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trafalgar law

  1. Ryuga21

    Zoro and Law curse resistance

    Roronoa Zoro: In Loguetown One Piece introduces the concept of cursed blades. The sword called "Sandai Kitetsu" aroused the interest of Roronoa Zoro, who defied the curse of the sword, and defeated it, even though this curse was responsible for the tragic death of it's two predecessor users...
  2. TauanVictor

    (GRACE) Law VS Broly

    "Captain of the Heart Pirates" Trafalgar Law VS "Saiyan" Broly (Toei) Starting Distance: 15m Both in-character Equalized speed Onigashima Raid Law | Legendary Super Saiyan Broly LOCATION: Law: 11 (@noninho, @Fezzih_007, @SlendVeny, @Hasty12345, @Popbum, @Robo432343, @Dark_Soul20189...
  3. Minor Law Resistance Addition

    Law should have radiation manipulation resistance since’s he’s able to hold his gamma knife, this would also apply to anyone who has been hit by it which would be doflamigo and kaido who already has it. (Idk if I needed scan just put it there just in case, this is my first crt)
  4. One piece resistances

    Shouldn’t characters like doflamingo and kaido have radiation resistance since both have been exposed to law's gamma knife internally with no sign of poisoning?
  5. That_moron2

    Law Tries To Step On Kawaki's Toes Part 1

    After narrowly defeating Kaguya Otsutsuki, Law decides to hunt down and kill the remaining Otsutsuki before they have a chance to attack again (he doesn't know they don't like Kaguya). Law vs Momoshiki and Kinshiki Wano Law is used Speed Equal Momoshiki and Kinshiki can fuse Surgeon of...
  6. Deceived3596

    Special Grade Devil's Surgical Nightmare (Gojo and Makima vs Law)

    SBA Speed Equalized Second Key Gojo and Dressrosa Law are being used Profile Links: Gojo, Makima and Law Vs Limitless Control: Surgeon of Death: Incon:
  7. TauanVictor

    Law VS Mob

    "Captain of the Heart Pirates" VS "Psycho Helmet" Starting Distance: 1km Both in-character Equalized speed 6-B Onigashima Raid Law | 6-B ???% Mob LOCATION: COMBATANTS: Law: Mob: Inconclusive:
  8. Deceived3596

    Trafalgar Law vs Zagred

    SBA Speed Equalized Both 6-B Battle for 9th placement of 6-B on the Non-Smurf thread Voting: Trafalgar Law: Zagred: Incon:
  9. Fireld

    One Piece Abilities Downgrade

    -Kaifu Invisibility: There was a mistranslation since the kaifu were called simply wind cuts by Denjiro in the raws, not invinsible. It should be removed from the Haki, Kaido, Scabbards & Supernova's pages. -Parasito LS: Boundman(Snapped the threads attacking him)>The Strings(Paralyzed...
  10. Ryuga21

    Trafalgar Law vs Thanos (MCU)

    Mad Titan Vs. Surgeon of Death Both in-character. Law has fully knowledge on Thanos and his abilites with the IG; Thanos knows that Law is a pirate with spatial powers; Onigashima Raid and Infinity War keys. Speed is Equalized. Both start at 20 meters apart; Battle takes place at Onigashima...
  11. Ryuga21

    Trafalgar Law vs Irene Belserion

    Mom slayer Vs. Dragon slayer Dragon Form Irene and Wano Arc Law; Both have prior knowledge; Battle takes place at Tenrou Island; They starts at 200m. Surgeon of Death: 7 (Kachon123, King Tempest, XDragnoir, TheMonkeMan, Deceived, Kisaragi Megumi, Eseseso) Scarlet Despair: 4 (1997KD, Nierre...
  12. Robo432343

    Trafalgar Law vs Itachi Uchiha

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Trafalgar_Law vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Itachi_Uchiha Both 7-A SBA otherwise Speed Equal
  13. Ryuga21

    Nico Robin vs Trafalgar Law

    Devil Child vs. Surgeon of Death Battle takes place at Arlong Park; Both have prior knowledge; They starts at 30 meters; Wano-Arc Robin VS. Dresrossa-Arc Law. Nico Robin: Trafalgar Law: Tie:
  14. Arcker123

    More HST Headassery

    Cult Leader Vs The Surgeon Of Death Both High 6-A Speed = SBA Otherwise Aura: @EldemadeDityjon, @AppleLord, @zylieo Law: Spilxson2, @Thatmoron, Kachon Incon:
  15. Deceived3596

