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adventure time

  1. Peppersalt43

    Eternal Fall (The Lich vs Acererak)

    Only I am Beyond Death's Reach. Only I know the secret to immortality : 0 But I am beyond strength. I am the End : 0 Incon : 0 Speed unequalized (Acerak upscales from 11.66c and The Lich upscales from 12.04c) The Lich has optional equipment So with all the buffs the lich got, I thought this'd...
  2. Aolphl

    The Battle of The Chaos Gods (GOLBetty vs Discord | Adventure Time Vs My Little Pony)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/GOLB Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Discord?so=search Versus Rules: Speed Equalized Used GOLBetty and Discord, Grogar key Fight takes place somewhere random in space 50 meters gap SBA for everything else GOLBetty: @Aolphl Discord: Incon:
  3. Maverick_Zero_X

    Ghost King vs Lord of Evil

    vs Hunson Abadeer Speed equalized Location: the Nightosphere
  4. VeneficaAuthor

    [Losers R2M4] Venefica's Tier 7 Tourney: Rotten Sewage vs Finn the Human

    Original Tourney Thread Tourney Bracket Votes Character Key Votes Rotten Sewage Base 2 Finn Dad's Dungeon - Apple Wedding 0 Inconclusive 0 Welcome to the losers bracket! Whoever loses in the losers bracket will have NO remaining chances in the tourney. Good luck! Winner advances to...
  5. Memonto_Mori

    The Lich Nonduality and NEP removal

    ND: Nothingness and non-existence are not a duality. In fact, they are basically the same thing at some point. Existing before them also does not mean being completely lacking them as well. NEP: Being in a state other than existence and non-existence does not fulfill the NEP 3 requirement...
  6. Eneseditzm0

    Hunson Abaader Upgrade

    Hello I've seen the missing haxes of this sympathetic yet chaotic evil Lord of Night and am considering adding them. Let's look at them now. Hunson Abaader: Electric Manipulation: Can send electricity through clouds 2:54 Possession: Possession of one of the seated men Deconstruction: Crush...
  7. VeneficaAuthor

    [R2M1] Venefica's Tier 7 Tourney: Finn the Human vs Leaf Girl

    Original Tourney Thread Tourney Bracket Votes Character Key Votes Finn the Human Dad's Dungeon - Apple Wedding 0 Leaf Girl Virtual Tournament Arc 0 Inconclusive 0 The start of round 2 of the VeneficaAuthor Tier 7-A/High 7-A tourney! It's Finn from adventure time s vs Leaf Girl from...
  8. Sl33pP4r4ly212Guy

    Bill Cipher vs The Lich

    Big Bads of 2 very influential cartoons from the renaissance era. Pure Evil, enigmatic, omnicidal, bringers of the apocalypse. Chaos vs Extinction (I've been looking for a good match to make with the Lich for a while even prior to the upgrades, and apparently nobody has made a match-up...
  9. Aolphl

    Adventure Time, Prismo and GOLB/GOLBetty's Profiles Rework (Need Staff)

    Alright I've been waiting for months to be able to do this, but I don't have the patience anymore. I talked to @Qawsedf234 and he said that I can open a Crt about R>F right now. That's what I'm here for, that's what I've worked so hard for, and I want this Crt to end the way I want it to. All I...
  10. VeneficaAuthor

    [R1M1] Venefica's Tier 7 Tourney: Kryn vs Finn the Human

    Original Tourney Thread Tourney Bracket Votes Character Key Votes Kryn-ge-Raned vyn Taryal Base 1 Finn the Human Dad's Dungeon - Apple Wedding 5 Inconclusive 0 This is the first match of the VeneficaAuthor Tier 7-A/High 7-A tourney! It's Kryn from Crestseal vs Finn from Adventure...
  11. Whitesquash

    Rick Sanchez vs The Lich

    Versus Rules: Speed equalized Both bloodlusted Both have preparation time Both has his optional equipment Both 2c versions Rick Sanchez: The Lich:
  12. Aolphl

    Wizard Physiology (Adventure Time)

    Some Credits: @KingTempest I found it necessary to make such a page because there are a lot of Wizards in Adventure Time, and these Wizards have a lot of abilities. Although some of the things on this page were accepted much earlier, they are things that have been forgotten to be added to...
  13. Sasukesama0492

    Adventure Time Primal Monster Physiology

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:Mamaroza/Primal_Creature_Physiology_(Adventure_Time)?useskin=fandomdesktop Affected characters: (Lich,Orgalorg,Hunson,Coconteppi,GOLB) In Season 6, Episode 43, the Catalyzer comet said: "I've been around forever",which means that Catalyzer comets existed...
  14. Aolphl

