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issho (admiral fujitora)

  1. KingTempest

    One Piece: Issho Range

    Very simple. Issho can yank meteors from outside of the planet and pull them to earth with his gravity. I'm not about to start copying and pasting links over and over so I stole this from his respect thread on reddit We already accept the minimum distance of him pulling meteors from out the...
  2. Eseseso

    King vs Issho

    King goes to rescue Doflamingo in Jack's place. Realizing how strong he is, Issho tells Tsuru not to interfere. Location: Where Jack fought Issho in canon. In-character. King: Issho: Incon:
  3. Darkvie123

    A Blind Navy Admiral engages once again with The No 2 Of Revolutionary Army

    Admiral Fujitora vs Chieff Off Staff Sabo who wins and why? https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sabo?so=search https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Issho_(Fujitora)?so=search Rules: • SBA • No outside interference • Win via KO or Death • They both start 10 meters away • Adult Sabo is being used
  4. Fireld

    One Piece Admirals CTR

    Note: This isn't talking just about admirals but also a few people who have "fought" them for better or worse. AKAINU Possibly Danmaku: Via Meteor Volcano RAYLEIGH AP: Just linking more evidence that his prime-self is above his older-self KUZAN Elemental Intangibility: Should be removed as...
  5. That_moron2

    Why Was This CRT Never Implemented?

  6. Eseseso

    Issho and Sabo upgrades.

    Since everyone on this site and every other site seems to think Sabo is a Yonko level boi... 1. Issho should be upgraded to High 6-A. First off, he has been implied to be comparable to Greenbull, who stomped 5 Scabbards, ate a Hao Infused attack from Yamato, and matched Momonosuke. Second, it...
  7. KingTempest

    Dressrosa Size Calc

    Regular members can speak, but please don't just fill this up with "I agrees" unless you're a CGM. Constructive criticism is the only thing wanted. Agreeing is appreciated, but redundant. Alright so yeah. I wasn't gonna post this since it was a lot of work and I'm lazy (ha), but since we're...
  8. StrawHatArslan

    Gravity VS Gravity

    Both are High 7-A+ Speed Equalized x792 Kagura is being Used Dressrosa Fujitora/Issho is being Used Issho (3.98 Gigatons): Kagura (2.65 Gigatons):
  9. TauanVictor

    The Cook Fights The Admiral: Vinsmoke Sanji VS Fujitora (Issho) (0-0-0)

    Vinsmoke Sanji (Post-Timeskip) VS Fujitora (Issho) Fight Location: Marineford Island Starting Distance: 50m Both in-character 6-C versions The Cook: The Admiral: 1 (@Eminiteable) Inconclusive:
  10. Darkvie123

    Golden Lion Shiki vs Admiral Fujitora

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Fujitora_(Issho) vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Shiki_(One_Piece) Keys: Shiki: 6-B Fujitora: 6-C Admiral Fujitora fights The Golden Lion Shiki in Marineford both are Bloodlusted who takes the win and why?
  11. KingTempest

    One Piece Lifting Strength Revision

    I won't lie, the organization for One Piece's Lifting Strength is horrible. No disrespect to those who worked on it prior, but it's so bad that we don't even have it on the verse page. The calcs that I have found for the verse's lifting strength is these...
  12. Ugarik

    Fujitora's metior attack

    I really don't understad something about Fujitora's AP. Why do we only count KE of his largest meteor? All of them are clearly a part of one single attack. Also they all move at the same speed in the same direction, meaning he summoned all of them in one move.
  13. KingTempest

    One Piece Post Timeskip Up to Dressrosa

    This is the thread where we will be discussing the potential revisions for post timeskip characters. Things that will be discussed. How others scale to the 377 megaton feat done by Pica. How others scale to the 420 megaton feat done by Fujitora. How others scale to others...
  14. Darkvie123

    One Piece Revision Upgrade: Shouldn't The Fleet Admiral And The Admirals Move To 6-B Like The Yonkos Are?

