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tanya von degurechaff

  1. Peppersalt43

    Supernatural Aerial Warfare (Kat vs Tanya von Degurechaff)

    Tanya : 0 Kat : 0 Incon : 0 Everything above 7-C is restricted Tanya has prior knowledge Starting distance is 100 meters Speed equalized Quite fitting since I'm pretty sure @DontTalkDT is knowledgeable on both verses
  2. Peppersalt43

    A soldier meets the CLOWN KILLS YOU!!!

    Tanya von Degurechaff vs Tricky the Clown Everything above 9-A is restricted Regular Tricky used Speed equalized Starting distance is 20 meters Battle takes place in Berlin The Evil : 0 The Clown : 7 Incon : 0
  3. DontTalkDT

    Light Manipulation for Tanya + Lightspeed Attacks, also healing

    So, reread volume 1. The addition I want to make is that Tanya can fire beams of infrared light. (From Volume 1: General Staff Headquarters) Interesting to consider is that there are the typical "Optical Formulas", which mages use to fire what is referred to as "straight heat beams". I would...
  4. DimeUhDozen

    Tanya Von Degurechaff vs Blaire

    SBA Both are 9-A with anything higher restricted. Speed Equalized Tanya scales to around 0.054 tons of TNT. Blaire scales to at least 0.081 tons of TNT. Tanya: Blaire: Incon:
  5. Peppersalt43

    Jotaro Kujo vs Tanya von Degurechaff

    ALTERNATE TITLE: WAGING WAR ON THE STARDUST CRUSADER Look, @Baken384. As much as the speed equalized rules suck, we're gonna have to play along if we want matches to get added. I actually have another match planned for Jotaro but it's a lot more risque Also hey! This is the first time I did...
  6. Stillwinston

    Voldemort vs Tanya Von Degurechaff

    I had thought about trying this match awhile ago, might as well get it put up now. Plus wanna get more Mass Effect matches done Speed is equalised Tanya is 9-A Both are 15 meters apart SBA otherwise Mr No Nose: 0 WW1 soldier: 1 Incon: 0 https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Voldemort...
  7. Peppersalt43

    9-A+ Tournament Finals. Tanya von Degurechaff vs SCP-096 (8-5-0)

    German Soldier : 8 Shy Boi : 5 Incon : 0 Everything above 9-A is restricted Speed is equalized Starting distance is 10 meters Original File SCP-096 used
  8. Bruhtelho

    Judgment for The Devil of Rhine: Sans VS Tanya von Degurechaff:

    Both at 9-A Speed is equalized Fight takes place at the Brandenburg Gate (Berlin, Germany) Both start 20 meters from each other Fight ends in Death "Do you wanna have a Bad Time?":7 (JustANormalLemon, Stillwinston, FantaRin_The_First, TheKillerYT, MaidRips, Artorimachi_Meteoraf...
  9. Peppersalt43

    9-A+ Tournament Semifinals Match 1. Batman vs Tanya von Degurechaff

    The Night : 0 The Soldier : 0 Incon : 0 Everything above 9-A is restricted Speed is equalized Starting distance is 10 meters
  10. Peppersalt43

    9-A+ Tournament Round 2 Match 2. Evie Frye vs Tanya von Degurechaff

    WW1 Soldier : 0 Industrial Revolution Assassin : 0 Incon : 0 Anything above 9-A is restricted Speed equalized Starting distance is 10 meters
  11. Peppersalt43

    9-A+ Tournament Round 1 Match 7. The Second Coming vs Tanya von Degurechaff

    Stickman Warrior : 0 WW1 Soldier : 7 Incon : 0 Anything above 9-A is restricted First key Second Coming used Speed equalized Starting distance is 10 meters Wait a second, what is Tanya's AP value?
  12. SpiteBattles

    Tanya von Degurechaff VS Doom Slayer

    Tanya fights Doomguy I guess. [da rules] •Tanya is at her strongest •Doomguy is at his third key(doom 2016) •both are bloodlusted •all spells,abilities,power ups and weapons are allowed(if it’s in that key) •takes place in a WW1 style battlefield. •both are 7C •Speed is = who wins? RIP AND...
  13. DontTalkDT

    Tanya von Degurechaff Power Null Addition

    Something small and uncontroversial from one of the newer manga chapters: Using her Type 95 Tanya can apparently jam spells. So she should have some degree of power null.
  14. DontTalkDT

    8-C Tournament: Secret Extra Match (Tanya von Degurechaff vs Lux Arcadia)

    Tanya von Degurechaff vs Lux Arcadia 8-C Versions Prayer Magic Restricted Lux is using Black Hero mentality & Recoil Burst is restricted Speed Equal SBA Otherwise Votes Tanya: Lux: Hub, Tree
  15. DontTalkDT

    8-C Tournament Match 3 (Tanya von Degurechaff vs Levi Ackerman)

    Tanya von Degurechaff vs Levi Ackerma 8-C Versions Prayer Magic Restricted Speed Equal SBA Otherwise Votes Tanya: Levi: Hub, Tree
  16. HyperNepsy

    h-Hey, why don't I sound as cool as those guys!