    The Lich Revisions (Adventure Time)

    Lich's profile, I saw that a lot of things were missing. I have a few things for this Villain who made the coldest speech in cartoon. Here we go! Abilities; Preparation: In order to use the full power of the Enchiradion, the gems must be gathered. Possibly Power Bestowal: He told Finn that if...
  15. SuperStar

    The Lich Vs. Dan Phantom (Adventure Time Vs. Danny Phantom)

    The Lich Vs. Dan Phantom Fight Location: SBA Battle Music Both at 2-A Original Series Dan will be used Starting Distance: 100 meters Speed Equal Both in character Win by any means Vs. Lich: Dan:
  16. KingTempest

    KT's Adventure Time Revisions Part 12.5: Multiversal Multigoonal

    Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 3.5, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 6.5, Part 7, Part 7.5, Part 7.9, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12. PB said that Responsibility Demands Sacrifice. I am sacrificing my braincells in this thread. Hello everyone. Succeeding the first failed thread (part...
  17. Tr&Lokumu

    Finn The Human 2C upgrade

    Finn created a black hole beyond space and time, for this reason it is considered as a low multiverse level feat, this black hole is considered as 4 dimensional, this dimension scope is 4D, the black hole he created goes beyond space and time gives him a 2C feat."Everything little is a little...
  18. Dragonite007

    Zen'o vs GOLB (1- 4 - 9)

    A remake of a old thread : 1 : 4 Dimensional Predator: 9 SBA Speed Equal
  19. King_Dom470

    She hulk lost to a cat now can she beat a dog? (8-0-0) GRACE

    Rules: Speed equal She-hulk is bloodlusted First key Jake is used SBA for everything else Jake: (noninho, AThe1412, JustANormalLemon, Mariogoods, Random-Helper323, AceOfSpaces3709, MaidRips, King_Dom470) She-Hulk: Incon:
  20. Flowerguy2

    Falling Games (The Lich VS The Collector) [STOMP]

    Rules 1. Speed is equalized 2. The battle taken place in the Collector version of Boiling Isles (Season 3), and both start 100 meters apart 3. The Collector is bloodlusted while Lich is in-character 4. True Form Collector is used Votes "You are strong, child. But I am beyond strength.": Scales...
  21. Flowerguy2

    Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake CRT [SPOILERS]

    After watching the entire of Fionna and Cake, I think it's a pretty good show and love some moments, but right after that, I decided to make a CRT for the Adventure Time's characters after watching the show. (This also includes the original Adventure Time's show too since missing abilities, some...
  22. Random-Helper323

    Finn the Human vs She-Hulk

    9-A Finn. Fight starts 30 metres apart in Central Park. Finn has the Golden Sword of Battle. SBA otherwise. Both in-character but looking to kill each other. Speed equalized. Finn can dish out 0.01091827 tons She-Hulk scales above 0.0163655 Tons That's more than a 1.5X AP advantage in...
  23. KingTempest

    KT's Adventure Time Revisions Part 12: Escape The Citadel Revision

    Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 3.5, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 6.5, Part 7, Part 7.5, Part 7.9, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11. Simple, the Citadel Guardians have no reason to have 5-A Striking Strength. Make it unknown as they've never shown to throw a punch. On top of that, its durability...
  24. Vinsmoke Sanji vs Finn the Human

    This was a bad idea Fishman Island Saga to Early Whole Cake Island Saga Sanji vs Dad's Dungeon - Apple Wedding Finn Speed is equalized Starting distance is 20 meters Both are High 7-A Who wins? Sanji: Finn: Inconclusive:
  25. Finn and Jake vs Shaggy

    vs Starting distance is 20 meters Speed is equalized Sword of Fate is restricted Seasons 1-Dungeon Train Finn with the Golden Sword and Jake vs Brave Shaggy Battle takes place in an empty school Who wins? Finn and Jake: Shaggy:
  26. Jirenoffical

    About Fionna and Cake episode 4

    In this clip Prismo explains the multiverse and talks about where Fionna's universe is As he said that Fionna's universe is out of the multiverse, does that means that the multiverse is finite or is that like ωth universe?
  27. KingTempest

    Red (Pokemon) Tries to Solo the Friend Group of Ooo

    Red (Pokemon) with his Mid Game Gen 1 team tries to fight the Large Mountain level versions of the Ooovians on his own. He has access to his main team. Charizard, The Flame Pokémon Venusaur, The Seed Pokémon Blastoise, The Shellfish Pokémon Snorlax, The Sleeping Pokémon Lapras, The Transport...
  28. Gojo vs The Lich