    I mean we have multiple feats and statements + portrayal that puts them in the same tier as the Yonkos 1) Akainu equally matched Whitebeard in power, and clashed with him Multiple Time . (Chapter 567) 2) Akainu Took 2 of Whitebeard's attacks, who had full intent to kill - Managed to blow off a...
  15. Kaguyabiggestfan

    Uchiha Brothers against...

    in character who wins?
  16. Potato4Head5

    Fujitora vs Pain

    Fujitora: Pai: Inconclusive: Speed can be equalized if necessary Standard Battle Assumptions Fujitora starts with a decent AP advantage (4.8x greater I think) but he's outnumbered and heavily outmatched in terms of versatility. If it's a stomp feel free to close it.
  17. Dr.Fix

    High Tier Downgrades

    With @Cin giving up on his calc @Damage's goes through and Issho is no longer high 7-A. This means anyone who scaled to him also gets dropped down. Doflamingo: No more high 7-A Issho means he scales to Sanji, Law, Luffy, Kuzan, and 7-A Issho. All of the characters here except Luffy in gear 4...
  18. CinCameron20

    One Piece - 6-C revision

    https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/3876542 - Mainly came up through this thread. so, with the 6-B feat seemingly no longer scaling to the Admirals, they have been downgraded to High 7-A. This however, is wrong. Where the High 7-A scaling comes from: Issho (Admiral Fujitora) has a casual feat...
  19. SupremeGilgamesh

    Devil Fruits revealed names

    When are the fruits revealed names be put in their profiles?
  20. The_Prince_of_Counters

    Zoro Upgrades

    Well since I've seen a few characters getting bumped tiers for the same reason i figured I'd give this a try. Anyone who's currently scaling to or above Zoro should be flat out High 7-A as opposed to 7-A+, the 7-A+ feat is coming from an extremely casual Pica which yields 838.527 Megatons of...
  21. CinCameron20

    One Piece - Post TS Luffy Upgrade

    To keep it simple, the matter was discussed in this thread. There will be a tl;dr section at the end, lol. Basically, it was agreed upon that a difference in power between G2/3 Luffy being around 1000x when we agreed to use a statement from Doflamingo, directly stating the difference in power...
  22. Stefano4444

    Reasons why Issho would scale much higher.

    https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/3739901#28 https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/3739901#20 As stated my me and Dr.Fix in the posts liked above, there are several reasons for why Fujitora should scale much higher than at the moment. 1) Doflamingo has consistently saw Issho as a major threat during...
  23. The_Popular_Loser

    One Piece scaling and who is responsible so I can get them arrested

    So Ace and Jinbe and Dolfimingo are likely Small Country level + While Fujitora and Sabo are just Large Mountain level + What?
  24. GribbleTheTrashMan

    Attention One Piece Gamers

    Fujitora's page is outdated I'm not a expert in one piece but can somebody update it because it's really ticking me off
  25. KobsterHope07

    One Piece's Lifting Strength Redux

    I'm pretty sure this was attempted before but got lost in the passage of time and been forgotten and I'm going to try and find it. So let's start a fresh new one since I'm next to an actual computer and want to do this before procasination inevitably kicks in again! So, the lifting strength of...
  26. PlumCrayfish376

    Minor CRT for One Piece

    This CRT is based on the lifting strength of the verse. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Captain_Torch/One_Piece_lifting_strength_feats Thanks to the amazing work done by Captain Torch, we have two lifting feats, a Skypeia Luffy and a Garp feat. Both are in the range of Class G...
  27. The_Calaca

    About Fujitora's meteors

    Okay, this again. This has been discussed many times during the latest times that we have agreed to make this the (hopefully) last one. So, Issho (Admiral Fujitora) has the power to attract meteors. His strongest feat comes from this meteor. It's currently calced at 13 GT but don't pay...
  28. CinCameron20

