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...in a video game tournament

Both will be playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Both have an hour to warm up beforehand

The "fight" is in Pops' house but they cannot get "outside help" from the others

Loser has to listen to k-pop for 24 hours straight

250px-Mordecai Character Original
Oie etS36SK7EPoK
King should be the better gamer and takes them more seriously Mordecai is skilled but he isn't in a professional league unlike king. King is also lucky and mario kart does take a good ammount of luck to pull out a good item so I'm voting king for being the better gamer
King effortlessly beat a professional gamer, and beat Saitama with 2 fingers with a much weaker character whilst only having a pixel of health left and Saitama having full health with an apparently cheap/overpowered character.

His best video game feat though in my opinion is from the OVA, where he managed to wipe the floor with Suiryu who was playing in VR (which means it perfectly replicated his technique, speed and movements), to the point where Suiryu thought that he was completely outclassed by a master martial artist, when it was just King using only a controller, yet Suiryu managed to fight on equal grounds with Garou and wasn't nearly as impressed.

Mordecai shouldn't even stand a chance.