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beyonder (pre-retcon)

  1. the_doctor

    Beyonder pre retcon up to 1A and possible H1A

    Beyonder preretcon upgrade to 1A. Hi all😅 i want upgrade beyonder profile :) Basically beyonder is being of infinite dimensions when He limits himself, but as beyond realm he is a creature that goes beyond all that. He is a cosmic cube which is an Omni-dimensional object that can expand...
  2. Robo432343

    Possible 1-A Beyonder

    Embodies the Beyonder Realm, a place beyond space, time, and all dimensions. So he might possibly be 1-A in his realm Does this upscale beyonder to 1-a? let me know in the comments
  3. Robo432343

    Pre Retcon Beyonder vs Lucifer Morningstar DC

    Bruh I can’t link the pages bruh Both are low 1-A SBA
  4. D4yN4m0N

    Beyonder question

    I was in an argument with a person who said the Beyonder didn't have a retcon, and everything was just a continuation of the story and the only retcon was when he turned into a hybrid of mutant and inhuman.This person also told me that he had hints that everything was an illusion since Secret...
  5. Quantu

    Pre-Retcon Beyonder: Powers and Abilities Updates + Scans

    Hello, I completely redid Beyonder's power and abilities section from scratch. I also added scans and references. Here is my sandbox: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:Quantu/Sandbox Evaluation would be very helpful. This also includes any editing errors, spelling errors, grammar errors...
  6. ByArrow

    Beyonder Secret Wars Canon or non canon?

    Are Beyonder secret wars comics considered canon or non canon?
  7. High 1-A for PRB?

    That's my first thread, pls don't hit hard The first place I would like to start is with infinite-dimensional constructs. On one of the scans, Dakim (that was his name, if I’m not mistaken) says that the universes appear in, please note, SAME space(which I suppose means that even this structure...
  8. Rabbit2002

    Question about Low-1A/1As's Marvel

    Not sure what this means But the current wiki hierarchy only uses higher dimensions when they represent uncountable infinite higher lower dimension or higher layers where the lower dimensions/layers are nothing more than fictional. This is not even related or implied in any way So I wonder why...
  9. Galactic_Astronaut

    Pre-Retcon Beyonder vs The Fireman

    Both are at Low 1-A Morals are off The Beyonder: The Fireman: Inconclusive: Who wins?
  10. Bernkastelll

    Ruphas vs Pre-Retcon Beyonder

    Speed Equal both Low 1-A Win via Death, KO or Incap NLF VS Beyonder
  11. Gopsk

    Bolin vs The Beyonder

  12. Ikelaggan

    The Father, the son, and the Retcon ghosts

    This will be Pre-Retcon beyonder against John egbert with his Retcon powers Speed is equalized (Not that it matters cause both these boys are in the Immesruables) The Father : The So:
  13. Badrimoine2019

    So here's a crazy idea

    Ben 10 (with the OmniTrix) vs Beyonder (pre-retcon) Ben has access to all Of OmniTrix abilities (Power mimicry,....) So who would win?
  14. Owennoctis

    Cosmic Armor Superman vs Pre-retcon Beyonder

    Who wins between thought robot and beyonder
  15. Chasekilleen

    PR Beyonder vs. Reinhard Heydrich

    PR Beyonder's profile Reinhard Heydrich
  16. SageF

    About Pre-Retcon Beyonder power...?

    [1]. I'm thinking it might be Perception Manipulation or Illusion Creation, but that may not be the case. Any suggestions.
  17. AB1124

    Shouldn't Pre Retcon Beyonder be at least 1-A rather than low 1-A?

    References included here: https://fictionalomniverse.forumotion.com/t1259-beyonder-is-omnipotent#.V2eUU0PUkfc.facebook
  18. AB1124

    Question about Classic Pennywise's tier

    Classic Pennywise's true form is ranked as a 1-A. Below baseline to my knowledge, but still 1-A, nonetheless. My understanding is that Pennywise can only act through his avatars outside of the Macroverse. He cannot manifest as his true form on earth or any dimension or universe outside of the...
  19. AB1124

    The Beyonders VS Pre Retcon Beyonder

    The Beyonders (the species) VS Pre Retcon Beyonder Who takes it?
  20. RinneItachi

    Pre-Retcon Beyonder Vs. King (One Punch Man)

    SBA Speed Equalized https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Beyonder_(Pre-Retcon) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/King_(One_Punch_Man)#%22Hero%22%20King Edit: King has access to the King Engine.
  21. VeryGoofyToddler

    Lucifer Morningstar and Beyonder Explanation

    Well fanboys drop the cap and ill give my most honest and unbiased answer. Answer: Lucifer Morningstar Explanation : Well here my explanation its quite simple Morningstar is just more powerful. Lucifer to begin with is a archangel and by that it means he predates creation, was responsible for...
  22. Thelastmlg

    small beyonder clean up

    pretty straight foward, he still has likely outerversal immortality, size and concept manipulation

    beyonder vs kobik

    the original, vs the "copy" beyonder( original and actual) vs kobik 2A versions who is most power full beyondender of beyonderity
  24. AB1124

