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Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki (Kinshiki Absorbed) vs Zekrom


Theme for this battle

Incarnation of Ideals: 11 (The real cal howard, Yobobojojo , CrimsonStarFalle, LordGriffin1000, ShadowChild'sReaper, DragonEmperor23, Everything12, TriforcePower1, BruceTheBatma, OuterversalSaibama, GyroNutz)

Alien: 5 (TheFinalOrder, AstralKing7, Ricsi-viragosi, I am myself You are you, Celestial Judge)


AP and Durability of both: Momoshiki (Kinshiki Absorbed)>Kaguya (400 Zettatons) and Zekrom=Reshiram>Base Kyurem>Shiny Genesect=Mega Mewtwo Y/X=<Zygarde 50% (Xerneas & Yveltal absorbed)>>Yveltal=Xerneas (717 Zettatons)

Boruto naruto next generation momoshiki red rinne by iennidesign-dcgk0bp (1)

The larger you get the harder it is to see smaller things, though. But at building size it would be like looking a mouse in the eyes, which is doable at close range.
Uh no we were talking about the sharing and enhanced vision. Sasuke can still see his eyes even if he is that size because of the sharingans enhanced vision
They can mind hax large characters like tailed beasts. There's normally eye contact debate about Rinnegan Sasuke due to the way he mind haxxed all of them at once, but I don't remember if there was ever a consensus.
We know that. But eye contact means both characters can see each others' eyes. It's easy to see a 1 meter high eye; Sasuke doesn't even need enhanced vision for that. It's Zekrom that will be hard pressed to make out Sasuke's eyes.
Also, this is noted on the page. "(Can trap people in Genjutsu without eye contact, and control others with the Sharingan)"
So would it be better to use Momoshiki in his strongest version or Kaguya for this match? Since both of them have AP of 400 Zettatons
Enryu The Red Tower said:
So would it be better to use Momoshiki in his strongest version or Kaguya for this match? Since both of them have AP of 400 Zettatons
Bro I don't even know cause it looks like Zekrom is scaling above 700zt lol
Should likely put details like that on the file. Like putting abilities it specifically ignores...unless you wanna hear "NLF" like a lot of things in Pokemon.
I mean, that way, Cal can stroke his ego by giving Zekrom and Rehiram a decent wall of text. ovo