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  1. Demon_Lord18

    NNT 7-A again

    The downgrade was accepted here, but I think it's a little wrong. He says that Gilthunder created a giant thunder cloud instead of a 20km thunderstorm, but the calculation is based on this cloud created by Gilthunder not a supposed storm. this is the only cloud we see in the sky, which implies...
  2. Demon_Lord18

    Meliodas (NNT) vs Krillin (Dragon Ball)

    Meliodas 4KoA and Kuririn Saiyan Arc are used Meliodas starts his second mark Uneven speed Meliodas has prior knowledge of the AP gap Krillin has prior knowledge of the speed gap Meliodas - Krillin
  3. Faa_Tzy

    NNT abilities

    Interesting discovery for me. Tens Commandments; Multiple Selves: Type 1. Commandments have their own consciousness and take over the world of consciousness/mind. Resistance to Curse Manipulation and all abilities of the Commandments: As the Creator (Nakaba) said, the Ten Commandments aren't...
  4. Demon_Lord18


  5. NikHelton

    Power Level of the Seven Deadly Sins

    What the hell is going on with the verse on his page? We have calculations of 7-A and scalings up to High 6-C, but at the same time the strength of the characters grows from High 6-C and 5-C to 4-A. The ban has a level of 5-C, but Meliodas is High 6-A. At the same time, there are no links to...
  6. speedster352

    Nnt ap upgrade?

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Kachon123/Nanatsu_no_Taizai:_%22Gilthunder_Creates_a_Storm%22_Redux Can this calc be used?
  7. Fezzih_007

    White vs Meliodas

    Because of the Tower of God and Nanatsu crossover game, i doing this now. Meliodas final key is used and and tier up of his is restricted White Final Key is used Speed equal They start 5 meters from each other They fight on the Michigan Stadium Votes: White: ImNot4nUser Meliodas: speedster352
  8. MeliodasDeUzyy

    King of Chaos 4-A Upgrade

    Greetings, although 4-A is already accepted here, my reason for opening this crt is that we do not know how long it takes to create that dimension, so we cannot scale its statistics. With the current crt I will explain why 4OTA Arthur is 4-A and why it should be scaled to its statistics. At...
  9. speedster352

    Four knights of the apocalypse abilities crt

    Percival: -Martial Arts (Practice Gouren) Varghese: -Martial Arts (Practice Gouren) -Expert Swordsmanship (As an ancient Holy Knight he is a trained soldier with a great experience of fighting and is shown using a sword) Ironside: -Limited Flight With Floating Boat -Possibly Air Manip (Here)...
  10. NatzuX

    7DS speed adjustment

    First of all, thanks to Aether2734 for calculated the character's speed (yes, it passed the evaluation). I will provide accepted calculation links and will present it in this thread. as follows: Nanatsu No Taizai : Another Shorty King Majesty Brother Speed (scale to Zeldris) Short King Majesty...
  11. Robo432343

    Reinhard Van Astrea vs Meliodas🔥

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Reinhard_van_Astrea vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Meliodas Both High 6-A SBA Speed Equal
  12. Deceived3596

    Monkey D. Luffy vs Meliodas

    SBA Speed Equalized Enies Lobby Luffy and Sealed Meliodas are being used "Future Pirate King" - "Future Demon King" - "Inconclusive" -
  13. Star lvl 7ds?

    The supreme diety created the celestial realm, mael was shown using sunshine while in the celestial realm which reqires a sun so wouldn’t that make the supreme diety and anyone that scales to her star lvl?
  14. Faa_Tzy

    Minor upgrade abillities

    Accidentally found things that are quite interesting, maybe this can be used Gowther: Up range Tens of kilometer: Using his sense, Gowther shoots his magic arrows at targets with a range of 9,2 miles. As support, gowther is able to use "self destructive" with a radius of up to 10 miles...
  15. speedster352

    Grand crosss profile creation crt

    So I made these sandboxes some things are still missing and I propose that they be edited and made into profiles. If there's a need for more evidence from sources I can provide it.
  16. speedster352

    Meliodas vs Natsu

    Base unsealed Meliodas vs BFDM Natsu Speed equalized High 6c versions Just for fun
  17. speedster352

    What verse can composite nnt character solo?

    So which verse get solo?
  18. Arkenis

    Arthur vs Gojo vs Jugram vs Meliodas

    Jugram Meliodas True Magic Gojo Current Arthur Boyle Great Cataclysm & Star Ring SBA Equal Speed Lets see if the poll is accurate
  19. speedster352

    Captain of the black bulls vs captain of the seven deadly sins

    Yami vs Meliodas Elf invasion Yami vs holy war time Meliodas Speed equalized 6b versions SBA
  20. speedster352

    Meliodas vs Asta(I got bored)

    Meliodas vs Asta 6b versions Prime/holy war Meliodas vs Black Asta SBA Speed equalized
  21. Mamaroza

    Uchiha Madara Vs Meliodas

    3 eye Madara Meliodas Speed unequalized Uchiha Madara Meliodas Madara:6 (Mamaroza,Deceived3596,Stryker861,One-Mastor,Shadyboi0,Godernet Meliodas:4 (MeliodasDeUzyy,Speedster352,Makai641001,Pekiodas
  22. speedster352

