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hela (marvel cinematic universe)

  1. BEYONDER19999

    MCU High 6-A Upgrade‽

    Gungir is at High 6-A, and in this scene we saw Pre-Awakening Thor and Mjolnir getting hit repeatedly by Gungir, and Mjolnir was able to break the Bifrost Bridge after being hit repeatedly, and in later productions Hulk is able to damage the bridge and Thanos is able to damage Hulk, and everyone...
  2. Yoazkk6188

    Downgrade durability hela MCU When she was hit by a power attack and In depth analysis on MCU Hela and L&T Thor power levels

    Essentially Hela has three stages of power in the film. 1. When she first arrives on Earth. (Base) 2. When she first fights Pre-Awakened Thor in the Asgardian throne room. (First taste of Asgard‘s amp) 3. When she regenerates from Thor’s big lightning strike and arrives on the Bifrost Bridge...
  3. The_one_you_least_expect

    Mcu Odin tier 4 upgrade

    In terms of the actual feat its self it might be a bit hard to tell but If you look at the center of the nebula(or whatever it is) you’ll see after hemidall looks up, 7 stars shining brightly (1:15) Better comparison Before After Edit: We even see this in the comic Edit 2: And in...
  4. Mpu006

    Upgrade Hela Mcu

    Please consider Should Upgrad Hela To at least H3A ? 1.Odin stated that by drawing her strength from Asgard, her powers will be limitless. That “limitless”power Should more than 5B 2.From Heimdall stated "if I let her leaves will consume nine realms and all the cosmos" From Power and Abilities...
  5. RoTt35

    [MCU] Asgardians General CRT

    Gorr, Thor, Mighty Thor and Valkyrie Enhanced Senses (Can see and fight in the Shadow Realm, whose heavy atmosphere has a darkness like no other) Cosmic Awareness (Sensed that Thor was being defeated by Gorr at the Altar of Eternity) for Mighty Thor and Mjölnir Acrobatics (Leapt a large...
  6. RanaProGamer

    Goku vs Thor But It's Their Nemesis | Hela vs Vegeta

    Instead of doing another Goku vs Thor matchup, I thought it'd be fun to do a battle of their enemies (at least for a time). Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. 5-B Versions. Oozaru is restricted. Battle takes place in Asgard. Saiyan Saga Vegeta vs Full Power Hela Who wins and why?
  7. Yoazkk6188

    Hela vs Scarlet witch ? |

    Hela's weakness is magic because she is defeated by Odin and she is possessed by Odin. Imprisoned for 5000 years Odin, according to Marvel official information, has the power to control magic, and Hela was defeated by Odin's power twice, concluding that Hela does not have it. Immune to magic...
  8. The_one_you_least_expect

    Mcu surtur Upgrade

    Surtur dying to asgard explosion shouldn’t be the cap for him and other characters. For one fate ultimately decides when sutur kicks the bucket, implying his life was meant to end at the end of ragnarok (0:30) And while one could argue that he was only meant to destroy asgard and him dying...
  9. Lacku

    Odin & Hela vs. Vegeta & Nappa (MCU vs. Dragon Ball) (0-0-7) (Grace)

    This is my first versus thread in a while but Tier 5 MCU is something I can't pass up on. This time Odin & Hela's conquest to rule the Nine Realms gets interrupted by some Saiyan invaders on their home turf. (Odin, Hela & Vegeta are 5-B, Nappa is Low 5-B, Odin has Gungir and Sleipnir, Hela has...
  10. RoTt35

    [MCU] Minor Tier 6 Upgrades

    Peak Hela & Odin A guidebook states that Hela was Odin's most powerful weapon in the conquest of the Nine Realms, which would put her above the Tesseract, which belonged to Odin with Hela having knowledge of it as implied in this scene and here, and the Bifrost, which can be used as a weapon to...
  11. RoTt35

    [MCU] Heimdall Additions

    Cosmic Awareness Blessed, Dark Magic, Energy Manipulation, Portal Creation and Dimensional Travel (By gathering the dark magical energy that Odin bestowed upon him, he can summon the Bifrost by himself. The Bifrost is an interdimensional bridge that allows travel through space-time) Heimdall's...
  12. Marvel_Champion_07