    Trafalgar Law vs Arthas Menethil - Battle for the 7th Strongest 7-A (Non-Smurf)

    Conditions: SBA Speed Equalized Punk Hazard Law and Death Knight Arthas are used Profile Links: Trafalgar Law vs Arthas Menethil Voting: Law: Arthas: Incon:
  16. Excellence616

    Hulk Vs Trafalgar Law

    Hulk Vs Trafalgar Law ★ Both start 87 meters apart ★ Onigashima Raid Arc Law is being used ★ Savage Hulk is being used (his 5-B key) ★ The battle takes place in Asgard ★ Both have prior knowledge Speed are equalized. The Strongest One There Is: Surgeon of Death: Inconclusive:
  17. ZKillerz

    Law vs Akainu

    Location: Onigashima rooftop Distance: 50 meters Magma Squirt: Surgeon of death: Darkvie123, Nierre, Eseseso Incon:
  18. Ryuga21

    Trafalgar Law vs Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

    Kaguya vs Trafalgar Law Both start 50 meters apart Wano Arc Law is being used The battle takes place in Konoha Both have prior knowledge Rabbit Goddess: 22 (Trihexa102, Stryker861, Godernet, Excel616, Acker123, kaydee, KidKinsey, Mamaroza, BadSystems, Popbum, YungManzi, speedster352, Padaruyo...
  19. Deceived3596

    HST Showdown - (Round 3 - Doctors)

    ==Introduction== I decided to create this pseudo tournament between the HST because I believe It will breed fun and (generally) contentious debates between supporters of all three series. This “tournament” will be a best of 5, meaning I’ll continue creating these matchups until one of these...
  20. KingTempest

    One Piece: Non-Physical Interaction

    Not sure what this would count as. Gura ability or Haki ability, since it appears that Blackbeard used both. Blackbeard managed to counter Law's devil fruit's intangibility aspect with a Haki Gura infused punch. But the Gura Gura cracks the air and sends shockwaves, it doesn't make much sense...
  21. KingTempest

    One Piece: 2023 Mid-High Tier Redux

    Yerp Yes, somehow, we're back with another mid tier-high tier revision. This will be centered around the shit ton of calcs we have in the range of 7-A to High 7-A (each one done by yours truly) Law's Mountain Slice: 7-A (204.6 Megatons) Kizaru's Lasers: 7-A (218.54 Megatons) Oven's Sea Boil...
  22. KochengPutih

    A surgeon doctor tried to solo an ex admiral

    Garp successfully come to island where is Law and BB fight. Garp intercept their fight and want to fight BB by himself. Law pull their crew to escape. Before he tried to escape, he successfully recovered himself. But, unfortunately Aokiji appears and fight him Trafalgar Law Vs Aokiji SBA...
  23. Aerozz

    Law's Attack on Bigmom possibly huge upgrade

    Spoilers warning for anime watchers! Hello everyone so i have been thinking on how big was Law's awakening attack on Bigmom for a while coz some people say its not that big but when i looked closely its actually bigger than what u think so here im gonna do some calculation/thoughts on how big...
  24. KochengPutih

    Trafalgar Law VS Esdeath (Battle of Onee-san)

    Trafalgar Law vs Esdeath Both high 6a Speed unequalized Battle placed in Dressrosa A former teenage girl winning : A true woman winning : The planet get destroyed by Saitama:
  25. Kachon123

    Sanji vs Law: North Blue Boys Face Off

    Post-Exoskeleton Sanji and Onigashima Raid Law versions are being used. Location: Onigashima Rooftop, starting 20m away In-Character Sanji: 3 (@Kachon123, @Mazdoesstuff, @Lynieryz ) Law: 7 (@TheMonkeMan, @Eseseso, @Kin201, @SnookB, @RoronoaxRobin, @jojo123, @WrongIdea21 ) Soba Mask gives...
  26. Arcker123

    Sōya Azashiro Vs Trafalgar Law - My Favorite Character Vs KT's Favorite Character

    Kenpachi Azashiro Vs Captain of the Heart Pirates @Deceived and @Arc7Kuroi idea 🗿 Speed = 6-A Law SBA Otherwise No RC and Law can see and fight Curious Bleach Goon: OP Goon: Incon:
  27. Eseseso

