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friday the 13th

  1. Black Flame Jason Voorhees minor upgrades + possible revisions

    Jason needs Immortality type 8 as Gretchen explains that Jason will always exist as long as violence exists. Pasted directly from the novel. And likely Soul manipulation. The end of the novel also has him ripping that same girl's soul out and taking her to hell, knocking her unconscious...
  2. ThePrimalHunter

    [R1M8] FC/OC 9-C Tournament: Labolas (World of Projections) vs Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th) (GRACE)

    Round 1 Match 8: Labolas (World of Projections) vs Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th) Same rules as in the tournament Speed is equal Both have prior knowledge Both start 15m away Fight takes place in a dark allyway A large array of weapons are laying on the ground that can be used Labolas's 2nd...
  3. King_Dom470

    Jason vs the dark defender (7-0-0) GRACE

    Rules: Speed equal First key Jason is used Battle takes place in camp crystal lake Both have prior knowledge SBA for everything else The Dark Defender (Silvervigilant, Doggo, Peppersalt43, MarkGoldbridge, AThe1412, King_Dom470, Mariogoods) Jason Voorhees: Incon:
  4. MarkGoldbridge

    Two 80's Slashers Fight (The Miner vs Pamela Voorhees) (0-0-0)

    Rules; Pamela is in her first key Speed equalized The Miner: () Pamela Voorhees: () Incon: ()
  5. HorrorHistory

    Copycat Killer Showdown

    While walking through the woods at night, Corey Cunningham spots a teenager running away from a hockey masked killer. However, it isn't Jason Voorhes. It's his copycat counterpart, Roy Burns. Roy notices Corey in the distance and slowly walks towards him, as Corey walks the other way. Rules...
  6. SpiteBattles

    Jason Voorhees vs Springtrap (2017 Game vs Novels)

    a game "adaptation" of a movie slasher vs a novel "adaptation" of a game slasher. The battle takes place in an empty Minecraft village w/o a Blacksmith, and both are 10 meters apart. Jason has an axe, and William has a knife. Speed equal The guy who wears a Hockey Mask: The guy who "wears" a...
  7. SpiteBattles

    Jason Voorhees vs Denji

    -Battle takes place in Camp Crystal Lake, both are 10 meters apart. -Speed equal -Hybrid Devil/Chainsaw Man Denji is used -SBA for everything else "There's a legend around here. A killer buried, but not dead. A curse on Crystal Lake, a death curse. Jason Voorhees' curse. They say he died...
  8. MarkGoldbridge

    What abilities this would give him?

    Jason Voorhees (Game) Im just curious what abilities this would give him or where will this scale him.
  9. SpiteBattles

    Pyro takes a trip to Camp Crystal Lake

    My second attempt of giving Clone Jason another battle. Hopefully, and maybe, this won’t go wrong. -Speed equal. -Both are 9-A, Robot War Pyro is used. -Pyro has all his weapons/equipment that isn't above 9-A (Canteens/Upgrades are restricted) -Battle takes place in Camp Crystal Lake, and both...
  10. SpiteBattles

    (Clone) Jason Voorhees vs Doomguy

    Finally... 8-C Undead Jason (technically not, since it's a clone, but hey, a win is a win.) Now... We just wait for Mortal Kombat Jason lmfao Anyways, both are 8-C (Post Night Sentinel Training DG is used), speed is equal, and both are in-character and want to win. The battle takes place on...
  11. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    Psycho Mum VS Psycho Fan (Pamela Voorhees VS Annie Wilkes)

    Pamela Voorhees (Friday the 13th) VS Annie Wilkes (Misery) Both are 9-C Both have a knife and an axe. Speed is equalised Kill her, mommy. Kill her!: 8 (AThe1412, noninho, Tonygameman, EliminatorVenom, Mariogoods, MarkGoldbridge, Sans2345, Oiguana2701) YOU MURDERED MY MISERY!: Inconclusive:
  12. ThePrimalHunter

    Jason Voorhees vs Pennywise (Friday The 13th vs The Dark Tower) (0-4-0)

    In honor of spooky month, lets put these 2 horror icons into a fight Jason Voorhees vs Pennywise (Movies) Ground Rules: Undead Jason is used Speed is equal Pennywise is restricted to his 9-B forms Fight takes place in the Lery's Memorial Institute Map from DBD Both start on opposite sides of...
  13. VAVADevil32

