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rock hard gladiators

  1. Soupywolf5

    Blue and Gold

    MAwS Superman vs Gildedguy Speed equalized, both are 7-A Stats: Gildedguy's AP is 312.317 Megatons and his LS is 14.184454 Trillion kilograms, Superman's AP is 488.85394 Megatons and his LS is 29.3669 Trillion kilograms (Superman has a ~1.565x AP advantage and a ~2.07x LS advantage)...
  2. Zatanna vs Benjamin

    Post-Crisis Zatanna vs Benjamin (RHG) Starting distance is 100 meters and speed is equalized Who wins? Zatanna: Benjamin: Inconclusive:
  3. DaReaperMan

    7-A Howling Into Hell Tournament: K'Sante vs Shadow Rose

    The Pride of Nazumah vs Flamenco Tournament Hub K'Sante put in by @Recon1511 / @WeeklyBattles Shadow Rose put in by @Shmeatywerbenmanjenson Speed Equal Start 8 meters away Battle takes place at the top of Icecrown Citadel Both 7-A Shadow Rose: 0 K'Sante: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  4. DaReaperMan

    King Loxias vs Tirion Fordring

    Start 5 meters away cause these are melee fighters Both 7-A to start Speed equal Battle takes place in the Argent Tournament grounds King Loxias: 0 Tirion Fordring: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  5. DaReaperMan

    7-A Howling into Hell Tournament: Round 3: Benimaru Shinmon vs Gildedguy

    Round 3: The Artist and The Firefighter Tournament hub Speed Equal Start 5 meters away Battle takes place inma British pub Benimaru: 0 Gildedguy: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  6. Nico-v11

    Gildedguy CRT Story 7

    Time for yet again another thread about Gildedguy’s amazing videos!!! Here’s the link for the most recent part of this series: Here’s a couple of things that I believe we should update the profile with: -update GG’s intelligence. The dude has demonstrated repeatedly on every occasion to be...
  7. Soupywolf5

    Soupy's Bracket Bowl III: Round 1, Match 4

    Match 4! Our champions are Benjamin, nominated by Psychomaster35, and Cartoon Cat, nominated by JustANormalLemon. The Hub The Brackets Keys/Forms: Nothing to specify here AP: Benjamin is ~312.317 Megatons, Cartoon Cat upscales from 100 Megatons Let Match 4 Commence! Benjamin: Cartoon Cat...
  8. The_Smashor

    Bog profile rework + RHG AP revision

    Alright, I'll start with the easy part first. Removal of 7-B from Rock Hard Gladiators profiles Basically, the 7-A in the verse comes from Bog having a mountain level durability feat that he survived without noticeable damage. The thing is, by Rock Hard Gladiators/Dojo Duels standards, Bog...
  9. Greatsage13th

    7-A tournament: mid-high hax edition (R3:Guildedguy vs Meruem)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Gildedguy?so=search https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Meruem?so=search#Post-Rose speed equalized. Both 10 meters apart. battle takes place in the town of Mondstadt. Both have prior knowledge. nen crush restricted.
  10. Spinoirr

    7-A tournament round 2, match 2 Grumpy Bear (Original) vs Magus (RHG)

    Speed is equal and both are 7-A. They are both fighting on planet cereal Bear: Stick figure catboy: 7 Icon:
  11. Soupywolf5

    Wind Dance VS Wind Flicks

    We all thought Deku was going to fight Gon on Death Battle, but he's actually fighting this blue boi Arzon vs Izuku Midoriya Villan Hunt Arc 45% Deku and 7-A Arzon are being used, speed is equalized AP: Izuku is 640 Megatons, Arzon is much stronger than 312 Megatons (Comparable to Gildedguy...
  12. Popted2

    Tatsumi VS Gildedguy (GRACE)

    7-B Tiers are used 3rd form Incursio Tatsumi is used speed equalized https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Tatsumi_(Akame_ga_Kill!)#3rd_Form : 7 ( Pain_to12,Oleggator,Bernkastell,Randomguy,Vizer,Rez,Harith) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Gildedguy :
  13. Nico-v11

    Gildedguy Story 0 is out!!!!