    I have absolutely no idea how this is going to play out but why not 28 Year Old Gojo vs The Lich Speed is equalized Battle takes place in an empty field Starting distance is 2 Kilometers Who wins? Gojo: The Lich: Inconclusive:
  29. KingTempest

    KT's Adventure Time Revisions Part 11: Attack Potency Feat Replacement

    Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 3.5, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 6.5, Part 7, Part 7.5, Part 7.9, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10. Mid mid tier downgrade Hey everybody. So I managed to do a little research on the values where the Low 6-B guys scaled to, and the calc was dooked on after DT's cloud...
  30. Overflow vs Flame Princess (0-0-0)

    Starting distance is 100 meters Speed is equalized Battle takes place in an empty city Overflow has prior knowledge of Flame Princess' Attack Potency Win condition is death or incapacitation Omni-Enhanced Overflow vs Great Gum War Flame Queen Who wins? Water Guy: Fire Gal: Inconclusive:
  31. EmperorRorepmeThree

    Death (Adventure Time) abilities

    I propose adding these abilities to Death from Adventure Time based on New Death in the episode "Together Again": Immortality (Type 1) Cosmic Awareness (Knows exactly when and where someone will die) Intangibility (He cannot be touched normally even by astral beings, he was only able to be...
  32. Finn vs Mighty No. 9

    Starting distance is 500 meters Seasons 1 - Dungeon Train Finn vs Mighty No. 9 Speed is unequalized Beck starts in ReXelection: Batallion Finn is fighting with no equipment Who wins? Finn: Beck (Mighty No. 9): Inconclusive:
  33. Finn vs Zoro

    An idiot swordsman fights another idiot swordsman Skypiea Saga Zoro vs Dungeon Train - Dad's Dungeon Finn Both are low 7-B Finn has access to the Root Sword and his crossbow Starting distance is 50 meters and speed is unequalized Who wins? Zoro: Kachon123, Eminiteable, Tots_Real, Nierre...
  34. LeoEpicGamer8910

    Excitable teenage human heroes (Marcy Wu vs Finn the Human) [GRACE]

    Rules Base Marcy and Seasons 1-Dungeon Train Finn are used Speed is equalized Starting distance is 10 meters Location is a big open field SBA for anything else Voting Excitable human teenage girl: (0.102 tons of TNT) Excitable human teenage boy: 7 (0.073 tons of TNT) Inconclusive:
  35. Finn vs Enid

    Two Swords - Elementals Arc Finn vs Turbo Enid Starting distance is 40 meters and speed is equalized Finn has access to the mechanical arm and small sword Both are 5-A Who wins? Finn: Enid: Inconclusive:
  36. Overlord_Darkness

    Adventure Time: Primordial Monsters update

    Hi. Here I'll try to explain why Primordial Monsters should have more powerfull abilities due to their origin. As Lich says, Primordial Monsters existed before the nothingness that predates exsitence. This is actually not Resistence to Void Manip, rather Primordial Monsters have: 1)...
  37. The_Almighty_Wholesome

    Another [[Ice-Cream Maker]] attempts to defeat [[THE POWER OF NEO]] (2-0-0)

    As mentioned in the last Deltarune VS thread involving Ice King I made, I was originally going to make a Spamton vs Ice King match but decided to wait and see if I wanted to make this match depending on how that thread went. And after seeing how it went and some consideration, I think it’s time...
  38. Sparkive

    Wrestling Time (Finn Bálor vs Finn the Human)

    Finn Bálor vs Finn the Human VS Rules "The Demon" key for Balór in 9-A Key "Seasons 1-Dungeon Train" for Finn the Human Equalized Speed AP Finn Bálor: Superior to his human form, which in 9-A form scales to 0.047 Tons of TNT, Higher with Coup de Grâce and 1916 Finn the Human: 0.009901...
  39. Flashlight237

    Minor Adventure Time CRT: Minor Dimensional Shenanigans

    So here's the thing. So, in the episode The Real You, Finn invents a dimensional bubble wand. in which he used to explain what types of shadows the bubbles casted. If I recall correctly, he made a 2D bubble (casting a 1-dimensional shadow), a 3D bubble (normal stuff), and a 4D bubble (which...
  40. Bowser-us

    Orgalorg ability - Resistance to Soul absorption

    Orgalorg/Gunter should have the ability - resistance to soul absorption. He completely ignores Hunson action. When Hunson was able to suck the soul out of 11 normal penguins at the same time without any problems