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big mom

  1. That_moron2

    Big Mom vs Yamato

    Battle location is Onigashima Rooftop Big Mom: 9 (@Kachon123, @Eseseso, @Mndks, @Popbum, @noninho, @SlendVeny, @Nierre, @ZKillerz, @The_man_with_the_Midas_touch) Yamato: 1 (@Darkvie123) Incon:
  2. AThe1412

    (CONCLUDED! 8-5-0) A Totally Accurate Two Piece Matchup: Dracule Mihawk Vs the Queen of The Pirates

    After hearing about Blackbeard's crushing defeat at the hands (or rather blade) of a man who claims to be the world's strongest swordsman, the Pirate Queen decides to challenge him herself. THE RULES: The battle takes place on the Pirate map. Speed is equalized. Mihawk is given prior knowledge...
  3. OriginFox

    Big Mom Vs Ryuko

    Big Mom VS Ryuko -Equal speed -SBA
  4. Ryuga21

    Minor One Piece ability additions

    Just a few unnoticed abilities that need to be added to some profiles Charlotte Katakuri: Attack Speed-Boost (With Fire-Mochi — Luffy couldn't react to or even block this. Subsequently, this attack equals the speed of a snakeman attack by Luffy, when he was already very stretched with...
  5. ZKillerz

    Freaks of Nature: Big Mom vs King

    Location: Onigashima Rooftop Distance: 40m Big mom: TheMonkeMan, That_moron, Kachon123, Akagami_Shanks1, ZKillerz King: Incon: Robo432343
  6. DaMonkeMan

    Requesting a Discussion Rule for an OP topic.

    Continuing from here. So yeah. As seen in the attached link, there's a bit of a problem with the OP verse. People keep making the same CRTs centered around Queen and Big Mom, and Queen's scaling to her. This has proven to be very redundant and quite frankly irritating, and these arguments have...
  7. CiscoTheSoto

    Blackbeard vs Big Mom

    Blackbeard vs Big Mom Battle location: Onigashima Both in-character Post-Gura Gura Blackbeard is used Blackbeard: 4 (@Eseseso, @Darkvie123, @Eminiteable, @Fireld) Big Mom: 7 (@Kachon123, @TheMonkeMan, @ShionAH, @noninho, @Godernet, @Nierre, @CiscoTheSoto) Inconclusive:
  8. TauanVictor

    Big Mom VS Saitama

    Big Mom (Charlotte Linlin) VS Saitama (Caped Baldy) Fight Location: Whole Cake Island Starting Distance: 10m Both in-character Equalized speed Post-Training Saitama Big Mom: Saitama: Inconclusive:
  9. TauanVictor

    (GRACE) Akainu (Sakazuki) VS Big Mom

    Akainu (Sakazuki) VS Big Mom Fight Location: Marineford Island Starting Distance: 15m Equalized speed Both in-character Akainu: Big Mom: 7 (@ElixirBlue, @Dr.Fix, @FluffyCreatureZ, @MonkeyOfLife, @KingTempest, @RazumaHiroki, @Purgy) Inconclusive:
  10. Darkvie123

    Silvers Rayleigh vs Big Mom

    Rayleigh encounters Charlotte Linlin (Big Mom) in Whole Cake Island Who Takes The Win? https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Silvers_Rayleigh Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Big_Mom_(Charlotte_Linlin) Rules: • Location: Whole Cake Island • Victory: By KO or Death • No Preperation • In...
  11. KingTempest

    One Piece Lasers Pt 2 (Black Coffee and Maser Cannon)

    I just wanted to get this over with real quick. It's the implementation of 1 ability. Queen should get these added to his profile for his single ability. Breath Attack, Limited Light Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation, Heat Manipulation and Energy Projection with Black Coffee, and...
  12. Dr.Fix

    Big Mom Additions and Others

    Big Mom Resistance to Heat and Electricity: Via Prometheus and Zeus. Really straight forward and should have already been applied years ago. "Lordship" (Or something that fits): Homies have no choice but to follow her or her vivre card. Vibration Manipulation: Destroyed the mirror and the...
  13. Dracule Mihawk Vs Big Mom

