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jotaro kujo

  1. Baken384

    The Stardust Crusader vs The Shagohod (0-0-0)

    Angered Jotaro Kujo VS The Shagohod After Jotaro defeated Volgin, Volgin returns with a vengeance using the Shagohod, running over and killing Old Joseph Joestar, which greatly angered Jotaro. Jotaro starts off Angry Starting Distance - 20 Meters The fight takes place in the same place Snake...
  2. Robo432343

    Jotaro vs Kenshiro REMATCH

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Jotaro_Kujo vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kenshiro_(Hokuto_no_Ken) Kenshiro is 6-B SBA Both Start 500km away Speed Unequal Jotaro is bloodlusted
  3. Baken384

    The Stardust Crusader vs The God of War (0-0-0)

    P3 Jotaro Kujo (Pre-DIO's World) vs Kratos (Playstation All Stars) TRUE SPEED EQUAL (those who believe in that dumb speed equal rule with stands should not comment here) Starting DIstance: 10 Meters no time stop Fight takes place on Moonlight Bridge from P3 Jotaro: Kratos: Incon:
  4. StrymULTRA

    Another CRT that Bites the Dust (High 3-A Yoshikage Kira + extras)

    Essentially, I don't think that Yoshikage Kira's being 3-A is really accurate, but he should be High 3-A instead. His justification is basically this: Universe level Environmental Destruction with Bites the Dust (Killer's Queen final bomb which blows away time;[33] Blows up approximately one...
  5. JustANormalLemon

    Jotaro! 1v1 no items fox only final destination! (Noriaki Kakyoin vs Jotaro Kujo)(JJBA)(7-0-0)

    Very simple but inconventional battle, Both will play a better of 3 game of competitive SSB Meele as Fox on final destination, competitive rules playing in a nintendo cube with the original controls of the console in good condition Jotaro has 5 minutes of prepare time on traning mode Stand...
  6. Baken384

    Massive Lifting Strength Revision for JJBA High Tiers

    Lifting Strength for the stronger characters (Jotaro's Star Platinum and DIO's The World) will be upgraded to Class G through two calculations. Star Platinum briefly holding up High Priestess' Bite: Around 55 Million Tons (Class G)...
  7. King_Dom470

    Jotaro fights The Spot (0-0-0)

    Rules: Speed equal Battle takes place in Dio's Castle Stardust crusaders Jotaro is used Post-Multiple Collider Energy Absorption Spot is used SBA for everything else The Spot: Jotaro: Incon:
  8. The_one_you_least_expect

    Jotaro’s phantom hands

    Jojo SP has been shown to be able to pass through jojo l and others and interact with there organs (1:18) This should be enough for getting the dura neg ability on his profile
  9. Cyber_VERGIL

    Jotaro's speed in parts 4 and 6.

    As I see it, Star Platinum in parts 4-6 has "At least FTL, likely MFTL". Why "likely"? I mean, literally every second Stand in Part 5 has MFTL speed (Even Koichi's Stand, I remember, is comparable to Giorno's Stand). In addition, enraged Josuke in the profiles partially scales to calm Jotaro...
  10. JohnCenaNation

    All JoJos (JJBA) vs Kars (JJBA)

    Ladies and gentlemen after the original timeline of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure all got their anime series, what did we learn from watching the anime? Among everyone of the main antagonists that got killed, Kars is the only one that is still alive. Dio got killed by Jotaro, Yoshikage got killed by...
  11. Unknownnah

    Jotaro Kujo vs Vanilla Ice

    Prime Jotaro Human Vanilla Battle takes place in DIO's mansion Jotaro is in the same situation as Pol, Avdol, and Iggy SBA otherwise Jotaro: Vanilla: 1 Incon:
  12. Axl233

    Pucci vs Prime Jotaro

    Same scenario that happened after MIH's awakening at the cape carnival at the end of part 6, only this time Jotaro is not literal fodder(Lets Say he kept training SP and never got out of shape) Meaning: -Speed is not equalized. -Pucci has prior knowledge and is bloodlusted. -Prison gang is...
  13. Saintdhqhdy

    About Polnareff from jojos

    So in his profile, why is Anubis polnareff feats on his profile? Those feats should be on Anubis profile instead of Polnareff’s, Polnareff doesn’t even scale to that Anubis, he was able to get beat up by a weaker Anubis before jotaro saved him...
  14. Peppersalt43

    Jotaro Kujo vs Echo Echo

    ALTERNATE TITLE: WHEN THE SCREAMING BECOMES COMBAT APPLICABLE Making due with a promise I made in the Jotaro Match-Up thread. Also if Echo Echo somehow wins, it would be really ******* funny that we end up creating a scaling circle in which Neopolitan beats Echo Echo, Jotaro stomps Neopolitan...
  15. Spinoirr

    (Jotaro downgrade) is Jotaro wall level physicality without his stand?

