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master chief

  1. ProbNotAFelon

    Doomguy VS Master Chief

    Doomguy is in his Post Night Sentinel Training key Master Chief is in his Generation 2 MJOLNIR key Speed equalized Fight takes place in the Hoth rebel base from Star Wars Both get all their equipment up to 8-C SBA for anything else Doomguy: Master Chief: Inconclusive:
  2. Stillwinston

    Italian Renaissance Assassin fights Scifi Spartan

    This might be a bad idea, but they're in the same tier and are two of gaming's most iconic characters. Lets try it Speed is equalised Master Chief is 9-A and allowed weapons only up to that tier Ezio's tier 8 equipment is restricted Fights takes place in New York City Both start 10 meters apart...
  3. Theglassman12

    Master Chief vs Ganondorf

    Next matchup for Ganondorf, hopefully it will be more balanced out than Isaac was. Gen 2 MJOLNIR chief vs Base Ganondorf, and speed will be equalized. Master Chief: 7 (Stillwinston, SoulofCinder, Hypertornado, Theglassman12, Astrangeverse, Ecstacy, Fezzih) Ganondorf: Inconclusive:
  4. SpiteBattles

    Postal Dude makes Master Chief sign his petition (0-0-0)

    The Petition reads: “Power armour is for *******” •Normal mode Dude and Gen 1 MJOLNIR Chief is used •Both 9-A (Anything above 9-A is restricted) •Speed is equal •Battle takes place somewhere in GM_Bigcity and both are 10 meters apart “I regret nothing.”: “Our Duty As Soldiers Is To Protect...
  5. Comiphorous

    Madness Combat vs Halo: Director Phobos VS Master Chief

    DIRECTOR PHOBOS VS MASTER CHIEF Speed equalized Both are 8-C (Phobos is in his base) Battle takes place within the Nexus Tower Chief has access to 8-C Weaponry only Phobos is far superior to .420 tons Master chief is superior to .35 tons (i think. hard to find the calcs for this verse man)...
  6. koopa3144

    Marauder vs Master Chief (7-0-0) (Concluded)

    "You were nothing but a usurper, a false idol. My eyes have been opened. Let me help you to see, Chief" Fight takes place on a spaceship both are 8-C speed is equalized Master Chief is in his 1 MJOLNIR key Chief has his up to his 8-C equipment SBA distance both are in character Marauder: 7...
  7. Jackythejack

    (7-0-0) Master Chief vs. The Black Panther (MCU)

    This is a fun debate that I had with my friend so we're going to see how well this goes. Speed is equalized, and this is 8-C form for both. At the moment I'll say Black Panther has his High 8-C pulse but no tier 6 claws, while Chief has his traditional weaponry as well as an incineration cannon...
  8. EliminatorVenom

    A Battle of Super Soldiers - Master Chief V.S. Fedmahn Kassad

    I wish I knew more about Halo so I could write a piece here introducing the battle, but eh- I guess the match itself is illustrative enough! Master Chief (Halo) V.S. Fedmahn Kassad (Hyperion Cantos) This battle shall take place in a war-torn city, 100m apart, with several wrecked buildings...
  9. FanSyst

    Master Chief: Terminal Velocity

    Just a slight change. The First Strike book describes a terminal velocity for Spartans II at a gravity of 1.08G. This should slightly change the values of this blog. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:DarkDragonMedeus/Master_Chief_crash_landing_feat Calculation of the fall of the...
  10. Livinmeme

    Stats Equalized ¨to much equipment¨ tournament (Duke Nukem VS Master Chief)

    I am pretty goddamn bussy so i am going to do it quick, when i have free time i will actually do a nice introduction (with images and a shitty backstory for the tournament, you will love it or not) Master Chief: DaReaperMan (1) Duke Nukem: Icon:
  11. The Mandalorian VS Master Chief

    I think this would be interesting
  12. Darth Vader VS Arbiter, Master Chief and Atriox

    VS Helmet: Setting: Endor Scenario: Vader is decimating Rebel Forces when his 3 opponents fall onto Endor through a wormhole, the Rebels ask them to kill Vader and when they get to the battle Vader is...
  13. ThePrimalHunter

    Robin Ayou vs Master Chief (Subnautica vs Halo) (0-0-0)