    One Piece - Questionable Statistics

    (No, I'm not back) It has come to my attention (repeatedly the past couple weeks, nonstop) that the One Piece profiles have undergone some major revisions, and that the scaling has been tampered with to use/dismiss calculations that have either been debunked, edited, or simply ignored. Time to...
  29. The_Calaca

    Let's talk about Fujitora's meteors

    In the One Piece Discusion Thread we have been talking for hours about this and I think we should settle this. Fuji's meteors First of all I want to know why we aren't using this calc from NF despite the atmosphere issue? We're currently using standard meteor's fall for those meteorites but we...
  30. Enryu_The_Red_Tower

    Electricity vs Gravity

    Koon Maschenny Zahard (Data Form) vs Issho (Admiral Fujitora) Speed Equalized Both in bloodlust Lightnings: Meteors: Inconclusive:
  31. The_Calaca

    Continent Level Fujitora?

    Holyorder Victor updated the Meteor-Bird Cage feat with a different ressult. I'm gonna translate the blog. This is the original. Fujitora summon meteors over Dressrosa to check Birdcage's durability. Sadly they were slashed to pieces. [1] First of all we need to know Dressrosa's size, so...
  32. Kenai202

    Fujitora ?

    This calculation puts Fujitora as Continent Level, what do you guys think? http://pt-br.liberproeliis.wikia.com/wiki/Blog_de_usu%C3%A1rio:Holyorder_Victor/Meteoros_no_c%C3%A9u_de_Dressrosa
  33. Lightbuster30

    An upgrade for Fujitora's Gravity Crush

    Fujitora's gravity power is listed as 50 billion tonnes, but he also pulled down a 2.3892e+13 meteorite at 57.2 km/s. I know the KE formula, but not the Newtons one. Ferb's lifting strength uses the Newtons formula which is the same thing as KE but without squaring the speed, and no .5x...
  34. TheFinalOrder

    Admiral Fujitora vs BM Naruto (Teenage)

    Location: Dressrosa SoM: In Character Distance: 7 Meters Both are Low 6-B Speed Equal Who wins, why?
  35. Stefano4444

    At least Low 6-B and only 6-B DC?

    Issho should not be ranked this below, not when other Admirals are put at 6-B/Country level. The scaling come from Black Knight Doflamingo and Base Luffy, characters much weaker than Issho.
  36. GreyFang82

    Issho (Admiral Fujitora) vs Ben "Big Band" Birdland

    Issho (Admiral Fujitora) vs Big Band Both at Full Power Speed is equalized The battle takes place on a deserted island Who wins and why? A Marine Admiral: A Big Tuba Man: Inconclusive: The world is full of obvious things. In this world... There are many horrible things that you do not...
  37. CinCameron20

    One Piece - Low 6-B and 6-B stats and Speed upgrade

    Yeah, I had to re-do our planet size-scaling due to the accepted version being very out of perspective (the 10x Earth diameter one). Here is the calculation along with subsequently affected calculations. Low 6-B Tiering Everyone who is currently 1.7 Teratons of Tnt in AP will be upgraded to...
  38. EcchiOtakuTM

    Zoro, Kin'emon, Kanjuro, and Fujitora vs Doffy's Birdcage

    I wanted to ask, shouldn't Zoro, Kin'emon, Kanjuro, and Fujitora have "possibly/at least island-level/large island level" for the fact that their haki swords did not break from doffy's bird cage for a full ten minutes? (In the case of fujitora it could just be added on top of what's already...
  39. PaChi2

    Fujitora vs Arceus

    Yes. Please. Arceus
  40. Blanked

    Fujitora vs Tatsumaki

    Muahahahahaha (as Gargoyle would say " I can't believe this wasn't made before"). Blind old man vs sexy midget. Issho (Admiral Fujitora):0 Tornado of Terror:1 Stalemate:6 Speed equal No Country lvl meteors for Fuji boy only HIGH 6-C.