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  • Yo, what verses would you say you're knowledgeable enough on to debate?
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    I don't exactly have a lot of verses that I would say I'm knowledgeable at, unfortunately. I could debate for verses like Zelda and Metroid depending if their Tier keys are from the games I've played.

    And then verses like OFF, Hollow Knight, Undertale/Deltarune, Cave Story, Berserk, Earthbound and Mother 3, etc etc would be a bit more of my cup of tea, but I'll have to look into my memories further when debating these verses except for Mother 3 and Earthbound. I'd die to debate for Earthbound and Mother 3, but most of their profiles are really old and need fixing rn.

    My knowledge isn't just limited to these btw, there's more that I've forgotten about.
    Gotcha, unfortunately I'm a bit... past trying to deal with the more rabid supporters of verses like UT.

    As for Zelda and Metroid, I'd have to know where your knowledge lies to make any matches of the sort

    Oh, and as for me...

    Verses I'm head supporter in​

    World of Warcraft
    Realm of the Mad God
    Warriors cats
    Epic Conquest
    Darksiders(pages are shoddy I know.)
    Overlord(matches only)
    Heroes of the Storm
    Terraria Calamity
    Hitman for some reason
    Super Meat Boy
    City of Heroes(also shoddy pages, some of my first, even.)

    Verses I can speak on​

    Warhammer 40,000
    Warhammer Fantasy
    Certain bits of Doctor Who
    Starcraft (games only)
    Bits of God of War(mostly norse stuff RN)
    Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy(I like the show, but that shit just is not recent in my head)

    Now that's for stuff on the wiki or probably soon to be on the wiki, if you have any questions on any verse I've listed, feel free to ask em
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