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VS Battles
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Red (Pokemon) with his Mid Game Gen 1 team tries to fight the Large Mountain level versions of the Ooovians on his own.

He has access to his main team.

While trying to fight the Ooovians

Can Red take them down?

  • Equalized speed since the gap is ridiculously high.
  • No mega evolutions allowed since they'd one shot.
  • Battle takes place in the Gizard Wasteland.
  • Nighttime since Marceline's a vampire and I don't want her to burn up, specifically fight starts the second the sun is down.
  • All specifically High 7-A to High 7-A+ versions.
    • Those with varying levels of strength can up the ladder to the peak of High 7-A, but right below the baseline for 6-C.
  • Other than that SBA.
Ash But Better:
The Ooovians:
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I suppose I will ask, how good is the team work for the Friend Group of Ooo and are they willing to target Red directly
I suppose I will ask, how good is the team work for the Friend Group of Ooo
Finn can really coordinate with anybody, even people he hasn't worked with before or people he hates
Finn and Jake's team work is immaculate and extremely coordinated, and Finn can even use Jake as a suit and Jake stretches when he needs em to, and they'll block attacks for each other when needed to.
Marceline is most likely to rush Red but Finn might stop her from hurting em out of his honor code
Bubblegum's leading em though, but Marceline probably wouldn't listen to her when it comes to murder and such
Ice King'll do his own thing until they need him to do his magic, same for Flame Princess
and are they willing to target Red directly
Venusaur has the most utility with their Sleep Powder, Poison Powder, etc… but it get wreck hard by Ice King and Flame Queen pretty hard
Ice King resists sleep and Bubblegum is versatile as hell with all of her creations too so that's that

I don't think they'll stand on each side and do a 6v6, I feel like the pride of some of them will let them split off and do 1v1s

Charizard and Phoebe might fly off and have a fire off