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the meta (agent maine)


    The Meta vs Promethean Knight

    Post-Sigma Maine and Battlewagon Promethean Knight are being used, Speed Equalized, both have prior knowledge and both of them have 2 minutes of prep time to strategize against each other. The fight takes place in the Didact's Crypt on Requiem. The Meta : Promethean Knight : Incon:

    The Meta vs Carnage (Sony).

    Post-Sigma Maine is being used, Speed is Equalized and the fight takes place in the Church where Venom and Carnage fought. Both have Prior Knowledge of each other. The Meta : Carnage : Incon:

    Spider-Man (MCU) vs The Meta (RvB)

    Continuation of this Thread. As Peter watched this Quentin's lifeless body hit the ground, he immediately shot some webs towards the EDITH Glasses before this new villain could use them to cause more chaos than Beck has already started. Unfortunately, his web was blocked by three Hardlight...

    Red vs Blue Upgrades 2: Electric Boogaloo.

    Alright, Round 2 for this Verse. Let's get into it. SPLITTING KEYS APART. First we need to address an obvious issue I forgot to tackle in the last thread, that being the fact that Sharkface and Washington should have two separate Keys. For instance, Washington was claimed to be one of the...

    Mysterio (MCU) vs The Meta (RvB).

    As Maine was falling off the cliff, a portal opened up beneath him and closed when he entered it. When he hit the ground, he heard a multitude of confused voices wondering what was going on. As he checked his equipment he was surprised to discover that the A.I. had miraculously returned to him...

    Red vs Blue Upgrades.

    So Abaddon and I got some more Feats from RvB Calc'd and even suffered through RvB Zero to get some Feats Calc'd and suffice to say, it's time for a few Upgrades. Firstly, the Freelancers who scale to or above Post-Chorus Carolina are getting upgraded since an Injured Carolina can fight and...
  7. Popted2

    Red vs Blue discussion (LOOking for Supporters)

    ok i want to be clear the rvb verse need a serious revision so with this thread we can talk about what should be changed and what added their tier: in their profiles they say that are 9-A but some others discussion said that they should be or 8-B or lower than that, so first it should be done...
  8. Popted2

    Red vs Blue Revision

    Okay this is my first revision thread so don't be that mad at me if i say/do something wrong, please so i heard that rvb verse needed a downgrade so i created this thread, their tier: in their profiles they say that are 9-A but some others discussion said that they should be or 8-B or lower...

    I just noticed something about the RvB 9-A Feat.

    So I noticed their 9-A Feat is 0.05 Tons. I just wanted to fix the wording on it since that's 9-A+ and not just 9-A. (0.01 Tons is where 9-A+ starts). Really minor thing, but it was kind of bugging me.
  10. ShrekAnakin

    The Meta vs Lightning McQueen bitches

    Yep, since both are the same tier, I decided to do this as a rather silly match. Lightning is Composite, both 9-B, Both bloodlust (to add to the meme), speed equal, who wins and why? We, are The Meta: 0 Kerchoo!: 0 Inconslusive: 0
  11. CBslayeR

    Diet Jotaro vs The Meta

    I was reading through Master Chief vs The Meta and learned that he had Regenerationn and a 15 second time stop and thought he'd be a perfect opponent for High DIO. Then I realized he's 9-A... then I tried to use Jotaro then I was told he has 8-C durability so now we're doing the weakest TS user...

    Top Tier Rooster Teeth Antagonist vs Rooster Teeth Fodder Antagonist.

    The Meta vs Beowolf. Beowolf's First Key. Speed Equal. Top Tier: Fodder: Incon:
  13. Soupywolf5

    Madness Combat's New Meta

    Another match inspired by the DeathBattleFanon wiki The Meta vs. Hank J. Wimbleton Speed Equalized, this is MC4-MC7 Hank The Meta is 194.5 Megajoules, Hank scales far above 291.98 Megajoules Meta: Madness: Matchbans:

    The Meta vs Alex Mercer.

    Somehow Blackwatch recruited The Meta to hunt down Alex at in Cross's Place, so he has some basic knowledge on Alex. (Don't ask how, they just did.) Alex's First Key is being used. The Meta gets all of his equipment. Speed Equalized. The Meta: Alex: Incon:
  15. GodTongue5280

    Master Chief vs The Meta

    Mjolnir Mark 5 Chief, has access to any UNSC/Covenant Weaponry except the Spartan Laser. The Meta has all of the A.I. Fragments and Armor Enhancements that he had before the EMP. Armed with his Bruteshot and a Magnum. Will 117 be able to clean up the Director's mess? Master Chief: The Meta:

    The Meta vs Sans.