    Count Dracula vs Jason Voorhees

    The Vampire Count of Transylvania vs the Masked Crystal Lake Killer Arena: Dracula's Castle (Universal's Dracula) Undead Jason Voorhees, 9-B (If needs to be changed, inform me.) Round 1: In-Character Round 2: Bloodlusted Dracula Votes: 0 Jason Votes: 8 Who would win?
  14. Qawsedf234

    Jason Voorhees - Profile Update and addition of alternate versions

    Special thanks to @Dark-Carioca About a year ago I made this thread, promptly forgot about it and it died. But this time I've actually done work! Draft for Black Flame Jason and Canon Jason Draft for Clone Jason In addition, even if the above isn't acceptable, I do think the wording for...
  15. ThePrimalHunter

    Amik Fights Another Unstoppable Hunter (Amik vs Jason Voorhees) (GRACE)

    Somehow, the government managed to get Jason Voorhees to work with them, and after the Type 5 AMIKA failed to capture Carla, they sent Jason after her instead. Amik, in an attempt to protect his friends, tells them to run as he holds off the hulking zombie. Amik vs Jason Voorhees Ground Rules...
  16. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    Guts VS Jason Voorhees

    Guts (Berserk) VS Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th) Both are 9-A (End of Golden Age Guts and Uber-Jason are used here) Speed is equalized Guts: Jason: Inconclusive:
  17. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    Jason VS Leatherface (2009 VS 2013)

    Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th (2009)) VS Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw 3D) Both are 9-C Speed is equalized Jason: Bubba: Inconclusive:
  18. Egarroyo0330

    Jason Voorhees Durability Question

    Is Jason surviving the house explosion in part 7 considered an outlier, because I don't see it on Jason's page.
  19. ShionAH

    Zombie Jason 8-B Upgrade

    Crossover Page: It is fine to powerscale a crossover character's statistics through their presence in a game's story mode, equivalent, or other canonical material. Additionally, it is typically acceptable to assume that a character is at least comparable to common enemies in a game if gameplay...
  20. Jason Voorhees LS upgrade

    Jason should have Class K LS since he overpowered Ash in FvJvA and the director of Jason goes to Hell stated that he is a deadite.
  21. Silvervigilant

    Jason Voorhees Small Upgrade

    Jason was able to tank this while fighting Freddy in the dream world, we know that the same damage inflicted in the dream world is also inflicted in the real life, so Jason took that damage for real, even Freddy couldn't believe how he was still "alive". The same Freddy could fight and damage...
  22. ThePrimalHunter

    The Terminator vs Jason Voorhees (Terminator vs Friday the 13th) (4-0-0)

    T-850 vs Jason Voorhees Ground Rules: Speed is Equal Undead Jason is used T-850 key is used for the Terminator The Terminator has a Mossberg 500 and a plasma rifle Jason has his classic machete Fight takes place in a crowded Walmart Parking Lot Both start 25m away from each other with line of...
  23. SpiteBattles

    Jason Voorhees fights… Jason Voorhees..?

    Somewhere in the FT13 universe… As Jason walks through the grounds of Camp Crystal Lake, wearing his farm-like overalls, a sack over his head and with a machete in hand, he felt… something was off. He keeps on walking until suddenly, out of ****-all nowhere, the timeline shifts into the reboot...
  24. ShionAH

    Jason vs Murphy

    Jason on his 3rd key, Both of them are 9-B Speed is equalized Murphy only has 1 hybrid in his arsenal (Can be removed if needed) Murphys First Win: Murphys First Loss: None above:
  25. SpiteBattles

    Senator Armstrong vs Jason Voorhees (grace)

    Senator Armstong vs X³ Jason lmao Both are 7-B, Speed is equal, and both are bloodlusted. Battle takes place in RWBY’s Amity Arena, and both 15 meters apart. Funni Nanomachines man: 1 ( @Doggo ) Scari Nanomachines zombie: 7 ( @Knifeman29 , @ShionAH , @Qawsedf234 , @EnnardTrap1987 ...
  26. EnnardTrap1987

    Jason Voorhees VS Gabriel (Malignant)

    Both 9-B Speed equalised Part III - IV Jason is used Both are in-character Jason: Gabriel: Inconclusive:
  27. ThePrimalHunter

    Jason Voorhees vs The Trapper (Friday the 13th vs Dead by Daylight) (7-0-0)

