Jinchūriki (One Rinnegan) Madara Madara: 4 (@Theendzero13, @Razor, @Popted2, @Armerish) Dante: Inconclusive:
  58. TauanVictor

    Madara Uchiha VS Zagred

    Madara Uchiha (Naruto) VS Zagred (Black Clover) Fight Location: Place Starting Distance: 50m Both in-character Equalized speed Edo Tensei Madara | Complete Zagred Madara: Zagred: Inconclusive:
  59. Rasputin

    Saiki vs Madara

    Saiki vs Madara Equal Speed
  60. lanzelbus

    Madara Uchiha (10 tails) vs Sasuke Uchiha (no rinnegan)

    Madara Uchiha (10 tails form + one Rinnegan) Sasuke Uchiha (adult form restricted to no Rinnegan, equal to his adult form otherwise.) Have seen many people say that Sasuke stomps but gave no valid reasoning and I really don't see how Sasuke will get past Madara's hax that he couldn't bypass...
  61. TauanVictor

    Madara Uchiha VS Hashirama Senju (0-1-1)

    Madara Uchiha VS Hashirama Senju Fight Location: Valley of the End Starting Distance: 20m Both are bloodlusted Edo Tensei versions Madara: Hashirama: 1 (@FluffyCreatureZ) Inconclusive: 1 (@Sus)
  62. RanaProGamer

    A Small Naruto CRT.

    Just noticed that Kurama got the Bijuu Bomb Upgrade. So I thought I'd bring up the Majestic Attire for a couple of upgrades, and some just cuz they need it (please don't kill me, I haven't done this in forever). So for the case of New Era Naruto and New Era Sasuke, both have Low 5-B for their...
  63. Jasonsith

    Death Battle Season Eight Discussion Thread (2) (All-time Death Battle Spoilers Alert)

    We talk about everything DEATH BATTLE here! Continued from here Also continued from here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here... Yep.
  64. Bernkastelll

    Madara vs Megicula

    Speed Equal Chakra = Magic Revived Sage Mode Madara (Low 6-B) vs Megicula Incon:
  65. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    I'm Ninja Rick (Madara vs Rick Sanchez)

    Madara Uchilha vs Rick Sanchez The Ninja The Scientist Rules base madara vs Post Phoenix Rick standard equipment only battle takes place in a neutral universe fight to death or if that don't work. (because of the whole cloning bullshit) just use incap. Battle starts 50 ft apart. Speed...
  66. TauanVictor

    Madara Uchiha VS Satoru Gojo

    Yes, another one matchup from the Gojo vs Naruto characters series, why not. Madara Uchiha VS Satoru Gojo Fight Location: Valley of the End Starting Distance: 100m Equalized speed Both in-character Alive Madara | 28 years old Gojo Madara: 8 (@Pain_to12, @M3X, @KingAllen30, @Pokemonfan807...
  67. UchihaSlayer96

    The Ultimate Chakra Thread, sure will show off some ULTIMATE SKILLZ and POGGERS that will give y'all the ULTIMATE OMEGA KCM LEVEL DEBUFF MENTAL DAZE!!

    Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a wonderful day because it's about to get a whole lot worse/better depending on which side of this fence you stand. Despite what the bold title may suggest, I'm not here today to spite anyone or cause any trouble. On the contrary, my main aim with this...
  68. MinatoSparkle

    EMS Madara ability removal

    This is what Madara currently has on his profile. "Soul Manipulation and Non-Physical Interaction (Users of Susano'o can interact with the soul. Scales to Itachi's Susano'o that can wield Totsuka Blade, which doesn't have a physical form)" Madara doesn't have the Totsuka Blade and has never...
  69. God900

    Madara fights the Galactic Empire.

    -Speed is equalized. -This is a hypotethical Edo Madara who can transform into Jūbi Jinchūriki (Dual Rinnegan+Rinne Sharingan) but, due to this, his loses his Edo powers. Madara starts in Edo. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Madara_Uchiha https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Galactic_Empire
  70. Farrel980

    Boruto vs Kid Madara

    This is my first ever thread and even input on this site since I usually just watch the stuff that happens here I would put it in the vs threads section but Kid Madara has no profile since his feats are minimum to none Boro Arc Boruto (Karma Unlocked) vs Kid Madara (Sharingan Unlocked)...
  71. RisingIons

    Alive Madara Revision

    Madara while he was alive had wood style. We know this because he immediately implanted a piece of Hashirama’s body into himself after using Izanagi to revive himself. Furthermore, we know Uchiha DNA + Senju DNA (or ashura descendant + indra's) = rinnegan, and Madara didn’t unlock the rinnegan...
  72. TauanVictor

    A question about Edo Madara

    Can Madara Edo use Limbo?

