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  1. Apollonir.Scale

    Dragonoid vs Superboy-Prime

    Helix Dragonoid VS Superboy-Prime Starting Distance: 10 Meters Equalized speed Both are 2-C Drago: Apollonir, Spectra, AloseVQ, Mndks, Dark_Soul20189, CryptonBestDbFan, Mamaroza, DragonKing400 Superboy-Prime: Incon:
  2. TimeTrapperFanBoy

    Time Trapper Rework (+ Key Removal Proposal)

    The living embodiment of entropy lacked scans and references, so here's my attempt at reworking his profile: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:TimeTrapperFanBoy/sandbox In addition to this rework, I propose that we remove "With the Time Trapper's powers" key from Superboy Prime's profile...
  3. Knifeman29

    What does DC's 2-Cs scale to?

  4. Confluctor

    Weird Superboy-Prime resistance

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Superboy-Prime Resistance to Quantum Manip... How exactly does this work again? Also, its basically a durability feat.
  5. TauanVictor

    Dragonoid (Bakugan) VS Superboy-Prime

    Dragonoid (Bakugan) VS Superboy-Prime Starting Distance: 10 Meters Equalized speed Both are 2-C Drago: Boy: Inconclusive:
  6. sanicspood

    Hyper Sonic vs Superboy-Prime (CONCLUDED)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Superboy-Prime#Base https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sonic_the_Hedgehog_(Game_Character) Hyper Sonic vs superboy (both are 2-C) both are immeasurable untill further notice both start 10 meters away vs sonic: 7 superboy: inconclusive: this is prob a stomp
  7. Stefano4444

    Superboy-Prime's Lifting Strength

    Superboy-Prime's Lifting Strength come from him tearing an opening in Monarch's armor during Final Crisis. However, as far i'm aware tear a part objects don't count as lifting strength, such feat would only count as AP as the armor is still durable enough to contain Monarch's power. But aside...
  8. Elizio33

    Darkest Knight Addition and Low 1-C Retcon Punch for Superboy Prime.

    In the recents comics: Death Metal #6 and Secret Origin, we saw more feats and abilities for the Darkest Knight. * Add Sealing. Was able to seal Perpetua with the remains of the Source Wall. Alhough her power was nearly gone at this point. * Was able to resist Superboy Prime's Retcon Punch...
  9. Tots_Real

    Superboy-Prime Upgrades - Also Spoilers Probably

    So should Superboy-Prime have a Low 1-C key now after what he did to the darkest knight.
  10. Saintdhqhdy

    Superboy prime tries to solo your favourite verse

    Can superboy prime solo your favorite verse and if not what about superman Prime?
  11. Spinoirr

    Superboy prime somehow showed up in a different verse

    This Superboy prime is weakened down to around the level of the god tiers of that verse so he doesn't stomp everyone Now I'm interested in him fighting the god of light and god of darkness from RWBY in this weakened state and how the gods would even react to him
  12. Badrimoine2019

    Alien x vs Superboy-Prime

    Alright so Alien x vs Superboy-Prime -Alien x :https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Alien_X -Superboy-Prime:https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Superboy-Prime -Both are Bloodlusted -speed is equalized -so who would win?
  13. HypeVoid

    Why is Superboy-Prime 2-C?

    He has been damaged by Superboy, Supergirl and even Bart Allen iirc. Are you guys considering these outliers? Becuase it seems he is too inconsistent. And someone shouldn't be scaled from him.
  14. Tots_Real

    Eon Vs Superboy-Prime

    Fight takes place in metropolis at a arm of amigein Speed Eqaulized Eon has a year of prep.
  15. J989

    Someone didn't include reality anchoring?

    It seems Reality Anchoring should be included as one of his abilities https://powerlisting.fandom.com/wiki/Reality_Anchoring
  16. The_Golden_Moustache

    Evil Sonic fights Evil Superman: Anti Versions / Villain versions of Blue Heroes

    Superboy-Prime vs Fleetway Super Sonic Both at 2-C. Fight takes place in Green Hill Zone. Speed equalized. Both in character. Fight to the death or atleast incapacitation I'LL KILL YOU TO DEATH!: Crazy Super Hedgehog: 3
  17. Elizio33

    Superboy-Prime vs Odin (Marvel Comics)

    The fight take place in Asgard and Base Superboy-Prime is used. For the second round; Countdown Prime is used. Both bloodlusted. Who win?
  18. Antvasima

    Superboy Prime is back

    It seems like he was released from the Source Wall when Perpetua broke free, but was imprisoned again by ancient magicians. The metafiction angle has also been kept.
  19. LordWhis

    Superman Prime vs Mr. Satan

    SBA. Speed equalised. Superman Prime: 1 (Remy the wolf) Mr. Satan: 7 (RinneItachi, Jasonsith, Tots Real, Ionliosite, Mister6ame6, Planck69, AwkguyDB) Incon: Who wins this ? https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Superboy-Prime https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Mr._Satan_(Dragon_Ball_Heroes)
  20. Walmartbois

    Shadow 2-c vs Superboy prime 2-c

    Shadow 2-c vs Superboy prime 2-c who wins
  21. BakeRoof

    Asriel Dreemurr Vs SuperBoy-Prime

    Both are at full power Speed Equalized Asriel - Super-Boy Prime - Inconclusive - Asriel Dreemurr Superboy-Prime
  22. Thesuperone342

    Low 1-C?