    Jataro is listed as wall level despite having no calcs to back that up, at best he would be street level without any calcs
  16. V999

    Tournament High 8-C My Hero Academia Vs Random Characters Round 1 : Match 2 Wolfram Vs Jotaro Kujo STOMP

    My Hero Academia VS Jojo Bizarre Adventure • Speed are equalized • Jotaro first key is used • Location : I-Island Wolfram : Jotaro Kujo : Inconclusive :
  17. Peppersalt43

    Jotaro Kujo vs Neopolitan

    ALTERNATE TITLE: ICE CREAM ON THE BEACH I'm planning on making Jotaro vs Echo Echo in the future but I'm still waiting for someone to confirm on whether or not it's possible. For now, let's just pit him against the gal who managed to beat Echo Echo. This shouldn't be so bad ●...
  18. Peppersalt43

    Jotaro Kujo vs Tanya von Degurechaff

    ALTERNATE TITLE: WAGING WAR ON THE STARDUST CRUSADER Look, @Baken384. As much as the speed equalized rules suck, we're gonna have to play along if we want matches to get added. I actually have another match planned for Jotaro but it's a lot more risque Also hey! This is the first time I did...
  19. Baken384

    Jotaro vs Killer Hero Ihwa (0-0-0)

    Jotaro Kujo (JJBA: Stardust Crusaders) vs Hero Killer Ihwa (Hero Killer) Jotaro starts off angry Time Stop restricted Ihwa is in her Post Training Key Speed Equalized (leave all the mfs with the stand speed equal bullshit) Starting Distance: 20 meters Fight takes place outside Spy X Family's...
  20. Axl233

    Made in Heaven speed multiplier.

    This is about MIH Initial speed amp before he reaches infinite. So Pucci's Made in Heaven key it stated like this->Average Human, at most FTL, likely higher reactions normally, Varies via Time Acceleration.Instead of that it should be FTL+ likely MFTL+,Much Higher via Time Acceleration, cause...
  21. Baken384

    SAM VS JOTARO (3-0-0)

    Sam Puckett (ICarly) vs Jotaro Kujo (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) 9-B Keys Jotaro's Star Platinum is Restricted Sam is equipped with the butter sock while Jotaro has his lighter Speed Equalized Starting Distance: 10 Meters Battle takes place at a forest Jotaro Kujo: Sam Puckett: 3 Inconclusive:
  22. AzuRizzz

    Homelander vs Kujo Jotaro

    Speed Equalized SDC Jotaro used Time Stop is not restricted Location: Egypt, Cairo https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Homelander_(TV_Series) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Jotaro_Kujo?so=search Victory Via KO or Death.
  23. TheGunsFinalWrath

    Star Platinum to 8-B in AP, GER too in AP. les goo. Hey Ya also gets his rightful upgrade.

    ok so araki said Star Platinum is 50 tons stronk, and ger too is multiple times stronger than Star Platinum Araki also said Hey Ya tier 0 source? my source comes from Araki saying all of these in my dream. Trust me bros. Fr fr, jojo getting its rightful upgrade. Tldr: GER is 8-B, SP is also 8-B...
  24. Baken384

    Jotaro vs Paramount Sonic (0-0-0)

    Jotaro Kujo (Part 3) vs Sonic The Hedgehog (Charged) (Paramount) Speed Equalized Starting Distance: 20 Meters Battle Location: Outside of Jotaro's School Time Stop is Restricted Sonic's 7-B Move is Restricted Jotaro Kujo: Sonic The Hedgehog: Inconclusive:
  25. Baken384

    Jotaro vs Funny Valentine (7-0-0)

    Really Angry Jotaro Kujo vs Funny Valentine Battle takes place in the streets of Cairo, Egypt. Starting Distance: 20 Meters Speed Equalized Time Stop is restricted Love Train is restricted Jotaro Kujo: 7 (Chariot, Glaceon, Popted, Speedster, Stek, Shady, Baken) Funny Valentine: Inconclusive:
  26. Peppersalt43

    The Stardust Crusader against an evil speedster (Jotaro vs Secondhand)

    MFTL+ 10-B : 0 Jotaro Spam : 0 Incon : 0 Secondhand has prior knowledge and 2 days of prep time Location is SBA (Central Park), 20 meters apart with no LoS Pre-Dio fight Jotaro used Another one for the Jotaro spam
  27. Peppersalt43

    Pucci's introduction but it's Morioh

    Gay Priest : 0 Marine Biologist and Reliable Guy : 0 Incon : 0 Part 4 Jotaro, ACT 2 Koichi, and Whitesnake Pucci used Fight takes place in Morioh, 40 meters apart with no LoS Pucci has prior knowledge and a week of prep time Essentially it's just Pucci assassinating Jotaro and his child but...
  28. Baken384