    There is no immortal Naruto character after the Sakura Novel ?

    Does this mean that there is no real "Immortal" Naruto character ? The scan shows that the cells in Naruto can divide only a finite of times before they die. Does this mean that Kaguya is not immortal but instead has "only" good regen?

    Sasuke vs Madara

    Sasuke Vs Madara Sasuke (Boruto) Vs Madara (Dual Rinnegan+Rinne Sharingan) -both in prime -in character
  75. MinatoSparkle

    BSM Naruto vs Alive EMS Madara

    Battle takes place in Konoha, but it's desserted. Naruto: 0 Madara: 2 Juubito solos:

    Mega Man (Classic) vs Madara Uchiha.

    This is Alive Majestic Attire Madara vs High 6-C+ Rock, Speed Equalized. Fight takes place in the Valley of the End. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Mega_Man_(Classic) : 4 https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Madara_Uchiha : Incon:
  77. Shadowbokunohero

    Itachi Uchiha vs Madara Uchiha

    *Both Edo Tensei's * Kotoamatsukami for Itachi and morning wood release and Perfect Susano is restricted for Madara *Speed is equalized *Battle takes place inside of spongebobs house. *Both are bloodlusted. *Their battle theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNfGAxqVcQ0
  78. TauanVictor

    The True Uchiha VS The False Uchiha: Kakashi Hatake VS Madara Uchiha

    Kakashi Hatake VS Madara Uchiha Fight Location: Place Starting Distance: 1km Both in-character Equalized speed Dual Mangekyō Sharingan Kakashi | Jūbi Jinchūriki (One Rinnegan) Madara The False Uchiha: 7 (@Shadowbokunohero, @Jseymore, @GokuSparkle, @Galvino, @FluffyCreatureZ, @theultimate5105...
  79. TauanVictor

    The True Uchiha VS The False Uchiha: Kakashi Hatake VS Madara Uchiha

    Kakashi Hatake VS Madara Uchiha Fight Location: Place Starting Distance: 1km Both in-character Equalized speed Dual Mangekyō Sharingan Kakashi and Jūbi Jinchūriki (One Rinnegan) Madara The False Uchiha: The True Uchiha: Inconclusive:
  80. Shadowbokunohero

    Madara Uchiha vs Obito Uchiha

    *Alive Madara *Obito from the War Arc. * High 7-A Versions *Speed is = *Battle takes place in Ichigo Kurosaki's Living Room. *Song that plays.

    Obito and Madara vs The Ashen One.

    Yeah that's right, you ******* heard me. Madara and Obito qualify for team battles because they Canonically fight together for a very noticeable portion of the War Arc. This is Edo Madara and Fourth War Obito vs Low 6-B Ashen One, Speed Equalized. The fight takes place in the Kiln of the...

    Naruto and Sasuke vs Madara: The Real Battle Begins Now!

    So I learned that Team Battles are allowed as long as they meet some specific Criteria, which these two do so let's do this. Six Paths Naruto and Rinnegan Sasuke vs Rinne-Sharingan Madara. Let's just assumed his Limbo Clone bitch slapped Zetsu out of existence or something so they can actually...
  83. Nullflowerblush

    Revising Madara and Guy's tiers

    Madara, first. On top of surviving the Night Guy, albeit with half of his torso obliterated; although, do not get it twisted; the Night Guy is superior to him, he: Blocked a punch from V1 Six Paths Sage Mode Naruto despite not having fully recovered from Night Guy and then survived the...
  84. WrongIdea21

    Rikudou Madara Uciha vs 7th Hokage (8/11/0)

    Let's Make This Easy Madara Uciha vs Naruto uzumaki Hokage Naruto Was Used Speed Was Equalized Fullpower Both Are 5C Start At 100 meters wincon: Die Or K.O who will win? Madara: 8 (Beezlebuth, Aeneax, LordEscanor, Mr Kerf, UcihaSlayer96, Shadowbokunohero, ΚΟΜΙΞ, Risinglons ) Naruto: 11 (...
  85. WrongIdea21

    Madara Uciha Vs Delta (7/2/1) Grace

    Here we go Rikudou Madara Uciha ( Winner ) Vs Delta Speed not equalized Full power Start at 100 Meters Bloodlust Wincon : Death, K.O, Unconscious Madara : 7 ( Allmighty991, Aeneax, Shadowbokunohero, UcihaSlayer96, Galvino, Slacjow, Loyd) Delta : 2 (RamadhanDayYet, Bernkastelll) Kaguya Slap...

