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weather report

  1. Froggytron

    [R1M1] CO-OP Tournament: Scarlet Witch/Devipelt vs. Weather Report /Apocalypse (ReDo) - GRACE

    Tournament Hub / Tournament Bracket Two teams are about to fight in round 1 match 1, the fearsome duo of Avengers Alliance vs. abused Cape and Mutant with destructive desire. Important rules to mention: The battle will take place in an 'endless, metal cube planet', in an FU's pocket dimension...
  2. CBslayeR

    JoJo Stand User Bracket Round 2 Match 4 (Johnny Joestar vs Weather Report)

    The final match of Round 2 and it just so happens to be the haxxiest people in the bracket (bruh moment for Jotaro) Both start 15 meters apart in Central Park, and are in character Speed is equalized (although I'm not sure how much this matters anymore with how speed equal messes with Stands...
  3. Seventy96

    Weather Report vs Storm

    Can Heavy Weather effect Storm or not?
  4. Jasonsith

    (0 WR - 0 M) I am making this up: Weather Report vs Persona Marie

    Weather Report vs Marie (Persona) Both starts 4 m, face to face. Speed equalised unless otherwise suggested. Domenico Pucci - 0 Kusumi-no-Okami / Izanami-no-Mikoto - 0 Draw - 0
  5. Weather Report vs Ougi Oshino(Battle for 2nd strongest non-smurf 10-A)

    Weather Report vs Ougi Oshino Both bloodlusted. Speed equal. All optional equipment. This might be a stomp,but I need to seal the deal for Ougi’s spot. Ougi: Weather Report: Incon:
  6. The_real_cal_howard

    Golduck vs Heavy Weather

    There is a very real reason for this thread. Duck vs man. Psyduck Weather Report
  7. ImusakuAnk

    Weather is try to eat a Udon

    Yes,why not? Speed Equalized Weather has Heavy Weather Both are 1km apart Both have prior knowledge Weather : Udo : Thunder Mcqueen :
  8. Oblivion_Of_The_Endless

    Maker vs Weather Report

    Speed Equal Maker has his equipments WR has heavy weather SBA Intellect: Snails: Incon:
  9. EnnardTrap1987

    Weather Report VS Darth Sidious

    Both 6-C Speed equalised Fight takes place in the Death Star Weather: 1 Palpatine: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  10. Agnaa

    Stomps With A Small Degree Of Randomness

    I've been informed that if an ability has even a small degree of randomness, a win from it isn't considered a stomp, even if that ability usually has one result that leads to a stomp. For a practical example, Weather Report's Heavy Weather has passive instant power nullification and mindhax...
  11. Genericstickman

    local snail man fights giant rock

    Weather Report vs Knack both at their strongest speed equalised snails:3 minerals: hell:
  12. First_Witch

    Oven shall pay me big bucks (Weather Report vs Haruna (Arpeggio))

    Oven that son of a gun believes that this should be tried out. JoJo is a big no-no VS Battle wise, but no one else has good ideas so whatevs Weather Report vs Haruna (Arpeggio of Blue Steel) Both are at their peak and nothing is restricted, speed is equalized. Battle takes place in the Tokyo...
  13. Oblivion_Of_The_Endless

    Kumagawa vs Weather Report

    Dunno, maybe it can work Speed Equalized SBA VOTES: Speedblitz: 3 (Earl, Maruishi, Paul Frank) lolSnail: 9 (Triforce, Listentomyriythm, Alitudil0, SpookyShadow, Plack69, Sir Ovens, TacticalNuke, Guardspace, QuirkyBoy) Inconclusive:
  14. Genericstickman

    Ikki gets some snail mail

    Ikki Kurogane vs Weather Report last keys used speed equalised use your sword:1 snails:9 McQueen:
  15. SpookyShadow

    Edelweiss vs Weather Report

    Why not? (Even tho I don't like making matches between hax) Both at their peak Speed is =, even though it doesn't need to be (just in case) In character Starting 300 meters away from each other Who wins this shiet? Passive hax: Hax incarnated and best boi: Inconclusive:
  16. DnW0

    Weather Report vs Baekseo

    7-C Baekseo & Speed Equalized & Fight takes place @ Lake Karachay Baekseo: 0 Weather Report: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  17. SupremeGilgamesh

    Demigod vs Nature

    Heracles vs Weather Report They are both bloodlusted This is Heavy Weather WR Speed Equalized Who wins and why? FIGHT!!!
  18. Seventy96

    Giorno vs Weather

    GER Heavy Weather Speed equalized In character Giorno Weather
  19. CrimsonStarFallen

    Changes to Weather Report (JoJo)

    Probably will regret this later on. AP Upgrade First, and this one is pretty simple, Weather Report's Weather Manipulation should be 7-B, since since that's the now the standard for storm feats. Also updates Emporio. Atmospheric Shields ...Why exactly does it scale to his weather...
  20. AJ_Smiles

    Weather Report Subliminal Messaging

    Please make the edit the portion where it states that HW can turn people into snails. It doesn't
  21. Seventy96

    Passive vs Passive: Weather Report vs Greed Day

    Heavy Weather Speed equalized In character Weather Cioccolata
  22. Seventy96

    I don't like sand...and snails.

