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Proposal for a new third key for in training Saitama.





He busts through a similar type of shelter that Deep Sea King did. Both were described as missile proof.


He then goes on to one shot a demon level threat. Said Monster is also 35 meters tall, idk if that means anything but the info is there.
ya could probably scale based off the missile yield for bofoy since "missile" does vary a bit even irl due to classification (and this isnt quite irl earth history for this fiction, counted 16 in the image.


2005.54563851 Kilotons of TNT was the low end, going by that a single "missile" statement, lets say its accurate.

2005.54563851 /16 = 125.346602407 kilotons per missile

think that theres other missiles we see used by the random hero association or military vs ancient king or other stuffs.

likely OPM have missile feats already past this, eg a Tomahawk cruise missile is equivalent to 500 kg of TNT, or approximately 0.5 tons.

my guess is the raw just translates it as missile and doesn't specify what type? although the statement should be inclusive of any missile type tho
But what you said makes sense to me.

Going by the missile proof statement we should use the one time missiles were actually used in the series rather than picking from a random irl missile. Measured by the yield of a single missile of course.
Will probably need to reread the chapter, but I could've sworn this took place after Saitama removed his limiter.
SuperAPM said:
Will probably need to reread the chapter, but I could've sworn this took place after Saitama removed his limiter.
I don't think there's really a given timeline for the chapter. I thought him losing all his hair was when he trully removed his limiter though.
He lost his limiter in his fight against the personification of a light pull cord. The thing that indicated that was the cavity that fell out of his mouth (notice the shift in style,) and he still had his hair there. I believe he had his hair for a while after removing his limiter.

Granted, I'm unsure of the timeline as well, but I'll report on that later.
That wasn't a total limiter removal.

It was a zenkai boost, like the ones Garou gets. Those are inherent to the people in this universe.