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monsoon (metal gear)

  1. MintyBoi1

    Dystopian Grapnel (Monsoon vs High-Flyer) [GRACE]

    Rinser Arc High-Flyer is used Speed is equalized Fight takes place where Raiden vs Monsoon did Win via death or incap SBA for anything else Memes: (Scales to 65.875 Megatons/7.809567379e+9 KG) Justice: 4 (Venefica, Javen, Minty, Leo) (Scales to 27.74 Megatons/164,501,633,745 KG)
  2. Giannysmag

    "How pleased you are to chop away Jack the Ripper... I am Monsoon of the Sussy Imposters" (Jack the Ripper Vs Monsoon)

    SBA Jack is in his 5-B key Speed is equalized Fight takes place in modern day London Jack the Ripper: 0 Monsoon: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  3. VitafusionCentrum

    Funny meme man(Monsoon(MGR) vs the power of a Railgun(Misaka Mikoto(Toaru Project))

    Misaka is investigating a shady organization that has popped up in Academy City causing trouble, and pinpointed the location of their headquarters. Turns out the organization she was looking for was the Desperados llc. And when she arrived outside the entrance, there was a certain meme man...
  4. Arcker123

    Sasori Vs Monsoon (Naruto Vs Metal Gear Rising) 2-1-0

    Sasori of the Red Sand Vs A Cyborg Ninja Warmongering Masters of Magnetics This has already been done before, but I want to revive it as I think it can be fair Speed = Base Sasori (Non Edo) Takes place in a random military base Start 50 Meters away SBA Otherwise Akatsuki: Jiangshi1...
  5. Unknownnah

    Monsoon vs Omni Man (Grace)

    I think this is fair. Speed Unequalized and SBA assumed. Monsoon: 7 Omni Man: Incon:
  6. The_Smashor

    Metal Gear Rising resistance addition

    Cyborgs in Metal Gear Rising should get resistance to Quantum Manipulation and Vibration Manipulation. Raiden states that hitting Armstrong was similar to hitting a Cyborg, meaning Cyborgs can likely resist the effects of HF blades, an idea which is supported by gameplay. This also means that...
  7. Spinoirr

    stats equal fusion tournament part 2: Noqua vs The Elementar Memes

    Round 1 (Match 1): Rules: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. stats Equalized Random encounters no prior knowledge to anybody or of the location. Distance: Fighting distance for every matchup will be 40 meters. Location: The Island of Atlas in Solitas Noqua's foe knows the keyblade can erase...
  8. raidensolos

    monsoon (metal gear) vs buggy the clown

    body splitters of their verse who will win? the cambodian wind of destruction monsoon vs leader of the buggy pirates and eater of the bara bara no mi buggy the clown rules: monsoon is allowed to throw his vehicles and is allowed dystopia and buggy the clown is allowed his buggy ball and any...
  9. Comiphorous

    "Kill or be killed, Skywalker!" - Star Wars vs Metal Gear

    Monsoon vs Luke Skywalker Speed is equalized Both are High 7-C Battle takes place ontop of a skyscraper, 10 meters apart Flood of Pain: 3 (koopa3144, Arceus0x, Unknownnah) (not) The Last Jedi: BLOODSHED (incon): 2 (noninho, Lacku)
  10. Eseseso

    Some good MGR calcs from Deviantart

    So this excellent calc-maker, named Kirito352, has made some excellent Metal gear Rising calcs on Deviantart that could mean major upgrades for the game's characters. Note: He does believe that Ripper Mode is a 7x multiplier, which I know this wiki says is game mechanics, but we'll discuss...
  11. Arcker123

    Monsoon Vs Darth Vader

    This can probably be fair Second key Darth Vader used here Both High 7-C Speed = SBA otherwise Takes place in front of world marshals HQ The memes jack: I find your lack of faith disturbing: Incon:
  12. Twellas

    Metal Gear Solid Massive CRT. "Kept you waiting, uh?"

