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overgrown rover

  1. Nehz_XZX

    Overgrown Rober and Homeless Emperor have Homing Attack?

    Overgrown Rover and Homeless Emperor have Homing Attack for being able to control the trajectories of their energy balls but aren't Homing Attacks supposed to be attack with the innate trait of seeking out the target? Simply controlling the attacks to have them follow an opponent doesn't seem...
  2. King

    Overgrown Rover's AP

    So, I have made an effort to try and calculate One Punch Man's Overgrown Rover's AP. Earlier, I didn't think of this because there wasn't any set size calculated for Z city. But now that it is there, I have decided to calculate rover's feat. This happens during the fight of Rover with Garou when...
  3. Enryu_The_Red_Tower

    Elder Centipede's and Overgrown Rover's Durability upgrade

    I came to talk about the durability of these two, I came with the intention of updating them, both the Elder Centipide and Overgrown Rover were able to tank Bang and Bomb combined techniques without any notable damage, and these two latters individually are "7-B, possibly 7-A+", so I propose...
  4. Tetsucabrah

    Rover's durability, New Genos Key, Lifting strength of Dragon Levels.

    I want to discuss the rating for Rover's durability. I've made the case about the emperor nova and Orochi countless times and it's never been outright rejected. I think at the bare minimum his durability should surpass Gouketsu's. This doesn't scale to anyone, as Saitama was the only person to...
  5. Phoenks

    Overgrown Rover vs All Might (0-0-0)

    Overgrown Rover recently got the spotlight Lets put em against MHA's Top Tier Both 7-A Speed Equal
  6. Tetsucabrah

    Proposal for a new third key for in training Saitama.

    https://********.org/chapter/7249/2 https://********.org/chapter/7249/14 https://********.org/chapter/67494/66 https://********.org/chapter/7249/17 He busts through a similar type of shelter that Deep Sea King did. Both were described as missile proof. https://********.org/chapter/7249/21...
  7. Spinoirr

    Rovers calc

    Someone calculated rovers mouth blast he did to garuo was mountain level. So more support for 7-,A rover and garuo
  8. Spinoirr

    Kevin fights a dog

    Kevin vs Rover and both are 7-A and speed is = Fight is in the MAB Kevi: Dog:
  9. ApiesDeathbyLazors

    Battle Between Good Dogs (Two to go)

    Fight happens in Z City Both bloodlusted Speed Equalized I can't think of anything else so lets start Overgrown Rover Arcanine
  10. ApiesDeathbyLazors

    Worms of Unusual Size Try to Kill Each Other

    So I randomly found a High 7-C while browsing, remembered the best dog on this site is now High 7-C and decided "Why Not?" execpt that best dogo is apparently a stone wall so I guess I'll use a different OPM monster. Speed Equalized because always and let's just SBA the rest. Elder Centipede...
  11. GyroNutz

    Overgrown Rover vs Child Emperor

    This match seemed interesting to me. With the Brave Giant, Child Emperor is now far above most of the S-Class in raw strength. So why not put him against the Monster Association's bulkiest pup? Child Emperor starts out in the Brave Giant. Brave Giant can one-shot ninjas who are around Gouketsu...
  12. ApiesDeathbyLazors

    Whale vs Dog

    This might be a mismatch but I've given up really caring so let's do it. Speed Equalized, Fight takes place in a huge open field with a kilometer distance between them. SBA for the rest. White Whale Overgrown Rover
  13. The_Calaca

    Dog vs Dragon

    Overgrown Rover vs Gajeel Redfox Speed unequalized. Dragon Force Gajeel. SBA otherwise. Who wins and why?
  14. ApiesDeathbyLazors

    Overgrown Rover vs Rider (Fate/Zero) (Grace Period)

    The Big Bork vs The King of Conquerors Overgrown Rover is bloodlusted, Speed Equalized, no other restrictions and SBA. Iskandar Overgrown Rover
  15. ApiesDeathbyLazors

    Cat vs Dog / 7-A edition

    I really want to pit Iskandar against Rover but will hold off for now. Speed UNequalized, both are Massively Hypersonic+ so, cool. We'er looking at Flash goddess form Yoruichi, because it's the most thematic. Hopefully I got a good replacment. Yoruichi Shihoi Overgrown Rover
  16. Backy42

    One Punch Man revisions

    The manga retconned Garou and Rover's fight. Garou doesn't overpower Rover, and he actually is portrayed to be significantly inferior to Rover. So shouldn't Garou be downgraded to just 7-A or Rover upgraded to "At least 7-A"?
  17. Raito_Utopia

    Elder Centipede vs Overgrown Rover

    Distance : 50m Win by death Who takes this ?
  18. Quangotjokes

    Durability upgrade, Ap revision.

    Seems i was right all along. Garou never damaged Rover. He's the most durability dragon in the series. Garou didnt overpower Rover which i was also right about. These should be changed.
  19. Legion350

    Thor vs Overgrown Rover

    Thor (Ultimate Marvel) vs Overgrown Rover Speed is equalized Battle takes place in a forest.
  20. Quangotjokes

    One-Punch Man: Rover upgrade

    I believe Rover should be upgraded to at least mountain since nobody was able to harm him. Only able to get past him by saying, "Sit".
  21. WeeklyBattles

    Big ol' Doggos - Overgrown Rover vs Firefang Warwick

    Summary Overgrown Rover is an enormous, doglike monster who appeared during the S-Class Heroes' attack on the Monster Association. Rover is easily a Dragon level threat and is by far one of the Association's most powerful monsters, albeit clearly one of the least intelligent. It makes its first...
  22. Szutjo

    Overgrown Rover (One Punch Man) vs Koromaru (Persona 3) - Speed Equalized

    Tier-7A K9 fighters
  23. The_Wright_Way

    Equius Zahhak vs Overgrown Rover

    Speed equalized. vs.