    Thought I'd redo this fight, but instead I'm replacing Ryley Robinson with Robin Ayou from Subnautica: Below Zero Both 9-A Master Chief is restricted to 9-A weapons and below Robin has her full arsinal (Other than what only works underwater) Fight takes place in Sector Six Speed is Equal...
  14. Hop_Hoppington-Hoppenhiemer

    Master Chief vs MCU Gauntlet

    Hop loves the new Halo and wonders what da boiz on da wiki think in an unserious VS thread. How much rolfcopter lolstomping does da b0ss do to the MCU until he meets his match? Using canon versions of characters, standard equipment vs End of Infinite's campaign Chief (no skulls or exploits). Who...
  15. RanaProGamer

    Death Battle REMATCH (Master Chief vs Doomguy) (GRACE)

    Master Chief fights Doomguy, but we're gonna do it right this time. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. Both have access to all weapons and equipment. Generation 1 Mjolnir Chief vs Post Night Sentinel Training Doomguy Who wins and why?
  16. Dusty_Raider

    Duke Nukem vs Master Chief

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Master_Chief https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Duke_Nukem Both 9-B with 9-B equipment. Both have prior knowledge of each other and 9-B halo weapons are scattered around the area. Speed is equal DN: MC: Incon:

    Halo Bubble Shield Question.

    Where is the Feat of a Bubble Shield blocking a several Megaton Nuclear Explosion? I've never seen that Feat in the games Sonic it comes from the Novels then that would explain it.
  18. SheevShezarrine

    Master Chief Large Upgrade

    This thread is to upgrade Master Chief and all those that scale to him. His current physical stats are kinda wack, so hopefully I can amend them. Speed Should be scaled to plasma weapons since he can consistently dodge them, which are this fast AP/Striking/Dura I don't know how this got...
  19. Colonel_Krukov

    Master Chief vs Iron Man (MCU)

    *Standard battle assumptions *Speed Equalised *Stark is in his Mk 4 armour *Chief is in his Generation 1 Mjolnir armour and has his standard equipment (Power ups are one use) Iron Man: 8...
  20. KnightOfSunlight

    Master Chief vs Bazett (Halo vs Fate/Stay night)

    Both at 9-A, speed equalized Master Chief has M90 Shotgun, MA5 Assault Rifle, and a Bubble Shield Bazett is herself Chief: Bazett: Incon:
  21. ColonelSlyBanjo

    Master Chief vs Cuphead

    SPARTAN-117 vs. an Anthropomorphic Cup (Halo vs Cuphead) (343 industries vs Studio MDHR) Rules : Both 9-A Speed equalized = Subsonic Chief has MJOLNIR MK VI while equipped Assault rifle, Needler, and ze Fuel Rod Cannon as last resort, 2 UNSC grenades, and the Invincibility shield Cuphead...
  22. 1000TonsofFun

    Halo infinite hype thread

    Have we got anyone hyped for Infinite on this site? I know I am
  23. Travis Touchdown vs Master Cheif

    Travis Touchdown V Master Cheif Speed equal. Standard equipment. Fight takes place in a covenant ship. Travis,Slayer of Doom and the asssassin to top them all: Master Chief,the Demon and destroyer of Horror: Incon:
  24. Hook Horror vs Master Chief

    Hook Horror V Master Chief Speed equal. Standard equipment. 9-A keys used. Fight takes place in a dark cave. Prowling Beast: John 117, Destroyer of the Flood: Incon:
  25. Yautjawarrior24519

    Doomguy VS Master Chief

    Doomguy (Eternal) VS Master Chief (Mjolnir GEN 3) both are 8-A. speed is equalized: both speed of light Who will win?
  26. The_Smashor

    Master Chief vs Agent Carolina

    Halo vs RvB is a topic discussed by many, but surprisingly I haven't seen it much here. Having recently finished Season 11 and being near the end of Season 12, RvB's been on my mind. I know The Meta is a more popular matchup for Chief, but Meta's timestop is OP even though his lack of ability to...
  27. Unwanteduser48

    Master Chief vs Joseph Joestar

    Speed Equalized Both 8-C at Round 2 Round 1: Hand to Hand Combat "Tell that to the Covenant. Joestars": "What did you say? Depending on your answer, I may have to kick your ass!": Tie: Round 2: 8-C "Call me Master Chief.": "One last all-or-nothing gambit! (...) Yeah! It's my final move! (...)...