    Didn't he like forcibly kidnap and torture Mister Mxyzptik? Shouldn't he be upgraded?
  23. Firestorm808

    Golden Age Superman Modern Key Upgrade

    I would like to propose upgrading Golden Age Superman to Low 2-C like Superboy-Prime. My reasonings are below. This rating will not scale to Post-Crisis Superman due to consistancy. What do you think? During the Silver Age, Kal-L was equal to Kal-El. Kal-El at the time was some degree of...
  24. Oliver_de_jesus

    superboy-prime vs nero: few hax, a couple of resistance and very high AP

    superboy-prime vs nero: few hax, a couple of resistance and very high ap I don't know how this wasn't done before. both in their low 2-C key and equal speed. the deadweight: The crazy multiversal:(Dienomite22, Ionliosite) Dr. Mahnttan sprays them (inclusive):
  25. Eficiente

    Baldi's Basics Player and Superboy-Prime's resistance to BFR

    Coming from this thread. Baldi's Basics Player's Resistance to BFR is wrong due to is self-explanatory reasons. Superboy-Prime escaping the Phantom Zone is just Spatial Manipulation due to punching the closed portal into the place. And him escaping the Speed Force is just Dimensional Travel.
  26. Zeus298

    Kratos vs superboy prime

    Ruthless warrior (yay) Superboy-Prime greek kratos used Speed equalized 2C used.
  27. ABoogieYesSir

    Additions for Superboy-Prime

    Law Manipulation or Telekinesis: Re-shifts the center of the universe away from Oa Resistance to Willpower or Empathic Manipulation: https://imgur.com/a/5nqDx#0 Note: The ret-con punch appears to be a by-product of the Time-Trapper, meaning the Time/Reality/Dimensional abilities. Should he...
  28. MoonChosen

    Superboy-Prime (DC Comics) vs Son Goku (Dragon Ball)

    Both Low 2-C forms ( Anti-Monitor Armor Superboy-Prime vs Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku) Speed Equalized Who wins?
  29. GoldenBoyBlue

    Superboy Prime v. Silver the Hedgehog

    After years of being tricked to go into the past, attempting to kill a talking blue hedgehog which would have then resulted in Elise crying and releasing Iblis faster only for the timeline to be re-written and a new firey beast named Ifrit comes in to threaten his future but is immediately...
  30. MYHERO

    Sonic vs Superboy-Prime

    -2-C versions -SBA -Speed Equalized Sonic: Superboy:
  31. Unoriginal_Memes

    Overpowered Versions of Superheroes

    Superboy-Prime VS Rune King Thor Superboy has the Time Keeper's powers and speed is equalized. OP Superman: OP Thor: Inconclusive
  32. MisterKtheKoala

    Wow, this can be made now

    Broly Vs Superman Prime Prime at Low 2-C Broly at his strongest Speed is equalized
  33. JackJoyce

    SCP 2117 vs Superboy Prime - One More Vote Needed

    Solidarity starts out in over maximum, and has acess to the Grand Wave Motion Cannon. This is Base Superboy with Anti-Monitor armor Speed is equalized. SCP-2117 - 9 (Dargoo Faust, Sir Ovens, Junkoposter, ABoogieYesSir, Starter Pack, Yellowpig10, Spinoirr, Gf7tvtvfvtfyvfvfvfvfvfv, The Wright...
  34. Utter_Loss

    Possible Superboy-Prime Upgrades

    Post supporting SBP being atleast Multiverse Level+
  35. Srrudeshsentry

    superboy prime upgrade

    superboy prime was able to punch a hole through 5th dimension right then why is he still universal
  36. JohnCenaNation

    Why is Superboy-Prime's speed immeasurable level?

    Even though he got tagged by slower opponents by the likes of Post Crisis Superman, Post Crisis Superboy, Post Crisis Supergirl, Post Crisis Flash, Post-Crisis Green Lantern, Post-Crisis Batman, Post Crisis Black Adam, etc. even with the Time Trapper Powers? If he were really that fast he...
  37. The_Calaca

    Goku Black vs Superboy Prime (Redux)

    The first one was closed due to Retcon Punch argue so I'm gonna resurrect it to end this debate. Pink Saiyan-God vs Spoiled Brat Both 3-A (Black Rose). Speed equalized. Please be a decent DB vs DC thread. Goku *****: 3 (Asuka, Akreious, Standuser). SuperBOI: 0.
  38. Akreious

    Goku vs Superboy Prime thread?

    The battle was unanimous and it didnt break any guidelines or rules since Superboy isnt superman, so why is his unanimous battle not added? Because one guy said it was done before with no backing evidence of such?
  39. Standuser081

    Goku VS An angsty version of Superboy

    Son Goku VS Superboy-Prime Both at Low 2-C Speed equalized Goku: 7 (Akreious, ShadowWarrior1999, Xantospoc, Calca Vs, Tunrir uchiha, Ricsi-viragosi, Endless Astrograph Sorcerer) Superboy-Prime:
  40. C2_of_Omegon

    A fight between two guys who think they know what's best!

    Fusion Zamasu: vs. Superboy-Prime: Inconclusive: Speed is Equalized. This is Grotesque Zamasu and Base Superboy.