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pinkie pie

  1. Peppersalt43

    Pinkie Pie vs James Ironwood

    ALTERNATE TITLE: A PARTY IN THE SKY And we begin the Anarchy Arc! Yes, this is the main conflict Yes, this is how it's gonna go from here Yes, this will probably not end so well ● ------------------------------------- ● Base Pinkie used Speed equalized Place Located in: Ironwood's Office...
  2. Peppersalt43

    All things pink go into this pie (Pinkie Pie CRT)

    Normally I just link these to the respective @Lightbuster30 posts but I'm planning on making a match which will involve people who will heavily scrutinize the profiles so let's just make this official FiM!Pinkie Pie Remove the "Gag" from Teleportation. She has actually used this in combat and...
  3. Coolboy6

    MLP: Restoring the low 6-B horses back to their full glory. (Sort of)

    Rainbow Dash and those that scale above should scale to baseline 6-B. Here’s why Dashie’s feat she scales to is the sonic rainboom. Dashie first did it as a child and pretty much ever since then, she has done the rainboom Pretty much effortlessly at this point. Considering how effortlessly...
  4. Peppersalt43

    The Pink Party Planning Pony in a wedding of unkindled

    Best Couple : 0 Best Girl : 0 Pinkie replaces Yuria and gives them a regular wedding party : 0 Low 6-B versions used Speed equalized Fight takes place in Soul of Cinder's boss area, 10 meters apart
  5. Confluctor

    Angry alien picks on a pony (Hyperion vs Pinkie Pie) (0-0-0)

    Both Low 6-C Hyperion scales massively above his 1 teraton feat Pinkie Pie scale above 5 teraton - don't know by how much Speed equal those toon force shit looks odd, so hope this ain't a stomp Society bad: Power of Friendship: I need matches for Ninjak:
  6. Starter_Pack

    Minor Pinkie Pie Addition

    Once again, stupidly simple singular addition for a random character. In Season 4, Episode 7, titled "Bats," Pinkie Pie uses her hair to dig a hole in the ground in fear of Flutterbat, something that is actually noted on her profile. This is Underground Mobility, and it should be labeled as...
  7. DemonicDude

    Low 6-B Bone Crusher Tournament: Group A - August (Fairy Tail) vs Pinkie Pie (MLP)

    Group A: Round 14: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. August wins he goes into the semi final simple ! if Pinkie Pie wins they both would have six points and we would have to do a Coin Toss to see who goes to the semi's cause they both would have six points then. Results: August (Fairy...
  8. DemonicDude

    Low 6-B Bone Crusher Tournament: Group A - Alibaba Saluja (Magi) vs Pinkie Pie (MLP)

    Group A: Round 10: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. Results: Third Prince of the Balbadd Alibaba Saluja in his remaining two matches is in need search of two victories and the same situation for Pinkie Pie cause Asta is making big moves on the points table ! While August is laughing...
  9. DemonicDude

    Low 6-B Bone Crusher Tournament: Group A - Asta (Black Clover) vs Pinkie Pie (MLP)

    Group A: Round 8: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. The power of friendship overcame the legendary pokemon, Pinkie Pie looks keep her journey solid with another win but this time Asta with Black Divider looks to chop a win and move up the ranks on the table, Who will get 4 points ? Will...
  10. Peppersalt43

    Smile and laugh

    The one who laughs : 0 The element of laughter : 0 Incon : 0 Second key Pinkie and first key Batman used 4-B versions used Fight takes place in GCPD armory, 10 meters apart Speed equalized Welp, it all led to this. I'm surprised nobody has tried this before. Anyway, story below :
  11. DemonicDude

    Low 6-B Bone Crusher Tournament: Group A - Pinkie Pie (MLP) vs Zapdos (Pokemon)

    Group A: Round 6: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. Pony vs Pokemon ? Zapdos looks to become the second participant to reach 4 points can power of friendship overcome the battle experience of the Electric/Flying Legendary Pokémon ? Results: Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony): 10 (Lightbuster...
  12. FinePoint

    Pony Life Span

    Under Pinkie Pie's intelligence, it uses the fact that she has 500th birthdays planned as evidence of a lack of common-sense. However, we don't know how long ponies live. Granny Smith has been alive since Ponyville was founded "centuries ago", which makes their lifespan 200+ years at minimum...
  13. Buttersamuri

    Pinkie Regen feat

    So this is quick enough. There has been a regen feat for pinkie where she heals on screen after blowing up into pieces, and is shown putting herself together same scene (not off screen regen). Immortality 2 and High Mid Regenerationn. Simple enough hopefully
  14. Jackythejack

    I have no Choice: Pinkie Pie vs John Lennon

    Yeah just realized MLP were Low 2-C so this matchup is happening now. Speed is equalized I guess?? Fight takes place in Wisconsin. Just the entire state. Pinkie is in her first Low 2-C key Pinkie Pie John Lenno
  15. Iisdude1