    Story 0 is out! It was super great! Ok I’mm gonna go and rewatch it a couple times and try find anything that could be added to his profile. If ya’ll care about it then here’s the place to present your findings. We can make an official CRT later. Video:
  14. The_one_you_least_expect

    Jade possible light speed reaction feat

    Now I just found out this series counts as a verse like yesterday so please forgive me if what I’m about to bring up doesn’t count as cannon. In elements 2 jade and some elemental guys are fighting what is the equivalent of the Avater being able to use all there elements(fire,earth,water,air...
  15. Bog (RHG) vs All Might (My Hero Academia)

    The Bog was seemingly brought to my Hero Academia's world upon being sucked in by a mysterious portal transported to an area near the forest. The government sent out their men to retrieved what was spawned by. Instead, Bog went outrageous and destroyed all of them. The government reached out to...
  16. Ailamiona

    Gildedguy Ability additions

    Gildedguy should get Creation, Non-Physical Interaction and Self-Sustenance (Type 1), plus resistance to cosmic radiations and extreme cold from Slush Invaders: The Game, as Gildedguy can create streaks of paint that can interact with Blues in ways such as harming them or making them bounce off...
  17. Nico-v11

    Gildedguy CRT Story 6

    Time for the long awaited Gildedguy CRT for Story 6 (vs Oxob)! New Powers and Abilities - Electricity Manipulation (creates his own electricity in Story 6) - Electricity Absorption (absorbs Oxob’s electricity in Story 6) - Electricity Resistance (Is unaffected by Oxob’s electricity via armor...
  18. I'm_Blue_daba_dee_daba_die

    Blue's City Clashing Bracket: Round 7!

    (Hub) The current standings It's time for Round 7! On 1 hand we got Knack from Knack nominated by Sir Ovens. On the other hand, we got Arzo from Rock Hard Gladiators nominated by Psychomaster 35. Who will win? let us find out! Rules: 1. Both 7-B 2. Both 250 feet away 3. Speed is equalized...
  19. Soupywolf5

    I continue to incur Weekly's wrath

    Gildedguy vs. Holo-Pearl Speed equalized, 7-A Gildedguy is being used, this is a high-difficulty Holo-Pearl Gildedguy could harm someone undamaged by 312 Megatons, Holo-Pearl has this scaling chain (Which I'm putting here so people don't ask about it later): (The core of a Gem Transportation...
  20. Necromercer

    Necro's Bracket-7-A Edition-Round 8

    Both 7-A Speed Equal Arzo: 0 Johnny Gat: 0 Incon: 0
  21. Necromercer

    Necro's Bracket-7-A Edition-Round 5

    Both 7-A Speed Equal Jade (RHG): 0 Azazel (High School DxD): 0 Incon: 0
  22. Soupywolf5

    A robot vs. an Alien

    Hi Weekly Yupia vs. Garnet 7-A Yupia is being used, Speed is equalized Yupia can harm characters who are undamaged by 312 Megatons, Garnet Is at the top of a long-Boi scaling chain that I don't feel like writing out is Massively superior to 317 Megatons Yupia: Garnet: Inconclusive:
  23. Soupywolf5

    An Airbender vs. a Bender of Air

    My last Arzon match was ruined :,( Arzon vs. Aang Speed equalized, 7-B Arzon and Adult Avatar State Aang are being used Aang is 20.56275692 Megatons, Arzon is 42 Megatons Airbender: Bender of Air: Inconclusive: 1? (DatBoiBrown)
  24. Soupywolf5

    My Childhood vs. An Overpowered Stick

    Tahu vs. Tentionmaru Speed Equalized, This is Base Tentionmaru and Post-Golden Armor Tahu Tentionmaru is 20 Gigatons, Tahu is above 22.275 Gigatons I don't even remember much about this series anymore: 0 Only technically a stick: 0 0
  25. Psychomaster35

    (2-3-0) Benjamin VS Announcer: Classic 2010's Madman Hosts of Mystery

    Because Four would be a massive stomp... Speed is equalized, both are 7-B, both are willing to kill, and both have all of their equipment. The battle is in a colusseum, and they are 10 meters apart. Who wins? Psycho Host: 2 (WeeklyBattles, RicardoSama) Speaker Box Host: 3 (I'm Blue daba dee...
  26. Psychomaster35

