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king (one punch man)

  1. Javenplayz253

    A true queen (Flower (Bfdi 26) vs King OPM) [GRACE]

    Both are 10-B Flower has prior knowledge on King and She has no weapons Speed is equal Battle Takes Place at Dream island (Bfdi) Both are 2 meters apart "OUTTA MY WAY I NEED MY SPACE!": "I'm just too cool ngl": 3 Incon:
  2. Churronzon

    King vs Dylan Alvarez

    Starting distance is 10 meters Strongest Hero: The protagonist: They bullshit each other and go home:
  3. MrKerf

    MrBeast vs King (Crazy Youtuber vs Strongest Hero)

    When Jimmy was about to launch the Moon into Earth, a man approached him. Confused, he decides to postpone his plan. After all, the longer the video is - the better. Speed is equalised. Battle takes place in New-York's central park. MrBeast is 10-A, but if necessary will activate the Moon...
  4. Recon1511

    One Punch Man: King CRT

    King: For such a major supporting character, his profile is just awful and outdated citing things that happened in the webcomic but not the manga continuity: Powers and Abilities: Passive Social Influencing (Maintains his image as an S Class Hero even though he is just a normal human. King's...
  5. Abysswalker2126

    King Vs D’Arby

    King Vs D’Arby Saitama tries to beat D’Arby but fails and loses his soul, So the Hero Association dispatches King. King wagers his soul against D’Arby making the bet if he wins a best of three in three games D’Arby has to give up and surrender. The first game is street fighter, the second game...
  6. Matthew_Schroeder

    King (One Punch Man) Vs. James Dean (Monument Mythos) - A Psychological Battle

    Two seemingly ordinary men meet together for "Battle". Both of them unbelievably beloved by the people and holding legendary positions of power. One of them is King, S-Class Hero and the World's Strongest Man. The other one James Dean, the President of the United States of America. They meet...
  7. King vs Meteor (OPM)

    Basically this is a parallel universe where Bang, Saitama, Genos and Metal Knight for one reason or another do not arrive to prevent the meteor from hitting Z-City. However, the Earth's strongest man was buying a videogame in Z-City. What would happen? Some lucky guy: 6 A rock: 1...
  8. Pepsiman25th

    Kotoura vs king (A powerless girl vs the world's strongest man)

    Kotoura Haruka vs King A normal human vs human 10-B battle. Speed equal and both run into each other in an anime store. Battle ends via one side giving up or running away no weapons or prep who wins? Mind reader girl: Strongest Human: Rockymountainjammer incon:
  9. Whiz_Almighty

    King Upgrade CRT!

    King stated he become one with nothingness. I propose Low 2-C upgrade 😂 Kidding aside: I propose King to insert ability related to sound since his heart beats are heard from far away by Black Sperms which is not normal.
  10. Maverick_Zero_X

    King vs Tails

    King vs Modern Tails
  11. Shmooply

    To the town of Z-City rode a stranger one fine day...

    This matchup has been living rent-free in my brain for months on end, so it's time I finally make it. The King - Courier Six - 3 (Xit, Cinder, Loyd) Kanye West (INCON) -
  12. Stillwinston

    A King plays poker

    Talked about this a long while ago on Discord, let's put it into practise Speed is equalised. The game being played is Texas Hold Em Poker, Daniel has a day to prepare himself and knows of King's reputation. King has had a day to learn the game and knows the stakes of the game (Wagering your...
  13. Pepsiman25th

    its time for king (one punch man) to scare daylights out of everyone

    this crt is for king (opm) to have minor/limited fear manipulation vis the king engine aka his heart beat pretty sure others also think king should have minor/limited fear manipulation as well. if no one knows what the king engine is King Engine: Villains feel a chill that runs from their...
  14. JohnConquest1

    King (OPM) vs Puppysmiles (FoE), Earths Strongest Man fights a Pink Ghost

    King is unwittingly called in to stop a monster from terrorizing Central Park. Upon arriving he is surprised to see that the "monster" in question is just a small pony in a space suit. "Hi I'm Puppysmiles" The pony greets him warmly "Have you seen my mom?". Perturbed the monsters strange...
  15. Kaiki Deishuu vs King (OPM) : Liars United

    King doesn’t want a stupid “Ghost Buster” card. Kaiki Deishuu V King (OPM) Does speed really need to be equal? All optional equipment. Fight takes place in a coffee shop. Kaiki: King: Incon:
  16. Keeweed

    The kings of social influencing/luck: King vs the Courier

    As far as I’m aware this somehow wasn’t already made, so making it now. Both start within talking distance. Both know of each other’s reputation. King: The Courier: Inconclusive:
  17. Ugarik

    Captain Ginyu vs King

    Base Ginyu. Both have prior knowledge. Ginyu has the scouter Ginyu: 4 (RippleW, Lord_JJJ, Axxtentacle, ZetaMarishi) King: 10 (ElixirBlue, Zackra1799, ZoroNotZolo, KingTempest, Emirp sumitpo, GlaceonGamez471, Rocker1189, Naitodesu, Oleggator, Ned_the_outer_god) Inconclusive:
  18. King Vs Hiro Nakamura

    Both are In-character Who wins and why? King (OPM): Hiro (Heroes): Inconclusive:
  19. GoCommitDi

    Mordecai vs King...