    Slayer Of Elbaf Vs The Strongest Swordsmen Dracule Mihawk Big Mom (Charlotte Linlin) Speed: Equalized Restrictions: None Preparation: Neither one has knowledge or any time to prepare State of Mind: Both are fighting seriously but otherwise in-character Location: Take's Place On Whole Cake...
  14. TauanVictor

    Big Mom vs Kizaru (Borsalino) - GRACE

    Big Mom VS Kizaru (Borsalino) Fight Location: Whole Cake Island Starting Distance: 10 Meters Both in character Big Mom: 6 (@MonkeyOfLife, @Dr.Fix, @Frogthejam19, @Pain_to12, @XDragnoir, @DiedrichYagami) Kizaru: 11 (@Purgy, @Eminiteable, @StrawHatArslan, @KingTempest, @ZoroNotZolo, @joshpiece...
  15. KingTempest

    One Piece, Wano Powers and Abilities

    Didn't want to start off a huge CRT right now, so I'm doing a small Powers and Abilities CRT. The abilities are severely outdated btw, so I gotta add some abilities. Roronoa Zoro (Spoiler Warning) Killer Sound Manipulation, Illusion Manipulation, and Durability Negation with Scyther Sonic...
  16. Sonicflare9

    Kenpachi Zaraki vs Big Mom

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kenpachi_Zaraki post nnotira fight zaraki vs Big Mom she has zeus promethean and napolean speed equalized whooooooooooooooooooo would win
  17. LordGriffin1000

    Danny Phantom vs Big Mom

    A half ghost hero vs the biggest of moms 6-B Ecto-Skeleton Danny Phantom (This is season 2 Danny pre Ghostly Wail as that is the only time he had the Ecto-Skeleton) Speed is Equalized, In Character Danny Phantom: Big Mom: Inconclusive: NOTE: Since I know people are going to ask what the AP...
  18. KingTempest

    Chopper's Durability Downgrade

    Chopper's guard point scales to Linlin's full yield for taking a hit from her bare palm while she was extremely hungry and borderline psychotic. Big Mom currently scales via using her sword/homies. Big Mom's bare palm shouldn't scale to her full power. Until we find a new rating for Linlin's...
  19. YungManzi

    The Yonko Vs. White Haired Mio

    Exactly what the title says. The OP yonko versus Mio Misumi at her strongest. The yonko include Big Mom, Blackbeard, and Kaido (Cause Shanks is an unknown) Speed is equal.
  20. KingTempest

    One Piece Chapter 1009 Additions

    Busoshoku Haki Busoshoku Haki has already been given a resistance to Spatial Manip from the statements posted in this thread. We didn't know if it stretched out to all of Trafalgar Law's abilities, so it was solely for his spatial attacks. We get information in chapter 1009 that Trafalgar Law's...
  21. MonkeyOfLife

    One Piece Characters Light speed or Faster

    Germa 66's raid suit is stated to accelerate at the speed of light... doesn't that mean Sanji and his brothers are light speed or faster since Ichiji outran his own light speed lasers? Katakuri does this to Ichiji... And Big Mom does this to Yonji and Niji... shouldn't they be faster...
  22. Darkvie123

    One Piece: Fleet Admiral And Admirals Power Respect

    I mean we have multiple feats and statements + portrayal that puts them in the same tier as the Yonkos 1) Akainu equally matched Whitebeard in power, and clashed with him Multiple Time . (Chapter 567) 2) Akainu Took 2 of Whitebeard's attacks, who had full intent to kill - Managed to blow off a...
  23. The_man_with_the_Midas_touch

    insatiable appetites! Kirby Vs Big Mom

    Kirby (Kirby: Right Back at Ya!) vs Big Mom Speed is Equalized. Kirby has access to all of his Copy abilities Poyo!
  24. Golem_Guy_(Neo)

    Esdeath vs Big Mom

    Here's a battle between two dangerous big threats in Anime who have themings of being rulers, Esdeath vs Big Mom! In this match, both will be using their 6-B forms, with two rounds. For the fight, we will assume that Esdeath won't be scared of Big Mom, and both will have a week of prep time and...
  25. KoguSlack

    Shanks VS Kars All four yonkos vs kars

    Who do you think would win
  26. LordWhis

    6B Mihawk ?

