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  1. Brogeefrong

    goku vs satiana but they are younger | Kid Goku vs Saitama | 5-0-0

    A new challenger has arrived at the tournament Post-Chōshinsui Goku is used and is 5-C (59.2 Exatons) During Training Saitama is used and is High 6-A+ (18.58 Exatons) Fight takes place in the World Martial Arts Tournament's fighting ring Profiles...
  2. Shadow_x007x

    Saitama and Garou Jump Around Io

    Thanks to @Damage3245 for checking the calculations for us and @Second22 for measuring Saitama's distance. Change this calculation https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Kachon123/One-Punch_Man:_Saitama_and_Garou_Jump_Around_Io to this calculation...
  3. Beeb_alt

    War criminal cube vs A hero for fun (GB vs Saitama) (0-0-0)

    -Speed is equalized -4-C GB and Post-Balding Saitama are used -Battle takes place on the moon for some reason -SBA GB: Saitama: Inconclusive:
  4. BertieBootz

    Saitama vs JOJO stands

    • What would happen if Saitama was inside the stand Superfly from JOJO and attacked it directly with a serious punch? • If Saitama lost against a gambling stand, would their abilities work on him? • Would the stands: heavens door, sticky fingers or cream affect him? • Could the stand...
  5. ArachDusa

    Does Garou scale to himself?

    Saitama and Garou's Serious Punch² (a weird name since it's two Serious Punches, not a Serious Punch raised to the power of itself) is accepted on the Wiki to be at least 4-A and possibly 3-C. Since it happened before Saitama's limitless growth started accelerating, the Wiki considers...
  6. Shadow_x007x

    Saitama playing with stones

    This calculation Saitama playing with stones Why did Saitama wait for the rock to travel 1.05624398431 meters before moving? It's clear from the scene that Saitama knows Geryuganshoop is behind him. He doesn't need to wait for Geryuganshoop to pick up the rock, throw it 1.05624398431 meters...
  7. Robo432343

    Saitama vs Thanos (3-1-0)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Saitama vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Thanos_(Marvel_Future_Fight) SBA Speed Equal Saitama: @Robo432343 @Phoenks @ReaperAndBlues Thanos: @DavidTPPM
  8. DavidTPPM

    Saitama vs Ogre (1-7-0) GRACE

    The strongest human takes on the strongest dragon. Battle Info: Post balding Saitama is used Both are 4-A Speed is equalized Saitama starts bloodlusted SBA AP: Saitamas AP: 50.4 ExaFoe Ogres AP: 66.4 Exafoe The difference is 1.11x in Ogres favor LS: Saitamas LS: 1.5169548e+26 kg Ogres LS...
  9. Robo432343

    Saitama vs Amaterasu

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Saitama vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Amaterasu_(%C5%8Ckami) SBA Speed Equal
  10. Shadow_x007x

    Downgrade Saitama & Garou

    It's a simple thread because calc just entered the wrong value. Serious Table Flip The part that I highlighted in bold is wrong because F = ma. F has units of Newtons, not kilograms. Therefore, this is only a Class Y (1.5169548e+27/9.81 = 1.5463352e+26 kg) result. Affected characters...
  11. Saitama&Garou resistance to Antimatter manipulation

    Saitama should get resistance to existance erasure or at least resistance to antimatter manipulation. for their time travel, with their matter manipulation, what they did was a C-symmetry "Charge", where all his particles became anti particles and the opposite. when he fusioned with the saitama...
  12. Hajunn

    Flashy Flash 4th Wall Awareness (again)

    We talked about this in the previous discussion and the discussion ended with Qawsed saying that this panel was redrawn. I talked to Qawsed about this on Message Wall and I asked him about the source and he said: "The scene originally comes from Chapter 194 where Flashy Flash asked Blast about...
  13. Shadow_x007x

    Downgrade Boros's speed

    1. Boros moves faster than the average Joe Change this calculation It is this calculation. For this reason: This takes Boros from High Hypersonic+ (58.42 Mach) to Supersonic+ (3.8 Mach) or Hypersonic (9.5 Mach), depending on the acceptance of the computational group members. Agree with...
  14. Shadow_x007x

    Adjusted Tier Boros and Saitama

    Ok, hello, let's get started. Even though the name of this thread is Downgrade Boros, this isn't really a downgrade. First, I'm going to explain why we use Boros scaling. Problem As for the bold letters, that's not true. We already know that Saitama is getting stronger every day. In his normal...
  15. TheReal7Cris