    ...in a video game tournament Both will be playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Both have an hour to warm up beforehand The "fight" is in Pops' house but they cannot get "outside help" from the others Loser has to listen to k-pop for 24 hours straight
  20. Tetsucabrah

    The strongest hero vs Japan's greatest strategian

    King is enjoying his favorite dating sim when he gets isekai'd into the Katanagatari universe. He bumps into Togame who angrily berates him for bumping into her. What happens next CHEERIO: King Engine: 3
  21. Phoenks

    Sora vs King (1-7-0)

    They are playing a street fight game. Sora has 15 minutes to learn the controls. Who wins?
  22. SupremeGilgamesh

    Nazi Charisma vs Greatest Hero

    Reinhard Heydrich vs King Reinhard is at his strongest key King is at his weakest key Speed equalized Who wins and why? FIGHT!!!
  23. SupremeGilgamesh

    King vs Yugi

    King vs Yugi They are playing Street Fighter Alpha 2 The winner is the one that gets to finish off Shin Akuma in the first time Speed Equalized Yugi doens't have access to the God Cards Who wins and Why FIGHT!!!
  24. Phoenks

    King vs Big Smoke

    Big smoke does not have weapons. King Big Smoke 2
  25. RinneItachi

    Pre-Retcon Beyonder Vs. King (One Punch Man)

    SBA Speed Equalized https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Beyonder_(Pre-Retcon) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/King_(One_Punch_Man)#%22Hero%22%20King Edit: King has access to the King Engine.
  26. Threemagi

    King (OPM) invades your fave series, can he become 'top dog' ?

    King has some kind of weird power that lets him take credits for someone else's doing. (Through misunderstanding on everyone's part) So, can King be misunderstood as a top dog of your fave series?
  27. Buttersamuri

    Hey King, How about another Joke

    Arthur Fleck Joker has a running in with The King from OPM. Let's see who comes out alive Speed is equal Joker knows a King is a hero That's all I suppose Joker: 4 King: Inconclusive/Draw:
  28. Buttersamuri

    Kyu vs King (Grace)

    Cause their human levels Anyway. Umm. SBA. Nothing else. Have fun Kyu Sugardust: King: 7 Inconclusive/Draw:
  29. Kamekaizen

    King, the ­Øÿô­Øÿ­Øÿñ­Øÿ¼­Øÿ¬­Øÿª­Øÿ┤­ØÿÁ Man on Earth

    So does anyone think that King (One-Punch Man) has Fear Aura? And also Supernatural Luck? Those abilities seems pretty applicable to him but not added in his profile. Should it be added? Edit: It seems that Social Influencing makes people fear him. Debate if otherwise.
  30. Buttersamuri

    The Judge vs King

    The Judge is certain that King from One Punch Man is guilty of a murder crime. So he goes to confront him to find him guilty. Here's the "fight" Is King able to use his skills in fear tactics and other such things to get The Judge to back down from this accesasions and leave the place Or will...
  31. Creaturemaster971

    Tier-Accurate Hero Association

    So we know that the heroes are ranked in the Hero Association by a number of factors, including popularity and activity and whatnot, but how would S-Class be organized if it was strictly who would beat who in a fight? Organization based solely on combat effectiveness and powerscaling Blast...
  32. AidenBrooks999

    Fear Inducement for King

    What the title says basically Shouldn't he have Fear Inducement?
  33. DontTalkDT

    Teruhashi Kokomi vs King (One Punch Man)

    Teruhashi Kokomi vs King (One Punch Man) The first of hopefully many stupid Teruhashi matches.
  34. PaChi2

    King (OPM) vs Han Jee-Han

    King (One Punch Man) vs Starting of series/First key Han Jee-Ha SBA Speed equal. They are playing Tetris.
  35. Buttersamuri

    A King and Bear have a staring Contest

    Walking down the streets is The King. Until he bumps shoulder into a Bear know as Naughty bear. A staring contest goes between them Both have previous knowledge of their feats (Naughty knowing the "feats" king has done that hasn't actually happened) Neither can speak to each other. They have...
  36. Andytrenom

    Doubt about King's abilities

    There are two abilities currently listed on King's profile that I really need to make sure are legit Supernatural Luck He has supernatural luck but if I may ask what is the evidence that his luck actually qualifies as this power? Simply being said to be lucky doesn't justify this ability (even...
  37. The_King_of_Prudence

    King versus Haruka Takayama

    King (One Punch Man): 1 (Jasonsith) Haruka Takayama: Inconclusive: 1 (Jaxmister417)
  38. SupremeGilgamesh

    The Strongest Man on Earth vs Shounen Jump Final Bosses

    King vs Kaguya Otsutsuki,Yhwach,Iihiko Shishime,Kid Buu,Zorc Necrophades and Thief King Bakura with his composite deck,Raoh and Kaioh,All of JoJo main antagonists with DIO having fully healed body,Utsuro,Meruem,Younger Toguro and Shinobu Sensui,All for One and BlackBeard Post-Timeskip Speed...
  39. Bobsican

    OPM King is stinged by a bee

    Speed not equalized. The Legend The Black and Yellow Justice Black and yellow!
  40. HeartLock

    Pretzel Jack (Channel Zero) Vs King (One Punch Man)

    Do you think King would win against The Laughing Shadow or will he become another victim in the monster path? King (OPM) : Pretzel Jack (CZ) :