    The sword slash Mihawk used at Marineford was stated to be the strongest sword slash in the world therefore it should scale above Spear of Elbaf.
  27. Ikelaggan

    Big mom vs Cervantes

    Speed is equalized New timeline with complete souledge Cervantes will be used.
  28. Eminiteable

    Kaido's Haoshoku Haki addition.

    Kaido should have proficient level of Conqueror's haki as he clashed with Big Mom (Another proficient Conqueror user) and created a haki clash which is exactly what happens when those at this level clash attacks with eachother. This is almost definitely conqueror's haki and not some kind of...
  29. -BANLK-

    Gol D. Roger vs Big Mom

    Pirate king vs a Yonkou Win by SBA.
  30. Stefano4444

    Aku vs Big Mom

    Aku: 0 () Big Mom: 0 () Inconclusive: 0 ()
  31. Xx.davidparra

    (GRACE) Kenshiro vs Big Mom (Hokuto no Ken vs One Piece)

    Both 6-B SPEED EQUALIZED Hopefully not a stomp Who wins and why? Kenshiro (Hokuto no Ken) : 7 (,AbcMac23, NekoMorgana647, NotoriouSoda, The Calaca,Jarvanio,HenryWong122,Soldatoinfynity) Big Mom :
  32. Kunglao105

    Big Mom vs Nagato

    Speed equalized
  33. I_am_myself_You_are_you

    Akainu, Aokiji, and Kizaru Vs Big mom

    teamed up for killed Big mom Which side would win? yes yes yes This is not a stomped Although 3 Admiral has the same power as 1 Yonko, but every Admiral can fight 1 Yonko, and can survive the 1 Yonko attack. And every admiral's attack can be effective
  34. Ryuga21

    Jübi vs Big Mom (Grace Period)

    Larval Jübi > Both in character. They starts at 9 meters. Speed is Equal Big Mom: 7 (Dr. Fix, Kunglao 105, Eminiteable, Zack, The Calaca, Violet FC, Everynoob) Shinju (Jübi): 1 (Kidkinsey) Inconclusive:
  35. Dr.Fix

    Some slight adjustments

    Kaido- Change his durability reasoning to being above everyone including WB, not Zunisha BIg Mom- Change durability to reflect she needs to be weakened physically. Her mantal state is not relevant so much as after she releases her haki or is starving from her glandular codition. Whitebead-...
  36. Stefano4444

    SCP-871 vs Big Mom

    Big Mom with Eating Disorder SCP-871: 0 () Big Mom: 0 () Inconclusive: 0 ()
  37. EcchiOtakuTM

    Advanced Armament Haki

    Why do the three admirals and sentomaru not have Advanced Armament Haki on their profiles? That's what they used to create the barrier (For the admirals) and sentomaru is literally referenced again. Now onto a bigger topic should big mom have advanced armament haki? In the anime(Yes I know not...
  38. Ryuga21

    One Piece Abilities CRT

    Yeah, this is a another One Piece powers revisions, sorry :v Nico Robi Telekinesis (Showed here) Social Influencing (Easily gains the trust of the straw hat pirates. She is extremely skilled at disguising and deceiving enemies) Sanji Minor Biological Manipulation (Via Parage Shoot. Can...
  39. Ryuga21

    Big Mom vs Kenpachi

    > Shikai Zaraki > Whole Cake Big Mom > Speed Equalized if nescessary Big Mom: Zaraki: Inconclusive:
  40. Superßull

    Big Mom Pirates VS Marineford (Kaido alliance)

    this topic was probably already spammed but whatever i'm curious also this time we have the beast pirtes around for a little hand . . The big mom pirates invade marineford to rescue their beloved sweet commander Smoothie (i'm picking her since her abilities aren't as fleshed out as the other...