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Inspired by @Baken384 Jotaro matchup thread, and @Veloxt1r0kore Makima and Minamoto no Raikou matchup threads.

After so many years, we've finally got WWE profiles! Took weeks of me carrying the WWE profiles thread, but we got there, and here we are, with the official WWE Matchups Thread!

All jokes aside, I'd like these people for helping with the WWE profiles.
  1. @CuteAnimeNekoGirl99
  2. @EliminatorVenom (please come back so you can see the progress we made)
  3. @MonkeyOfLife
  4. @Pikaman
  5. @Lacku
  6. @Hunterzillas
  7. @MistaClean
  8. @Amelia_Lonelyheart
  9. @Zackra1799
  10. @KLOL506
  11. @ShockingPsychic
I apologize to the people who feel like their name should be added. I completely forgot. I was listing people straight off the dome.

Anyways, choose any characters from any verse that you'll feel like will be a good matchup for the WWE characters.

John Cena

Big Show

Chris Jericho

Randy Orton

Finn Balor

Kenny Omega

Austin Theory
  1. Big Show vs Saitama
  2. Chris Jericho vs Mister Satan
  3. John Cena vs Peacemaker
  4. Finn Balor (Demon King) vs Daredevil (MCU)
  5. Randy Orton vs Loid Forger
  6. John Cena vs Garfield
  7. Chris Jericho vs Yor Briar
  8. Chris Jericho vs Kazane Aoba
  9. Chris Jericho vs Baki Hanma
  10. Austin Theory vs Yozuru Kagenui
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Doesn’t have a profile yet, But Guts vs Demon Finn Bálor is one I defo have my sights on after I make said profile

In terms of already existing profiles, Big Show vs Saitama
I wish the WWE got upgraded to 9-A instead of just being further into 9-B.

I would've immediately pit Chris Jericho against Captain Mizuki.

Mizuki is really good at grappling, and you already know Jericho is good at that, too.

Plus, knowing how Jericho loves to tease and/or insult women (specifically Stephanie McMahon), it'll definitely be a cool fight to see.

Cena is already one of the top trending characters in the Martial Arts Champions category lmao
"Characters of whom are Martial Arts in some form"
Wat. I didn't know John Cena and Garou were literal embodiments of Martial Arts.
Can someone please mention WWE calcs here ? i'm making the verse page.

the God Tier’s Dura feat ^

Obviously the Table breaking in References for Common Feats Page

Lifting strength can be found on the profiles and in some of the threads based on WWE, stuff like Mark Henry and Strowman pushing/pulling vehicles, etc.
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Verse Page Created:
Which of these abilities should be kept for him can anyone take a look, Let me know what should be removed.
I made the verse and added Braun's page too.
Verse Page Created:
If you use discord DM me the discord tag, The one here isn't working
Which of these abilities should be kept for him can anyone take a look, Let me know what should be removed.
Just at a glance

Surface Scaling needs removed since the Cell is a scaleable surface by design, which isn’t what the ability is about.

Social Manipulation is fine but Mind Manipulation is too extreme

I literally can’t tell what’s going on in the Supernatural Luck Scan? Either way the description seems more just his opponent missing the table when chucking him, which isn’t enough of an improbable event to claim Supernatural Luck

I’m neutral on Probability Manipulation, wanna see the opinion of others on this

Everything else I’m either ok with, need the opinions of others on, or am neutral without much to comment on