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  1. Jozaysmith?

    Seat for Top Strongest Low 2-C

    The current Position for 6th seat Giygas vs Rimuru Both going all out and using all equipments Starting distance is 1km away Speed is equalized Both are at their Low 2-C Keys Rimuru Tempest : Giygas: Inconclusive :
  2. Kellex

    Giygas vs Natu

    I looked really hard for a good matchup for Giygas until I recently found out Natu, so let's do it why not? Rules: Low 7-B keys are used. Speed equalized. Giygas has access to potential abilities. Natu is bloodlusted. Battle ends with KO, incap, or death. Giygas' AP is 1.008325578096E16...
  3. Robo432343

    Asriel vs Giygas

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Asriel_Dreemurr_(Flowey) vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Giygas SBA Speed =
  4. Ego

    Super Dimentio Vs Giygas ( Mario Bros Vs Earthbound) battle for the 7th spot

    Rules: True form of Giygas is used Speed is equal Standard equipment 2-B keys Dimentio: Giygas:
  5. Winter

    Giygas vs Abra

    Noticed the lack of matchups with Giygas, so I think it’s time he gets one Speed is equal and Giygas has access to his possible abilities Giygas (Mother 1): 0 Abra: 0 incon: 0
  6. Winter

    Mewtwo looking Alien’s Storm AP | Earthbound

    I’m confused on Giygas’ AP here. His profile says his AP is at Low 7-B for creating a storm, but the link takes you to a storm calculation page. How come it’s suddenly determined to be this level? I’m also pretty sure he had a calc for his storm being 7-C, not Low 7-B...
  7. Christian_Higdon

    Pure Evil (Giratina vs Giygas)

    Alright, let's do this, shall we? Giygas vs Giratina Both are at 2-B, speed is equalized. Avatar Giratina is being used. True form can be used, if needed. Both are in-character. Battle ends with KO, incap, death, BFR or anything else. Who wins? Giratina: 0 Giygas: 0 They both ******* DIE: 0
  8. StrymULTRA

    Quick Giygas hax revision

    Ok so I noticed that our current Giygas profile is quite lacking about hax, so I made this sandbox with the new hax tabbers for him. That's it and nothing else.
  9. Funnimane

    Frisk vs Giygas

    no idea how this'll work but it's been itching my brain so I'll get it out now Devil's Machine Giygas & 8-B, Low 2-C durability Frisk Frisk's goal is to peacefully neutralize the threat of Giygas Giygas is initially hostile to Frisk, and otherwise in character Frisk has a full inventory of dog...
  10. Ego

    Giygas Vs Solaris(Earthbound Vs Sonic the hedgehog)

    Rules: Both 2-B keys are used Speed is equalized Giygas: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Giygas Solaris: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Solaris_(Game)
  11. StrymULTRA

    EarthBound: 11-A for anyo- nah, still a downgrade of God Tiers but a good one instead

    After this disaster that this CRT was, me and @Oleggator talked a lot and decided that the verse should be downgraded, but let's take step by step. Low 1-C cosmology Ok so, the cosmology doesn't qualify as Low 1-C anymore, mostly because of several factors contradicting it. 1) The Player at...
  12. Iiliminal

    Giygas vs Wally West

    Giygas vs Wally West both at "at least low 1-c" key
  13. Oleggator

    Earthbound: The War against Truth of the Universe (Also known as, massive downgrades)

    Now, before we'll get to "cosmology" from starters: Speed: I guess it comes because enemies can "dodge" PK Thunder am I right? Well, link itself with which is tried to be implies that enemies are dodging PK Thunder is wrong because PK Thunder "didn't hit anyone". Or in other words no one...
  14. M1ntyIc3CreamXZ

    Boy & Abstract VS Clock & Worm (Yes imma not cease with Digimon matches)

    Ness & Giygas VS Clockmon & Grimmon - All of them on their Low 1-C keys - Bloodlusted - Speed equalized Who wins?
  15. M1ntyIc3CreamXZ

    A Mother Computer faces a mindless abstract being

    Giygas VS OverLord GAIA Plot just for fun: Giygas had destroyed the timeline as he wanted, that until he found a new place called...the Cyberspace. He heads to there and then immediately GAIA detects his presence, going to end him Bloodlusted Who wins?
  16. Oleggator

    Mother/Earthbound revisions (no it's not what you are thinking)

    This CRT is not about cosmology of earthbound/mother series and more about mid tiers of the verse, and I thought about initiative for myself. Oh yeah, also Crt contains a little but mother 3 spoilers. So if you haven't played mother 3 go play it, it's a good game. 1. Mother 1 Gyigas. No this...
  17. StrymULTRA

    Earthbound matches can be done again

    The Earthbound verse matchups can be done/added again since the revisions will continue, yes, but the date is pretty much unknown even for VileShadows. That's pretty much everything.
  18. ChocomilkAlex

    Giygas vs Darkseid

    I don't care if this is a stomp I just wanna see where it goes. Both Low 1-C Who Wins? Giygas: Darkseid:
  19. VileShadows

    Major EarthBound Revisions Part I: Cosmology and Stat Revisions

    Hello everyone. It’s been a while, but the EarthBound CRT is finally complete and ready to roll out. There is quite a lot to go over, so this will have to be split into two parts; Part I will be covering the cosmology, as well as AP and other stat changes, and Part II will be covering all of the...
  20. Setsuna_tenma