    I was gonna do Kazuma vs Reinhard (From Re:Zero) but that's most likely a stomp match, though I'm not sure, if not I might make it. Besides that, this is based off of the crossover series isekai quartet, obviously. Satou Kazuma vs Tanya Degurechaff Kazuma in is Island+ key (if not then his...
  17. SuperKamiNappa

    Asta vs. Tanya Degurechaff

    Base Asta Tanya Speed Equalized
  18. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Latest Youjo Senki Manga Give Us An Interesting Thing

    https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/442056009305817099/570983585805369364/11.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/442056009305817099/570983619276046338/12.png There is more i believe but so far this is what i got now.
  19. DontTalkDT

    Magical girl fight: Tanya-chan vs Yunael

    Tanya Degurechaff vs Yunael Speed Equal, Tanya's prayer magic is restricted (Meaning both are Building level) How does this go?
  20. SuperKamiNappa

    Celica vs. Tanya

    Base Celica Tanya Speed Equalized
  21. WatchdogMan101

    Tanya Degurechaff vs CZ2128 Delta

    Two warriors very proficient at using guns and have magical power and can fly "Uwaaaah."
  22. DALOKA

    Two Aces face each Other ― Tanya Degurechaff VS Nu Gundam

    Tanya Degurechaff and Amuro Ray have to fight on the battlefield, each on opposite sides of a war. Who would win between the Demon of Rhine and the White Devil ? -I'll use the Char Counter attack version of Amuro, piloting the RX-93 Nu Gundam, and the 7-C version of Tanya. -Both in character...
  23. Kisaragi_Megumi

    The Eurasian Underworld Wars between the 11th demon goddess of Rhinne and future Vongola Decimo (Tsunayoshi Sawada vs Tanya Degurechaff)

    Introductio The militiary and mafia,this hellish job always contrasting each other due of their morality from people,military indicated an heroic and justice of good while mafia indicated as dirty job of some organization of underwolrd,where criminally is spreading.....But how if that morality...
  24. DontTalkDT

    Tanya Degurechaff and those scaling revisions (Youjo Senki)

    Speed check / possible downgrade I have a few doubts about her speed stat. Her moving through gunfire without getting hit doesn't mean a lot, as she employs illusion decoys and aim dodging to not get hit. She also doesn't really escape the explosion that is shown. The explosion quite simply...
  25. Oloserian

    Tanya Degurechaff vs Aang

    vs -Speed Equalized -Aang is in the avatar state Round 1) Aang doesn't have energybending Round 2) Aang has energybending
  26. Ciruno_Fortes_(COB)

    REMATCH - Tanya Degurechaff (Youjo Senki) vs Ruby Rose (RWBY)

    Once more similar conditions as before now that everything seems to be all set on both profiles. So let's do this again! Round 1 - Treated as the standard match. Minor information about the other. Tanya starts airborne above a village 20 meters in the air. Ruby starts 20 meters away in terms of...
  27. SuperKamiNappa

    Tanya vs. Ichigo

    Vizard Ichigo Speed Equalzed No BFR Who wins and why?
  28. DaFritzi

    Some additions to Tanya's page

    Shower of bullets I would like to suggest some additions to Tanya's page concerning abilities and AP. Danmaku: As seen in the scan Tanya can cast spells that fire multiple bullets at once. This has happened in the anime too, I can't remember which episode though. Slicing a plane...
  29. Jiangshi1

    Tanya Deghrechaff vs Zhao Yun

    Weaponry changes, but the weilder chooses the victory, csn a devil stop a dragon? (Testing out different combos in vs) R1 Starting distance - 15 meters Location - Raccoon City Speed Equalized if needbe No prep Victory by any mean Bloodlusted, 7-C stats R2 Both get a day of prep, same...
  30. Ciruno_Fortes_(COB)

    Second chances and Karma - Cole MacGrath (Infamous) vs Tanya Degurechaff (Youjo Senki)

    Hi, have you have to deal with an annoying person before in your life? Have you nearly died in your life? Do you now regularly hate an old looking guy who almost looks down upon you, while you're being hurtled into life and death situations against your own will but your morality made you choose...
  31. DaFritzi

    Existance across multiple universes and along the timeline --> tier?

    Is it possible to assign a tier to a character because he exists across multiple universes and along the timeline with one consciousness? The character in question is existance X from youjo senki.
  32. Ciruno_Fortes_(COB)

    Young girls shouldn't be warring - Ruby Rose (RWBY) vs Tanya Dugerechaff

    Dodging bullets, shooting down enemies with explosives, cutting them down, all with a manic grin or a happy smile. Good vs evil right here. Hunter vs Devil. Who wins between these two? Ruby Rose vs Tanya Degurechaff Battle - In a US Military base in C&C Round 1 - Standard Battle Conditions...