    Jotaro VS Volgin (7-0-0)

    Angered Jotaro Kujo vs Colonel Volgin (MGS3) Jotaro starts off Angry Starting Distance: 15 Meters Speed Equalized Battle takes place in the same area where Naked Snake and Volgin fought Jotaro does not have TS Jotaro Kujo: 7 (Fanta, Popted, Speedster, Mishima, SoulofCinder, unknown, pepper)...
  29. Baken384

    Jotaro vs Denji (0-3-0)

    Angry Jotaro Kujo vs Chainsaw Devil Speed Equalized Location: Outside Los Pollos Hermanos Starting Distance 20 Meters Jotaro's AP: Angry SP>>>>>>7.83 Tons Chainsaw Devil's AP: Scales above 11 Tons Jotaro Kujo: Chainsaw Devil: 3
  30. chosen

    Question about pucci speed

    Why is mih "At most FTL, likely higher reactions" normally when jotaro is "at least FTL, likely Massively FTL"? I am just a bit confused
  31. Saintdhqhdy

    Jotaro vs Josuke (jojolion)

    Both starts off from 5 meters Both are in character Battle takes place where jotaro fought dio Pt3 jotaro in the beginning of p3 (not the one in jail tho, he knows how to use his stand) Fp Gappy with all his abilities speed is equalized I changed my mind, no time stop Face of jojo’s: Josuk8:
  32. BlastX

    Jotaro VS Kira but it's a bit fair

    Basically Jotaro ends up finding out Kosaku Kawajiri is Yoshikage Kira by himself or by an accident in Kira's part but ends up fighting him alone. This is 4taro vs Matured Kira, Jotaro doesn't know about Kira's new repetoire while Kira knows how Star Platinum works, starting distance is "Enough...
  33. Baken384

    Jotaro vs Dreadnought (0-0-0)

    Jotaro Kujo (Stardust Crusaders) VS Space Marine (Adeptus) Speed Equalized Space Marine in Dreadnaught Key Starting Distance: 20 Meters Fight takes place in a American Neighborhood Jotaro: Space Marine: Inconclusive:
  34. Baken384

    JJBA Attack Potency upscale to 8-B

    i'm sorry fellow jojo supporters, i feel like this urge within me just wants to get this feeling of 8-B Jojo off my shoulder, successful or not, might as well try at this point. Sup guys, this will be my second CRT after the first one regarding Jotaro's heat shit, this will be all about Jojo yet...
  35. Baken384

    Jotaro vs Electro (1-0-0)

    Angry Jotaro Kujo VS Peak Electro (TASM2) Jotaro starts off Angry Pre Reactor Electro and he is at his peak Speed Equalized Jotaro does not have Time Stop Starting Distance: 20 Meters Location is in New York, same place where TASM Spidey and Electro had their first confrontation Jotaro's AP...
  36. Baken384

    Jotaro vs Spider-Man but games (0-0-0)

    Angry Jotaro Kujo VS Spider-Man (Web of Shadows) Speed Equalized Battle takes place in New York Starting Distance: 20 Meters Spidey can use his Symbiote Jotaro's AP: Angry Star Platinum>>>The World>Part 3 Star Platinum>Part 4 Star Platinum>Morioh RHCP (7.83 Tons) Spidey's AP: Scales higher...
  37. TauanVictor

    Jotaro (EoH) VS Jiren (DBS)

    Jotaro Kujo (Eyes of Heaven) VS Jiren (Dragon Ball Super) Fight Location: Johannesburg (South Africa) Starting Distance: 10m Both in-character Equalized speed Star Platinum Over Heaven Jotaro | Base Jiren Jotaro: 6 (@StrymULTRA, @StekFence, @joshpiece, @Teezar, @ZillertheBucko...
  38. TauanVictor

    EoH Jotaro

    EoH Jotaro starts with RO in-character?
  39. Baken384

    Jotaro vs Vilgax (0-0-0)

    Jotaro Kujo (Stone Ocean) VS Vilgax (Alien Force) Jotaro is in his Stone Ocean Key Vilgax is in his Second Key Speed Equalized Fight takes place inside Disneyland Vilgax: Jotaro Kujo: Inconclusive:
  40. Baken384

    Jotaro vs Shigaraki (7-0-0)

    Prime Jotaro Kujo vs Awakened Shigaraki Speed Equalized Starting Distance: 20 Meters Fight takes place the same place in Kamino (Same place where All Might and All For One fought Jotaro Kujo: 7 (CBslayeR, Ziller, Greatsage, Mariogoods, BlastX, Shadyboi, Nierre) Awakened Shigaraki: Inconclusive: