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Butters Brackets: Round 11 Po vs Master Chief

We slowly work out way to the end of the tournament. Only a few more rounds left before our winner is crowned. But let's get to this round. This time it's returning fighter Po the Panda from Kung Fu Panda.m, Submitted by I'm Blue daba dee daba die, going up against another returning fighter, Master Chief, from the Halo series, Submitted by Jackythejack

The Current Standings

Speed is equal

Po is in his Kung Fu Panda 2/Legends of Awesomeness Key (Second Key)

Master Chief scales to 0.35 Tons of TNT

Po The Panda upscales heavily from 0.39 Tons of TNT

That's all. Let's get to it!

Po the Panda:

Master Chief: 5

So John-117 is more skilled at long range, but Po is more skilled at close range. Ill wait.
I dont recall Po ever using th Golden Lotus Clap in a fight as it has just a much a chance to blind him as it does to blind the opponent, plus he has to audibly announce that he's using the technique which gives Chief ample time to take cover
It only had a chance if he keeps his eyes open. But he knows not too. And from the Po vs Brain debate. It sounds like he would use it. The announcing it though is a good point If Chief can shoot him. Taking cover is a no as Chief doesn't know what it does or to cover his eyes. Nothing about the name or thing he dies suggest that he should take cover or cover his eyes.
Po doesn't use his Legends of Awesomeness abilities much at all. He may use them in a bind, but otherwise he likely wouldn't use them here. I'm assuming Master Chief's weapons are comparable to his AP, so Po has a large AP advantage due to a scaling chain, and has attack reflection to deal with projectiles. Other than that I'll wait for more responses
Chief has a range advantage and guns help a lot and arguably is more skilled but has a severe lack of AP so it's basically just what can Po do before he gets shot up?
He has attack reflection. But he did it with more slower based stuff. Something a machine gun probably would overwhelm, at least I think
I'm skeptical of it can do it to bullets just because of how like...piercing they are. Doesn't he do that with his gut?
No. In the second movie. He redirected like, I think it was cannon fire back using some special technique
It may. But for an assault rifle. He did it like one at a time. So regardless. It probably doesn't work out well
Uuuuuh I mean honestly I can only see MC gunning Po down before he gets too close considering his superior skill and weaponry that, considering how advanced it is, is going to throw Po for a loop. So yeah, him
I hope this ends with Robin vs Deathstroke. It would be pretty neat. Especially since they share the same exact AP