    My Brother tried to debate me on this. Let's see what you guys think. Speed Equalized. The Meta:7 Sans:0 If this looks like a stomp then Bloodlust The Meta.
  17. Solacis

    Red vs Blue General Revisions

    Reading through the RvB profiles, I've spotted a lot of errors and just generally very low quality. So while I'm doubtful that I'll get any satisfying amount of input considering how dead this verse seems to be on this wiki, I'll at least put this out there. Required Changes Regarding AP: All...
  18. The_Smashor

    9-A Hax Bloodlust bracket round 4

    It appears that Tricky has defeated SCP-682, nobody expected the reptile to get knocked out of the bracket this early! Also, please, someone pay attention to round 2. Anyways, now for the next round. On one side, it's the unrelenting, the victim to Sigma hey wait this seems familiar, hailing...
  19. DarkDragonMedeus

    Red Vs Blue Downgrades

    Continuing from this thread, because it was apparently forgotten the past 2 months. Now for the main consensus, there are some notable problems with this calc. One, we're using the stacked penetration calc to scale to everyone's Durability and Attack Potency; which we do not use. There was a...
  20. Mr. Bambu

    Battle of the Enraged: The Marine vs The Vengeful (8-B Tournament)

    Doomguy vs The Meta- two soldiers that will go to any means in order to win. Second fight in the 8-B tournament going o. Speed is equalized, characters are bloodlusted, aside from that, SBA applies. Who wins? Doomguy: 7 (DarkDragonMedeus, Calaca Vs, Paulo.junior.969, Ricsi-viragosi, Dargoo...
  21. ZephyrosOmega

    The Meta VS. Jotaro Kujo

    thing of 8-B timestop. Speed equalised for now. JoJo: Maine:
  22. ArgentinianDeadpool

    The Doom Slayer vs The Meta

    Doom Slayer is 8-B Speed equalized. The Doom Slayer: The Meta: 1 (ApiesDeathbyLazors) Inconclusive:
  23. Schnee_One

    Mindless Monsters: Grimm Lancer vs The Meta

    Wee, finally a RvB vs RWBY match, let's hope this goes well. Versions and Speed need zero explanation unless you're as dumb as a Grimm. Lancer: The Meta: 2
  24. Nico-v11

    Red vs Blue MAJOR revisions

    I've taken some time to look at the profiles we've got here and honestly they're a mess and inconsistent as hell. I'm gonna go ahead and name a few: - The Great Key should have 8-B piercing power for being able to stab through The Meta. - Freelancers (at the very least) should also be 8-B...
  25. VersusJunkie54

    Doomguy vs The Meta.

    This is Doom 3 Doomguy. Vs The Meta at his prime. Standard equipment for both, but The Meta has one domed energy shield, overshield and active camo. Speed is equal. Standard battle asumptions. Both in character. Both are given basic information on the other and a day of prep time...
  26. Nico-v11

    The Meta (Agent Maine) vs Master Chief

    The parody vs the real deal! Both are at 8-B with Speed Equalized. The arena is the Mother of Invention. The Meta: 1 Master Chief: 6 Inconclusive: 0
  27. FanofRPGs

    Fal 'Chavamee vs The Meta

    Fal Chavamee has his duel weilded energy swords, the Meta has his Brute Shot. Fal is bloodlusted and Meta is in his normal state. Who wins?
  28. Numbersguy

    Felix vs Agent Maine/The Meta

    Well, psychopath vs sociopath... makes sense Both are in-character They fight on Chorus, on a base No prep or knowledge Felix (Red vs Blue) The Meta (Agent Maine) Scenario 1: Felix vs Normal Maine (With the help of Sigma) Scenario 2: Felix with the Great Key vs Meta with all the A.Is...
  29. Mr. Bambu

    Agent Carolina vs The Meta

    Agent Carolina vs The Meta (Agent Maine). This fight was already done by Rooster Teeth itself and ScrewAttack, but for it to be added to their profiles it's gotta happen here with you kind gents deciding. Setting is the same, simulation room of the Freelancer training room. Who would win?