    Comparing SHuman Gorath, Beyonder and Dormammu

    Is someone able to provide a summary of these three characters, explaining the differences between their worlds and existence? From my understanding, SHuman Gorath reigns supreme, omnipotent and omnipresent within his Cancerverse — the Chaos Dimension. It is said that his universe encompasses a...
  25. LamboVBovino

    Pre-Retcon Beyonder

    He should be moved back to 1-A since 1B is a clear lowball and mockery of evidence which would put him at a solid 1B
  26. DamnINeedABreak

    Micheal Demiurgos/Lucifer Morningstar vs Beyonder/Molecule Man

    The Brothers Vs The Friends Whos Win I think Mike and Luci What Do You Think
  27. DamnINeedABreak

    Lucifer Is More Powerful Than You Think

    Lol I'm getting tired of theards like TLT vs Lucifer/Michael same goes for Beyonder and Mlecule Man its always a 2v1. Let me explain. Marvel Cosmicology isn't quite that of DC. As stated, but debunked the highest it goes before reaching infinte is 16th Demionisal. The thing is back in the...
  28. Ranzuki

    Pre-retcon Beyonder vs HoM Scarlet Witch with Chaos Wave

    Who wins?
  29. Dziga

    Doctor Doom Profile Small Correction

    The speed of his Secret Wars key is still listed as At least Immeasurable, likely Irrelevant, when it should be just Immeasurable based on the 1-A to High 1-B Marvel downgrade that happened recently.
  30. Mercury_$erpent

    Marvel Comics: ANTI-Revising the Cosmic Hierarchy

    So... SO... My ass exploded after watching this one. Now I'm going to prove 1-A tiers in Marvel. Let's start with this dude. The Marvel's multiverse is literally living being called Multi-Eternity, which contains whole multiverse, which contains infinite spatial dimensions in reality similar to...
  31. Kepekley23

    Marvel Comics: Revising the Cosmic Hierarchy

    NOTE: STAFF-ONLY (FOR THE TIME BEING) This is a long overdue thread, given the current dire state of the higher-tier Marvel profiles. Let's just dive into it already. Introductio Currently, a large portion of Marvel Comics's higher-abstract profiles are rated as 1-A (Outerverse level), for one...
  32. Stalker_Maggot

    Beyonder revisions

    As shown here, The Beyonder is omnipotent Thus, he should be tier 0
  33. UnknownGodXXX

    About Marvel's cosmology before 1984

    Was infinite multiverses and an infinite higher dimensional multiverse stated/referred/implied before the events of the Secret War(1984)?
  34. UnknownGodXXX

    Pre-Retcon Beyonder and Pre-Retcon Molecule Man solid 1-A rating

    Since LT is now accepted as solid 1-A, these characters should be as well for they are above LT.
  35. Tonybalongna

    The Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) VS Lucifer Morningstar

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Beyonder_(Pre-Retcon) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Lucifer_Morningstar_(DC_Comics) Speed equalized, if that means anything Beyonder: 0 Lucifer: 0
  36. The_2nd_Existential_Seed

    Marvel's "At least 2-C, possibly 2-A" Upgrade.

    This upgrade was something I've been planning on for a while. I see no problem doubting High 1-B... But I believe 2-A is completely and utterly justified for those scaling to the current "At least 2-C" This upgrade should be treated as those who currently have "At least 2-C" should possibly get...
  37. Rtx_Meatlug

    The Beyonder(Pre-Retcon)should be Tier 0(with Debunks of Claims which state otherwise).

    So, I made a thread few days ago over The Beyonder to prove that he's Tier 0. But, a Moderator/Administrator named "Antvasima" closed the Thread in an Instant without even, letting me reply. So, I decided to make this Thread again with Claims thrown usually to prove that The Beyonder isn't Tier...
  38. Rtx_Meatlug

    The Beyonder(Pre-Retcon)should be Tier 0.

    So, I looked at The Beyonder's(Pre-Retcon)profile and, found out that he is rated Tier High 1-B and likely, 1-A. While The Living Tribunal is rated 1-A(more than The Beyonder)and 616 Eternity or Multi-Eternity is rated High 1-B(same as The Beyonder). The Beyonder should easily be Tier 0 and...
  39. Keeweed

    Aka vs the Beyonder (Pre Retcon)

    Two asshole gods that nobody likes (or at least that's what I've heard). High 1-B versions. Hope this isn't a stomp (if this is, then I'll change it to Death of the Endless). Aka: 6 Beyonder (Pre-Retcon): 0 Inconclusive: 0
  40. Totallynotchewbacca

    Doctor Doom and Beyonder revision

    Beyonder is considered stronger than the living tribunal and doctor doom gained all of beyonders powers so he and beyonder should all be 1-A since tlt is now 1-A