    Madara Uchiha vs Jyrik Gauldurson.

    Madara has just been revived as an Edo Tensei but before he arrives at the area where he would normally encounter the Shinobi Alliance, he sees a strange structure hidden in a Mountainside and senses something strange from within it. Once he's cut down all the Draugr in his way, he finally finds...
  87. TauanVictor

    The EMS Duel: Madara Uchiha VS Sasuke Uchiha (GRACE)

    Madara Uchiha VS Sasuke Uchiha Fight Location: Konohagakure Starting Distance: 10 Meters Both in-character Equalized speed Alive Madara and Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan Sasuke was used Madara: 8 (@XSOULOFCINDERX, @Fastestthingalive50, @Shadyboi0, @LordTracer, @ElixirBlue, @KingTempest, @Popted2...
  88. XxReapersTrueRevengexX

    Aizen vs Madara

    Aizen vs madara Votes Aizen : 1 Madara : 0 Don't tell me its a stalemate
  89. UchihaSlayer96

    This dude was never a legit Itachi simp, in reality he simps for Tsunade and her assets

    Hello everyone. As the title suggests, this thread essentially exists for the sole purpose of wanking doing Tsunade some justice. I'm going to propose some abilites for her, and flesh out some of the attributes she already has on her profile. Oh, and I guess I might as well propose some...
  90. MinatoSparkle

    Bijuu Mode Minato VS EMS Madara

    Alive with Kurama Minato VS VOTE Madara w/o Kurama Minato: 0 Madara: 3 Inconclusive Minato has access to any kunai he's placed across the shinobi world, and has kunai spread across the battlefield. His knowledge is general tales of Madara's legendary power so he knows to be wary, but...
  91. Chosensan

    Boa Hancock vs Uchiha Madara

    I have no idea if this even works but its worth a try Uchiha Madara: 0 Boa Hancock: 0 Incon: 0 Both at strongest keys Speed Equalized Really hope its not a stomp even with the AP Difference
  92. RanaProGamer

    Isn't Adult Base Naruto 6-A+ to Possibly 5-C?

    Like, I can understand that he borrows powers from other beasts, but the extent isn't unknown. We especially see him (Part 2 Base Naruto) borrow enough powers to let him damage Jūbi Jinchūriki (One Rinnegan) Madara, who is rated 6-A+ to possibly 5-C. This isn't too far fetched as we do see Adult...
  93. GokuBlacksolosyourverse

    Madara VS White Kurumi Tokisaki

    The battle of two mad ningens Uchiha Madara (Alive) versión femenina de Frieza White Queen Both of them are High 7-A, Alive Madara was used, speed was equalized...

    Madara Uchiha vs Mega Man (Classic).

    EMS/Alive Madara is at Low 6-B and Rock is at High 6-C. Rock has Prior Knowledge on Madara's Stat Advantage and Speed Equalized. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Madara_Uchiha : https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Mega_Man_(Classic) : Incon:
  95. UchihaSlayer96

    Naruto: Tempest Will Lose His Mind When He Sees This Amaterasu Revision

    Hello everyone! I've been teasing that I wanted to revise Amaterasu for months now, and well.......here we are. The moment of truth! So without further ado........ What is Amaterasu and how does it work? Amaterasu is a Mangekyō Sharingan Jutsu that allows the user to conjure black flames at the...
  96. Chosensan

    Aizen vs Madara

    Madara [5-C Key] vs Aizen [High 6-A Key] No RC/Soul Stuff that ends the battle in an instant Speed Equalized

    Madara Uchiha vs King Ghidorah.

    Madara Spam is a go. Blind Sage Mode Madara is being used. Speed Equalized. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Madara_Uchiha : https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/King_Ghidorah_(MonsterVerse) : Incon:

    Madara Uchiha vs The Nameless King.

    Madara is not using the Majestic Attire Susano'o yet, but he does have Kurama and the Perfect Susano'o out already. Low 6-B Nameless King with the Storm Drake. Speed Equalized and both have Prior Knowledge. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Madara_Uchiha ...

    Obito vs Madara.

    Controlled Juubito vs Revived Rinnegan Sage Mode Madara. Both have the Knowledge they would normally have of each other. Takes place on the Fourth Ninja War Battlefield. Both are within Range of each other. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Obito_Uchiha : 2...
  100. UchihaSlayer96

    Captain Juubito: Civil War (+Top tiers scaling stuff)

    Hello everyone! The goal of this thread is to propose some major changes to, and/or explain, how the Top tiers of the Naruto-Verse should be scaled. In this thread specifically, there were two especially controvertial topics that came up in regards to Juubito scaling. Those were "Should Juubito...