    Aizen Vs Saitama

    [Aizen TYBW] Key Vs [Saitama Post-Balding] Key Both 3-C Speed Equalized Location; Some Random City starting distance: 20m Saitama: Aizen: @XSOULOFCINDERX @MrVenomYTX @Hiiilt
  16. darkphantom9805

    Saitama upgrade

    So saitama right now is multi solar to possibly galaxy level I think he should be higher because garou was stated to have awakened the knowledge of the universe This would include the Big Bang or what ever made the universe and the creation/expansion of the entire universe He had awakened not...
  17. Accelerated_Evolution

    Saitama VS Madara Uchiha (3-14-0)

    Yep, another "Almost Haxless OPM character VS Naruto character with Hax" match, might go well or might go bad Inspired by this video Saitama is on his "Parallel Timeline" key Madara is on his "Jūbi Jinchūriki (Dual Rinnegan+Rinne Sharingan)" key Speed is Equalized Saitama´s profile - Madara´s...
  18. Gendolfgg1

    Downgrading of Saitama's and Garou's Levels

    I'm talking about Performed Serious Punch now, which is CLEARLY overrated. Based on this screenshot (and subsequent excerpts) I just don't see any prerequisites for the fact that the stars and celestial bodies were destroyed. Where did you get this from? Where is the context? Even if the...
  19. Robo432343

    Garou vs Popeye

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Garou vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Popeye SBA Speed is not equal Garou: @JustANormalPerson01 @SatellaTheWoE @Farfetchedx Popeye: Incon:
  20. Brogeefrong

    ah nah why mr crap figthinf a baldy | Saitama vs Mr. Krabs | 0-0-0

    ah nah why they sqauring up¿??????? Parallel Timeline Saitama is used and is 4-A (5.36 Exafoe) Base Mr. Krabs is used and is 4-A (16.88 Exafoe) Speed is equalized Fight takes place at your supermarket Profiles https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Saitama?so=search...
  21. RanaProGamer

    Saitama vs Naruto's Son

    Cuz Saitama vs Naruto is overrated Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized 4-A Versions Boruto scales to 1.688e63 Joules Saitama scales to 5.6394e63 Joules Yachihoko Boruto vs Current Saitama Who wins and why?
  22. Spectra_Schiffer

    Black Wizard meets One Punch man

    Zeref Dragneel versus Saitama Standart Battle Assumptions Both are equal speed Zeref: Spectra_Schiffer, Amon.vl, Zeinx1, Chardee.wl, Excellence616,Dark_Soul20189, G33kedzinx, Valeska24 Saitama: Incon:
  23. ArachDusa

    Saitama's limitless growth retrospective

    The One Punch Man manga's rendition of Saitama's final battle against Garou is one of the most important pieces of scaling of the series' God tiers, not only in terms of destructive power, but also a wide array of unprecedented and exceptionally powerful hax abilities, with the crown jewel among...
  24. SpiteBattles

    Saitama vs Goku, but Death Battle (grace/KO!)

    Yes [Rules:] -Both are Low 5-B (Super Saiyan 4 Goku is used), anything higher than that is restricted. -Speed is equal. -Battle takes place on earth, both are 50 meters apart -Other than that, all rules of Death Battle are applied. The One Punch Man: The Tenacious Super Saiyan: 6 ( @Ednaxel2...
  25. RanaProGamer

    Ichigo Takes On The One Punch Man

    A Big 3 vs OPM matchup, this should be fun Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized Ichigo scales to 443.5 Petatons Saitama scales to 254 Petatons Fullbring Ichigo vs During Training Saitama Who wins and why?
  26. Uzukeas

    Hitoshi Kai vs Saitama(DEATH BATTLE!)

    Hitoshi Kai vs Saitama Hitoshi starts in his Post Saiyan Realisation Key, And is 5-A Saitama is 5-A Win by any means. SBA is in use. Speed Equal
  27. TyranoDoom30

    OPM profiles possible renaming

    Hi all. As many people here know, OPM profiles currently have the webcomic characters categories and either simply have the name of the character or '(One-Punch Man)' added into them. However, one other notable detail is that it's exclusively the manga version. As many know already, the OPM...
  28. Javenplayz253

    Saitama Fights A New Generation Hero (Saitama vs Boom) (It's Not Clear who could Win)

    I Have No Story UHHHHHHHHHHHH Saitama Somehow travels Time And Fights Boom Idk Both Are At 4-A (Post-Balding For Saitama) Speed is Equalized Both Are 1km Apart Battle Takes Place At Y-City Battle Music (Unfitting But I Like It I guess) "ALL IT TOOK WAS ONE PUNCH D*MMMIIIIIITTTTTT!": "Look at...
  29. Kingcollapser