    Kang fights Hela after killing her little brother

    KANG THE CONQUEROR vs HELA High 6-B+ Depowered Hela is used. Kang's 5-B to 2-A technology is restricted Speed is equalised Fight takes place on Asgard Starting Distance: 20 meters Kang the Conqueror: 0 Hela: 1 (Lacku) Inconclusive: 0
  13. Marvel_Champion_07

    MCU Asgardians: Resistances

    Simple addition of Resistances that I forgot Thor states that his alcohol is aged for a thousand years from the barrels of Grunhel's Fleet and not meant for mortal men (as shown by Stan Lee getting so drunk that he can't stand up and needed to be carried away), implying that it can be drunk by...
  14. Mariogoods

    MCU Hela Minor Revision (Staff with evaluation right needed)

    It is clear Weapon Control, therefore, I suggest changing it to: Maybe we could edit it to
  15. OneBleachHurricane

    Weapon Spam VS Clone Spam (00-08-00) GRACE

    Hela VS Naruto Keys: Naruto is in Kurama Sage Mode (Kurama Avatar & Charged Tailed Beast Bomb are restricted) Speed: Equalized Location: Asgard (Hela starts at the Bifrost, while Naruto starts within the Palace) Daughter of a "God": Reincarnation of the Son of a "God": Uchiha; Popted...
  16. Coolboy6

    Thor vs Hela rematch

    Here we go again In the original match, apparently Hela beat Thor because stormbreaker = Mjolnir even though stormbreaker has far better feats than Mjolnir, plus Thor was far weaker when Hela broke Mjolnir Anyways, Thor has the Stormbreaker in his awakened Thor key Thor: 4 Hela: 1
  17. RoTt35

    Little abilities additions for 4 MCU villains

    Ghost Paralysis Inducement (Can paralyze people by phasing through their bodies) and Vehicular Mastery Hela She has at least Mid-Low Regeneration for healing after being impaled three times, which should be Low-Mid. So I propose the following change and addition: Regeneration (Low-Mid...
  18. YoutubeForKing

    Thor fights a Pokemon Trainer

    Thor vs Bruno Speed is = Thor is High 7-A Bruno is High 7-A and his second key The location is Saakar grand arena and Thor has the duel swords, there is also a giant hammer in the arena. After a brutal battle Hela captures Thor with a pokeball, pulls up on Bruno and challenges him to a pokemon...
  19. I'm_Blue_daba_dee_daba_die

    Hela VS Tatsumi

    This one seemed like a good matchup since both have reactive power level RULES: Tatsumi is 4th form, and Hela is 6-C Fight takes place on Asgard Speed is equalized Hela: Tatsumi: Incon:
  20. The_one_you_least_expect

    Mcu 6-a and speed rough draft

    This is just a rough draft for an eventual crt upgrade
  21. Marvel_Champion_07

    MCU Hela & Valkyrie

    Didn't think I'd do another so soon. Alright Hela: I was told that the Casket of Ancient Winters' feat is hax and not AP, and that the justification should be removed. If that part's wrong, then please tell me Also wanted to point out for Valkyrie: She didn't use Dragonfang to kill the...
  22. chosen

    Minor hela revision

    Doing this again since i accidently put in qna channel In the official site marvel they have multiple character where it explains their story and Abilities Hela being one of them https://www.marvel.com/characters/hela/on-screen/profile If you scroll down at Power+abilities you will find...
  23. chosen

    Minor hela upgrade

    In the official site marvel they have multiple character where it explains their story and Abilities Hela being one of them https://www.marvel.com/characters/hela/on-screen/profile If you scroll down at Power+abilities you will find "IMMORTALITY Unlike other Asgardians, Hela was immortal – not...
  24. The_one_you_least_expect

    Mcu villain character battle

    This is not a battle of power but a battle of character. Who in your opinion is the best Mcu villain. This is excluding Thanos though cuz he would probably take the majority easily.
  25. Kisaragi_Megumi

    MCU Hela vs Saber Astolfo

    Despite with the AP difference between them, in the end i was like "f**k it" and created this match. Hopefully with some of special conditions i gave, this match would be fair....or does it? We'll see Hela, in her way to rule the Asgard, meet an strange person who said sended by Odin from other...
  26. Vizer04