    After months, MONTHS in the works, the CRT is finally here. Some of you may already know what this is going to be, but for those who haven't heard, here's a quick breakdown: The Metal Gear profiles are extremely lackluster, and I decided it was time to take a closer look at the whole verse...
  13. EnnardTrap1987

    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Desperado members tier list

    Top Tier: Senator Armstrong, Monsoo High Tier: Jetstream Sam, Sundowner Mid Tier: Mistral, Metal Gear EXCELSUS Low Tier: Blade Wolf, Khamsi
  14. EnnardTrap1987

    Doomguy VS Monsoon

    Doomguy is at 7-B (DOOM: Eternal Doomguy is used, Runes unrestricted) Speed equalised Doomguy: 0 Monsoon: 4 Inconclusive: 0
  15. Twellas

    Metal Gear Rising discussion and possible upgrades

    Ok, basically I spent the last week reading the official guide and making various research, which lead me to make some interesting discoveries that could bring upon some pretty big changes for the whole verse. This thread will focus on a variety of arguments, both revision proposals and...
  16. Schnee_One

    Monsoon vs Yujiro Hanma

    Aaaaaannnnooootttttthhhheeeeeeerrrr Metal Gear Rising vs Grappler Baki fight, how far can the train go? Speed is Equalized, albeit both can Amp. Monsoon (Above 20 Kilotons): 1 Yujiro Hanma (Casually 15 Kilotons, 60 in Demon Back):
  17. SpookyShadow

    Monsoon vs Luck

    I just realized they share tiers and this seems like a pretty cool battle Speedo is equalized Both 7-C They start within 100 meters range Who wins? Memes, the DNA of the soul: 4 LET'S FIGHT:
  18. Shootingkill

    Monsoon vs Sasori

    Both are Town level in this fight.Base Monsoon vs Sasori in his main puppet body. Speed is equalised.
  19. DMUA

    A small child is attacked by rabid memelord (2019, Colorized)

    This is Ed's punishment for talking too forking much while i was trying to infodump SAO:TTRPG lore Speed Equalized Low 7-C versions used Otherwise Standard Battle Assumptions Oliver (Ni No Kuni): Monsoo: Inconclusive:
  20. Shootingkill

    Some Metal Gear Rising Stuff

    So during Raiden's fight with Monsoon at the part where the latter starts throwing some vehicles at Raiden (right here : https://youtu.be/TBH_Yo5sSEI, starts around at 8:36), he was actually throwing them at high speed while Raiden's Blade Mode was activated. You can even see the raindrops...
  21. Arrogant_Schmuck

    Duel Between Two Sai-Wielding Ninjas - (Monsoon vs Raphael)

    Monsoo vs Seasons 1-4 Raphael Win via KO, incapacitation, or death. SPEED EQUALIZED
  22. ZephyrosOmega

    Pyrrha Nikos VS. Monsoon (Metal Gear)

    Speed is equalized. Round 1: In Character. they can use their magnetic control to affect other objects, but not eachother. Round 2: Bloodlusted. They can affect eachother directly with their magnetic powers.
  23. Promestein

    Winds of Destruction (MGRR)

    I believe the Winds of Destruction as a whole should be boosted to Low 7-C (or At least 8-A, likely Low 7-C) for being able to fight with Raiden in his second cyborg body, in addition to fighting against Armstrong (given that he fights against everyone he hires to gauge their strength; see Sam)...
  24. Venom_Gia_the_Spider

    Rider (Fate/Stay Night) vs. Monsoon (MGR)

    Both in character, Location is outside World Marshal, 20-25 meters away from each other. Shoot.
  25. Aparajita

    Dante (DMC3) Vs. Monsoon (MGR:Revengeance)

    The Battle of the freak and the half-demon. Both iterations from the stated periods. In Character. First Round: Dante without Quicksilver, Standard Monsoon. Second Round: Dante with Quicksilver (2 mins, as stated), Standard Monsoon. Third (final) Round: Dante infinite Quicksilver...