    King vs Law

    So King lost to Zoro in canon while Law lost in a Vs thread to Zoro, so let's make 'em fight. Location is Onigashima Live Hall, and they start 25m away Both in-character King: 1 (@TauanVictor) Law: 9 (@TheMonkeMan, @Eseseso, @Kachon123, @Darkvie123, @CiscoTheSoto, @SnookB, @RoronoaxRobin...
  28. Arkenis

    Law vs Lucifero

    Law Lucifero Starting distance 200 meters. Equal Speed Location is the Clover Kingdom In character
  29. Deceived3596

    Trafalgar Law vs Bloodman - The Grim Reaper vs The Shichibukai

    SBA Speed Equalized Law's Key - Onigashima Raid - AP - 1.032 Petatons Bloodman's Key - Base - AP - 4.435 Petatons Vs "It's been two years since the Paramount War!!! And who exactly has been moving events? You've done nothing more than maintain peace and tranquility. Whitebeard only left a...
  30. Ryuga21

    Onigashima Trafalgar Law CRT

    I feel that Law's profile wasn't fully covered and revised after the events of Wano, so I'm making this thread. Abilities Limited Size Manipulation and Intangibility via K-room (Law can cover his sword in a sphere of energy, causing it to increase in size at will, at the same time it passes...
  31. KingTempest

    One Piece: Busoshoku Haki Potency and Buso Layers Scaling

    First things first we have a clear heirarchy of Haki Potencies in the series. These will be the mechanics for finding out their potency. Scaling Methods of Buso A devil fruit power from a Haki user failing to work on another Haki user means the other Haki user is relative to (or superior to)...
  32. TauanVictor

    (GRACE) Roronoa Zoro VS Trafalgar Law

    Roronoa Zoro VS Trafalgar Law Starting Distance: 25m Both in-character Post Mink Medicine Zoro | Onigashima Raid Law LOCATION: Zoro: 11 (@KingTempest, @WrongIdea21, @ZoroNotZolo, @Eminiteable, @DemonGodMitchAubin, @Shizuka, @TauanVictor, @Eseseso, @Vizer04, @Mr.Cinos15, @CiscoTheSoto) Law...
  33. Eseseso

    Eustass Kid vs Trafalgar Law

    Eustass Kid vs Trafalgar Law Both in character Location: Onigashima Hall (where the raid was) Both start about 10m away Law: 5 (@Eseseso, @KingTempest, @KlinkyGrape, @Nierre, @WrongIdea21) Kid: 1 (@Kachon123) Incon:
  34. KingTempest

    One Piece: Wano Arc Part 1: AP Revisions; The Dawn

    You are the moon unaware of the dawn... May your purpose be fulfilled... and cast nine shadows on the night woven of 20 years... and you shall know the brilliance of the dawn. It is time. Welcome everyone to the 2+ year anticipated Wano revision CRT. The amount of people who cursed me out for...
  35. KingTempest

    One Piece: Lao G and Trafalgar Law Additions

    Lao G is shown to target Pressure Points We see in his teaching to Law that he's pointing out the body's pressure points. We can see in his fight with Chinjao that he was targeting his pressure points. So he should get that. They say Law was taught Diamante's Swordsmanship, Gladius' Artillery...
  36. a collection of feats from wano

    this is not a crt , im not trying to change profiles , i know the rules im just collecting feats that seem important for characters in the series ok obviously spoiler for one piece's wano arc ahead STRENGTH all the scabbards when they use advanced aramament haki are able to actually cause kaido...
  37. KingTempest

    One Piece: Kenbunshoku Upgrade

    Marco, Kid, Hyogoro, Sanji, and Law all sensed Luffy. They (Marco and Kid) should get Intermediate Kenbunshoku
  38. KingTempest

    One Piece: Cross-Verse Logia Reaction Intan Issue and Ability Addition

    Logia Intangibility Issue https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/One_Piece#Notes Where is it ever stated or shown that logias don't automatically transform? And where is it stated that it's an on guard concept? The only time this is hinted to is when Luffy rocketed into Smoker, but that's a clear...
  39. Deceived3596

    Trafalgar Law Vs Seol Jihu - Battle for 5th Strongest 7-A (Non-Smurf)

    Battle for placement on this thread here. SBA Speed Equalized Trafalgar Law Vs Seol Jihu Law: Seol: Incon
  40. Eseseso

    7-A+ issue with One Piece mid-tiers

    So I've noticed various characters, such as Law and Doflamingo and people who scale to them, being ranked as Mountain Level+ instead of normal Mountain level. The problem is, the scaling we are using doesn't support these people being mountain level+, as Law scales to just 204.6 megatons, or...