    Arzon VS Leafy: The crossing of windy leaves

    Story Arzo was walking around a strange place in purple grass. Multiple berry bushes surrounded him, the breese flowing smoothly. Arzon: What is this place? As Arzon walked around, he suddenly saw a figure not too far away from him, which he decides to walk towards. Arzon: Hey, do you know...
  27. Randomlamdom

    Tsuruno Yui vs Jade (RHG)

    Tsuruno Yui base 7-b vs Jade (RHG) 7-b Jade knows about the soul gem Start 50 metres away Speed unequal
  28. Psychomaster35

    Tentionmaru VS Donut: A Stickman tries to nom a Donut

    Story Location: Goiky, nighttime A blue stickman in a red scarf lands on the ground with a large bang. He was indeed, Tentionmaru. He had come here because he felt like he sensed a power that could most likely be a challenge for him, and just as he thought: the source was RIGHT in front of...
  29. Soupywolf5

    More RHG Vs. BFDI

    Tentionmaru vs. Four Both are 5-A, Speed is equalized God Tier Stickma God Tier Object Four becomes 4-B and stomps:
  30. Soupywolf5

    The Mortal Kombat character fights a plate of gelatin

    Jade vs. Gelatin 7-B Jade, Speed is uequalized (I'm going to regret that I know it) AP because I just know people are going to ask: Jade is 42 Megatons, Gelatin is 79.5 Megatons Jiggly boi 7 (Joaco0902, Psychomaster35, Tonygameman, Jimboydejuan12, ZackMoon1234, Randomperosn, BlackDarkness679)...
  31. Spinoirr

    Professor fights Gildedguy

    Speed is = and SBA Byleth: Gildedguy:
  32. Soupywolf5

    Battle of the three letter verse names

    MCU Thanos vs. Gildedguy 7-B Gildedguy, Thanos is in base and has his helicopter blade, speed is equalized MCU: RHG: 4 (Nico-v11, WeeklyBattles, Blahblah975, The God Of Procrastination) GER:
  33. Soupywolf5

    Battle of Wind and stuff

    Good God, the MCU is Fodder All Might vs. Arzon Weakened All Might, 7-A Arzon, And Speed Is Equalized Buff Boi: Windy Stick: The Original match turns out to not be a stomp so I change it again:
  34. MrKerf

    Thanos (MCU) vs Tentionmaru (RHG)

    Incomplete Infinity Gauntlet (Power and Space) Thanos and Crimson Dragon Form Tentionmaru Tentionmaru: 7 (I'm Blue daba dee daba die, Sir Ovens, GyroNutz, Nico-v11, The real cal howard, Unoriginal Memes, XSOULOFCINDERX) Thanos: 1 (The God Of Procrastinatio) Inconclusive: Dread it. Run from...
  35. MrKerf

    One vs. Time Havoc

    Let's see how it goes. Speed is UNequilized (duh). BFR restricted One: Time Havoc: 2 (Unoriginal Memes, Tonygamema) Inconclusive: 1 (Nico-v11) Forgive me little brother. You won't understand.
  36. Nico-v11

    Bog vs Demiurge

    The Devil vs a Monster. The battle between two sadists. The fight takes place in a highly dense forest at 8:00pm. Both are 7-B. Speed is equalized. The rest is SBA. Bog: 0 Demiurge (Overlord): 0 Inconclusive: 0
  37. The_Smashor

    Blade vs Yupia

    Tragic female sword-wielding berserkers. Obvious match is obvious. Rules: Speed Equalized. Otherwise SBA. AP: Accidentally one shot 312.317005258 megatons of TNT AP: Downscales from High 7-A Yupia: Blade: Inconclusive:
  38. Nico-v11

    New Abilities for Arzon

    Dojo duels season 4!!! And with that Arzon is once again competing and we get see him show off. With this most recent duel we see him display these new abilities: - Duplication (2:20): his "defeat" was a wind clone of him. - Minor resistance to electricity (doesn't get stunned or have his...
  39. Schnee_One

    Wind Walkers: Ouma vs Arzon

    Thematic ain't it? Speed Equal 7B versions for both, at the moment Kusanagi is unrestricted. I'll restrict it if it's more fair. Fight takes place in the Arena. Ouma Kurogane: Arzo: 1 Incon: 1 Since both of these characters are so similar, we need a Mimic Theme...
  40. KGiffoni

    Shouldn't Gildedguy have High-Mid regen?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQL-ixTcqWU&t=473s (5:45)