    Meliodas vs garou

    Speed equalized Night time SBA 6a keys Meliodas starts off in true magic Meliodas Garou
  23. speedster352

    Another small nnt thread

    Resistance to Information analysis for Meliodas he was unaffected by Drole magic eye Which is the same as Merlin eye that allows the user to see the combat class and power of the opponent. Drole's ability served as the basis for the inspiration of Merlin's Balor Power Eye. Meliodas adds...
  24. Pedonar

    Meliodas vs Luffy

    Both at their Strongest Stats Unequalized SBA rules Luffy: Meliodas:
  25. speedster352

    Nanatsu no tazai speed and ap calcs

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:ByAsura/Behemoth_Earthquake https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Aether2734/Four_Knight_Of_Apocalypse_:_Awakens_Of_Behemoth https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Aether2734/Nanatsu_no_taizai_:_Golden_sky...
  26. LordGinSama

    Quick Meliodas removal

    Yeah, this'll be short and sweet. His Analytical Prediction needs to be axed ASAP, as there's no statements or implications of reading ahead or predictions going on here. Quite literally all he's doing is reacting and he even outright attributes this to his senses.
  27. speedster352

    Natsu vs Meliodas rematch

    Speed is equalized Meliodas vs Natsu High 6c version 3rd key Natsu Night time SBA Demon mark and enchantments cannot be used.
  28. speedster352

    Meliodas and Zeldris vs Asta and Yuno rematch

    Meliodas and Zeldris vs Asta and Yuno. 6b versions Speed equalized Holy war base Meliodas and Holy war second demon mark Zeldris with god vs post timeskip base Asta and Yuno Night time
  29. Pedonar

    Kang Han Soo vs Meliodas

    Kang Han Soo (Fifth Playthrough/ Hero Festival Saga ) vs Meliodas (Base/High 7-C) Equal Speed both in character han soo scales to 2.0378399e+15 meliodas scales to 1.7780779e+15 Kang Han Soo: Meliodas: incon:
  30. speedster352

    What would these yield?

    Gigantic path with multiple big floating islands and the castle Houses are there on the entrance island suggesting it’s big enough for people to live here Separate Island with a mill and another one with mushrooms Huge islands once she arrive at the castle’s elevator we can also see...
  31. speedster352

    Ji vs true magic Meliodas

    Speed equalized amps restricted https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Meliodas https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ji_Ning_(Three_Realms)?so=search This is just for fun.
  32. speedster352

    What tier are these feats?

    Hraesvelgr: It’s a bird that basically Is responsible for the beginning of Ragnarok the entire land Is covered by snow cause he stopped creating wind with his wings idrk how to calc that but ig clearing the entire Planet from it’s clouds and snow with his wings seems pretty cool. (At least...
  33. speedster352

    Is pinning two people with the same LS mean that you have 2x their LS?

    The title says it all.
  34. YoutubeForKing

    Dracula vs Son of the Demon King

    Alucard vs Meliodas Both High 7-C (First key) Speed is = 100 meters apart Bloodlusted Demom vampire - Sealed son of the demon commander - Incon -
  35. Kazuma_kuwabara

    Yami vs Meliodas Redux

    https://vsbattles.com/threads/yami-vs-meliodas.132797/ Now that we can have civil threads without people refusing to read the arguments, I would like to revisit this match Yami (Eye of the Mindnight Sun Arc) vs Meliodas (Unsealed) Speed is equalized and it takes place in Shiganshina Yami...
  36. SatellaTheWoE

    Meliodas vs Reinhard (Rematch)

    Meliodas vs Reinhard Van Astrea SBA Speed unequalized High 6-C keys This was a thread back in august which got closed before it reached its conclusion
  37. Naito-desu

    From Moonrise to Moonset Match 5: Link vs Meliodas

    MATCH CONDITIONS: The match takes place in Windsor Castle, in the inner courtyard of the upper ward Starting distance is 10 meters Characters will be given only partial knowledge of all their opponent's abilities, particularly any dangerous abilities or immortalities Characters will be given...
  38. ByAsura

    NNT AP Revision

    I'm getting tired of having to redo the scaling chain constantly, especially speed. Rather than continuing this thread with AP/Speed and making a Part 2, I'm just splitting it into 3 separate threads. Sorry for how messy this all is. This first one will cover AP and the multipliers. Keep in...
  39. AnAverageUsername

    Mash Burnedead and the Dragon's Sin of Wrath (Mash vs Meliodas)

    I was recommended this matchup, so here it goes. Rules •Mash can't take off his Bracelets •Speed is equalized Mash Burnedead is High 6-C [161 Gigatons] Meliodas is in his Post-Purgatory Key and starts in Assault Mode, which is High 6-C [200 Gigatons?] Mash Burnedead: 0 Meliodas: 1...
  40. speedster352

    Grand cross profiles creations(nnt)

    So grand cross is a new nnt game with interesting abilities and would be cool to make profiles. Side not grand cross is canon to the seven deadly sins manga/anime and is supreme used by nakaba himself so grand cross characters should scale to their respective selves same for the collab...