    Devilman vs Opm verse(Because why not)

    As the title says, it’s Devilman versus the whole OPM verse. From the lowest ranked Hero/Monster all the way up to god and of course Saitama is included in this. A quick run down of Devilman for those who don’t know much about him. Just a warning that some Devilman scans are NSFW 🚨. 1 2 3 4 5...
  30. Kachon123

    One-Punch Man: God Tier Speed Upgrade

    Got countless complaints across literally everything from Vs Battle Wiki and Discord, to even Twitter and Reddit, so here it is. You're welcome. I've remade this calc with far better pixel scaling since I missed some lines before...
  31. TaiwaneseScaler

    A Couple Garou Buffs and Nerfs. 1 Saitama Buff

    There are a few changes I would like to make to Garou's profile essentially just polishing some things and making a few adjustments anyways I'll be straight forward with the reasons. Nerfs: Garou's Attack Speed: It has been substantiated by @Chariot190 that each of Garou's Gamma Ray Bursts...
  32. Phoenks

    One-Punch Man: Faster and Stronger!

    The graph multiplier has been accepted, but we only applied it to attack potency, because at the time I didn't want to have to argue for speed and lifting strength on the same thread. I'll do that in this thread. I personally don't think it's that controversial, but I'll hear out what others...
  33. ZillertheBucko

    It’s another Boros > Tatsumaki crt hooray

    This is simple, the cover of volume 7 says this stuff (read the notes on the Imgur link) implying Boros is stronger than Tatsumaki. The proposal is just to make Boros in his non armored keys scale above Tatsumaki, that’s it. Updated justification goes as so: At least Multi-Continent level...
  34. Phoenks

    Saitama VS Goku • (1-1-0)

    This has happened a few times before. - - - - - Saitama, the One-Punch Man VS Son Goku, the Saiyan God - - - - - Buu Saga Goku • Peak Parallel Saitama • Saitama is Bloodlusted • Goku is In-Character • Speed Equalized • In a very large indestructible boxing ring • 20m Apart - - - - -...
  35. Kachon123

    One-Punch Man: Remove Your Limits! (Willpower and The Limiter)

    This has been a long time coming. Here is the sandbox draft for the Limiter page. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:Kachon123/Willpower_and_the_Limiter_(One-Punch_Man) What this means: Those with their limiter broken can grow their AP, Speed, and Lifting Strength indefinitely to any...
  36. Phoenks

    Superman VS Saitama • (0-1-0)

    I would kill to see this fight actually happen. Guys who primarily just punch people, get really strong, and resist basically everything in their respective universes. Both are also popular icons in the western and eastern divisions. - - - - - Superman, the Father of Superheroes VS Saitama...
  37. Phoenks

    The OPM Power Graph

    Here we go again. Told you I had something planned. In Chapter 168 of OPM, we are given the finale of the fight of Saitama VS Cosmic Garou, where we see the true extent of Saitama's growth in the form of a graph. This graph was rejected for scaling in the past. I'm here to say "nah, that's...
  38. TaiwaneseScaler

    Saitama and Garou Universal?

    3A Saitama and Garou? (Additionally this was retweeted by Murata) Plus there was an Interview with Murata in which a fan asked if Garou could destroy the universe Murata then said "Yes! Garou is very powerful in cosmic forces. I think he can destroy the universe, but I will confirm with ONE."...
  39. Marvel_Champion_07

    Carol Danvers fights the hero for fun (Captain Marvel vs Saitama) [1-9-0]

    CAPTAIN MARVEL vs SAITAMA 3-C Post-Balding Saitama and Modern Captain Marvel used Speed is equalised Starting Distance: 30 meters Saitama: 9 (Phoenks, JustANormalLemon, Tural2004, C2_of_Omegon, Quibster, Epicheev, Excel616, EnderLord8, Doggo) Captain Marvel: 1 (Suigetsuhyugs) Inconclusive: 0
  40. Pepsiman25th

    Battle of the Fists, Man vs Man. (Saitama vs Saxton Hale)

    A battle of Man vs Man. An aspiring hero and the Australian mad man. Saitama vs Saxton Hale. Battle will take place in City Z and Saitama will have 1 day worth of prep. Speed is equal between the both of them. Saxton is at his peak. (9-A) During-Training Saitama will be used. (9-B+) Both...