    Charlotte Katakuri vs Hela (MCU) (0-0-1)

    Both at 6-C and Speed Equalized Charlotte Katakuri: Hela, Goddess of Death: Inconclusive: 1 (@Dr.Fix)
  27. Coolboy6

    Hela vs Doctor Strange

    Both at their peak Hela: Doctor Strange: 3 incon: 2
  28. Eminiteable

    Goddess of Death Vs Roronoa Zoro (0-11-0)

    Fishman Island Saga to Early Wano Kuni Saga Zoro is being used Starting Distance: 100 meters Location: Asgard Speed is equalized Hela: 0 Zoro: 11 (XDragnoir, KlinkyGrape, MonkeyOfLife, Coolboy6, Sonicflare9, Ryuga21, TauanVictor, DaReaperMan, ZoroNotZolo, LordGinSama, StrawHatArslan) Incon: 0
  29. Valiant_Abyss

    Scarlet Witch vs Hela: Wanda's Quest to Become the Strongest 6-C in the MCU (9-2-0) GRACE

    Wanda Maximoff aka the Scarlet Witch, after now having wins against Captain Marvel, Awakened Thor with Stormbreaker, and Full Gauntlet Thanos, continues her quest to prove herself as the strongest 6-C in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If Wanda manages to defeat Hela, the Goddess of Death, she...
  30. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    Palpatine VS Hela

    Sheev Palpatine (Star Wars) VS Hela (Marvel Cinematic Universe) Both are 6-C (Disney Canon with the Force Dyad absorbed Palpatine is used here) Fight takes place in Asgard. Speed is equalized Palpatine: 1 (Abstraction of Mainland) Hela: 1 (Coolboy6) Inconclusive:
  31. Coolboy6

    Thor vs hela but Thor has the stormbreaker (GRACE)

    For unknown reasons, Thor gets the stormbreaker early. Fight takes place at Asgard during the events of Thor Ragnarok Asgard is safe: 2 Surtur is summoned: 7
  32. Iisdude1

    Doom driven slayer vs goddess of death

    Speed equal Low 7-B slayer They fight in hell Doomslayer is 4 megatons I think and hela is 9 megatons, I'm not sure if that's a stomp or not Slayer has his power ups activated Slayer: Hela: 1
  33. Iisdude1

    Hela 3 v 1

    Both 7-B Speed unequal Sba Captain: Hela: 1
  34. Raito_Utopia

    Hela vs Atomic Samurai

    Speed equal SBA Who takes this ?
  35. Spider_Kaiju

    Hela's Regenerationn (Mid-Low?)

    Why isn't being stabbed in the stomach at least High/Low?
  36. Newendigo

    MCU CRT Vol 4: Endgame.

    Greetings After three different threads, we decided to take a break from the revisions, and updated all the character's stats Pre-IW. Now, it has been 10 days or so, is time to disscuss the Low 6-B stats. For newer users that lack information, go to the previous threads already linked above.
  37. I'm_Blue_daba_dee_daba_die

    Revising the MCU. Part 2

    Original Thread Basically, after long discussion, it turns out we need to do a full on massive revision of everything in the MCU. Here are the 2 changes. 1. 7-A+ Will be downgraded to High 7-C due to the fact the reason we got 7-A+ was an amped attack which is combat inapplicable with the...
  38. Revan_Laha

    Massively Hypersonic combat speed Hela

    Was watching this clip of Thor vs Hela and Valkyrie on YouTube and boom. Hela blocked Thor's lightning with her hands. I played it at 0.25x speed and got the frame by frame SS You can see her pulling her hands towards her after she sees Thor's lightning. Here's the moment...
  39. KingEzran

    Godzilla vs Hela (MCU)

    Base Godzilla (MonsterVerse) is used. Let's get into the details of this versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 4.5 meters -Win via death Votes: Godzilla: 0 Hela: 0
  40. RanaProGamer

    MCU God Tiers Upgrade?

    So I recently watched a video of a YouTuber who made a calc for Hela destroying Mjolnir: https://youtu.be/SxEcbpAhUSk?t=395 In short, the calc caps around Small Planet Level. Now I don't think the calc is wrong due to their beings feats similar to this like: In the first movie, during a...