    Master Chief vs The Survivor (ARK: Survival Evolved).

    Both are in their last Keys and Both limited to everything that isn't 8-A or above. (IE No Dodorex for The Survivor and No Incineration Cannon for Chief) I'll let Chief keep his Hardlight Shield because it doesn't last long and isn't too hard to deal with. Speed Equalized and they both have...

    DIO vs Master Chief.

    Shadow DIO and Current Master Chief are being used. Master Chief has all of his equipment, 10 minutes of prep time and is aware of The World and it's range, but not it's time stop. Dio is aware someone is after him but not who they are or what they can do aside from the fact that they have a...
  30. DeviousDiesel091

    Doomguy vs Master Chief

    Both are at their best
  31. Crzer07

    Kei Kurono vs. Master Chief

    Rules Kei with Gantz suit vs Chief with Gen 2 MJOLNIR armor SBA Chief has equipment up to 8-C Starts 30 ft. from each other Locatio Result Kei Kurono: 0 Master Chief: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  32. Theglassman12

    Regarding character profile's names

    This has been sorta bugging me for a bit but I need to know. When making profiles in general, should their names be the name everyone knows them by, over the actual name they go by? Like how everyone refers to Emperor Palpatine as Palpatine, as opposed to Darth Sidious, or how Master Chief is...

    Master Chief vs Alex Mercer.

    Both at their best and both have Prior Knowledge. Master Chief has all of his gear, including Forerunner Weaponry. Speed Equalized and Chief is 30 feet outside of Mercer's Range, but otherwise SBA. Chief: Mercer:2 Incon:
  34. Moathon

    Rematch: Doom Slayer vs Master Chief

    Calling it a rematch since it's been 9 years since the death battle between them ended in MC's victory Fight takes place on Earth Doom Slayer with all his standard equipment vs Master Chief in Mjoljnir Gen 2 armor and all standard equipment Let's keep this crazy and canon so speed unequalized
  35. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    (1 more vote) Master Chief vs MCU Captain America 3rd rematch

    8-C versions, anything offensive weapon higher than 8-B is restricted, speed equalized, SBA Round 1: Hand-to-hand combat Master Chief: 8 (Drite77, XSOULOFCINDERX, Sir Ovens, CalebTB12, Jimboydejuan12, Ionliosite, Hellbeast1, I'm Blue daba dee daba die) Captain America: 0 Inconclusive: 0...
  36. Buttersamuri

    Butters Brackets: Round 14 Semi Final 2 Deathstroke vs Master Chief

    And we come to our second to last battle. It's been a long and hard fought tournament. And these two are ready to battle it out for a spot in the finals. We have our 2 time winner, Deathstroke, from the DC Comics, Submitted by Psychomaster35, Going up against another two time winner, Master...
  37. SheevShezarrine

    Geralt of Rivia vs Master Chief

    Geralt of Rivia (Video Games) vs Master Chief Witcher 1-3 Geralt vs New Trilogy Master Chief with Gen 2 MJOLNIR Armor Speed equalized Both get their best weapons, Master Chief also gets access to his melee weapons Geralt gets basic stat amp and healing potions (Thunderbolt, Swallow, etc.)...
  38. Buttersamuri

    Butters Brackets: Round 11 Po vs Master Chief

    We slowly work out way to the end of the tournament. Only a few more rounds left before our winner is crowned. But let's get to this round. This time it's returning fighter Po the Panda from Kung Fu Panda.m, Submitted by I'm Blue daba dee daba die, going up against another returning fighter...
  39. Buttersamuri

    Butters Brackets: Round 5 Hacchan vs Master Chief

    And the brackets continue. The best battle of the buildings is going to be Haccha from Dragon Ball, Submitted by Whiteoak019 going up against Master Chief from Halo, Submitted by Jackythejack The Current Standings Speed is equal Master Chief scales to 0.35 Tons of TNT Hacchan scales to 0.25...
  40. EnnardTrap1987

    (GRACE) Off-Brand Iron Man VS Master Chief

    Both 8-C Speed equalised Chief has Generation 2 MJONIR armour and a jetpack, but is limited to only 8-C and lower weapons Metal Man (Iron Hero): 0 Master Chief: 7 (Jaften, Spinoirr, Jackythejack, ShrekAnakin, XSOULOFCINDERX, Tonygameman, Stalker Maggot) Inconclusive: 0