    Cosmic destroyer fights fanfic

    Altair vs Giygas Low 2C versions Speed equalized
  21. Bowser Vs Giygas

    Bowser has a Grand Star Unsealed Giygas is used Speed is equalized Who Wins? Bowser: Giygas: Inconclusive:
  22. fandom_123d5678

    the demons of indie games(chill down spine)

    chara vs giygas the demons of there world since when were you in control you cannot grasp the true form of giygas attacks
  23. Oliver_de_jesus

    Battle for 2nd low 2c no-smufs

    lavos DD vs Giygas Sba and speed equal I want you to know that the reason you believe this was because they told me to create the thread so that it is as proof even when it is a stomp
  24. The_Golden_Moustache

    Guy that mindhaxxes people vs a guy that has no mind

    Cthulhu vs Giygas. Giygas is Low 2-C and he's unsealed. Battle takes place in a void. Speed equalized. Both in character. Fight to the death or atleast incapacitation. Sleep paralysis Demon: Squidward:
  25. Quibster

    Chara vs Giygas

    Chara vs Giygas Speed is equalized Giygas is unsealed Chara starts in her True Form. Battle takes place in the Cave of the Past Evil Child: 0 Evil Alien: 0 Incon: 0
  26. Quibster

    Earthbound & Mother 3 Q&A

    Here's some questions I have, mainly about Giygas and Pokey Minch. Please provide sources and/or in-game screenshots. It would help clear things up a bunch. Did Giygas retain his passive mind manipulation whilst being contained in the Devil's Machine, and in his unsealed form? Was Pokey really...
  27. Stalker_Maggot

    Giygas vs someone who looks like him

    Giygas vs Memory Head SBA is used Mind haxs gg: Soul haxs gg: Lightning McQuee:
  28. I'm_Blue_daba_dee_daba_die

    Gigyas vs Eru Iluvatar

    In an alternate earthbound future. Giygas destroys earthbound, Giygas gains more power, and makes a portal, he lands in Arda, where he is about to destroy that universe, and he is confronted by Eru Iluvatar Rules: Both Bloodlusted Speed unequalized
  29. Oblivion_Of_The_Endless

    Ayaka vs Giegue

    A fight between the two guys that stomped Meruem kek. This better not be a stomp... but knowing Giygas this probably will Speed Equalized Both Low 7-B SBA Artificial Drago: Psychic Alie: Ness comes in and defeats both:
  30. Azh'Voroph_the_Crypt_Lord

    Evil Abortion vs Psychopath Dalastima Capitalist, Bruh momento numero 9

    osiosi Speed equalized? Both are omnipresent, so bruh Both In-Character Who wins?? Illegal Abortio: Dime la definicion de psicopata: Uh yeah:
  31. TheQuirkyBoy

    Giegue vs Meruem

    Probably a bad matchup, but I'm gonna do it regardless. Both at Low 7-B, SBA Speed = Giegue has his Mother Ship (Just like in the final battle) The PSI/PK user: The Nen user: The Truth user:
  32. Sharaku_Jr.


    Chara VS Giygas Both at 2-C Speed equalized
  33. Jinsye

    Giygas vs. Iwanagahime

    Low 2-C versions used Speed is = Who wins? Giygas: 0 Iwanagahime: 0
  34. Oblivion_Of_The_Endless

    Death vs Evil: Yogiri vs Giygas (Grace)

    A. Speed Equalized SBA Death incarnate : Evil incarnate: Truth of the Universe: 7 (Abyss, Maruishi, WaterBottle, QuirkyBoy, Ionliosite, Fcxfbx, MrDrProfessorPatricio) I decide what "Death" is I F E E L G O O D
  35. Quibster

    never again, oof

    Giygas vs Giorno Giovanna Speed is unequalized Giorno has access to GER Unsealed Giygas is being used Passive Evil: 0 Passive No: 0 Passive Incon: 0
  36. Quibster

    Giygas vs Shadow

    Shadow the Hedgehog (Light Mobius) vs Giygas Hey, another Giygas match. If it's a stomp, I'll close it. Base Shadow is being used. Unsealed Giygas is being used. Speed is equalized Abstract Evil: 0 Edgelord: 0 Nessconclusive: 0
  37. Quibster

    Giygas vs SCP-3999

    Oh look, another Giygas match! Giygas vs SCP-3999 Speed is equalized Unsealed Giygas is being used Win via Incap Evil: 0 Chaos: 0 Nessconclusive: 0
  38. Quibster

    Giygas vs Lucy (2014 Film Lucy)

    (If it's a stomp, I'll ask an admin to close it.) Giygas vs Lucy (2014 Film Lucy) Speed is equalized Lucy is at 100% brain capacity Unsealed Giygas is being used Win via Death Embodiment of Evil: 0 Universal Brain: 0 Nessconclusive: 2 (ChocomilkAlex, Mr.Cinos15)
  39. Quibster

    Major Giygas Mindhax Revision & Mind Manipulation Addition

    I suggest you read my arguments from this thread... https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/3469576#16 ...before making any comments. The TL;DR is Unsealed Giygas never uses his Passive Mindhax. My main argument is Pokey's quote, which is: Giygas cannot think rationally anymore, and he isn't even...
  40. Quibster

    Giygas vs Dark Dragon

    Giygas vs Dark Drago I'm probably going to regret this. Have mercy. Please. Both are low 2-C Speed is equalized Unsealed Giygas is being used The Dark Dragon is awakened Evil Space Baby: 0 Sleeping Universal Nuke: 0 Nessconclusive: 0