    High 7-C Vader (Post New Hope) Darth Vader Weather In character Speed equalized
  23. PaChi2

    Mewtwo vs WR

    Weather Report vs Base Mewtwo SBA Speed equal
  24. PaChi2

    Another, another idea

    Weather Report vs Reinhard Heydrich 5-B SBA. Reinhard is exactly 1001 metres away from WR. Speed equal Some edgy golden Nazi that is the cancer of an Snake
  25. PaChi2

    Another idea

    Weather Report vs Sosuke Aize Soul Society arc Aizen. SBA Speed equal
  26. TriforcePower1

    I'm going to regret it so badly: Fi vs Heavy Weather

    Yes. Link (Composite) vs Weather Report But Link's just going to believe to have turned into a snail, so Fi will have to fight instead. Fi is the spirit that lives Here and it's basically an AI robot so I doubt snailing works on it. Sword: Snail: Inconclusive:
  27. Sir_Ovens

    Cursed Rematch - Iihiko Shishime vs Weather Report

    Weather Report no longer has mind manip. Let's see how this goes. Iihiko Shishime vs Weather Report Base Iihiko and Weather has Heavy Weather active. Speed equalized. Win via SBA.
  28. Sir_Ovens

    Snails, Mail, and Happy Trails - Heavy Weather CRT

    Ignore the title, I was trying to be cute. Anyway, Heavy Weather does not use mind manipulation and here is why. Here's the chapter where Pucci explains how Heavy Weather works. Within the chapter, it is explained that Heavy Weather uses subliminal messaging to convince people that they are...
  29. Seventy96

    Weather, I've come to bargain

    In character Infinity War Strange Heavy Weather Doctor Strange Weather Heavy Weather No prior knowledge Speed equalized
  30. Oblivion_Of_The_Endless

    Diavolo vs Weather Report [Rematch] (GRACE)

    The old thread didn't go well and was also never added, so we're doing this again: In character Speed Equalized Weather has Heavy Weather VOTES: Diavolo: 7 (The Divine Phoenix, Eficiente, LordUrien935, JooCipher, ThePixelKirby, Schnee One, Kyschan) Weather: Inconclusive:
  31. TriforcePower1

    Vectors vs Snails

    Accelerator vs Weather Report Base (Post-Headshot) Accel and Weather Report with Heavy Weather. Speed is equalized "Can Accelerator passively redirect Heavy Weather's subliminal message?" This is the main question in this debate, in my opinion. Accelerator: Weather Report: Inconclusive:
  32. Iapitus_The_Impaler

    Weather Report vs Iihiko

    Alright, so the ban on Iihiko matches is gone. This match actually has some history to it. Back where I came from in the debate circles of G+, Heavy Weather was actually one of the go to examples of an ability that can bypass Iihiko's defensive hax since it forces recognition. So let's get on...
  33. JustAJojofag3

    Florida Man has no idea how weather works

    Weather Report (6-C) Vs Storm (Marvel Comics) (5-C) Heavy Weather is being used Speed Equalized
  34. Carrollfire955

    Big Mom vs Weather Report

    Big Mom vs Weather Report The battle takes place in Marijoa. Both 6-C Speed equalized. Who would win? Linlin: Weather: 7 (Iapitus The Impaler) (Calaca vs) (Ciruno Fortes) (TriforcePower1) (Schnee One) (TacticalNuke002) (Eganergo) Inc: Weather
  35. Rakha030806

    Search Weather Report Band in google

    tfw Weather Report character is the main image that shows up
  36. Promestein

    Weather Report versus Accelerator

    Here's something no one needs! Weather Report (with Heavy Weather) versus Post-Headshot Accelerator. (Maybe an angel Accelerator would be better?) Speed is equalized; standard battle assumptions. Neither have knowledge on the other. Weather Report: Accelerator: Inconclusive:
  37. Seventy96

    Rohan wants to draw a manga about the weather

    Speed = In character Heavy Weather if needed Roha Weather
  38. Seventy96

    His name is Weather!!

    Speed equalized In character Boss Weather Heavy Weather
  39. Sir_Ovens

    Strange weather we're having, isn't it?

    I just wanted to do it for the title. Doctor Strange vs Weather Report Pre-Infinity War Strange and Weather has Heavy Weather. Speed equalized. Win via SBA. Discuss.
  40. Sir_Ovens

    Make JoJo Spam Again - Weather Report vs Gilgamesh

    "Seriously, if someone with bullshit suicidal hax can become spam, why can't the strongest canon JoJo character that doesn't use 4D hax?" ~ Sir Ovens 2018 Cloudy with a chance of snails vs Ego bigger than BB's chest Weather Report has Heavy Weather and is bloodlusted and Base Gilgamesh. Speed...