    Rainbow Dash vs Pinkie Pie

    Both in base Rainbow: 1 Pinkie pie: 7 Who is more awesome?
  16. Bowser-us

    Two chaotic horses are fighting

    why not 4-B possibly higher keys
  17. MinatoSparkle

    MLP FIM Revision Thread (Part 3)

    Just continuing from here https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/3483202#499
  18. Phoenks

    Jibril vs Pinkie Pie

    >Base Pinkie Pie. >Nothing restricted for Jibril. >Speed Equalized. >Both are in character. Who wins and why? Jibril: Pinkie Pie: Inconclusive:
  19. Zacisawesome101

    Purple vs Pink

    Waluigi vs Pinkie Pie Both at High 4-C, both bloodlusted. Speed is equal Pinkie Pie does NOT have access to the Mirror Pool. Waluigi: Pinkie Pie:
  20. Bluethedragon233

    Bardock vs Pinkie pie

    Bardock (low 4-C) vs Pinkie pie (4-C)
  21. Buttersamuri

    Pink cat vs Pink Pony

    A battle between the Pink power houses Pinkie Pie vs Pink Panther Full arsenal Pinkie is Rainbow powered Pinkie Panther is Robot suited Speed is equal Fight takes place in unknown territory Morals against killing are removed for both. Neither have previous knowledge on the other and...
  22. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Arale vs Pinkie Pie

    Possibly the most powerful non-god character we have seen in DBZ and Super vs 4-C versions, speed equal Arale:1 Pinkie Pie:8 tie: FIGHT!!!!!
  23. DarthSaiyan8697

    Kenshiro vs. Pinkie Pie

    Both should be at full power. Now fight!
  24. Insecurity97

    Shaggy vs. Pinkie Pie

    Shaggy just caught Pinkie trying to steal his stash of pepperoni pizza and pot, so he wants to settle this peacefully - like a man Both are 6-C and bloodlusted, and speed is equalized Me irl: 2 A pony that sounds like a dying chipmunk: 1 Inconclusive: 0
  25. ApiesDeathbyLazors

    These Cupcakes are not Blue. Disappointed!

    Base Pinkie Pie vs Achilles Curse Percy Jackson 6-C keys, Speed Equalized, Battle takes place on a beach with combatants 10 meters apart, Pinkie is between Percy and the water. Funny thing is, Percy has actually expressed a dislike of MLP before. Lets see how he does. Pinkie Pie Percy Jackso
  26. Jinsye

    Class K MLP

    So I made a calc which Darkanine promptly fixed here This would upgrade Pinkie, AJ, RD and others who scale to Class K. Thoughts?
  27. Kiryu2012

    Nora Valkyrie vs Pinkie Pie

    Surprised this hasn't been done yet. Nora Valkyrie vs Pinkie Pie Fight takes place in Ponyville Rules: Base Pinkie vs Charged Nora Speed equalized In-character Fight to a KO
  28. The_Wright_Way

    Pinkie Pie vs. Majin Buu

    Elements of Harmony Pinkie and Base Buu. Speed Equalized. vs.
  29. ZacharyGrossman273

    Sailor Venus VS Pinkie Pie

    Round 1: both high 7-C Round 2: both high 4-C
  30. Pure_King_of_Rage

    Daffy Duck vs Pinkie Pie

    Both Characters get their full arsenal Who Would Win?
  31. Pure_King_of_Rage

    Ed vs Pinkie Pie

    Two goofy funny characters who breaks the laws of physics and the fourth wall. Fight takes place in the Cul-de-sac. No Prep One + One = Ed feats Only for Ed Who Would Win?
  32. The_Wright_Way

    Rose Lalonde vs Pinkie Pie

    Speed equalized. Elements of harmomy Pinkie Pie vs Seer of Light Rose Lalonde vs. "Even I don't understand me sometimes" -Pinkie Pie
  33. ZacharyGrossman273

    Pinkie Pie VS Wall of Flesh

    Mars is the roman god of war. Pinkie Pie was based off of the Galaxy Girl Mars. Therefore, Pinkie Pie is the roman god of war. Mars goes to the underworld to attempt to overthrow Hades. Speed equalized, who wins? "Even I don't understand me sometimes" -Pinkie Pie
  34. LuckyCharmingStar

    Pinkie pie vs Akazukin

    Akazuki vs Pinkie pie Who win this battle?
  35. ZacharyGrossman273

    Bugs Bunny VS Pinkie Pie

    Battle of the 8-A Fourth wall breaking cartoon characters. Speed is equalized. What's up, Doc? "Even I don't understand me sometimes" -Pinkie Pie
  36. ZacharyGrossman273

    Deadpool VS Pinkie Pie

    "Even I don't understand me sometimes" -Pinkie Pie Let's do this. Speed is equalized. Deadpool has hammerspace equipment, Pinkie has gag feats. Deadpool : 6 Pinkie Pie : 4
  37. HomestuckLover1

    Pinkie Pie screaming feat citation

    I've looked just about as far as I can and couldn't find the feat of Pinkie Pie screaming so hard she shook mountains. Can anyone knowledgable on the series please give the episode name or scene where she does it? I'd like to hyperlink the feat to her profile to give proof of its existence.