    Jason fights another slasher from Dead By Daylight. This time, he fights the mascot of the DBD game, other than maybe Dwight Ground Rules: Zombie Jason is Used Speed is Equal The Entity is restricted, so no respawning for The Trapper Fight takes place in Camp Crystal Lake The Trapper has 10...
  28. Sans2345

    Specimen 12 vs Jason Voorhees (2009)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Specimen_12 https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Jason_Voorhees_(2009) Both are 9-C. Speed is equalized. Battle takes place in a forest at night. SBA. My weird uncle: 1 (@AThe1412) Guy with a hockey mask: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  29. Flashlight237

    Jason Voorhees vs Elephant

    Know what? Why not, right? So, on one end, we got Jason, who smashed through a wooden door (looks like V-Frag, so he would get 1.1 MJ out of it). On the other hand, an elephant has a KE rated at 125000 joules, but it majorly upscales from rhinos and hippos and can bust through the walls of...
  30. ThePrimalHunter

    Jason Voorhees (2009) vs Leatherface (2022) (Friday the 13th vs Texas Chainsaw Massacre) (0-7-0) (Grace)

    Jason Voorhees from his 2009 Reboot vs Leatherface from the 2022 timeline Ground Rules: Both are 9-C Jason has his machete and Leatherface has his Chainsaw Fight takes place in an abandoned apartment complex with many places to hide Who Wins? Jason: 0 () Bubba: 7 (Pokemonfan807, jojo123...
  31. foxhunter

    Jill valentine vs Jason voorhees

    Jill from resident evil 3 (all gear and weapons Vs Building keys for Jason take place in a mix place of raccoon city and crystal lake https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Jason_Voorhees https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Jill_Valentine
  32. Peppersalt43

    Regular 9-C Tournament. Round 1 Match 8. Jason Voorhes vs Ghostface

    The Classic : 0 The Parody : 7 Incon : 0 Everything above 9-C is restricted Human Jason used Starting distance is 10 meters Speed equalized
  33. Qawsedf234

    Friday the 13th: Last addition of novels

    Warning - A decent amount of the linked feats are NSFW/Gore heavy in their descriptions. So if you don't like that stuff you might want to get off the thread now. Alright, so this CRT is covering the Five Novels produced by Black Flame in 2005 to 2006. In release order the novels are: Church...
  34. Why doesn't Jason scale to 9-A Freddy?

    Ash breaks Freddy's arm Jason scales above Ash
  35. TheShape03

    Small revision to Jason Voorhees

    As the first discussion thread that I make on this page, after more or less understanding its system and knowing it for a while (Sorry for possible errors in my English, since I am using a translator, and I don't have much experience with this type of pages), I thought I would start by reviewing...
  36. EnnardTrap1987

    Busta Rhymes bleeds into another slasher franchise

    Both 9-B Speed equalised Fight takes place in the canoeing area at some section in Crystal Lake All weapons are restricted Busta Rhymes: 0 Funny Friday the 13th: The Game guy: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  37. ThePrimalHunter

    Jason Voorhees fights a Psycho (7-0-0) (Grace Concluded)

    Jason Voorhees (2009) vs Josh (Until Dawn) Base Josh is Used Speed is Equal Both have a Knife and Josh has his gas canister Jason is Baseline Street Level (300 J) while Josh is ~500 Joules (Give or Take) Who Wins? Hockey Mask: 7 (It_is_i_wyatt, Peppersalt43, CoreOfimBalance(COB)...
  38. ThePrimalHunter

    Jason Voorhees (2009) vs Ghostface (1998) (2-3-0)

    They don't really have much connections other than them both being slasher villians and both being 9-C, but I wanted to make a Jason vs Ghostface Match so here we are Jason Voorhees (2009) vs Ghostface (1998) Speed is Equal Jason has his Machete The 2 Ghostface Killers both have a Knife The...
  39. ShockingPsychic

    Mrs. Loomis Vs. Mrs. Voorhees (Scream Vs. Friday the 13th)

    Two slasher moms have a little disagreement over who's kid is cooler. Both are 9-C and are restricted to standard equipment. SBA otherwise. Kikiki, mamama: Hello, Sidney:
  40. ShockingPsychic

    Nightmare on Vs. Street Round 1/Match 3: Ezikiel Vs. Jason Voorhees

    Ezekiel Vs. Jason Voorhees Both are 9-C, speed is equal. Jason is in his first key. The match will take place in Dead By Daylight's Haddonfield map. This map features an abandoned town with a street running down the middle. Houses line the street, and two massive exit gates loom on each side...